Colourpop Clique and warm reds in general

Colourpop Clique is a warm orange-red. It was on clearance (cheaper than if I had bought it direct from CP itself) so I grabbed it.

CP is a great way to try out colours you’re not sure about, because they are cheap, (albeit with very little product), and great basic formulas. Clique is a matte. It gets a bit uncomfortable on the lips after a few hours (and my lips have taken years of abuse from dermatillomania, so like, this actually fucking means something because I very rarely say this about any product) and the colour doesn’t fade away so prettily: some of the colour stays in my lip crevices, which is bad because my lips are very cool-toned and this is super warm. It’s also a bit heavy on the lips. That said, it has brilliant pigment, with full opaque colour in 1 swipe, and lasts quite well through eating and drinking.

I’m ambivalent about warm reds in general – I’m all about NARS Dragon Girl, which is like the coolest red you can get before becoming officially fuchsia, which I STILL haven’t shown on the blog despite being my favourite lip colour ever.

Anyway, warm reds.

I’m very, very, very yellow. I think it’s obvious.

Photo 22-7-15 6 51 29 pm
I like it! I think it looks quite natural on me. I think I’m quite obviously warm toned.

The only thing is that it’s not really red, right? It’s like way more orange than anything, at least on me. Maybe I’m off the scale in yellowness, just before the jaundice.

For comparison, below is Revlon Siren on me, which is a straight orange.

Photo 13-7-15 3 12 39 pmIt’s not quite as flattering, I feel, especially IRL.

I will be springing for the next in the line of spectrum of orange-red, which is Frenchie, since Clique is way too orange and not red enough for me.

I’m reasonably happy with CP Clique. It’s a beautiful colour, although not exactly what I wanted. The formula is serviceable, although not fabulous (and you will only know this with wear.)

The story, if you want to know, was because I woke up at 7.55 for something that I had on at 7.30, so I left the house in 10 minutes. I chose something bright and put together that wouldn’t reveal my idiocy. The colour stayed on well until 12 or so, but the whole afternoon my lips were really uncomfortable. Like, I applied a couple of balms, a moisturizing lipstick, etc but it still felt like shit until 5 or so. I did not remove the lipstick, just applied stuff of similar tone over it. It feels as if it forms a layer over your lips though it’s not that kind of matte dry down liquid lipstick, but it feels that way.

May have found my HG mascara 

MandomCorp had a sale today. It’s a japanese company that brings in assorted cosmetics. 

Whoo sales!!!!! 

They do hair products like shampoo, spray, wax, haircare, and also popular make up brands like dolly wink, heroine make, etc. 

My mini haul: the lashes+glue was $5 and the 2 eyeliners cost $10. $15 total!!!!! (I don’t wear false lashes but I need to do campaign shoots in the future so I need something dramatic.)

And this might totally be my HG mascara! Too bad it comes with a glitter brown eyeliner side- I use brown liner on my light make u p days but I have a ton of gel brown liner left 
It’s called 24H Aisare Neko Hitomi in japanese- lovable cat eyes. Or maybe brow lash ex perfect mascara And eyeliner

HOLY CRAP LOOK AT THE LASHES. not only have they stayed up for awhile now, they’re long and black and natural looking, not spidery. IT HOLDS A CURL is what I’m saying. That’s all I wanted my mascara to do. My previous loreal one did that but make my lashes crispy and painful as hell. 

I’ll give it 4 hours. If it curls for the entire duration I’m buying 4 more or something. 

FOTD: maybelline neon red 

  This is from the Vivids range, which is not available in Singapore. I snagged mine from a reseller at $6 each. 

It’s a warm red. It applies with some translucency, and takes 2 coats or so to build up opacity, but it’s a rich, vivid colour. 

It’s not my greatest idea of a warm red though, because it is a little dark, instead of something eye searingly bright like Lady Danger (maybe I WILL buy lady danger one day.) 

It also seems to be a little bit drying after a few hours of wear, but it fades very prettily, doesn’t pull into lines or flakes, has a beautiful translucent finish and is so cheap!!!! 

I’m also wearing it as a cream blush, which it works perfectly fine for. It applies more red than orange as a blush which is fantastic because I’ve been looking for a red blush all along. 

I have two other colours in the range, Shocking Coral (which looks completely pink on me) and vivid rose which is gorgeous. Hope to post more soon! 

Ps the hair is growing insanely fast- soon I’ll be sporting that boy cut hair thing. 

Brands I still can’t get enough of.

I have a personal finance blog, and I might be described as stingy. Or hopefully, thrifty. I’m perfectly happy buying second hand make up, which is how I got most of my make up. I very, very, very rarely buy retail. I wrote a whole post on how advertising turns me off.

