Make up Inventory

In a fit of neurosis I went to unearth my entire make up collection.

I wish that make up companies made smaller sizes. I mean, I do feel sad about minis compared to regular sized stuff, but seriously, we don’t ever finish products. (Which is why I’m doing project pan!) Most people who buy make up are make up lovers, who have a ton of products. Honestly, if I could buy minis for decent prices, I definitely would.

I’m quite good about skincare. Even though I was gifted with a ton of random skincare recently I’m good about using one product until it finished and then moving on to the next, so I won’t have a problem slowly finishing stuff up. Make up though….

So, let’s take a look at my make up hoarding…

Base products: 12 (forgot to include primer in picture.)

I am generally good with not buying base products. Somehow though I ended up with a ton of powders though I don’t need to powder my face very often.


Powders: 5

Concealers: 2

Liquid foundations: 3 (soon to be 2!)

Etc: 2 (primer and illuminator)

Eyeliners: 17 (whoops!) 


Holy crap do I have many eyeliners!!!!!!!! Nothing to say here.

Actually the NYX wonder pencil (the beige pencil) is utilitarian: I use it to blank out my pencils, or sometimes to do a natural brighter line on my eyes. I’m in no hurry to finish it because it’s great when I do need and use it.

Face products: 20 + 1 pan I didn’t include in this picture. The Shu has 2, and the Sleek palettes have 3. I count individual pans.


Wasn’t as large as I thought! Still very large…

Bronzer/contour: 3

Highlighter: 5

Blush: 13

Lip products: 37  (This is after I gave away a few and lost a lot… whoops!)


Glosses: 6

Lip pencil: 1 (I actually have another clear wax lip liner, but since that one is utilitarian I didn’t count it in)

Liquid lipstick: 6 (2 matte ones and 4 normal liquid ones)

Lipsticks: 20 (Soon to be 19!!!!)

Eyeshadows: 225. Urrrrrgh. My decision to count each individual pan as 1 shadow may not have been a good one….


Singles pots: 11

Sticks: 3

Duos: 2

4-pan palettes: 6

5 pan palettes: 1

(NOT PICTURED) 6 pan palettes: 1 (My Naked Basic)

Depotted: 10

12 pan palettes: 12 (including the one I depotted)

Mega Palette: 1

Holy fuck! That’s a shitload of eyeshadows! I don’t even use eyeshadows everyday! Most of my palettes are secondhand though, and cheap. I like the Sleek shadows because they are very colourful and cheap and usually decent, so I don’t need to buy other expensive fancy colourful shadows.

Still, there are some eyeshadows that I don’t plan on trying to pan. I don’t mind keeping them forever. My Chanel Nymphea is a good example *hearts* It has actually seen some usage….


Taking this inventory has been eye opening (and somewhat horrifying.) I will definitely be working on some of my products and hopefully will be slowly panning some stuff (especially the shadows…)

Starting Project Pan

EDIT: Added in some little rewards for finishing certain batches of products to incentivize this project!

Subconsciously, I have been doing Project Pan for awhile (see: project trying to pan.) But I want to make it more official.

General notes about cosmetics: I feel that us, people who love cosmetics and buy more than what is necessary, can waste a lot of product. I’m sure you have seen people with giant collections of lip balms or hand creams or moisturizers or something. There is no way you can finish all those things before it goes bad.

Of course, I have to admit that some things I will keep forever for sentimental value. My Giorgio Armani ETK eyeshadows, for one. The pots are huge anyway so no one’s going to finish it. When it turns 5 or 6+ years old though, I might not want to use them anymore.

I am going on a trip on Wednesday for 2 weeks, so I will definitely be using all these products (since limited choice during trips = MOAR product usage!) Hopefully I will be making some steady progress towards finishing these items, some on the trip and some shortly afterwards:


  1. Lancome Genefique Yeux eye cream sachets x 3 (~1 week supply, knowing me I’ll make it last the whole of 2 weeks)
  2. Lancome Genefique serum sachets x 7 (~1 week supply, I’ll probably also use it for 2)
  3. Vaseline Healthy White SPF30 PA+++ Serum: I use this as body sunscreen. This is a travel tube and there’s not much left. Although it’s autumn and I’m wearing long sleeves most of the time, I’m not sure how much use I can get out of it.
  4. Diorsnow UV cream: Facial sunscreen. Was used by my mum in law, and she contributed it and a whole lot of other sample bits to me. I don’t like this very much, it feels rather drying. Luckily it’s a small tube, only 30ml and around half used. I hope to finish this up after I get back.
  5. Etude House Real Art cleansing oil: sample bits and bobs contributed by my mum in law. This is actually included in the Great Eastern Women’s Run goodie bag. There were lots of women products, beauty and cosmetic products included, it’s quite cool. I will be using it as a cleansing oil/make up remover(obviously.)
  6. Etude House Moistfull peeling face wash: My second cleanse after make up removing.

Reward for using up skincare products: I have a huge surplus of skincare (I seem to go through stuff so slowly it’s crazy) so I won’t be buying more.

Okay, basically I aim to use up all these little samples that I have been hoarding specifically for the purposes of this trip.


Sorry for the blurry photo. Here we have make up products.

7. Cyber Colours Zero Pore Primer: This is my only primer. It’s a decent, nice primer, but I’ve had it awhile and I want to use it up. It will take awhile though, there’s quite a lot. Actually I don’t know why I included it in the photo because if I use up this primer I definitely have to buy more.

8. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua: mentioned this in my previous trying to pan post. IT IS BOTTOMLESS. I am so pissed. I stopped using it the past few weeks so that I wouldn’t run out of foundation halfway during the trip, but once I go on the trip I will be using nothing but this. Hope to finish it by the end of the trip.

9. The Body Shop Lip and Cheek stain in 02: also in the original post. It smells kinda funny, but it still works and doesn’t irritate my cheeks. I wouldn’t use it on my lips though, I do have limits… I have been using this everyday for the past few months and I do see it decreasing. Luckily it’s a blush that goes with almost everything. It also has gold shimmer which means I usually don’t use a highlighter (sadly.)


10. My custom mix of lipstick in a pot: I like it but I’m sick of it since I’ve been using this FOREVER. I hope to come close to finishing it in 2 weeks.


11. Life’s Entropy liquid illuminator sample in… I don’t know which colour it is. I hope to use it up as my only highlighter during the trip.

12. Ellis Faas Hot lips in L406. I feel that the colour isn’t the most flattering it could be for me, and the showerhead-of-doom-in-bullet packaging was really intriguing at the start but quickly descended into a messy nightmare. Recently I thought it was running out as the pigment didn’t seem to dispense much anymore, only some oils with a little pigment, even after quite a few clicks. I closed the cap after that and BOOM the next day tons of pigment oozed out. Fuck me, I’m basically forced to use it up now.


(That itty bitty bit is enough for 4-5 applications. I have to use a lip brush so that I don’t smear far too much product onto my lips.)

Reward: If I use up all these products excluding the face primer (2 lip products! How long will that take to happen….) I will treat myself to a repurchase of NARS Dragon Girl (yippee!!!!)


Eye products!

13: Maybelline Pen Gel liner: I’m not sure how much is left because I’ve had this for a few years and used it a lot but it’s like neverending. I haven’t been drawing black liner for awhile, so I’ll probably do it a few times in China and try to use it up.

14. Random eyebrow pencil: I am down to a tiny nub and I am determined to finish it before the end of the year.

Reward: I need to replace black gel liner when mine finishes, so I will treat myself to an Inglot AMC gel liner in black when I’m done with the gel and brow pencil.

15. Kiko Cream eyeshadow (the bouncy, LE kind) it has shrunk significantly in the past few months, so I want to use it up ASAP but come on, I think it will take me a long while. Still, I plan to start using it regularly. It’s gorgeous and just the right amount of shimmery and glittery so it can be used for a single wash of colour as well as for liner.

16. – 18. My DIY palette, hahaha. The casing is actually an old name card case. I used double sided tape to secure all the pans. The ones on the right (NYX Taupe, weird colours) were from palettes that had their packaging broken anyway, while the left ones are Make up Academy Heaven and Earth palette (full of shimmery neutrals.) I didn’t have to depot it but I felt like depotting it since I wasn’t very attached to it. I don’t plan on panning every single shadow, obviously, but I hope to pan the frosty white and the olive green on the funky colours palette, and I will probably pick one pan of the round pans to work on.

