OMFG make up from awhile back.



It’s always nice to see how you’ve grown/changed, so occasionally I will post random old picture dumps. 


This is by one of my favourite make up artists ever, who convinced me to start using gel liner.



2013-01-19 11.29.50 2013-01-19 11.31.03 IMG_20130421_010350


I look so fucking good here and I’m trying to figure out why. Partly it’s the hair (got a fabulous haircut around that time) but what else is it? Is it because my face was a lot thinner? Or the lighting? The make up looks fabulously effortless and I wasn’t even really into make up then! All the right parts are highlighted, my cheekbones look gorgeous and my nose looks fabulously contoured, and I don’t remember doing any of those! 

In Search of the Perfect Red Lips: Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in 400 The Red Review



Woohoo! my secret package, and the apparent solution to my search!!

I was so very excited to test it out. It’s supposed to be super opaque and long wearing, yet comfortable. I hate longwear liquid lipstick type products, which this is, because they tend to dry to a layer on your lips. This normally isn’t a problem for most people, but remember I peel and pluck and smoosh my lips together and god knows what else, ALL the time. any of those longwear lipsticks wouldn’t last an hour on me before starting to flake and peel. HOWEVER, this is supposed to stay moist and is not transfer proof (that’s fine with me!) so it basically is a longwearing lipstick that is without the flaws which make long wearing lipsticks a no no for me! (I suppose Dior Fluid Sticks are probably another similar product except I heard their staying power is awful and they suck in general. I don’t quite believe in Dior products.)


LOOK HOW PIGMENTED IT IS! Fully opaque with one swipe.



I did not dip my applicator back into the tube, AT ALL, to get this full swipe of colour on my lips. as you can see it has a satin finish that’s not quite glossy when first applied.


image image

the colour is a bold, unapologetic blue red. I feel like a movie sex siren 😛 Maybe I should go and do another editorial with this lipstick instead of the Chanel La Fascinante!

Texture: thick but not hard to apply, slightly creamy. There is a veeery slight lipsticky taste that doesn’t really bother me and only if you accidentally eat some, and no scent.

Colour/pigmentation: super awesome as you can see. opaque in less than 1 swipe. beautiful blue red. somehow it makes my horrible lips look better and less messed up as well!

One con though, of its superb pigmentation is that it’s too easy to make a mistake. I had to dab concealer around my lips for the perfect defined line and accidentally smeared a little here and there. Make sure you have q tips and some make up remover handy.

Staying power: superb. Here’s a photo of me after about 5 hours with some light drinking.


0 touch ups required! it does dry down to a slightly more matte look than when freshly applied, becoming a true ‘modern matte’ – not too flat and boring but still matte.

Price: I got mine for SGD23, a complete steal considering they retail for SGD45 or so I believe. This tube has 6.5ml, which is slightly more than the average lip gloss. Online shopping is your best friend!

Red lips rating: 5/5

I would repurchase in a heartbeat but that’s true of all GA product because I am obsessed with them. But I do think it’s great value for money because you don’t need to touch up and its super pigmented in one swipe.

Am I satisfied? Yeees….. but it’s still a leeeeeeetle bit too dark. Maybe? Or am I nitpicking?

My make up philosophy (right now)

Our make up style changes pretty often as we ourselves mature and grow. I’ve finally found something I’m pretty happy with and intend to stick to for awhile, and this influences entirely the products I get, and what I write on here, so I think it’s good to discuss this concept.

Since now I’m married and almost giving birth soon and finally stepping into the Mummy/old hag territory while still being pretty damn young, I need a balance. I can’t wear like… crop and crochet tops that look like they will get ripped apart any second, or things like that. All the while I’ve leaned towards the more elegant and understated.

This means, if you trawl through my make up photos, that I don’t quite do dramatic looks.

2014-07-27 17.35.21-1

This is, helpfully, my FOTD, for a day where I didn’t do anything except go to the nearby mall to run some errands, and spend the rest of the time up till now bumming around at home. Some people wear fancy as fuck make up EVERY DAY. I admit, I would dearly love to, but my husband would raise an eyebrow and I simply don’t go out of the house enough right now (thanks to future baby.)

This look has primer, base, concealer, eyebrows, and cheek tint and just the lightest touch of contouring (can’t live without that shit). I had a sheer moisturizing lipstick on but I ate it up with my lunch. I have no mascara/liner on at ALL because it’s so damn hot it will most likely melt off once I go outside, and it’s too much of a bother to remove if I’m not going to do it properly, and it’s just basically not quite worth the effort. I didn’t even use powder because I know it would have melted off. But from the huge number of base products I still use (PRIMER, FOR FUCK’S SAKE) you can tell that I really, really love a flawless base. Laura Mercier was probably my sister in our previous lives.

