Pale skin: What’s the deal?

Welcome to another long rambly post with probably no few pictures!

Asians are obsessed with pale skin. I am too, to a degree. Here I attempt to break it down. This is in no way racist: I don’t believe in acting ‘whiter’ than your skin tone, such as using a lighter foundation shade. And as much as I try to be as pale as I humanly can (ie, the natural skin colour I was born with) I don’t try to be paler than I actually am through chemical processes and what not. I envy pale skinned folks for reasons outlined mainly in no. 3 below, mostly make up related, but it’s but an insignificant bonus in life.

Quick story: I used to a bit chubby and pale when I was 15. When I went back to visit my relatives in China at 17, I slimmed down a lot, and tanned a lot, due to sports. Everyone told me I looked ‘dark and starved.’ So yes, in most parts of China, it’s totally in to be pale, and very slightly chubby.

So, reasons why pale skin is loved:

  1. Pale skin is a classist remnant of years past. In the past, labourers were under the hot sun and got tanned. Pale skin meant you could sit at home all day, do nothing, chase butterflies, gossip with your family etc. (If you watch Chinese period dramas, you will totally get what I mean.) That’s why, with the emerging middle class, people try to be as pale as possible, so as to look posh/rich.
  2. Pale skin is a sign of non-sunburnt skin. By now, we all know the benefits of sunscreen and how tanning can cause cancer, wrinkles, premature aging, and so on. Many Asian women I’ve seen still have beautiful, plump skin, because they assiduously avoid the sun. So pale skin is infinitely more covetable than tanned skin. (Bronzer is another issue completely!)
  3. The most important reason of all, only in this context: I feel that pale skin is very pure in colour and tone, and allows make up to really shine. I have been using Photoshop for 8 years, so I know what I’m talking about. Colour gets messed up if skin shows up underneath it. Very, very pale people can get away with practically any kind of make up, because the tones read so pure and true to life. Conversely, on me, the more tanned I get, the more yellow I get (I swear my arms look jaundiced!) and the more certain colours (especially blues) look really, really clashing on me. Generally, the more pale you are, the less obvious your yellow/pink tones are, which makes all colours in the spectrum easy to wear. Also, if you’re pale, features tend to be more prominent or, failing that, easier to draw attention to. Think Cara Delevigne’s brows: they wouldn’t be so stunning if she had dark skin (sad but true, unless a dark-skinned model bleaches her brows blonde?) With super pale skin, you have a clean tableau rasa to make-up on.

Here are some examples:


I absolutely love Kiko Cosmetics’ new fall campaign. Because I love steampunk, I am a (semi) rebel, and I am a total romantic. I also absolutely love the model’s pale, pale skin. The green shadow, which would look very sallow on me (due to the yellow tones of the green blending with my yellow tones) with what appears to be a metallic, slightly coppery lipstick, a dramatic combo that I think wouldn’t work on someone with a medium skin tone. (Although, dark skin tones may do this look well too.) The red hair is a bonus.

(I’ve always loved red hair, but I also realized that very pale people look very good whatever their hair colour is, whether it’s very light, like platinum blonde, or very dark, like black. Complement or contrast it, both work. Not like me, I probably will look like a suntanning whore if I went platinum blonde. Very dark skinned people actually also look pretty good in the full spectrum of light-dark. It’s only medium-toned people like us who sob.)

Kate from Drivelaboutfrivol is one of my favourite bloggers ever. Though I am not as superbly into make up as her, I totally enjoy her in-depth analysis of just about all make up. She is super duper insanely pale, and you can see how the beautiful gold sparkles, copper tones and just about everything shows up so well on her eyes. Her lip colour also looks neon, glowing, and LED like.

Brightestbulbinthebox is also one of my favourites (WHY DID THEY STOP BLOGGING, WHY!) and Robyn is also super pale, but probably not as pale as Kate. Envy much, look at how the brown liner shows up so well on her. I use brown liner as a if-it-smudges-it-blends-into-my-skin kind of quickie liner.