Reward: Holy cow, panning eyeshadow will be crazy tough. I deserve something AMAZING. I will go grab myself some pressed indie shadows (thinking of Blackbird cosmetics or Glamour Doll Eyes, if the pressed shadows come back) only when I finish these!

So that’s 18 items in my first project pan. Some I have been using dutifully already, some I have yet to work on. Check back in a couple of weeks!

Ps. I will probably be taking a makeup inventory too and showing you EVERY SINGLE MAKE UP ITEM I own. If I count each pan of shadow as 1 eyeshadow, how many do I have? *shudder* I think like 100++.

BHA (black)Head to Head

Lame puns aside, here’s a comparison of BHAs.


Today we’ll be comparing COSRX’s BHA Blackhead Power Liquid and Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Lotion.

I compare the lotion because it’s the one I have, although the liquid would probably be a better apples to apples comparison.

BHA is a difficult product to come by. It is salicylic acid, exfoliates chemically and helps to control oil production. It helps to get rid of things like blackheads, pimples, milia, and more. It’s a must have if you have oily skin or are prone to acne. There are very few BHA products on the market because somehow consumers are not educated enough to know about the benefits of BHA.

To be a good product, a BHA product has to:

  1. be of a low enough pH. It’s not an acid if it’s not below 4.
  2. be gentle on skin. BHA can be irritating and harsh (after using BHA for so long, my skin is slightlly itchy from the BHA I just applied) so a good BHA is as gentle to skin as possible.
  3. Contain enough salicylic acid, obviously. We’re talking about at least 0.5%

You should apply BHA onto clean skin with no products, and leave it on for 10 minutes or more before applying the rest of the routine.

So, the PC BHA. PC’s selling point is the good, science-based formulation of products. Assuming all the things she said about her product are true, it contains 2% BHA at a sufficiently low pH. It costs $28 USD for 100ml. (Referral link here, you get $10 off.) You also get some nice ingredients in there, such as squalene, green tea extract and glycerin, to counteract the dryness and irritation issue. It also has a smell, something rather chemical although I can’t describe. It doesn’t linger.

It’s a nice product with a lotion consistency. I don’t really like the lotion quality because it’s kind of sticky. May be better in somewhere less humid or for someone with dryer skin than me. It’s still drying though, and I usually have to put something over it. I’ve personally had good results with this product, although my sister is the one using it now. She’s seen a reduction in acne and blackheads. 2% is quite strong for daily use, I would say. If you’re worried, go for 1%.

Now, for the COSRX. It’s a Korean brand with very little frills. The packaging is functional but not fancy, and the price is very friendly. SO FRIENDLY. It’s $17.80 SGD on Qoo10 with free shipping, here [affiliate.] That’s actually cheaper than how much I got it for (around $23) That’s amazing for a Korean brand, because they’re usually all about the fancy packaging and cutesy shit.

The ingredients include glycolic acid (AHA?!) and niacinamide, for extra goodiness. It doesn’t contain salicylic acid, but 4% Betaine salicylate, which is another form of it.

Apparently, Korea does not allow the use of salicylic acid in cosmetics, which means they have to substitute something else ie betaine salicylate. Interestingly, the Paula’s Choice BHA 2% in Korea use 5% betain salicylate. Hence, we can deduce that the COSRX BHA’s BHA content is somewhere around 1.5+% According to someone who measured it, the pH of the COSRX is somewhere around 3.5, which makes it ideal for exfoliation.

The consistency is like slightly viscous water, maybe like a serum. It absorbs fast and does not leave residue. This also has a smell, but much less than the PC. I find this gentler than the PC, which is to be expected, having a slightly lower acid content. Otherwise functionally they’re similar. I’ve had as good results with this. I’m REALLY happy about the price and availability though, since PC products are hard to get in Singapore at a decent price.

Overall, I find that the COSRX offers a better deal, although it may be better for you to get PC if you’re living in the US. Of course, PC offers a bigger variety of options, from 1% BHA, to liquids, gels and lotions. 100ml is a LOT of product. I use it at least once daily usually and I’m only down to 2/3 after half a year.

If you have any kind of acne, I suggest you try BHA, even if it’s for spot exfoliation when you have pimples. It’s a life changer.