I would say this is the perfect no make-up make up. And somehow after sweating all over and drying off, the make up seems to have ‘set’ into my face, making it look even more natural, like I woke up gloriously gorgeous without dark eye circles and all that shit.

I have a LOT of eyeshadow. I would LOVE to use all my fancy as fuck eyeshadows. I don’t quite care what the public thinks about me, but I’m always afraid my mum/husband/sister will think that I’m a freak (oops) and anyway even if I do fancy eyeshadows, I’m never going to do giant neon or colourful looks because that’s just not my style. If I use bright eyeshadows they tend to stay only on my lids, which don’t look too intimidating. Sorry, I’m a wuss. But when I do eyeshadow (eyeshadow being a verb here) I try to make it interesting while being wearable, meaning street and even work appropriate and nobody will look at you like you’re a freak.

However I am a huge cheapo, so I always try my best to use up every single product I have until the last drop of life is squeezed from them. So even if my concealer doesn’t match me (it doesn’t) by the virtue that I happen to own it I will use the fuck out of it. My eyeshadows will stick around for 40 years (from the looks of it.)

So there’s that. I don’t cake on a ton of make up (but sometimes I wish I could and had the opportunity to) but I try to review and analyze things that do work for me and may be niche and difficult to find reviews on (god knows I’ve tried!!) and probably I can give you a few tips on how to make the most out of your random products.

Cyber Colours Ultra Fine Make Up Base Zero Pore Primer Review

I got this primer in a swap, which is my favourite way of getting make up 😀 Cyber Colours is a Hongkong brand, I believe.

Previously the SANA Pore Putty Make Up Base was my only primer. It worked well enough for me (enough such that when I walked around with my 5 product face one night i.e. without primer I noticed the huge difference.) but its not like I had anything to compare to. So of course I chose this base when I could in a swap 😀

The packaging is very grubby (think NARS) but I like the squeeze tube – always easier and hygienic.

2014-07-27 17.49.35-1

Before and after is important… so this is my fresh face after cleansing in the morning, sans make up. See big pores, redness, etc.


This primer gives a very silky feel. Even though I have never used silicone based primers before and I can’t find the ingredient list online, I guess this must have silicone. I apply it on my huge nose pores, the pores around my nose, and under my eyes.


Post primer… Tadah! Pores are blurred (a little) and redness is slightly evened out. Of course don’t expect miracles from a no coverage product but I’m pretty impressed I must say!


I like touching my face after applying this because soooo smooth. However many people are sensitive to silicones, I’ve heard, so this may not be for everyone. I don’t think I will break out but I rarely break out from anything.

Overall I’m pretty happy with this product especially since I got it for free!!

Texture: creamy and silky gel texture that melts into your face
Colour/pigmentation: erm, none? Haha. Don’t think it’s supposed to have any anyway.
Finish: matte and silky, non shiny. It makes my make up last.
Price: I believe we can buy it locally in Sasa, but I have no idea about the price. Probably in the low 20s range, which makes it a solid drugstore priced product. Carousell has it for around $10-$15 from people.

Would I repurchase: Yes! I quite like it but I’m not madly in love… yet. I’ll probably give a final verdict after a few tries.


I applied each primer on half my nose. On the left (not my left, viewer’s left) is SANA, and the right is Cyber Colours.

(My pores are horrendously visible. Is this considered ok or abnormal??)

It’s a bit hard to tell in photos, especially with that stupid patch of light in the way, but my verdict is this:

SANA covers pores better visually, but only because the product sinks into the pores (can see small globs of lighter colour product inside pores, if you look closely) I’m super unprone to breakouts but I’m not sure what this would do for people who have problems. SANA also appears to make my make up last longer, but I’m currently test driving that as we speak with a BB cream that I know doesn’t have much staying power.

Cyber Colours decreases the pothole-ness of the pores, but not the black visibility of the mini craters on my nose, but it feels like my face is a smoother canvas (thanks to the silicones probably.)

I’ll be using more of my SANA primer still because I need to finish up my tube (I am very practical and I hate having half used tubes of stuff lying around.)