Everything aside, there are also some bad things about being pale. If you are too pale, it’s impossible to find a good foundation match. For me, I am approximately at a universally-easily-available NC20-25. I can find a match in like, literally every foundation ever.

So this sums up my analysis of pale skin and why I aspire towards it, for simply, ease of wearing different make up. It’s good to strive towards being paler anyway, because of the sun damage issue. Do you have any thoughts? It must be terribly hard to buy good make up with darker skin! (I know this is an issue, darker skin tones don’t have as much stuff catering to them.)

Life’s Entropy Lip Theory and Matte Theory review

Here are the lip products from my Life’s Entropy order. I only bought 3 lip products because I really have too many and I don’t want to go crazy. I have dupes for many of the colours in the range and I’m not sold on mixing my own lip colours yet. The ones I bought are shades I do not own.

Photo 20-8-15 9 04 28 am
L-R: Lip Theory in pKa, Catalyst, Matte Theory in Variable.

Variable looks a little worse for the wear because I took a shower with it before I applied the others. It’s not a long wear lip product if it can’t hold through a shower right? 😀

Photo 20-8-15 9 09 20 am

Blotted down the LTs. The MT is not 100% transfer proof, there was minor transfer even after it dried (as you can see on my wrist.) They are labelled as transfer-resistant.

Photo 20-8-15 8 53 53 am Photo 20-8-15 8 54 12 am

Variable on lips. (no other make up on! I applied this even before brushing my teeth, I was sooooo excited.)

Let’s do the Matte Theory first. They are, obviously, long wear liquid lipsticks. They are super super watery, which was a surprise, since my other liquid lipstick and those I’ve seen online are creamy/moussey. The pigment can separate as well, so I suggest shaking it up before application. And don’t tip the tube over accidentally!

When applied, due to the super thin consistency, you probably want 2 coats for evenness. It layers well though, and there will be no balling/flaking/funny things. It also dries reasonably fast. Variable is described as a ‘beige rose’. It’s warm toned rose, hard to describe, kinda ‘burnt’ as well.

All longwear lipsticks are kinda drying, and this was too, although my lips are in a horrible condition now and particularly picky. One thing though is that this did not really emphasize my flakes/patches/scabs, it actually covers and glides over them reasonably well.

I quite like the formula, since transfer is not a dealbreaker for me and it’s quite minimal anyway. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, drank a lot of water and did stuff and it still looked essentially perfect. I’m just not sure about the colour: it looks ok in the photos, but the ‘burntness’ made it look a bit weird IRL. I’ll definitely try to wear it a few more times to love the colour. If not, my next purchase I’ll probably spring for Infinity which looks like a socially appropriate version of Ghoulish. The other colours are a bit dark for my liking, I look undead with super dark lips so I try to stay away from that.

Now onto Lip Theory Liquids! These are the OCC Lip Tar dupes. I apply these with a lip brush although full sizes come with a doe-foot. Apart from the ones I bought, I really love Chaos, but I have at least 2 dupes, Apoptosis, of which I have 1 or 2 dupes too, and Enzyme, which I think is too pale and cool toned to look good on me. I can’t be arsed to mix lip colours for now.

These are liquid lipsticks that don’t really dry down, although they can be blotted lightly to a stain/matte finish. The pigmentation is quite opaque, and it doesn’t settle into flaws. It’s actually quite hydrating, and super lightweight, no film or heavy feeling on lips. It doesn’t bleed or get all over on me either. It’s definitely not transfer proof, but it’s very pigmented and will transfer a ton of pigment but still have a ton of pigment left over, much like my Lip Maestro. These smell exactly like Werther’s toffee candies with a definite slightly-burnt toffee kind of scent. It’s pleasant, although vanilla would have been pleasanter. Still, it was the candy of my childhood, so I’m happy.

Now for the stuff I actually have… Catalyst is GORGEOUS. It’s like the pretty-girl nude I never had. I have no idea why it reads this colour on me, but it’s so PRETTY. And DAINTY. I will totally 100% spring for a full size in my next order, it will totes be my go-to nude. It’s MY COLOUR. It’s described as a ‘light grey beige’ and there is some grey but enough pink to look really pretty and not-dead. I think I can get rid of all my other nude to pink lipsticks now.

