FOTD/OOTD – Retro Playsuit with Menow #27

Personally I’ve always thought I was way too ungainly for playsuits – how the hell do you pee in them anyway? I always strip from the top down – that’s how you are supposed to do it, right? Or am I missing something?

Urgh I look so fat. I hope it’s bloating. Because I actually lost 3kg the past few weeks.

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Lipstick Review: Palladio Velvet Matte Cream Lip Colour in Raw Silk

I’ve had this for awhile – I remember when Palladio was launching in Singapore they had a promotion where you could trade in any brand’s lipstick for a free Velvet Matte Cream Lip colour and of COURSE I jumped on it like a rabid person. FREE NEW LIPSTICK!

Damn aren’t my nails an awesome colour!

This line is all named for fabrics which, as a past semi fashionista, I loved. I would have gotten Jacquard for the name alone because I LOVE JACQUARD. And damn, now that I’m looking at it again, the bright coral red really calls my name. 😉

I picked Raw Silk in the end because I saw it on BeautybyRah and I loved how it looked on her.

All credits to

However it looks NOTHING LIKE THAT ON ME. Such is life! I think it’s because I’m quite a bit fairer than her.



Like is this even the same colour? Haha. It looks more like Boucle in the lip swatches on her side, except that my friend Jodulu wore Boucle out and it was definitely way darker than Raw Silk.

I would describe this as a rosy brown – definitely leans a lot rosier on me. I quite like it, actually. It has a bit of the 90s vibe due to the brown, and it’s definitely a neutral goes with lots of looks kind of colour without being a nude.

This is a creamy matte lip, so you can see it’s not 100% flat matte. It also doesn’t dry down all the way and will still transfer a little, but it means that it definitely doesn’t crack, and you can rub your lips together. It feels somewhat velvety/siliconey on the lips, but not extremely so.

Unfortunately I find this formula extremely drying. I don’t know what’s about it, but seriously, my Menow $2 matte liquid lipsticks are more comfortable than this. This makes my lips peel and feel painful. Since everyone else says they’re not that drying, I guess it’s just me. It’s a total shame because I love the colour and the formula is good in all other respects. I’ve worn it multiple times but I have to concede that it’s drying as fuck for me.

Will that deter me from wearing it? Probably not. I’ve still worn it (but probably not 2 days in a row) and I need to slather lots of balm on, but I am willing to make the sacrifice occasionally.

Overall, I would still recommend this line because it’s very affordable and the formula is nice, and most people don’t seem to have a big a problem with dryness as me.

Review: Lime Crime Velvetine in Squash

So….. Limecrime! The face of internet controversy. I wouldn’t really buy from them, but I do think they have some very nice things, especially the Venus palette (which I have a dupe of) and the Venus 2, which, with its dirtier, grungier colour scheme, really calls my name. So when they were having a giant 75% off sale, I had to grab just one thing.

I’m not happy that this liquid lipstick costs as much as other standard liquid lipsticks and only has 2.6ml. I mean, sure, give me 2.6ml because I sure as hell don’t wear this everyday, but don’t charge me 20USD! Which is why I only bought this when it was 5USD. 2.6ml is less than half of a standard lip gloss/liquid lip, which is 6ml.


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Review: Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick in Tiger’s Eye

I recently saw Temptalia’s review on Estee Lauder’s Hi Lustre lipsticks, and noticed something very interesting. She reviewed Tiger’s Eye, which I actually do have!

Mine is the old version, obviously, with some kind of limited edition packaging. I found this in Bonjour in Hongkong a few years back, and it was going for something like $4. Since I think my makeup collection was a fair bit smaller back then, I did actually buy it. Let’s see what changes there are between the old and the new one!

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Review: L’oreal Colour Riche Moist Matte Glamour Fuchsia

My lovely friend Jodulu sent me a beautiful gift box from L’oreal consisting of a few goodies from L’oreal… all the way in December before Christmas. So I’m super late to this review.