[I only use 1 pump of the COSRX each time for the whole face. I’ve seen people say they use 3 pumps – WTF?]

The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes 23 The Purples

This was one of my very first eyeshadow palettes, EVAR, when I was just learning how to apply make up.

TBS is not well known for make up. In fact I feel like the brand is a bit lackluster recently, and their sales might not be so good. There’s little hype about their products and they tend to be overpriced. Think Lush, but not as trendy.

Anyway the shimmer cubes are one of their eye palettes. I have quite a few, but today I want to talk about 23, which I have termed the purples.


Each cube has 3.5g of product, which is A SHIT LOAD OF PRODUCT. Each cube is like a full pan of MAC, or more. The cubes are all individually packed, which some people hate but I personally like. It makes it such that it’s easy to build your own custom palette if you have several palettes, and it’s easy to transport just one or two colours around.


Here are the swatches on my arm. There is: an off white, a very pale pink (looks white on my lids) a warm plummy shade and a purple. All of them are very shimmery, and the lighter colours are pretty frosty (they’re shimmer cubes after all.)

I personally only dislike the pink. It’s way too frosty and it’s too pale to register as anything but another white on my lids. Otherwise, I think the palette colour scheme is actually quite good. The white is slightly warm and offwhite, and the plummy shade iss actually gorgeous and slightly warm. All of them are seriously shimmery though, which is not always good.

Now, another issue I have with these cubes: They are quite sheer, unless applied with a finger (like how I swatched it.) With a brush they are more shimmer than colour. With fingers, they are better, so that’s how I usually apply them. You can also use them wet, with much better colour pay off. I believe these are baked, which means they’re kind of hard and you have to press your finger down more than usual, but these are actually quite buttery and smooth. I don’t shy away from applying eyeshadow with fingers, but if you mind, stay far away.

In the below look, I had to get a matte crease shade from elsewhere, or you’ll risk looking like an old person from the 90s.


(see my lips? This is already 80% recovered. Think about how it looked like 4 days ago. ZOOOOOMBIE.)

20151020_130131 20151020_130146

I only used the pink, white, and the warmer plum, since I didn’t want too cool of an eye look. I also lined with just a little bit of my depotted mascara since I was going out only for a bit and didn’t want too fancy a look. My base is also not perfect because I just used a bit of powder foundation.

I would say the white is a bit too frosty to use as a browbone highlight, and unless you’re going for the super shimmer look, you’ll still need to reach for a matte colour. Otherwise, I’m actually quite pleased.

These shimmer cubes are not perfect by any means, but they’re workable, and TBS is having a sale right now. These have been around awhile and I believe they’re not selling as well as TBS thought they would be. If you can find some up for cheap, they’re actually quite nice, but I definitely wouldn’t pay full price for them.

Being ugly.

I’m being ugly for awhile.

I’ve never really been a show off. I’ve never tried particularly hard to draw attention to myself or anything. Usually however I can at least be considered quite striking in a largely Asian population, due to my features. So i tend to draw some amount of attention when I don’t seek it.

In recent days due to my severe bout of illness (mostly gone now!!) I looked like shit. And i didn’t care about looking like shit because you know, I was like fighting for my life in the throes of death (or at least it appeared to me that way.) My hair is also at a very unfortunate middle ground right now, not shorn enough to be a statement but too short to be a pixie. ARGH.

I also have a new problem. Before my illness I had a patch on my lip that was recovering from peeling. My illness caused severe dehydration, and now the patch (half my lip) is kind of swollen and covered in sores. Urgh gross. It looks like I am becoming a zombie.

Attractive people (who must be pleasant – no point being pretty and a bitch) do get more from life. Now that I feel exceptionally ugly people don’t generally go out of their way to be nice to me and all that, but guess what, it’s perfectly okay.

I feel that a lot of people in the world all try too hard to be beautiful. They seem to think that being beautiful is the most important thing in the world, the be all and end all. If not, why would people/celebrities constantly get plastic surgery to make themselves look better? And I hate the praise ‘You’re beautiful’ when the person in question is actually not. Or like, ‘everyone is beautiful in your own way.’