Photo 21-8-15 3 03 27 pm Photo 21-8-15 3 03 42 pm Photo 21-8-15 3 03 20 pm


I wore it to eat sushi with the husband, then went for a run. I used a cleanser, and after that I still had lip colour left. That’s how hardcore it is.

And this is pKa (without make up):

Photo 21-8-15 12 11 18 pm Photo 21-8-15 12 11 15 pm

And this is where a minor quibble starts: the lip theories look nothing like the pictures on me. Catalyst looks much pinker and much less grey, although there is a definite grey tone. It’s still okay, not too way off the mark, but pKA doesn’t fare so well. The site shows a gorgeous marsala red that looks like the warmer version of a colour I have quite a couple of dupes of. The actual pKA looks super dark on me, and quite berry-ish. I have to say I’m disappointed, because the colour is wildly different, which is evident in the arm swatch as well where it looks very cool toned.

I didn’t want to buy any dark lip colours since I don’t wear them much, so I was sad that this was much darker than I thought it would be. No matter how I squint, it doesn’t look the same colour as the website. The formula is faultless, but I’m just not happy with the colour.

Overall, my experience with LE’s lip products have been great. I’ve found a new favourite lip colour of all time in a gorgeous formula. The Matte Theory is also great (and looks much more true-to-website than the LTs.) However you may want to be wary of colour differences, or buy more samples, or mix your own colours.

Too exciting not to share!

editoria 1l

I post lots of unglam pics of myself: no make up, very little make up, bad lighting, etc.

This is an quick editorial shoot by my husband (an amateur photographer) for my new business. Yes, despite how I look in my usual photos, I CAN look this good! There is 0 liquify, only colour adjustments, and very, very minor skin touchups, mainly for undereye milia. I’m not a beauty retoucher (although I’m a pretty good amateur photoshopper) so I have no idea how to paint over skin magazine like.



If you’re curious this is another image 100% unretouched straight from the camera.

Deetz for DA LOOK which I actually absolutely love:

  • Start with a very well moisturized face. I find that the foundation I used really drags on skin that isn’t moisturized properly.
  • Foundation: Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk, 2 layers for really good coverage
  • Concealer: NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Honey
  • Brows: Life’s Entropy Brow Theory in Ebony
  • Cream contour: Illamasqua Cream pigment in Hollow
  • Powder contour: NYX Blush in Taupe (I contoured the SHIT outta my face!!!!!)
  • Blush: NYX Cream Blush in Natural (My neutral, goes with everything blush)
  • Highlighter: Mary-Lou Manizer (I needed something that looks glistening, not special effectsy, so no using all my special effects highlighters BOO)
  • Eyes: Giorgio Armani ETK in 8 Champagne on inner corners, Rose Gold colour from Chanel Nymphea quad in middle of lid (it’s my platonic Rose Gold – never found any like it.) the brown/taupe shade from Nymphea in the outer corners and on lower lashline, Colourpop Girl Crush in crease. (I’m so yellow that Girl Crush, which is ostensibly true grey, looks PURPLE ON ME.)
  • Shitloads of Maybelline Drama Pen Gel Liner black and also in the upper waterline. I filled up any gaps between lashes easily with my depotted mascara (another use for that damned mascara!)
  • My HG BCL Perfect Liner (Pah!) and Mascara (Yay!) mascara on my lashes. 2-3 coats of MAXIMUM EFFECTZ since I really, really could not with the falsies. I still don’t think you can see my lashes… Also mascara on my lower lashes.
  • Maybelline Master Drama Liner in White on lower lash line. (As much as I hate the texture of it, it stays damn, damn well on my lashline! Like 4-5 hours later it’s still there. wow!
  • Lips: Life’s Entropy Lip Theory in Catalyst (MY LOVE.)
  • Nails: Catrice Lilatric. Very pretty and suits this look and vibe, but thin and needs at least 3 coats to be opaque.

