What I brought on a 3 day holiday


Went for a short impromptu trip and this is what I brought! I only brought a tiny carry on so I also kept my cosmetics as minimal as possible. Almost no brushes! I usually don’t wear eye make up on holidays, but I know that I was going out a couple of nights so I had to.

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What I brought on a long trip

Here’s what I brought on my trip, as usual!


Lips: Life’s Entropy Matte Theory in Variable, Life’s Entropy Lip Theory in pKa, MUFE Lab Shine Gloss, Guerlain Rouge G I dunno what colour in the pill case.

As you can see, I took the opportunity to use as many darker lip colours as I could. I rarely wear the Guerlain or pKA at home since they’re rather dark, but they’ve been getting lots of love here. In fact, I think pKa is flattering enough to be worn when I’m back. I do want to finish up my sample, but I’m not going to repurchase this shade because I simply don’t wear berries very often.

The gloss is technically finished, there is still maybe 1-2 applications left because I really scraped the tube with it. I will be keeping the tube to contain my own mixes.



Skincare: T-B, L-R: 3W Clinic Intensive UV sunblock cream, Heroine Make mascara remover, deo that refuses to finish, Paula’s Choice Resist moisturizer, travel sized lanolin, Vaseline lip therapy that is super old and also refuses to end, Benzac AC, Innisfree Orchid enriched cream. I also decanted some Neutrogena Ultra Gentle cleanser into a small travel sized bottle.

True to my philosophy of bringing as little skincare on trips as possible, I basically packed deo, sunblock, lipbalm and moisturizer. The PC moisturizer is great as a day moisturizer, while the Innisfree is thick enough for night. When I wear mascara I use the remover to remove it, but the cream cleanser is enough to remove all other make up with some gentle massage.

Lanolin has been an absolute lifesaver. I find the Vaseline just not thick enough, but lanolin stays on my lips forever.


Base and others: Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk, Chanel Vitalumiere aqua, Cyber Colours zero pore primer, Nars RCC in Honey, NYX cream blush in Natural, loose powder in The Body Shop powder  container, 2 samples of Life’s Entropy highlighters, Illamasqua cream pigment in Hollow.

Nothing too fancy. I was forced to bring Lasting Silk because I have NO IDEA how many uses there are in the Vitalumiere Aqua. It would be a tragedy to run out of foundation halfway, but I suspect I won’t get there. WHY WON’T MY VITALUMIERE AQUA END?!?! It’s the only foundation I’ve been using for like, MORE THAN A FUCKING YEAR.

NYX Cream blushes are actually REALLY nice. Bonus PAN PORN:


This is my go to blush now, and it’s a really nice and foolproof blush that stays on well and is pigmented.

I’m also trying to finish up one sample of the highlighter.



Eye make up: Chanel Nymphea, the perfect travel quad, plus 2 Blackbird eyeshadows (Modesty for a matte base, Half Full for god knows what I was thinking when packing.) Silky Girl Funky Eyelights in Ever Green, BCL Brow Lash Ex liner in brown, Etude House proof 10 primer, Mascara + liner duo, curler, The Body Shop eyeshadow in some reddish copper colour.

Didn’t bring too fancy make up this time. I’m learning to get by with less!

You may notice the very conspicuous absence of a brow product. I also didn’t bring a brow brush, or a spoolie (which was attached to my brow pencil.)  I have to use the darkest brown shade in the quad to fill in my brows. It’s not very nice, of course, but it’ll do in a pinch for these couple of weeks.

Most of the items are just things I’m trying to use up, like sample baggies, or the Ever Green pencil. The reddish copper eyeshadow is an unorthodox favourite of mine.


Unfortunately due to messed up sleeping schedules I rarely have time to put on a full face in the mornings. I hope I will still get a few uses out of my eye products.

In the US and some thoughts

I’ve been in the US for the past 3 or 4 days! We’ve been eating AMERICAN food nonstop (and I’m getting fat) and it’s really nice weather near Houston, like spring for most other places I think.

Anyway, I initially had a lot of beauty purchases to make, but because my family is making a large investment that could potentially elevate us from upper middle class to… idk, even upper middle class? Not like I’ll end up in the 1% or something, you know. But maybe the top 10%, idk. Anyway, yeah, and I have been making large contributions to it, so don’t let them say I didn’t work hard to get where I am or will be. That also means that I should spend far less money on frivolous shit and more money investing for my future.

So far, I have only bought: a Minimint palette to arrange my depotted shadows in (paid entirely from my Paypal balance, accrued through selling stuff 🙂 and Maybelline Touch of Spice, which I already looooooooove. Btw, retail price was $7.99 or something and I got it at Walmart for around $6 after tax! Yay!!!!

I also stocked up on cheap candles because candles are atrociously expensive in Singapore and I love having a vanilla scented room a few hours every evening. I got some 500g vanilla candles at Walmart for like $5 each, so it’s awesome too.

I will not be making any indie purchases, and I will go home nearly empty handed except for the couple of things I’ve mentioned above.

Somehow, I’ve reached the happy point where (perhaps out of necessity) I don’t feel like buying any new stuff. I look at cool stuff and think ‘I already have a ton of eyeshadows in nearly every colour’ or ‘I already have a lipstick that looks like that’ or something along those lines.