No, you may not be beautiful, but you may have amazing eyeshadow skills, or a creative mind, or an amazing personality, or lots of charisma, or something. I mean, Bill Murray is not very dashing, is he? But he’s an amazing, A list actor all the same. So don’t say I’m beautiful, because I know I’m not right now, and that’s completely okay with me. It should be okay with you too.

Super sick here.

There won’t be posts for awhile because I am super sick.

After my rash (see previous post) which mostly stopped itching on day 3, i got a super high fever. And after that i got severe diarrhea, which hasn’t stopped till now (day 3 of diarrhea). Now I’m basically doubled over in pain the whole day. I haven’t eaten anything for the past 2 days save some soup. I’ve been surviving on electrolytes and sugar drinks. I’m starting to wonder if i need to get checked in to get IV drip because no matter how much water i put in more comes out.

I predict at least 2 more days before this nonsense clears up, which means i would have been suffering a full week of various ailments. Just my luck.

Horrendous allergic reaction

Holy crap, i got the first allergic reaction in my life.

2 days ago i used a sheet mask i had that was lying around. I didnt take note of the brand but i believe it was around 1 year old ie Not Particularly Old. I have used 3 year old my beauty diary masks with no issue.

I applied the mask as usual, then went to sleep with the remainig serum still on my skin. No difference so far. I even depotted the essence into a bottle like I always do.

But since yesterday after i woke up i have been suffering from a severe rash on most of my face and neck. It doesn’t look too bad: my face is puffier and less smooth but if you didn’t know how i looked like before you wouldnt think i was severely deformed. But if you did know me, then yeah, you can totally see the angry red inflamed areas and the flaky rashes. Even my eyelids have puffed up.


It also itches like I have never itched before. KILL ME.

I have been getting SOME measure of relief by slathering on some kind of vitamin C gel provided by my mum in law: i think it helps alleviate the inflammatory response. I also used Vaseline as a skin protectant. I think aloe vera gel would also help but i dont know where my tub went.

Its day 2 of my extreme reaction and i sincerely hope it stops soon. I completely did not expect this and my skin is very tough so something in there made it freak the fuck out.

My Christmas Wishlist

I haven’t bought anything for MONTHS. I haven’t acquired any new make up (and actually sold a bit) and I haven’t bought a single new piece of clothing for the WHOLE YEAR.

So it’s getting close to the holidays and I feel like maybeeeeee I should treat myself a little bit.

  1. Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Neiges


I have a lot of contempt for Guerlain. Overpriced luxury make up is really not my thing anymore. But this is SERIOUSLY the first meteorites I am seriously, seriously considering buying. I’ve even called the counter up to find out when it will be released. It apparently costs $112 SGD, which is actually CHEAPER than the US price at the current exchange rate.

If I do get this, I will absolutely baby it. I will keep it in a box until I move overseas (probably) and get a better vanity and I will proudly display it on my vanity and I will make sure NOTHING ever hurts it.

But $112 SGD is a shitload of money to spend on one product. (FYI I usually spend less than $10 per item.)

2. Roger Vivier flats

I have not bought clothes for 2015, up till now. Amazing, right?

There’s this really great deal I saw online. Someone is selling their used (but looks in good condition) Roger Vivier shoes for $200. That’s INSANE. A new pair costs like $800. I absolutely adore RV and this design is a more uncommon one (my other 2 pairs are all the boring classic one.)

I’m SO torn.

3. NARS Dragon Girl

My favourite lipstick ever.

(swatches from temptalia because I never got around to swatching mine, what the fuck.)

After losing my beloved NARS Dragon Girl I was seriously distraught. It’s an amazing red, almost neon and glowing and bright. I love my reds bright, not all sultry like. The pencil is not my favourite format and there’s precious little product in it, but I did applied it on half a dozen occasions and never actually had to sharpen it yet. I like the formula: it’s not opaque on one swipe, but the colour is easily built up to its full intensity in a couple of passes. There’s no streaking or anything, and the texture seems to be very thin and clinging close onto the lips with a slight satin sheen, so different from those opaque creamy lipsticks. If I could only have ONE red lipstick in my life, I would happily throw away the rest in favour of NARS Dragon Girl. (But I can keep Clique, it’s orange, not red, right?)

I am not hard-up, my family is quite well off and I can afford to buy some nice things once in awhile but erm, I am not sure whether I will bite the bullet because they’re not really necessary, but still….