Where I discuss the Make Up I am Well and Truly Addicted to

I always claim I’m not a make up addict. Well, not QUITE the make up addict. I don’t have 30 red lipsticks that are mostly the same shade. I don’t have 50 lip glosses.

However there ARE some things that greatly inspire the hoarder in me. By hoarding, I mean needing to own them even if I don’t use them much/plan to use them much. Here’s an overview of them:



These are my undoing. I don’t know why I fell in love, but I did, hard. I bought 2 from the counter, and I so rarely buy things from counters – my husband raised an eyebrow. ‘You spent almost a hundred bucks on powder??‘ I’ve accumulated 6 so far and they’re bloody expensive. Are they worth it? Yes, even if it’s just to look at. Hoarding has no rhyme or reason.

They’re prettyyyyyyy. Honestly, the L’Oréal infallible shadows are probably dupes, but its something about the packaging, the gorgeous mix of colours in the pot, that draws me in, even if it doesn’t necessarily translate to the eyelids. Not that they perform badly – they’re superb, but I’ve always been skeptical of their value for money (because cheapo.)

I mean please, I’m not one to indulge in super high end make up. I don’t have 20 Chanel quads or whatever. But I still get that voice in my head screaming BUYBUYBUY whenever I see Giorgio Armani stuff. If I collected more of his stuff the next thing will probably be the Lip Maestros. I also love his foundations and I’m looking into that. SEE, there’s no end to my love for Mr GA.

I don’t know!!!!! Maybe because YSL Dior and Chanel make up are too mainstream and if I have to choose high end, I’d choose Giorgio Armani. 😉 But seriously, I think his make up line is greatly curated – there are way less duds than in other expensive luxury lines. The foundations are superb, his eyeshadows and blushes are all superb, his lip products are superb – OMG marry me please.



Now this is better and easier on the wallet than my illicit love for Armani. I loved these stains when they first came out, and I’m still loving them. They’re brainless to apply and stay on a long, long time. I buy mine online usually for about $5-$10 each. One of my more practical obsessions.

They’re easy and quick to use, and their names are so adorable. The Asian versions at least. The first shade I bought, Lolita, was because… you guessed it, I love the book. Not because the colour looked great on me, not because I can particularly pull off deep pinks, not because it matches my skintone. In fact I suspect I convinced myself I loved it AFTER I bought it. I’m such a retard. But I love the glossy stain effect of the range, their easy application, and lovely colours. This is probably the most usable and most logical of my hoarding.



I don’t use eyeshadow THAT often – a swipe on the lid is what I go for most days. I’d rather have a bold lip than bold eyes – just too much hassle to use 5 different colours and to wash brushes. Fancier days get a little bit of crease shadow, and I hardly have a chance to do full blown eye make up. So why do I want to collect Sleek i-Divine eyeshadow palettes obsessively?! Only the Omniscient would know. I bought my first palette, the original, at $5, what I thought was a total bargain but now that I’m purchasing more obsessively, less so… I just put in orders for 4 more, putting my collection at 5 in total. What’s wrong with me??

one reason has got to be the theme of each palette. The romantic sucker in me wanted Oh So Special and Vintage Romance very badly because well – I’m a romantic sucker. I mean, meet in Madrid, Vow in Venice, Forever in Florence, Love in London?!? SIGN ME ON! All of my favourite vacation spots + the idea of love… ahhh. So essentially yes, I fell for marketing ploys. What a sucker. At least these shadows are pretty good quality and don’t disappoint.

I am seriously not a make up addict – EXCEPT FOR THESE ITEMS. So long as this list doesnt expand too wildly, I guess I still can’t be counted as a make up addict. Otherwise, there is no reasoning with me.

What are the items that you’re addicted to?

5 product face

I saw this blog post the other day about using only 5 products to do make up. Considering i use like, 4 products on my base alone, this is definitely a challenge for me.


I would use, from my collection:


1. FOUNDATION: Can’t stress the importance of this enough. I’ll die before i do make up without foundation. just something not right about it. in this case i choose the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. it has enough coverage to cover my dark eye circles partially, but leaves a gloriously silky and radiant finish without the need for powder, which choosing 5 products do not give me the luxury of. i hate my face feeling sticky when i touch it, so i definitely need a silky finish.

NOTE: I choose to skip concealer because i have little blemishes and all my concealers don’t match my skin tone perfectly. i am a horrible person.