Hire me as a beauty model? 😉

PSA: free Daylong sunscreen trial

The marketing company of Daylong Sunscreen SPF50+ is giving out free samples for Singaporeans. You can see their ads on many websites’ Google ads banners or find it here.

Since sunscreen is a daily staple I believe we should all get one that is cheap and we are happy with, so happy sampling, though I suspect there will only be 5-10ml at best. Sunscreen is sunscreen though, and I’ll be happy to receive mine! You need to provide your name, email, NRIC and address.

*not affiliated in anyway, I just like free shit.

Phases in life; Stuff I don’t buy

I think I am very mature. I mean this in a sense that I can see objectively, and very quickly, what is rather irrelevant and stupid to life and what is not.

  • I have been to clubbing/partying a total of like, 5 times. The first 2 or 3 times I ‘enjoyed’ myself. After that, I decided it was stupid to go home drunk at 3am, so I stopped. That’s it.
  • I was on a luxe fashion spree for awhile. This was obviously helped by my healthy salary working in an oil firm (sought after job) at the grand age of 21 (I did say I mature early!) I bought loads of expensive bags/clothes/shoes for about 6 months and then called it quits because obviously spending all that money didn’t make me extremely happy.
  • I had a manicure like, 3 times. It costs way too much for a couple of hours, my nail polish wears off very fast because I can’t keep still, and I have colour-overload syndrome at the salon. I would still go maybe once every 2 years or so when I’m in developing countries (like bangkok) where the service is real cheap, because my hands do look really nice after all the cuticle trimming and shit.
  • My husband had a killer car when he was a bachelor (Nissan GTR, the sports car of many feverish bachelor dreams) and I absolutely loved driving it for awhile (who doesn’t love driving expensive, powerful cars?!) but then I realized it was costing a shit ton of money and forced him to get rid of it.
  • Personal finance wise I am very, very healthy, because I give up all stupid shit that wastes money really fast. I have no problem adapting a relatively frugal, low-consumerism way of life.

God, I’m so rational.

Anyway, that’s why there are some beauty products that I don’t buy/care for.

Hair products:

  • Fancy shampoo and conditioner: They’re all about the same. I’ve used really shitty shampoo before, but never a bloody amazing holy fuck shampoo.
  • Hair treatments: Seeing as I don’t do much with my hair, I don’t really care. I use it very occasionally when my husband buys it, maybe once a year.
  • Heat protectants/styling products: I don’t style my hair, duh. I use the very occasional hairspray when I need hair to hold up in fancy functions, which I borrow from the husband, but how often do you attend fancy functions? My daily hair was a ponytail and now I don’t have hair and I’m so happy!

Body Products:

  • Body Wash: I buy the biggest bottle of Dettol available, mainly because I sometimes have problems with BO and I want to kill all the stink smelling bacteria on me. I did cave in and buy the Boots Vanilla Smoothie body wash which smells like a gorgeous vanilla, but that’s still really cheap and in a big bottle (and I always buy it on sale.)
  • Lotion: God, I hate body lotions. I did actually buy a couple of the lotion version of the Boots, also at a steep discount. Otherwise, I hoard hotel body lotions for when I need them. I don’t need much moisture on my body, and I hate getting stuff onto sheets, and I still can’t figure out the appropriate application sequence. Is it sex, shower, lotion, sleep? Or shower, lotion, sex, sleep? Either way, I like to not get up after getting it on, thank you.
  • Body Oils: Never tried them, don’t intend to. If for whatever reason I wanted to oil myself up (and I think I need to actually, for a shoot coming up soon) I would use olive oil, baby oil or something.
  • Hand cream: I use the body lotions. Lol. I also have a tube of lemongrass handcream that smells like shit but I will valiantly attempt to use it up.


