Please dig out your lipsticks


As all make up lovers know, THIS IS UNPRECEDENTED. How many of you have finished a colour make up, ever?? I have finished a lipgloss before, but lipstick is a first.

I guess MLBB and natural shades are always easier to finish. My lipgloss was my favourite formula of glosses ever, the Loreal Caresse Wet Shine Stains or whatever they are being called now, in a MLBB shade (Lolita.)

This lipstick, Pure Shine lips by Za in OR3 apricot nectar, looks very orange, but is actually almost a nude shade, with a slightly orange bent. It suffers from Glitter Overload syndrome that is typical of many drugstore lippies, but it’s very moisturizing and comfortable so I can overlook that. It’s more like a slightly coloured lip balm (with a shitload of glitter.)

I don’t think I will be repurchasing though, because I have a TON of nude or near nude shades that I will be valiantly trying to go through.

However, what I want to draw to your attention today is why EVERYONE should learn to dig out lipsticks when they have reached the end of their life.
These are all usable people!!!

Holy Shit, look at how deep the tube is!!!! Even though the lipstick was used until the white plastic casing thingy was literally scraping against my lips, there is still so much lipstick buried underneath.


For reference the jar is a sample jar of Curel moisturizer, and lists contents as 4g. Moisturizer has much lighter density than lipstick though. I guesstimate there to be 0.5g of lipstick left, which is at least 1/6 of an entire lipstick.

I will be using a lipbrush with this dug out product and using my lipstick until the end of its days.

(Disclaimer: Product was received free as a door gift at a beauty event. Obviously, I liked it enough to use it up.)


6 thoughts on “Please dig out your lipsticks

  1. howtostuffyourpig

    This is a really great idea to keep your favorite lipstick a little longer! I am always a little bummed when I reach the end of a lipstick tube and I like to stretch a dollar as much as I can!


      1. howtostuffyourpig

        I hear you on having to many! I once had a lipstick addiction and collected over 100 tubes! Of course, they do expire before you can get to them all! 🙂


      2. Haha, that’s a lot. I’m not sure, lipsticks have a pretty long keep time if you keep them well. I’ve had some for 3 years and counting! Plus I’ve heard of decade old usable lipsticks. Here’s hoping they stay good 🙂

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