How much concealer do you apply?

Title of the post says it all.

If you watch beauty videos on Youtube frequently, you’ll know that the very popular youtube gurus apply a shit ton of concealer, all around their eyes. Even people like Jackie Aina, whom I love for her biting wit, are guilty of it. Conversely, the gurus who favour more classic, clean looks, like Karima McKimmie (my fave!) don’t do it (as much.)

But we know that beauty gurus and instagram make up are hardly real life. (I sincerely hope.) So how much concealer do you use on a daily basis?

Day to day, I generally use the below amount on my undereyes:


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March 2017 Summary

Things bought:

Alien Essence Absolue: (review) Couldn’t resist after reading Renee’s review on Badoutfitgreatlipstick. Cost me $76, because perfume is expensive. Sigh.

2 sports bras from Forever 21: $24 I got bitten slightly by the athleisure bug. I mean, my casual style is decidedly not athleisure, but I would like to look good while running at 10pm, I guess?? After using the same 2 or 3 sports bras for….. 6 years, I bought a couple more. They’re a bit slutty and overtly sexy, yeah, compared to my very chaste previous sports bras, but I like it. Next month, I’ll probably buy a couple of nice tights too.

Miniso nail polishes: $3 little bit of an impulse buy, but they’re decent. Review here.


Other spending: $15 for movie for 2, $3.20, $ 8 treat for a colleague who has left us.

Total: $129.20

I tried not to buy too many things this month, or at least, make up. Obviously my budget was blown by Alien Essence Absolue, which I totally absolutely freaking love so it was WORTH IT.

I wasn’t very interested in make up this month, because it was also a very busy month and work and I came home late a lot. However, I suddenly developed an interest in clothing again so I need to curb that.


I finished this ancient body lotion. It’s tiny and seriously ancient. What can I say, I’m not a fan of body care.

I also finished a bottle of nail polish. It’s like, 5 years old and very gloopy. I only used it on my toes so the gloopiness isn’t too bad.

I also sort of finished a NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. It’s too dry for me even though there’s still some left after I pulled out the stopper. My sister is still managing to use it somehow, but I’ve been on my new tube. I still love the peachiness, it’s perfect for the undereyes.

Total empties for the year: 10


I’m in love with this white shirt because it reminds me of Lana Del Rey’s amazing white shirt in the below performance:

It’s not as slickly tailored as hers, but for $10 USD and free shipping to my country, it will do. One day, I’ll go tailor one exactly like hers, because white shirts, clean lines and great tailoring will forever be my weaknesses.

I also really like Atelier Cologne Ambre Nue when I last tried it on my skin. I hope to acquire it some day, but no rush.

I’m somehow quite into clothing nowadays, I think because I’ve lost a few chubby bits. It’s not good though, I should be extremely frugal instead.

How much does your skincare cost you?

We all have our skincare favourites we repurchase over and over again. Have you ever thought about how much your entire routine costs say, in a month?

Thanks to my relentlessly seeking out good budget alternatives, my skincare items tend to be quite affordable. I’m using retail prices, although I do try to grab good deals where possible. I didn’t count shipping fees, because usually when I buy Korean skincare on Qoo10, I maximize my coupons so that my shipping is basically free. I also try to overestimate my usage where possible, so it’s perfectly possible for the products to last me longer than what I have stated below.

Caveat: my face is quite small and my skin quite balanced, so I tend to use very little product.

Current routine: My current routine is a little bare-bones, because I’m waiting for my fancy shit to arrive. 



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January 2017 Summary

Things bought:

  1. Midi dress, $24 Dammit. I saw this gorgeoussssss dress on Carousell. The seller unfortunately is a little bigger than me, an M to my usual S. but since this was a casual looseish dress, I bit the bullet, with the intention of altering it using my usual seamstress services (my mum.) It’s very beautiful and very good quality for sure, and as I expected, a little large. After alteration, it’s very whimsical bohemian cavorting-in-a-field-of-lilies to me. I like it.

(I have exactly 0 make up on and only a super lousy photographer, my sister, so pardon me please.)

2. CosRX Ultimate Overnight Rice mask: (review here) $15

Didn’t want to bite the bullet on this so fast, but I found a good deal so I snapped it up. I like my Honey mask, which sinks in crazy fast and doesn’t leave a residue, but sometimes it’s just not moisturizing enough. This is much richer, and perfect for the night.