  • Micellar Water/make up removers: Baby oil owns all of that. I have a hugeeeee bottle of Bioderma I bought at a huge sale (see the pattern here) that I will use, but yeah, BABY OIL ALL THE WAY!
  • Toner: I still have a big bottle of TheFaceShop’s discontinued Soohyang snow range, but once I use it up, bye bye. I don’t see the point of toner, it’s mostly water.
  • Facial Mist: Yet another why would I pay $$$ for water?? item. I will just use normal water. Bye.
  • Eye cream: They’re about the same as face creams, just more expensive. I do have the occasional issues with dry eyes around the skin, developing wrinkles (I smile too much – yay?) and I plan to use thick, hydrating serums/creams meant for dry skin, specifically for my eye area.

Make up:

  • Blush: I am halfway to a blush fiend. I always, always slather on blush like there’s no tomorrow. Since my recent discovery that most lipsticks can be used as blush, I haven’t bought a single blush. I’m not a blush snob, and I think 75% of blushes look very similar blended out anyway. I’m sticking with my old blushes, not buying anymore new ones, and using lipstick on my cheeks when I need to.
  • Lip Gloss: occasionally, I have to swallow my own words. Still, I really don’t like sticky, sticky gloss that I have to reapply all the time. A shiny lip can look plump and sexy, sure, but if I really wanted a glossy lip, a matte lip + Vaseline works. Or Lanolin. Unless the gloss has some cool properties (like iridescence.)
  • Expensive array of brow products: My brows are quite nice, and I’m really not into the Instagram super harsh brow trend. I trim the hairs around my brow and keep it neat, that’s it. I use a <$1 pencil (bought from bangkok) that works perfectly fine. I did purchase some Brow Theory samples from Life’s Entropy for $1.50 USD and they were fantastic too.
  • Funky Lip Colours: I love weird colours, but realistically you’re not going to wear a blue lip out all that often. My solution? Apply a thick balm (I prefer Lanolin for this) and pat eyeshadow in the colour you desire all over. Simple! Another good solution is to buy sample/minis of indie cosmetics since if you live a normal life like me you will not wear blue lipstick more than twice a year.

Make up Explosion: The Travel Edition

I found out on my recent trip that my cosmetic bag EXPLODED, in a particularly spectacular way.

My NYX HD Eyeshadow Base, which I’ve lost once before and liked enough to repurchase, exploded. Look below:

Photo 11-8-15 10 56 20 am

Oh the horror!

Luckily, nothing much was actually damaged although everything was covered in primer. I had a bitch of a time washing it out of my blush brush. I had to wipe down everything else too.

Photo 11-8-15 11 01 49 am

Here are the items that were damaged. All of them were either old or cheap. NYX Taupe was a beloved staple that I was sad about losing, but the pan was salvageable (only a small amount was lost) so it’s now sitting on top of my vanity and not going anywhere. The LA Girl palette is a mindclusterfuck palette filled with unusable colours, that I’ve had for a long time and just try to use up. The white liner was from Maybelline, old and with an atrocious texture, so I will just use it up quickly and get a new one. The Chanel is a 3 year old foundation that refuses to run out no matter how liberally I use it. The eyelash curler was sad: this particular one was really cheap and semi-pinched my lids but it curled SUPER WELL. Sobs. Everything except the curler was salvageable.

Liebster Award

I don’t do much ‘bloggy’ things, but I was nominated by Lenka, who I stumbled upon while researching the Lancome Advanced Genefique. Her blog is new but promising, and she did help to bump up my page views by a lot, so thanks so much! And I am obliged to help out a few others.

As part of the thing, we’re supposed to answer some questions. Since I love chattering about inane stuff nobody is interested in, here goes:

  1. What do you love about your name & would you change it if you could?

My name is the boringest name in the world. At least 10% of my generation is named similarly. I would change it to something more exciting like Eugenie or Lana del Rey or something, but then I’m glad I didn’t name myself.

2. How many languages do you speak?

English, Chinese, low-level Japanese, and a smattering of other local dialects and languages thanks to our multiculturalism.