2. MASCARA: you should swap this for concealer if you’re very blemished or have heavy eye circles. but it’s important to have mascara even though i hate it and my lashes are poker straight and can never hold curls. black lashes, even if they’re straight, look better than wimpy normal lashes. I only have one mascara (lousy ain’t I) from TonyMoly which i bought because its dirt cheap and I love cats. but to me all mascaras work the same so it makes no difference. (I am probably highly unenlightened. I will slowly try to see the light.)

Truth to be told sometimes i do my whole face and completely forget the mascara. DO NOT BE LIKE ME.


3. EYEBROW PENCIL + BRUSH: i would also die before i step out of my house without drawing brows. The next most important thing after flawless face is BROWS. I’m still primitive because people have gone on to brow gels and waxes and mascara and god knows what and I’m like wha-?? for people with decent brows which are not too messy or unruly, a pencil seriously is fine, no need to go too high tech about it. in fact, I have no idea where Selphy, my brand came from – i think it’s korean. my mum gave it to me one day and it works good so that’s good enough for me. i use the spoolie at the end to blend out my pencil strokes.



Following Beauty and the Bullshit’s wonderful article, I have actually noticed that some Korean brand name pencils are just about identical to this one. Those include some from Etude House, The Face Shop, or one or another Korean brand (can you tell I don’t care much for Korean brands?) Considering I have no idea how much this costs and I have seen people selling Etude eyebrow pencils like this for $6, I must say that they seem to be a good buy. Anyway I am in no risk of running out of eyebrow pencil any time soon even though I use it every single goddamn day.


4. BLUSH: you could really cheat on this if you wanted with a contour – highlight-blush palette, like the Sleek Face Form. I would go straight for my HG Kiko blush, which unfortunately i had to bid adieu to. would have given me 3 wonderful shades for a 3D cheek effect, so technically I’m still cheating. i replaced it with the Sleek blush by 3 palette in lace, which is still 3 shades for me to layer, so I’m still cheating. but really. Blush is TERRIBLY IMPORTANT please never skip it unless you want to look sick or zombie-like (if zombies had radiant skin.)


5. LIPGLOSS: lip products are VERY IMPORTANT. There was a period of time I put on nice make up and LEFT MY LIPS BARE and i completely cringe to think of that. i mean, i know my lips are horrible, but still. i realized lips are like skin – if it looks uneven and patchy (which bare lips usually do) it looks UGLY, especially when the rest of the face is flawless. I chose the L’Oréal Shine Caresse gloss stain in 606 Lolita which is my favourite. it’s sheer enough to look barely there with 1 swipe. 2 swipes are just dark enough to make you look polished but wearing not too much make up (right up my alley). people with less pigmented lips might wanna choose 600 Venus instead which is pinker and lighter. I love this shit because its super long wearing, feels pleasantly gummy on my lips, is relatively hydrating and the perfect fuss free in between of a gloss and lipstick, with a stain.

now onto results…


bare, clean, washed face.


start with the foundation! this pea sized bit is enough to cover my entire face, and then I squeezed a little more for areas which needed more coverage, like undereyes and chin. I strongly, strongly, STRONGLY suspect that my good skin highly reduces the amount of foundation I need/use – consequently every single base product I’ve had seems to last goddamn forever.



look at the difference foundation alone makes!!! plus, once again I’m reminded of how awesome Vitalumiere is – smooth, and so quick to dry down to its gorgeous silky finish.


draw eyebrows…


after roughly sketching in the brows, now its time to blend it out! i use the spoolie.





curling lashes: this is a trick i learnt to curl them better and for longer!!! you have to angle it up like that while its still clamping onto your lashes. you look stupid and ridiculous, but it works 🙂


oops, skipped the mascara and gloss bit, but we’re done!! Pardon the red eye, I think I poked myself somewhere.

personally i would not wear so little products – i mean come on, just give me space for powder and liner! and shadow! and contour! you get the idea… that’s why all our make up boxes are overflowing. but really, for a very basic done-in-5-minutes (probably less) face, especially people just starting on make up, this is probably perfect. it makes you look better while making you look like you didn’t wear make up (or at least, put on very little, and certainly didn’t try too hard.)

on the other hand, if you’re super practical,  you can go for ultra multitasking products. it’s entirely possible to draw eyebrows with eyeliner or vice versa (done that) and use lipstick as blush (also done that – can’t believe i walked out without blush!!!) or use the classic cream blush/lip products or tints, or a multitude of other things, really. but that’s cheating to me, at least in the context of the 5 product face :p

while applying my Chanel Vitalumiere I discovered that it’s actually too dark for me!!! and it’s B20 the second lightest shade already. Rather, it’s a tad too dark for my face, which is whiter than the rest of my body, so actually it makes my face match up better.