3. CosRX Good Morning Low pH Gel Cleanser: $8 (will be reviewed – eventually.)

Same as above – I need a cleanser soon, but I do still have some. This is cheaper than RTP so I will keep it as a backup till I finish my other cleansers (which is pretty soon.) I have not much preference for cleansers except they be gentle and low pH. I didn’t buy this off Qoo10 (I got it 2nd hand), but this CosRX option is very affordable even off Qoo10.

$ spent on frivolous eating out:

$4.50 + $33 (2 beers for a friend and I – ouch!!!!! this is why I DON’T drink as a rule. Ever.) + $5 (lunch out) + $1.80 (breakfast – when my girl stole mine and I had to have it out) + $7 for 2 days when I was at a client’s place + $12 for an impulsive buy of my favourite Murakami book, Kafka by the Shore

Total: $110.30

Not too bad, I bought a bit more stuff than I intended, but my budget was obviously eaten up by the 2 bloody beers, I’m still quite bitter about how expensive alcohol is here.


  1. Daiso Hyaluronic Acid Sleeping Pack (review) – Finally finished this up. I didn’t like this enough to cut it open and it was super cheap anyway. It’s still decently moisturizing and surprisingly nice for a $2 product.
  2. Etude House Aloe Vera sheet mask – this is an ok sheet mask. It has the immediate soothing and hydrating effect, but the effect doesn’t really last past a few hours. I have a couple more that I would use up, but I wouldn’t repurchase.
  3. My Beauty Diary Rose sheet mask (forgot to take a pic) – I don’t know if this is the old or new MBD mask, but it’s wonderful as most MBD masks are. It smells like candied roses, a bit strong for my taste, but no denying it’s great. It was very moisturizing and brightening and my skin looked amazing the day after. There was also a ton of essence leftover for me to bottle and use for the week after. I haven’t bought masks in forever (people give me enough – I use maybe 10 masks a year…) but MBD masks have always been insanely cheap and widely available. You can get a pack of 10 in various flavours for $11.90 + shipping here. Or buy in Taiwan 🙂
  4. Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser: review coming soon! I liked it but it’s a little expensive for a cleanser. Would repurchase if I needed a dependable option, but wouldn’t go out of my way for it.
  5. Alcina Hyaluron 2.0 serum: reviewed here. Not particularly impressive. I swear there’s a bit more stuck in the bottle but I can’t wrench it open. Definitely not a repurchase.

Total empties count for the year: 5. I’m hoping I can get some make up empties next time – I use make up at a glacial pace.


I freaking lost my angled eyeliner brush this month. I have other eyeliner brushes but they’re meh and I’m so used to my stiff and tiny angled liner. I’m thinking of buying the same Jessup set as last time, which cost me around $15 SGD for 8 very well made brushes. I found my eyeliner brush 😛 I guess I don’t need this anymore in the immediate future!

I also want my skincare from The Ordinary!! I’m sick of hormonal acne, and I hope that some serious retinoids and all can help me keep it in better control, even if it doesn’t get eliminated.

Most Underrated Depeche Mode Songs!

Random non-make up interlude: Depeche Mode!For another short interlude from make up…

If you ask me who my favourite artiste is, I’ll say Lana del Rey for sure. If you ask my what my favourite band is, I’ll say Depeche Mode for sure. My friend suggested other 80s synth acts to me, like A Flock of Seagulls, and I know of the existence of New Order and Erasure and shit, but nothing sticks except Depeche Mode. I like their darkness and edginess, and their lyrics have quite some elegance and eloquence to them.

(Also their next album is coming out 2nd Q of this year!!!!!!!!!!!! Excites!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially since the last one was a bit too bluesy for my taste. This one sounds a bit more synth in a loungey way.)

I really didn’t like the first album Speak & Spell, because that’s too New Wave/Erasure/happy poppy bullshit to me, ie stuff that I don’t care about. Thank god their albums after that only got better and better.

The Sun and the Rainfall

God, this is so fucking beautiful. My very favourite early Depeche Mode song. The synths are so atmospheric and haunting. Love the background melody. Lyrics are beautiful, and the imagery of the chaos of something smashing on the floor, and the titular sun and rainfall, fit in beautifully with the haunting synths. And who else uses ‘estrange’ in a song? All that I’m saying, the game’s not worth playing over and over again… 😀

My Secret Garden

Yet another track from A Broken Frame that wasn’t released as a single and never got a live performance beyond 1982. I thought this was beautiful, if a little unpolished. It has some very interesting beats and synths, and a catchy melody with rather interesting lyrics. Baby Martin did well!