3. What was the last time you smiled at stranger?

Probably this morning. I smile almost all the time, no matter how shitty I’m feeling. It’s like the smiley version of the Resting Bitch Face. I smile on default so much my face sometimes hurt. And someone has once told me that I’m getting wrinkles (in my early 20s…)

4. What is your dream place?

Location wise, somewhere in a small city/large town, since I hate big cities (like the one I’m living in) so much. Some greenery and nature, but not like, cabin-in-the-woods level. I like lots of big windows and natural light, and I love marble flooring so I can sleep on the floor when it’s too hot.

5. Can you remember your last dream?

The last one I recall is a horrible one of my cat, who passed away last year (not to be confused with my currently existing cat) who was resurrected into a starved zombie and attacked people. Kinda funny now that I recount it, like how horror movies are terrifying when you’re watching it and sound ridiculous afterwards.

6. How do you feel when you put mascara on?

It used to be the absolutely most dreaded part of my routine. Eyelash curlers are a must, since my lashes are long but stick straight. And I couldn’t find a mascara that worked well for me. My old curl-holding mascara was terribly heavy on my lashes, like a too-tight ponytail, so much that I skipped it some days because I couldn’t bear with it. After I found my HG mascara though, mascara application has been SO LOVELY. I have fluttery, curly, pretty lashes all day! BOW AT MY FEET.

7. Who is your biggest celebrity crush?

I love a lot of man celebs, but my enduring favourite has to be Lana del Rey (for 4 years running now.) Her make up looks are also fierce. If you follow her instagram account, you can see that she wears graphic mod eyeliner like it’s totally normal. Go girl!

8. Would you rock a red lip in the day?

Not for ‘businessy’ days where I have to wear Serious Lip Colours so as not to look too crazy, but otherwise, totally. Warm reds are easy peasy (so long as they’re not the eye-searing kind) but cool reds require a bit more of an occasion, like an Illamsqua event.

9. When someone tells you you´re pretty, do you believe them?

I am actually writing a long, instropective blog post about this. Suffice to say, I think I am objectively prettier than 75% of the population here, so quite a lot of people tell me I’m pretty. Of course, I’m neurotic and think that I’m having a bad skin day/wrinkles/dry undereyes/etc, but probably to other people I’m still pretty. This doesn’t mean that I always enjoy the attention.

10. Why did you start blogging & did you like my questions?

I started blogging out of total boredom during pregnancy. It’s absolutely boring because I just want to lounge on the sofa all day and I can’t do anything physically demanding, so I just like, put on make up and write nonsense. I like these questions, although I wish it could be slightly more beauty related.

I don’t have 10 blogs to link to, but I will help to promote some people who have supported me over the few months of rambling:

Allaboutleanne, with a beautiful blog (so aesthetic, much unlike me) and a lovely array of topics, from music, cooking, beauty, and travel. (all of which I love!) And srzly how do you make your food look so good?!

Oliveaolive, who is a frequent reader and has an amazing blog with lots of detailed, sciencey posts (my favourite!) I believe she may have tagged me to do this awhile back, but I must have forgotten about it, but I would like to give a shoutout to her because her blog is fabulous.

AuxiliaryBeauty, who, although not strictly new, is a lovely read. I did Literature for A levels. Even  though it doesn’t have much relevance to my life anymore (I read all baby books now) it will always be a secret love, and I love how she combines beauty and literary musings. My classmates all used to be nerds and I didn’t dare to wear make up with them, for fear of looking like a bimbo/vainpot/class idiot, but she totally proves that you can be smart and love make up!

Now, if you wish to answer questions, you may:

  1. What do you usually wear when bumming around the house? [I seriously want to know this: my daily uniform is baggy t-shirt + old PE shorts [my oldest is from 13 years ago] and I don’t even wear a bra. Am I abnormal?]
  2. How has your make up obsession/consumption changed over the years?
  3. How long does your beauty routine (skincare, make up) take on an average day?
  4. What beauty brands, if any, do you have irrational obsessions about? (Mine is Giorgio Armani!)
  5. What is the single most expensive beauty item you own and why did you buy it?
  6. What feature do you hate about your face the most, and why? [Not intended to be shaming: I absolutely detest my lips, because my neuroticism makes me pick at them all day and they’re forever flaky and disgusting.]
  7. Would you use or buy secondhand/used make up? Eg from blogsales
  8. How much do you spend on beauty a month? (My budget was $20, until I realized it was nigh impossible. Still, I spend only around $100 monthly)
  9. Are you a purger or a hoarder?
  10. What is the most unglam beauty/personal care product you can’t live without? (Mine is probably feminine wash.)