Review: The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain in 01


I have both colours of the body shop lip and cheek stain, although i heard they released an 03 recently. 01 is a traditional pinky red stain, much like Benetint, while 02 is a very fascinating bronzey gold shimmer with a fuchsia base. they haven’t gotten the best reviews online, but i like them and I’m convinced it’s because they aren’t publicized enough to people who know how to use them. today I’m only reviewing 01, which I got earlier and you can see is a little bit beat up.

A little bit of history about me and TBS make up… I had quite a lot of TBS make up, and still do, like their concealer, loose powder, the tints, a few shimmer cubes, etc. I have no idea why, since nobody really looks to TBS for make up anyway. Along the way I’ve discovered some really great products and some half decent products. And I realise that since they’re not very popular people looking to get rid of them sell them at ridiculously cheap prices, which makes the cheapo in me weep in joy.

i got 01 in the shop a while back, and 02 online for $2 (!!!!!!!!)

i already had this blush on before taking this photo. This was taken after about 7 hours of wear time… my cheek stain had faded off somewhat (from the looks of it, pretty significantly.)



but still, 7 hours is pretty decent, if not impressive. Our weather is so fucking hot every single goddamn day (like 37 celsius hot) and it’s super humid and I’m naturally prone to sweating and now I’m PREGNANT which makes my basal temperature even higher so…. I’m impressed.

a lot of people have said a lot of things about this, that its too sheer mainly. I used to find this a little sheer as well until I had an ephiphany. I bought this because I had some extra points on my body shop card or something and it looked interesting. I was pretty glad I did actually.

In here I’ve used it as a cheek stain, but as a lip stain it works pretty good too and lasts a long time. My lips are in a particularly horrible condition though, so i didn’t show it. Maybe on the few days where my lips look borderline acceptable I will.

so this is me topping up my slightly faded stain with a bit more. Pictures are all a little blurry because it’s essential to work fast.


dab some onto your cheks – i dab about 2-3 times.


I used to think it was sheer too, when i applied it with my fingers. i think it’s because most of the product gets soaked up into my fingers. after awhile i found this rubbish brush lying around and wow, it made a huge difference! definitely use synthetic bristles because natural hair will soak up the product. this brush is really scratchy and total rubbish. The only reason I didn’t throw it away was because my latent hoarder instinct refused to let me, but guess what it works!!!


i kind of stipple/buff it in… you can see the stippling marks


woohoo! in fact this was a little more pigmented than i wanted it to be.


comparison of cheeks!


both sides done!

as you can see it’s pretty and pink and not at all sheer – the trick is really to apply with a brush! and its really important to work fast because it sets in fast and you don’t want weird shapes on your face.

Texture: liquid blush. basically, liquidy. easily absorbed into skin and easy to blend. My favourite thing about it is that it gives a beautiful natural no makeup flush.
Staying power: Look to above for results. But in summary, pretty decent.
Pigmentation: pretty pigmented if you know how to apply!
Price: I believe it is around SGD26.90 in the shop itself. I’ve seen it go for around $10 or lower online (yay!) Comparing to other products you buy from shops I would say it’s a pretty decent item at a competitive price. there is 8ml of product, which is more than most lipglosses (6ml) mine is half gone and I’ve been using it for like, 1.5 years (of course not everyday.)

I would repurchase this, but I’m not madly in love with it. Then again I’m hardly ‘madly’ in love with anything. I’ve traded some stuff for another brand of tint, so if this finishes I’ll still be using the other one :p

Secret package unveil!


I got a package in the mail!!


It’s my long awaited Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in 400, The Red!


look how gorgeous this baby is.

I bought this because Temptalia highly, highly recommended this and said it was amazing. So amazing in fact that I nearly bought a few more blind despite the fact that I hadn’t even reviewed and tested this one. Somehow Giorgio Armani Beauty inspires the hoarder in me – I will be mentioning the Eyes to Kill eyeshadows that I hoarded as well. I would buy his entire range if I were not a cheapo at heart.