Won’t talk too much about this song because I mentioned it as my 3rd favourite song of the whole Mode catalog. Still love it, such a soothing lullaby. I personally think it’s horrendously underrated. Nobody ever talks about it. I wish they would sing it more live.

When the Body Speaks

I always think this song is sung by Martin, because Dave rarely does all these slow ballads in such a high range. I think he sings beautifully and really shows off his range and his emotion here, and the haunting guitar pickings in the background makes it so… down to earth yet transcendental. I’ll be the first to admit I still have no fucking idea what this song is about, I only gather it’s about longing for a girl, I think? Still don’t know what the soul’s desires and what the flesh requires really mean. But a beautifully longing song nonetheless.

Stories of Old

I really like the sound of Some Great Reward as a whole. The hollow woodwind sounding thing that’s a feature of this song also appears in Lie to Me, another underrated track I like. I love the lyrics – it’s basically an anti-love song, very practical and non-soppy. Despite ‘being in heaven whenever we kiss’, they still ‘wouldn’t sacrifice anything at all to love’. And only Depeche Mode can make such unsentimental and unpoetic words sound so awesome. ‘Take a look at unselected cases/You’ll find love has been wrecked/By both sides compromising/Amounting to a disastrous effect.’ Like, is this a counselling session?

Also, check out the live and bluesy, non-synthy studio version from 2009. HOLY. COW. Quoting a Youtube commenter, ‘This is a perfect example of how a man can fuck make love to you with his voice.’ [my own correction]

The Things You Said

My love for Dave Gahan and his voice of a baritone angel is clearly documented. Consequently, I don’t fancy Martin-sung songs very much. This is an exception. I think this song is absolutely haunting. I don’t care for the lyrics very much – it sounds very gossipy, but thankfully the melody and synths, especially the deep bassy one, make them sound much better than they really are. I think this song really speaks as a masterpiece of arrangement.

Black Celebration

The titular song from their 5th album. I think it is a beautiful, ironic song about finding optimism in pessimism. And the comfort of a partner. Also about sex, probably. I can’t really pinpoint what’s so great about it, but it really sticks with you. Full of emotional range. The below version is from 2013 and shows how Dave Gahan is still a sexy beast 😛

Some quick personal thoughts on 2016

When I was around 15, there was once a lesson… which I totally can’t recall the name of, but it’s that one we always did ‘character building’ and learning values or what. We called it Civics in JC but I’m at a total loss as to what we called it in secondary school. Aaanyway, we were supposed to list down and rank some values that were the most important to us. After lots and lots of thought, I declared my most cherished value as ‘tranquility’, something I’ve always desired because I had very little of that in me.

A lot of people say 2016 was a crappy year for various reasons, but for me, my own little bubble has been in a turmoil since my teenage years, so the turmoil in the external world doesn’t matter all that much to me. Maybe like a self defense mechanism. I’ve definitely had some ups and downs, and the past few years haven’t been easy. This year, I suppose a lot of things became better, if only by a little, or maybe I’ve developed a bit more tranquility. I have a job I enjoy somewhat that is not too tedious, a lovely little girl, and less of a feeling of being alone in the world.

I look to 2017 as a year of hopefully finally settling some long standing issues I’ve had, and as a year of new beginnings, of healing wounds. The first half will still probably be tough and I sincerely hope it flies by as soon as possible but I look forward to making drastic improvements later in the year.

Over the 3 day weekend I’m also committed to not wearing make up, to give my skin a break and not hide all the hormonal acne scars and all. In 2018, if my skin is still as crappy, I would probably give up and see a dermatologist or something.

I’ve also been exercising at least 2-3x a week, running 3-4km and doing strength building, and I’ve been trying not to eat too much crap (not always successful…) I definitely want to continue this into 2017, if not there would be a few dresses on the smaller side I would no longer fit into 😉

So, in the last couple hours of the new year in my end of the world… I’m going running. I wish everyone a great year ahead, and don’t forget that change is the only constant and that we have to embrace it.

Random non-make up interlude: Depeche Mode!

I’ve been working like 8am-9pm almost everyday, and it’s been killing me. When I reach home at 9-10pm, I just play a little music, shower and sleep. I’ve been playing Lana Del Rey on repeat for most of the past 3 years, but now it’s become Depeche Mode!


(Can someone say hunkle??)

Since I didn’t grow up with Depeche Mode, unlike most of their hardcore fans (most of whom, like them, are around their 50s…. but they’re still really cool 50+ year olds! :P) my favourite couple of songs aren’t the usual ones. Everyone says that Violator is their best album, but having listened to Violator top to bottom a billion times, I personally don’t like it THAT much.