Life’s Entropy unboxing, service and one product review

This post will show 1. unboxing porn, which I rarely do 2. service review and 3. product review.

This is my first ever indie cosmetics purchase. Shipping from indie companies can be prohibitive. I bit the bullet during the anniversary 20% off sale, which made it extra sweet. I talked about LE before. Their sciencey things make my knees wobble. I used to date this guy who taught chemistry, so we had a lot of very sciencey things going on.

  1. Unbox porn!

Photo 20-8-15 12 01 45 am

To be frank, I didn’t expect the cosmetics to be so tiny. I ordered a LOT, for me, one other person, and a couple of gifts for a friend. I thought it would be a parcel box, but it all fit into one bubble mailer. Anyway, the packaging is lovely, all customized. I’m not big on packaging anyway, but it’s a nice touch. FOR SCIENCE!

Photo 20-8-15 12 02 57 am

Packed securely into a nicely folded envelope.

Photo 20-8-15 12 04 21 am

Photo 20-8-15 12 05 41 am Photo 20-8-15 12 05 58 am

I feel that the clamshell samples of Brow Theory Ebony x2 (ordered 2 by mistake, but see no. 3 and be like sorry not sorry) and Celestial (pictured) and Nebula highlighters were crazy tiny. I mean, they only cost like $1.50-$3 each, but it was a bit unexpected. Anyway, LOOK AT THE PRETTY HIGHLIGHTER. This is the only reason why I still buy cosmetics, for TEH SPECIAL EFFECTZ.

Photo 20-8-15 12 10 15 am Photo 20-8-15 12 10 22 am

Eyeshadow samples. Also super tiny, took me by surprise (first indie order after all)

Photo 20-8-15 12 10 30 am

Matte Theory. Was very slim and again, unexpectedly small.

Photo 20-8-15 12 10 43 am

Lip Theory in Transformation full size. It’s someone else’s order 🙂

2. Service Review

I ordered on 26th July. I received it 19th August. That’s about 3.5 weeks of wait, which was rather painful. Their TAT is 10-15 business days. On 8 August, it shipped, which is around 10 business days. USPS took from 8 August to 19 August to get it to me. According to the tracking, it went from US all the way to Taipei before coming here. Shipping cost me $8.50 USD, which I feel is okay. (Not exorbitant, and just about where most indies charge.)

Everything was nicely packed. There was some glitter fallout on my hands when I opened the package, but no shadow package was damaged.

I requested for a full size eyeshadow (GWP) in Finding Nucleotides, and that’s what I got. (Incidentally I also bought a sample size. Damn, what were you thinking?) I didn’t get any secret add on bonus bonus, which is a little sad, but it’s something that I don’t expect. Definitely would have been a nice surprise, but 20% off is good enough 🙂

Overall, a very pleasant experience.

3. Quickie first impressions review of Brow Theory in Ebony

My hair is super black. My eyebrow hair is also quite definitively black. The pencil I was using previously was in the colour ‘Black’, which turned out to be a true black, so when blended, became grey-ish. I am super yellow toned, so this looked weird on me sometimes. Translation: it was too cool toned. I’ve also used a pencil labelled as ‘Dark Brown’, and it was way, way too warm. My hair is not brown and my eyebrow hair is most definitely not brown, so it was much too reddish. I have since given it to my sister, who may be less fussy than me.