However there are still a few (just a few!) brands that get under my skin. I squee when I see them, and sometimes I even check their retail sites.

Photo 10-7-15 10 05 40 pm
Top 8 are ETK little pots. Bottom is Armani Maestro foundation, Lasting Silk UV, and Fluid Sheer 02

My love for Giorgio Armani is quite well documented on this blog. I have a lot of the ETK silk intense eyeshadows. I have his foundations, his liquid highlighters, etc. The thing is, I have no idea why I like Armani. I don’t go for many luxury brands; I think that quality doesn’t need to be incredibly expensive. It must be the exclusivity factor: It’s luxe, but not a ‘mainstream’ luxe brand a la Chanel, Dior, Guerlain. In Singapore you can only find it in the airport, and in Scotts Galleria in DFS. (And they don’t stock everything either.) I like being special.

Photo 10-7-15 10 06 02 pm
T: Kiko cream shadow (not sure of the full name, LE) depotted Kiko Metallic Lipstick Fuchsia, Kiko Smart Lipstick 914 Bottom: Kiko 4 shadow clics palette, 2 cream shadow sticks, and a radiant touch highlighter.

Kiko Milano is another brand that gets me hot and bothered. I have loved it ever since the day I visited Florence, and my friend who was studying there, told me that there was a brilliant make up store that sells lipsticks for 3 EUR. Though there are approximately 0 Kiko stores within 3000 miles of me (they are only in Europe and recently USA) I still constantly dream about Kiko and looking through their website. The last time I went to Europe with my husband, I went into every. single. store. that we saw, which means at least twice in EACH city (and also in some train stations, between cities.) Their items are good quality, cheap, without superfluous packaging, and they constantly release new, exciting LEs. My favourite daily blush used to be from Kiko (till I smashed it into oblivion.) They also feature loads of East Asian models (actually, I think it’s just the same girl in everything) in their promo pics: This is not yet very common from what I’ve seen, western brands usually use Latina/black women as their ‘women of color.’

Sleek is another good quality drugstore brand. I have like 10 of their eyeshadow palettes. They’re not the most consistent, but they are great variety at a brilliant price point. The eyeshadows in the palettes are quite small, but they come in all sorts of crazy colours so I just keep them on hand for all my crazy colour needs. Neat, eh? Plus, their concepts and marketing are amazing and get me everytime. Their blushes are another star product, lots of colours and super crazy pigmented.

Photo 10-7-15 10 07 18 pm
All my sleek palettes that I can’t even count anymore

Any brands you have an unreasonable/irrational love of?

My first ever liquid lipstick: LASplah Lip Couture in Ghoulish

Let me preface this by saying that I am obviously, not a make up newbie. I have tried nearly every type of product there is to try.

I have tried lipsticks that ‘dry down’ into a layer over the lips before. This is what most people refer to as a ‘liquid lipstick.’ There are other sorts of liquid lipsticks, like Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro, that do not dry down.

Personally, I don’t really like both kinds of liquid lipsticks. The Lip Maestro was super duper duper gorgeous, but it smeared like crazy, no thanks to the crazy amounts of pigments that got all over my face. If I didn’t need to eat I would totally use it (but obviously, I eat a lot so it wasn’t practical for me to keep around.) The dry down kinds are not very practical for me, because I peel my lips a LOT. It’s a thing (dermatillomania, to be exact.) and they flake away and look terrible.

Still, with the obsession with liquid lipsticks now and literally every single brand releasing their own, I decided it was time to revisit at least one.

Since I have almost every colour of normal lipstick I want already, I sprang for something way out of the ordinary. LASplash Lip Couture in Ghoulish is a close dupe for Lime Crime Velvetines in Cashmere, which is a freaking gorgeous taupey purpley thing. Of all the high-quality liquid lipsticks, LASplash is one of the cheapest ($25 if you buy from online sellers, $28 RTP) with the funkiest colours.

Colourwise, Ghoulish is a taupe with a greyish, slightly purplish cast. (it looks nothing like the lip swatch in the above photo. see my photo below.) I actually wore it to a business function today. The comments were not so encouraging, ranging from people saying that I looked like I had been smoking (I don’t) to people asking me if I slept well, or if I was sick. I guess this kind of very strongly-grey colour does it to people. When I looked at myself in the mirror it was like seeing myself in greyscale. I think I’m a bit too yellow, and the colour looks slightlyyyyyy weird on me, it could do with a bit more purple. If you are extremely fair (fairer than me) or cool toned, I think it would look absolutely gorgeous.