My favourite album is actually Playing the Angel. It’s a little more rock than my usual tastes, and it can be too noisy at times, but on the whole I enjoy it immensely. It’s like Songs of Faith and Devotion, their classic 1993 album, which was also more rocked out than their old style, but with more trademark weird synth sounds. (Spotify link)

I also have a soft spot for Exciter. It was a huge departure from their usual dark dancey electro-rockish tunes, I’ve always said it’s like Depeche Mode does Backstreet Boys. Ardent fans hate it, but hey, I’m not nearing 50. It’s a little spacey and relaxing and filled with notions of love, more than their usual sin-guilt-redemption stuff. Like Depeche Mode on weed. (Spotify link)

Violator is probably the 3rd best album for me. It is definitely the most consistent album. Out of 9 songs,  4 are in my favourites that get constant reply, and there are another 2 that I chuck into a lengthy playlist. It also produced their all time best hit Enjoy the Silence, and the excellent and rather witty World in my Eyes which is a personal fave of mine. I have to say it is immensely listenable though. (spotify link)

My favourite individual songs are:

5. People are People (1984)

(Damn, Martin (the guy in the gay black tank top and eyeliner) was really cute, in a really gay way, at 21… and I swear everyone looks prepubescent.)

A really big hit at that time, I think this song always rings pretty true. It’s just super catchy and anthemic, and great to bop along to. I love the chorus ‘I can’t understand/what makes a man/hate another man/help me understand’. Great upbeat song no matter what kind of mood you are in, and a staple in 80s playlists.

4. Strangelove (1987) (video vaguely NSFW)

Damn, has this song aged well. Doesn’t sound too tinny or aged even now. Great to bop along to, with a great synth hook and a fantastic melody. And Martin Gore at 25, can write such fantastic lyrics as ‘I give in/to sin/because you have to make this life livable.’ Like WOAH mind blowing. Perfect blend of poppy 80s quasi love song with a dark twisted electronic edge.

3. Freelove (2001)

The most Backstreet Boys song from the album which Depeche Mode went Backstreet Boys. The melody is undeniably pure pop, but it’s one of my favourites because of the texture of the instrumentals that elevates it way beyond pop. The constrast of the quiet acoustic guitar versus the synth…. thingy in the chorus, versus the licks of the distorted electric guitar. Oh, and the lyrics are fantastic too. ‘No hidden catch, no strings attached, just free love’ has been stuck in my mind for the longest time.

2. Never Let Me Down Again (1987)

I didn’t like this song THAT much at first listen, but to really appreciate the beauty of this song you need to see the live version, in which I love how the rich growls of Dave Gahan’s voice comes through, probably because he’s 14 years older than when this song was first recorded. The beat of this song is relentless, the guitar AND piano hook is awesome, and it’s an all round great headbangingly electro-rock tune. I also love the bit at the end when it goes all soaringly orchestric and magnificent. Lyrics are rather straightforward but catchy, about getting high with your friend. 😛

So before the top one comes about I have a few honourable mentions:

Best showcase of Dave Gahan’s voice of pure sex and virility: Broken (2013)

I do like the construction of this song a lot, because of that synth squeak note that’s so interesting. But the highlight of this song, especially in this live studio version, is how I swear his voice makes your ears orgasm. So very rich and booming.

Best uh…. weird song?: Lie to Me (1984)

This song is weird as hell, especially that strange oriental influenced instrumental bit. But somehow it is catchy as hell, thanks largely to the chorus. I love the dark twisted lyrics ‘Come on and lay with me/Come on and lie to me/Tell me you love me/Say I’m the only one’.


Best… I give up, I just think this deserves an honourable mention: Walking in My Shoes

(Dave Gahan looks like Jesus in this video.)

I think the lyrics are pretty masterfully written with fabulous themes, about how the narrator has sinned but asks whoever is judging him to ‘try walking in my shoes.’ And props for working ‘absolution’ and ‘scapegoat’ into a pop song. I think this song would resonate with just about anyone.


And my favourite song is…

  1. Lilian (2005)

This song is SO GOOD. Super upbeat and dancey, yet dark and mopey and helpless at the same time. With a fantastic melody and fucking fantastic hook. And the absolutely sublime verse that goes ‘I should have run/I should have known/Each dress you own/Is a loaded gun’. I never get sick of hearing this song. Definitely my favourite Depeche Mode song, which I know, is a very unconventional choice.