Henceforth, I think the Ebony is the PERFECT colour for me (Cara Delevigne made the light-hair-dark-brow thing cool anyway, so I don’t need to match my brows to my hair!) It’s actually a slightly warm, super dark brown. (I associate ebony with the true pitch black of pianos though so it was a surprise for me.) You can see it in the product closeup, although it doesn’t seem to show on the swatch. I just saw literally right now that it is described as a ‘warm blackened brown’, so please be a more educated consumer than me.

You may also know my stance on brow products (buy teh cheapest thing possible!) so I’m really glad these are $1.50 per sample. As it stands a sample will probably last me a year.

Photo 20-8-15 12 18 02 am

This swatch was me touching the Brow Theory with my RT brow brush super gently. GAWD, so pigmented!!! It’s like freaking gel liner! After I swatched this, I used the remainder on the brush for one brow, and had just about enough. Conclusion, touch it even more gently the next time.

I will be posting a colour pic of my brows next time. I think it’s nice that it’s warm enough to complement my skintone but also a proper ‘black’ shade. If you’re very cool toned, you may want to stay away.

Photo 20-8-15 12 28 04 am

This is the swatch after I took a shower as per normal. SO TOUGH. It’s also smudge resistant, though not 100% smudge proof (but then I already took a SHOWER with it.)

I’m super excited but it’s the middle of the night so I can’t smear all teh things over my face. Waiting for tomorrow!!!!

DIY: Tinted balm using Nuxe Reve de Miel

Yay, finally blogging on the computer instead of the phone…

Photo 8-8-15 10 42 50 pmI talked about this pretty expensive lipbalm earlier here. It’s a nice lip balm, and although the price point is not something I can swallow easily (I got mine on a huge, huge sale) it is a really, really nice balm and a little different from most balms on the market.

This little pot is HUGE. HUGEASS HUGE. 15g squeezed into that tiny little pot. The product is super dense, which means that a lot of product is packed into that thing. I will probably not finish it for 3 years or more.

Since petrolatum/Vaseline has not been enough for my ravaged lips recently (of course, all the damage is self caused, but still) I decided to remake my tinted balm.

Photo 7-8-15 10 26 22 pm

Ingredients: My old tinted balm (didn’t want to waste it), more lipstick to add more tint, a sun stick that wasn’t so kind on my lips by itself, for SPF*, Lanolin, Nuxe, assorted tools.

*Regarding SPF: The amount of balm-with-spf I’ve put is very, very small, so I don’t think the SPF is more than like, 6? At most. Some sunscreen actives is infinitely better than no sunscreen actives, though. Still, I don’t know if Ethyhexyl Mecinniblahblahmate is heat stable or not, so I don’t actually know if it has dispersed well in the product. So, I’m not saying scientifically that I have made a balm with SPF or anything, okay. (I did try to source for titanium dioxide locally that I could add into DIY concoctions for physical blockers, to no avail.)

Photo 7-8-15 10 30 42 pmApproximate all volumes. The yellow stuff is nuxe. I didn’t add THAT much lipstick, some of it was the old tinted balm.

Photo 7-8-15 11 38 12 pm

Post melting and contained. I put the concoction in the fridge to set for awhile. IF you do that, it hardens to a texture not dissimilar to the original Nuxe.

Since I had that nice container set I bought, I made this a nice compact item for my daily carry pouch. The top is tinted balm, the middle is Nuxe + Lanolin, no heating, just a lot of mashing (in other words, clear balm) and the bottom is handcream. In a smell that I absolutely abhor (Lemongrass, HATE THAT SHIT), but I’m not big on hand creams, so I’m just trying to use it up at this point.

To me, DIY is very fun. It’s not hugely groundbreaking, but I like doing it. It’s also nice to use your favourite lipstick colour for your own custom shade of tinted balm.

PSA: Lancôme advanced genefique trial kit 

If you go here you can find a 7 day trial kit of Lancôme Genefique. Obviously, this is only for Singapore.

Just announcing because I signed up for one too. You just need to redeem it at a counter near you, which seeing as it’s Singapore, is never very far.

I personally don’t like Lancôme very much, and I like high end skincare even less, but a free product is a free product, right? For all I know, I may change my mind.