Review coming soon! I’ve been very hardworking and blogging a lot ;P

In Search of the Perfect Red Lips: chanel rouge allure velvet 38 La Fascinante review

her lips are devil red and her skin’s the colour of mocha… but unfortunately not mine, which is an irritatingly in-between shade of NC20-25.

i wasn’t much of a bold lips person.. until recently. then i became obsessed. is there no middle ground?

my first ever luxury purchase + bold lip product was this Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in 38 La Fascinante. Once again i got it in my head (at that time) that a red lip, like foundation, must be exquisitely expensive and high quality. that was about 2 years ago. in those 2 years i can count the number of times I’ve used it on one hand, probably. but now i bring it out every week or so. image image image you can see that not very much has been used, haha. I must give full props to Chanel for making a fantastic, high quality packaging. i dropped it on the toilet floor the other day and was terrified i smashed up a $40++ (and mostly unused) lipstick but the casing was still pristine and the lipstick undamaged. THANK YE GODS, finally something that can withstand me!

image image freshly applied (i turned the beauty face function to 0 so you can see all my pores, lines, etc HAHA)

i applied it straight from the bullet this time although i would feel better using a lip brush of some sort. i was a n00b at make up then though (and possibly now too) but somehow i could tell this blue based shade just looked good on me compared to all the other ones. ever since, I’ve always fallen for blue based reds (even if i can’t really tell until they go on my skin, no eyeballing colours for me!!!) and always staying away from pink or orange reds.

my lips are a terror – i constantly peel and pick at them, especially when I’m stressed. by right, i should never wear matte lips. they look horrendous close up. i think thats why i put so much emphasis on a flawless face because it distracts from my terrible lips.

colour/pigmentatioin: gorgeous elegant dark blue red, super opaque. I need 2 swipes for even coverage, but mostly because it’s a dark colour. 1 swipe achieves a very opaque layer of colour already.

texture: satiny, goes on very easily and smoothly. doesn’t feather on me, doesn’t emphasize my lip flaws (of which there are already too many) too much.

staying power: I’ve read reviews that said it had bad staying power but honestly to me it stays for AGES. this is after 2 hours or so with light eating and drinking image image basically, THE SAME! maybe a bit of excess has been transferred onto my poor glasses and eaten up etc but otherwise it looks the same. It’s not perfect but I can still go without a touch up.

i also find that it leaves a very lasting stain/thin film that makes it such that my lips still look pretty red after significant eating damage (subway anyone?)

moisturizing properties: i do find that this dries out my lips a little, but i havent actually found a product that hasn’t because let’s face it, my lips are super dehydrated to begin with. It’s only noticeable after the first few hours, so i wouldn’t classify it as particularly drying. i really need to do something about my lips, don’t i?

cost: now, we all know that this is where chanel does not excel at. this lipstick cost me somewhere around $42 sgd. you can find it locally on carousell for anywhere from 20-35, so if you don’t mind not buying it from the chanel store and if you trust reliability of online sellers, you could get it for (nearly) as cheap as a drugstore lipstick.

red lips rating: 4.5/5

This is a great lipstick with a beautiful colour that most skin tones would be able to wear. i find staying power, ease of application etc to be all great. the only prohibitive thing would probably be the price. However i am very sad to say this is not the red that i am looking for… it’s dark and sultry, too much so sometimes. It’s good for sexy date nights, but i need something a bit more approachable. so its a beautiful dark red lip, but too dark for daily wear. still searching for my perfect red! I just bought another red lip product, and it’s coming soon!! so excited 🙂 will review it when it’s here!


Extra tips for wearing a dark red: keeping the rest of the face clean is very important. A flawless base is essential here. this time i was going to be shooting a few shots in studio photography with my friend, so i amped up the makeup a little with shimmery eyeshadow. (not sure how obvious it is here…) i find that the black liner is essential because my eyes and lips look unbalanced otherwise, but i draw it as thinly as possible. If you have extremely deepset caucasian eyes, you might be able to go with just immense lashings of mascara. My brows are also a little too light, could have drawn them in darker black to balance it out. that would look fabulous on photo, bit too dramatic in real life (save for night time.) to really amp it up and look gorgeous in photos, something you could do (which i didn’t) is to add just a smidge of white liner to the cupids bow above the red lipstick to really highlight it. see, thats the problem with me. i think of everything in terms of photography and modelling AND in real life. and what looks good is very different in both. 

You’re supposed to be confident enough to just be able to wear a T shirt, jeans and a red lip and go to run errands. I haven’t tried that yet, but I’ll definitely be trying it soon. 😛



PS A bonus edit:

I found an editorial picture of me from last time, featuring THIS Chanel lipstick!!!! Of course this is highly photoshopped, with great studio lighting, blahblah. 😛 But I did my own make up for this shoot too.