Very long post rambling about stuff that might interest absolutely nobody, but felt great writing it all down 😀 And I hope that I may have exposed you to some great music!

Make up doings in my absence

I’ve been away for awhile, clearly. I was getting busier and busier at work and I just didn’t have the mojo to blog. I still don’t really have it, but I’ll be posting some stuff now and then still.

So in my absence from the blog I also haven’t been taking many photos of my makeup, though I wore about the same amount of makeup as before.


I’ve been really into red lipsticks these days. My favourite way to wear them is super clean. In the first look, it’s just a ton of foundation for the appearance of dewy, perfect skin (had to fake it since my chin area is still quite bad at the moment.) Lots and lots and seriously shitloads of contour (always subtle because it’s me), brows, just a touch of highlighter to glow like an angel from the heavens and lots of mascara. That’s it. I think it’s me but dialled up to 11, with an eye searing red lip. This is, of course, my beloved Dragon Girl in all its glory. Super bright red with a definite pink glow. It’s a very unique and standout – there was one time I was at the cashier at my mum’s shop, and the girl’s lipstick looked so familiar – and true enough, it was Dragon Girl. In this photo, it sure looks like Dragon Girl on Lea Seydoux too.



For this look, I was testing out Cherry Red, which is definitely not my preferred red from Besame Cosmetics. It was still pretty nice I guess, but a little dark for me. Also very clean, didn’t even have foundation on, just a bit of excess Cherry Red tapped on my cheeks for blush. Holy shit is this pigmented, if using it as blush just tap the slightest amount. Still don’t feel very passionate over it, but it’s alright.


(The ribbon in my hair is a silk scarf tied as a ribbon. This is a gorgeously soft and thin silk scarf in a pastel yellow and creamsicle polka dot print. Very vintage!)

Might be blogging a little more from now on, and sporadically, but there will be posts when I feel like it.

August Make Up report

I skipped July’s report because I simply didn’t do much. I only had 1 pathetic empty (sheet mask, lol) and didn’t buy anything, surprisingly.

This month, I still don’t have much to speak of in terms of empties. I got rid of 2 nearly empty nail polishes that were gloopy and was annoying even me. And one sheet mask. Erm… that’s it, really. Boring, so no pictures and stuff.


  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundationi in #52: $14 Researched for a long time, bought and tried. Was on the fence about it, but the main reason for the destash was that I’m not sure it contributed to my chin acne, and because I finally sampled the Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation in 213 at the counter and it was much nicer.
  • Eccentric Cosmetics stuff: mainly the Long wear primer, and some sample shadows I’ve been lusting after forever. I wanted to hold off purchasing till the Boxing Day sale she usually has at the end of the year, but she was discontinuing the primer because of the unavailability of a wax she uses. So I had to jump the gun and buy it now, luckily still with a 15% discount, that allowed me to not need to hit the free shipping minimum. Spent about $26 SGD over there.

Total spent: About $40


  • The aforementioned Bourjois Healthy Mix…. I’m sorry, I’m really quite horrified if something breaks me out! My Armani foundation has never even MAYBE broken me out in the 2 years I’ve been using it even though the alcohol and fragrance is seriously strong in it. Plus it just wasn’t nice enough for me to justify keeping it around. I go through foundation REALLY slowly because I use so little at a time. Sold for $15, which is actually a small profit 😛

Total gained back: $15


No picture because all these things are very boring. 2 cheap and old nail polishes, 1 sheet mask, 1 sample eyeshadow packet that I didn’t actually finish but depotted. So no actual empties.


Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation #213:

Since I crossed off the Bourjois Foundation and tried this one out, I’ve wanted it even more. This is a relatively good colour match, and it has a great finish. I’m trying to talk myself out of it because I’m not sure it differs from my Armani foundation enough – both are high-end (and sooooo expensive) and have medium coverage, satin finish. The Armani is more smoothing and photoshoppy, while the Koh Gen Do is more skinlike and ‘natural’.