Remember, these apply as liquid, but dry down into a super matte layer over lips, kind of like paint drying on a wall. It’s super opaque, and very creamy. I had no problems with application whatsoever, it was really idiot proof. Swipe and then wait awhile. You can press your lips together at the very start, but once it starts drying, leave it alone or it will pool up (kind of like nail polish.) It dries fast, but not so fast that its difficult to apply. I’m the kind of anal person who uses a lipbrush for any bold colours (red, oranges, etc) and I didn’t find any trouble with going outside the lines with this at all.

I rarely show ‘after’ pics of wear, but here ‘s one that still shows the colour of ghoulish well:

Photo 16-7-15 10 51 37 am

Now, this looks rather bad, so let me describe what this lipstick has went through as of the photo:

1. I applied it last freaking night. Before I went to bed.

2. I had a very early morning. I wanted to reapply, but it looked more or less perfect, so I didn’t bother. After that, I went for a meeting, where there was some light food (nothing super oily) and I drank loads of tea. [This is a gap in my testing, where I did not do any serious oil tests.]

3. After I came home, I started doing my dermatillomania thing again. This is after quite some effort. (You can see the patchiness where my natural lip is coming through.) This is the only thing out of the entire list above that actually made any difference in the lipstick.

As of the picture taken, it was on my lips for like, 12 hours? Holy fucking shit, the wear of these things are insane.

Matte liquid lipsticks are known to be drying. My entire body tends to be quite low on hydration, but I spent the entire night wearing this lipstick (in an aircon room, no less) and I did not find it uncomfortable at all when I woke up. Only at the 10+ hour mark did I feel my lips getting kinda dry and flaky (which is when I started peeling it.)

I did press my lips together multiple times the previous night, before it was fully dry, and there were some little marks (not super obvious.) I simply reapplied over, and I’m glad to say that it doesn’t pool up or anything either.

I am personally super duper impressed with Ghoulish. The colour may not be everyone’s cup of tea (and I will have to debate whether to keep it or not) but the formula is really amazing. I’m still not sure I’m a fan of these super-mattes-in-an-opaque layer thing, because I think it’s more natural for natural lipcolour to show through as the day wears on, for example. If you like this sort of thing, it will be perfect for you. Some people have also mentioned that it has a chemical scent, but I didn’t notice it at all.

That’s why my opinion is that it is great to buy these in colours that are WAY out there, like blue and teal and whatnot. These are seriously fucking bulletproof. If you want to wear a lipstick that looks absolutely fucking weird, make sure that it stays on like, forever.

Short note:

There are 2 versions of this colour, OG-Ghoulish which used to be a limited edition, and a permanent Ghoulish. I think mine is the permanent, althoug I’m not sure.

credit LEFT permanent, RIGHT OG

My own one looks nothing like both so I can’t comment. 😛 This seems to be the problem with this colour, nothing looks the same!!!!


yesterday we had a fancy pants function. Apparently functions, alcohol and some prescriptive anti-depressants do not mix well with me because I spent the whole night HIGH AS FUCK .
I was very, very proud of my hair+ dress + make up like serious, but I only had oneeeee blurry pic 

It was dragon girl + Illamasqua iridesce lipgloss on my lips. 

And when I woke up this morning, 

  1. My very expensive Prada clutch, which I take out like once a year, had its lock twisted. It’s easily fixable luckily. 
  2. My NARS dragon girl is LOST, what the FUCK. I CRIED. (Was still slightly high) 
  3. I erm…… Shaved my head. Like serious? I only remembered doing this vaguely. 

So….. I have a shaved head now. Rocking the Charlize Theron look I guess? Luckily it’s the ‘in thing’ for edgy girls right now. 

(That’s me wearing my other red lipstick. It’s gorgeous. But doesn’t compare to DG.) 
Trying to get used to being edgy~ yo

FOTD: Revlon Icy Violet 

aka one of the most gorgeous lip colours ever made!! 

I realized that my natural lip colour is very rosy and deep. This means that icy Violet is practically like my natural lip colour, but a bit purpler, and with a pearly, frosty finish. 

Icy violet is from the super lustrous line, and has a pearl aka frosty finish. While pearl is 90s at best I find this to be lovely and not over the top metallic.

It was supposed to be a limited edition from the legacy collection, but I have no idea if it’s LE or not because it seems to be in a few places. The permanent iced amethyst is somewhat similar to this, but darker and more pigmented, which means less nude.  

My lips are not in the best of conditions now so the lipstick doesn’t go on very smooth but it’s still gorgeous. 

I repurchased this after I lost my first tube because it’s a gorgeous lipstick at a drugstore pricing (in fact I got mine at $7 online) and I had to. 

My new favourite flavour: Vanilla~!

I’ve noticed a trend recently, that I absolutely adore vanilla smells.

It started with this body scrub by Boots:

It smells good enough to fucking eat. It’s not that scrubby, but honestly I don’t care, I would use it just to smell all the vanilla on me.