How to protect your skin in times of bad climate

In Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia, we are dealing with some severe haze.


This is the view from my living room, although the photo looks MUCH better than the real thing. Here is an image from a news site:

Scary shit right?

It has been affecting me quite a bit, surprisingly. I have reiterated time and again that my skin is like rhino hide, and I have once accidentally applied nail polish to my eyes as I thought it was makeup remover and I’m still alive yo (and my eyes are fine.)

But recently my skin has become really, really dry. Not my whole body, but my feet and my hands have been really, really dry to the point that it can hurt. For awhile I actually applied hand cream quite regularly.

My facial skin has also been drying out. It’s a bit more sensitive (like it itches a bit when I apply Armani Maestro foundation, which has a high alcohol content, which has never happened before.) and I find that if I go completely skincare-less in the day, it’s actually rather irritating to my skin so I’ve also been reapplying moisturizer quite regularly in a bid to save myself agony.

I find that a barrier on top of the skin really helps. To combat the effects of the haze on your skin, apply a LOT of moisturizer. Occlusive ones work the best, like Vaseline. Use as much body and hand creams you need. The more you protect your skin from the haze, the better you will feel.

It’s amazing how all these environmental factors can affect our health. Nobody really has a way of dealing with the haze, so I just hope that it goes away soon. If it doesn’t by the end of this month, I’m leaving for a small town in China that would definitely have less pollution.

All the more reason for me to get out of Singapore!

Tony Moly Backstage Gel Liner Latte Brown

I’ve liked brown liner since school days. Brown liner is not as harsh as black, and it looks quasi-natural. If it smudges, it sort of blends in with my skintone while still providing definition to my eyes. It’s perfect for very natural makeup looks.

I like the Tony Moly Backstage gel liner, so I bought it in a few different colours. Unfortunately, my initial one, black, has gone missing. My other 2 are choco brown and latte brown.

As you can see from the picture, Choco Brown is a warm dark brown. It also has glitter/shimmer in it, although if using as liner it’s not too obvious. Latte brown is a cool greyish brown, and is matte.

Overall, my thoughts on the formula:

All three have slightly different formulas. The Black was the most gel-like, rather than cream. It has a thinner consistency. The Choco Brown is very, very smooth and creamy. I guess it’s like how brands can make shimmery eyeshadows better than mattes. It’s definitely creamy rather than gel. Latte Brown was unfortunately the liner to dry out the fastest, although it’s still usable now. I’ve had to drop a few drops of eyedrops onto it though. It’s kind of in between a cream and gel texture.

These liners are very cheap [buy for ~$9.50 here, affiliate], and come complete with a cap that holds a liner brush, and a brush. The brush is serviceable, and although not the best, I still use it regularly. It is a little bit thick for very precise lining. It used to be retractable to become shorter, although they have removed this feature and made it longer permanently, so the new product is significantly taller.

Performance wise, this is okay. Not brilliantly amazing, but good. It’s not 100% oil proof, because I do find some smudges at the end of the day on bare lids, especially the tail ends of the liner. With a primer and eyeshadow underneath, it is quite budgeproof. It is, however, definitely waterproof.

20150922_133141 20150922_133148

This is Latte Brown on my eyes. In all honesty, I couldn’t find much info on the different kinds of browns that Tony Moly offers, so I just blindly bought 2 that I liked the sound of (so you can tell I like chocolate, and latte…)

Latte Brown is a little cool toned and too light for me. It works well on it’s own, but I can’t wear it with eyeshadow because it is not dark enough. It also looks more stark on my skin than its warmer counterpart Choco Brown since I am very warm.

After I had to revive my liner with some eyedrops, it works fine. It does seem that this matte gel texture dries out the fastest of all my Tony Moly Liners. Choco Brown is the creamiest and the best up till now.

Overall, I love brown liners, although I won’t say this is my favourite brown liner. It’s subtle but not the right shade I want, although the grey-brown is unique. It’s performance is not spectacular but acceptable.

I would not repurchase this mainly because have you seen how much gel liner there are in pots? It’s insane, I don’t think anyone can finish it in 5 years unless they do huge cat eyes every day. I’ll probably be bored and move onto better stuff by the time I’m done with it.