Life’s Entropy stuff:

Life’s Entropy just reopened and ahhhh. Obviously the 3 new shadows are very up my alley, and I would like to get a full sized Brow Theory, except that I still have 1 sample left, grrr. I still don’t know if I will make an order this year or wait for the next year. D:

Jessup Brushes:

I love my Jessup brushes , and after 8-9 months of use they are still going strong. No shedding, no loosening, no nothing. I did molest some Hakuhodo brushes a few days ago, since we apparently now have a Hakuhodo counter in Singapore. But Hakuhodo is insanely expensive, as you know. I was molesting this face brush and saw it costs ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY SEVEN DOLLARS and quickly put it back. They are super, super incredibly soft – obviously my Jessup brushes cannot compare, but they are also sell-a-kidney expensive. And high-maintenance. Anyway, Jessup has duped MAC brushes, including the numbering system, and I’m willing to take a chance on them since my current ones are so nice. It has the few brushes I’m looking for, which is an angled shader, a fluffy un-dense brush (the tapered highlight looks ideal) for setting undereye powder, etc. The multitude of blending and shading brushes look nice too. I’m not sure I want 19 more brushes on my vanity, but I guess I could get rid of a few dupes or something? Idk.


Thanks to my acne, I’ve been looking more into skincare as well. I wanted to try the OST Vitamin C serum, and also to replace my COSRX Galactomyces 95 Essence because mine is almost all gone. I would also like to try the COSRX Centella Blemish cream because my 5% benzoyl peroxide is nearly gone.


So that’s it! My Eccentric Cosmetics order is going to reach me in about a week, and I am waiting till after I receive before I think about buying more things 😛

Review: Make Up Revolution Newtrals vs Neutrals Palette Review with 3 looks!

So, finally the review on the MUR Newtrals VS Neutrals Palette is here!


It has a total of 16 shadows inside a compact, sleek black case with a hugeass mirror. A+ for packaging and functionality.

It is supposedly a dupe for Lime Crime’s Venus palette. You can google for comparison swatches, but here is a nice comparison I’ve found:


As you can see they’re pretty similar! This is a swatch of only the top row of Newtrals vs Neutrals. The happy thing is the the bottom row is….


A total dupe for the Naked 3! Okay, I don’t own the Naked 3, but you can see that the rosey tones are definitely a call to Naked 3 style palettes.

With this palette being a dupe for TWO different famous palettes, WHO WOULDN’T WANT IT?


First up, swatches. These are all the 16 colours. Left is the bottom set, and right is the top set. Done on my arm with primer.


The Venus dupe. There is literally not a single shade that is bad. The darkest shade, a brown, is a little on the dusty side, but nothing too horrible. The 3rd colour from the left, a peachy pink, is a little sheer, but can be built up.



And the same photo as above with the Naked 3 dupe set. The darkest shade is again, a little crumbly and dusty, but it’s alright to work with. I looooooove the matte rosey taupe colour (5th from left.)


In the interest of doing a very thorough review, I did THREE looks with this palette: You can reference back to the top picture for what shades I used (numbered.)



I do have a fondness for very warm eye looks. This was created with 9 as a base, 3 as the main lid colour with a touch of 12, 5 in the crease blended out with with some 2, and some 6 on the lower lashline. 8 to line the lashline. Lots of orange all around.

20160821_174323.jpgIt looks a bit dramatic here, but it’s not that dramatic IRL. I wouldn’t wear this to work, but I would wear this out anyday.

PS. beautiful shimmery peach lip colour by Life’s Entropy, in Ester.


Look 2: Subtle red eyeshadow. 

THIS is how you wear red eyeshadow to work.


Far less dramatic than the first one, and much pinker compared to the orange of the first look. I used mainly 11 as an all over lid colour, with 7 used at the outer corners, making sure not to bring it above the crease of my eyelid, and to lightly shade the lower lashline. I used 13 to shade my crease and 1 to highlight my browbone. Quite a simple look, and one that I would wear to the office. Make sure to confine everything to your mobile line and it will look normal.


Look 3: Naked 3 Halo Eye

For this look, I confined myself to using the Naked 3 portion of the palette. And since I haven’t done a halo style eye in forever, so I made myself do it. Halo eyes tend to end up rather dramatic.

I used mainly 15 in the outer and inner corner and used 14 to make a gradient. The centre of the eyelid is 11, topped with a good bit of 10. I used 13 to shade my crease. 11 also ended up on the lower lashline.


There is very little fallout from the palette despite all the shimmery shades, but do note that I tend to use a light hand. I have worn a look using this palette for a work day, and they lasted a good while although they did crease a little (most things do after 12 hours.) They are blendable and can be worn opaque or sheered out if you have a light touch like me. You can get a lot of looks purely from this palette, from warm to cool toned, avant garde to wearable. Overall, a fantastic palette with unusual shades, duping 2 popular palettes to boot, with a price tag of 7 GBP. Wholeheartedly recommend!