Then, I went back and got this:

This is like, I think my first ever non-supermarket brand shampoo. Usually I just use Dettol or whatever. It smells like VANILLA. YUM. (apparently, cheesecakes and smoothies don’t smell very different.)

I also have this, even though I have no need for body cream. It smells GOOOOOD. Plus, the swirliness is so cute.

I have a generic brand vanilla lip balm. IT TASTES SO GOOD.

My very first MAC lipstick also smells of vanilla… I mean, everyone keeps saying that MAC lipsticks smell like vanilla, but you seriously don’t know what that means until you actually smell it. I swear I could eat that thing.

Colorpop Lippie Stix also smell like vanilla. People have said there is a synthetic quality to it. My very lousy nose detected a crayony smell underlying the vanilla, which is sad, but if I close my nostrils I can pretend it doesn’t exist and just smell the vanilla?

Seriously, VANILLA EVERYTHING! yum yum yum yum.

What other vanilla scented products are out there? Googling reveals a lot of body lotions and soaps, but what about MAKE UP? Are there like vanilla smelling foundations and blushes and SUNSCREENS? LET ME INCORPORATE THEM IN MY LIFE!

Why the F is my hair like that?

In another post in my ongoing series of how hair in general, and my hair in particular, completely baffles me…

Before cosmic karma strikes me down, I must thank my hair for being gorgeously soft and sleek most of the time, and simply for being on my head in abundance, even with all the hair shedding post pregnancy.

My hair is so very stubborn and it seems to be getting more and more goddamn stubborn as I age. By stubborn, I mean refusing to change from its natural state.

It is stick straight. Apparently the hair on my lashes and the hair on my head really cannot fricking curl. When I was in school, I used to be able to create gorgeous loose waves just by bunning my hair and letting it dry twisted up in the a bun. I mean, this is a legitimate way of curling right?? I also created pin curls, the old Hollywood glamour style which I loooooove, for my wedding photoshoot some time ago and they were a reasonable success.

But now, I left it up in a bun the whole fricking night to dry and when I wake up, holy crap it’s just as straight and limp as ever.

I haven’t really tried heat styling tools in awhile, but ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat. But even with heat styling tools my hair seems to lose its curl really, really really fast. (I could braid it for curls as well, but it’s too short right now for braiding so I can’t try.)

Another thing is that my hair cannot goddamn absorb dye. It’s very dark, so I don’t expect dyes to work miracles, but I do expect to get a tint you know? Plus, I’ve dyed my hair quite a few times in the past few years, and I have walked away with reasonably obvious hair colour (though still dark, of course.) But recently I’ve done at box dyes at home with my husband, and while my husband’s hair became a super vivid red, mine was like, the same. WTF. I used a second box of dye in a more vivid red and left it on for twice as long as recommended. That gave me sliiiiiiightly more colour, but it was nowhere as vivid as my husband’s hair with just one box. WTF!

These are part of the reasons why I don’t bother about my hair anymore. I would really love to have it lots of funky colours. I was thinking of dying it blue like, 5 years ago before all the funky instagram hair hit. (I did actually dye it blue, without bleaching, so I had a nice blue tint in sunlight for awhile.) But now with my hair so stubborn, most days I just say fuck it. My default hairstyle is a ponytail (I hate hair in my face) or a bun (for stylish geekery, I suppose? :D) I wear it down when it’s not too hot, which around this time, is never.

Any one else can commiserate about the state of their hair?

What is this obsession with super flat mattes? 

Okay people, we agree that we don’t want a super ultra flat matte foundation, right? I mean, matte is sometimes what we want (for me especially in super hot weather like now) but so matte it makes us look 2D?!? Noooo, make up has come a long way.

But it seems like super ultra crazy matte lips are all the rage now. ?!?

I never liked the liquid lipsticks that dry down, because I peel/nibble at my lips very, very often. I believe it’s mild to moderate dermatillomania. (I make my lips bleed not infrequently.) this means that I basically fuck up all those lip colours.

Lipstick/gloss on the other hand, retain color well in response to plucking. They don’t flake away either. (The gummy feeling of peeling my lips with gloss is actually pretty fucking nice.)

For my very specific concerns, sheer/shine lipsticks don’t pose a concern since they are sheer and the light reflects the damage done. Mattes or very pigmented lipsticks often have enough color to stain and withstand my plucky fingers.

Even without all my neuroses, those super matte shades wipe out all dimensions of the lip. With normal lipstick, I see myself sometimes wishing for a black lipstick or something to add dimensions at the corners, because I’m all about the contouring and make up tricks, yo. 

I totally don’t get this liquid lipstick trend now and I don’t get all these ultra flat mattes. SKIP, THANKS.