(I did forget to bring my brow pencil. FML I HAVE NO BROWS. I am currently using the darkest shadow I have to fill in my brows but it can only do so much.)

So yep. I’ll probably blog about what I brought on my trip, as usual, if I can get over my weird sleeping schedule. I wake up every night around 1am and stay awake until 4+ D:


Btw, the Cheesecake Factory at the First Colony Mall is AWESOME. The portions are like GIGANFUCKINGNORMOUS and it’s decently priced. Asians eat small portions and I eat smaller portions than most, to the point where any eating out back home is usually too much food for me. And now there are GENEROUS portions by AMERICAN standards. Amazing stuff.

My US shopping list

Since I won’t be travelling much with a new full time job, and the US is on the other side of the world and it has so many things that Singapore doesn’t, I HAVE to buy some stuff. I try to keep it reasonable, though.


Non beauty stuff: I’m not a big shopping person. I already have tons of nice clothes that are classic and fit me well. My mum also helped me tailor some dresses recently, that I couldn’t fit as well as some of her own clothes so that I could wear them, so I came into a crapton of clothes in the past week. Mums are amazing creatures. I still have a general lack of tops, so I may buy a shirt or two, ever since I’ve lost my absolute favourite dress-up-or-down-or-anytime shirt from H&M.

I might buy some food back. Food is SO CHEAP in the US. Maybe some heavy cream?!? Don’t laugh at me, I would like to bake more but can’t because dairy is CRAZY expensive here. Or TORTILLAS? 😀


Beauty stuff is split into mainstream and indie categories:

Looking through the Sephora website has stunned me. Everything is so goddamn expensive. I haven’t spent that much on single item since forever. I mean seriously, I’ve been totally spoilt by the 2nd hand make up market. :S No wonder people can spend $1000 in Sephora. I’ll be keeping my spending to a minimum and anyway I really don’t need more make up… lol.

For mainstream:

  • I’m thinking of getting Maybelline Creamy Mattes in Touch of Spice. It’s unavailable here and I don’t think I have a colour very similar to it. I will be on the lookout for coupons and other deals at my first attempt at couponing!
  • I’m also planning to get ONE Besame lipstick, because Agent Carter. The problem is, I love bright reds but Agent Carter wears a dark red… Argh! Deciding between Besame Red (my favourite kind of bright red) and Red Velvet, the Agent Carter red. Besame claims that Red Velvet is an everyday red…. I wonder what people will think if I wear red lipstick everyday 😀


For Indie:

  • I have quite a large Cocoa Pink order planned out. I will be getting 6 sample drams, a shampoo and conditioner (I’ve always wanted a vanilla shampoo!!!!) an intimate cleanser because I want a Cocoa Marshmallow smelling hooch, and a vanilla body lotion thing to use as handcream. I might narrow it down a bit but that’s the idea for now.
  • Geek Chic Cosmetics Pie Hole solid scent set. LOVE the show and I could do with cheap and easy to carry around perfumes. And a couple of eyeshadows.
  • The Charming Frog soaps. SO pretty.


My Christmas Wishlist

I haven’t bought anything for MONTHS. I haven’t acquired any new make up (and actually sold a bit) and I haven’t bought a single new piece of clothing for the WHOLE YEAR.

So it’s getting close to the holidays and I feel like maybeeeeee I should treat myself a little bit.

  1. Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Neiges


I have a lot of contempt for Guerlain. Overpriced luxury make up is really not my thing anymore. But this is SERIOUSLY the first meteorites I am seriously, seriously considering buying. I’ve even called the counter up to find out when it will be released. It apparently costs $112 SGD, which is actually CHEAPER than the US price at the current exchange rate.

If I do get this, I will absolutely baby it. I will keep it in a box until I move overseas (probably) and get a better vanity and I will proudly display it on my vanity and I will make sure NOTHING ever hurts it.

But $112 SGD is a shitload of money to spend on one product. (FYI I usually spend less than $10 per item.)

2. Roger Vivier flats

I have not bought clothes for 2015, up till now. Amazing, right?

There’s this really great deal I saw online. Someone is selling their used (but looks in good condition) Roger Vivier shoes for $200. That’s INSANE. A new pair costs like $800. I absolutely adore RV and this design is a more uncommon one (my other 2 pairs are all the boring classic one.)

I’m SO torn.

3. NARS Dragon Girl

My favourite lipstick ever.

(swatches from temptalia because I never got around to swatching mine, what the fuck.)

After losing my beloved NARS Dragon Girl I was seriously distraught. It’s an amazing red, almost neon and glowing and bright. I love my reds bright, not all sultry like. The pencil is not my favourite format and there’s precious little product in it, but I did applied it on half a dozen occasions and never actually had to sharpen it yet. I like the formula: it’s not opaque on one swipe, but the colour is easily built up to its full intensity in a couple of passes. There’s no streaking or anything, and the texture seems to be very thin and clinging close onto the lips with a slight satin sheen, so different from those opaque creamy lipsticks. If I could only have ONE red lipstick in my life, I would happily throw away the rest in favour of NARS Dragon Girl. (But I can keep Clique, it’s orange, not red, right?)

I am not hard-up, my family is quite well off and I can afford to buy some nice things once in awhile but erm, I am not sure whether I will bite the bullet because they’re not really necessary, but still….