@jodulu partnered with #lorealxlazada to send me this AWESOME christmas surprise – a box full of #loreal goodies! generous sample sizes of their #hydrafresh range – genius lotion, face wash, cream and full size night mask. My favourite item is of course the lipstick, which is, surprisingly, a shade that I don’t own yet :p it’s the color riche in Glamour Fuchsia, but it’s more like a Pantone Radiant Orchid kinda shade. Quite matte, comfortable and doesn’t smell lipsticky like drugstore lipsticks can. Absolutely stunning. The large bottle of L’Oréal Elseve Extraordinary Oil shampoo smells divinely of roses. can’t wait to have bouncy shiny rose smelling hair!!!! thank you to @jodulu, Lazada and L’Oréal for making my day!

A post shared by Michelle Qiu (@michelleqiuky) on Dec 3, 2016 at 6:08am PST


As the box consisted of a full bottle of Elseve Shampoo, skincare things and a full sized lipstick in Glamour Fuchsia, it was obvious what was going to be my favourite, though I need another lipstick like a fish needs a bicycle.

(The shampoo is pretty damn nice too!)


Don’t you think that L’oreal has really stepped up their packaging game? I mean, they ARE one of the most expensive brands at the drugstore. I believe this costs $21.90, because Singapore’s retail prices suck. I like the little colour window, because it helps if you have several L’Oreal lipsticks. The plastic is kind of light, yes, but for a drugstore brand the packaging is the bomb.


When I saw this, I thought ‘Okay, I have at least 2 other fuchsia lipsticks,’ but this is nothing like that. I would say this is actually more of a Radiant Orchid colour on me.

The formula is pretty nice. This lipstick is natural matte, without being flat. It’s also quite pigmented and very smooth in one swipe. I think it’s a stretch to say it delivers ‘intense moisture’ like the ad copy, but it’s definitely comfortable.

Here’s comparing it to my other fuchsias…

L-R: Maybelling Glamour Fuchsia, Kiko Metallic Lipstick in Fuchsia (DCed), and Life Entropy Lip Theory in Fusion (which is also no longer on the site 😦 )

Well… one doesn’t need 3 fuchsias. They don’t look very different on my arm, frankly, but you can tell that Glamour Fuchsia is the darkest and most muted, while Fusion is the lightest, brightest and warmest (as warm a fuchsia can go, anyway.) Kiko’s is the coolest, also due to the metallic blue shimmer in it. But like all fuchsia lipsticks, Glamour Fuchsia and the other 2 will stain your lips pink for the whole of the next day.

Glamour Fuchsia’s formula actually reminds me of Maybelline’s Creamy Mattes, which makes sense because Maybelline and L’oreal are both owned by L’oreal. They make mattes using silicones, so it feels very velvety on the lips instead of being dry and draggy. No longevity issues, no bleeding, comfortable wear.

On me, it reminds me of Radiant Orchid, a slightly brighter and more saturated version, maybe. Not quite what comes to mind when one says ‘fuchsia’, but that’s what makes it different from the other 2.

This is definitely not as bright and in your face as the other 2 fuchsias I have (which are VERY bright and in your face) but I do like it’s mutedness. I think it fits my complexion well too. The matteness and the mutedness giving it a more mature, glamorous vibe than the glossy shocking fuchsias I have.

I enjoy this lipstick very much, and would love to try the other colours in the line, so
I would call it a great success. Thanks lots to my lovely friend Jodulu, and Lazada and L’oreal for sponsoring the box!

(I got the items in the box for free, with no obligation to write about it.)

Make up doings in my absence

I’ve been away for awhile, clearly. I was getting busier and busier at work and I just didn’t have the mojo to blog. I still don’t really have it, but I’ll be posting some stuff now and then still.

So in my absence from the blog I also haven’t been taking many photos of my makeup, though I wore about the same amount of makeup as before.


I’ve been really into red lipsticks these days. My favourite way to wear them is super clean. In the first look, it’s just a ton of foundation for the appearance of dewy, perfect skin (had to fake it since my chin area is still quite bad at the moment.) Lots and lots and seriously shitloads of contour (always subtle because it’s me), brows, just a touch of highlighter to glow like an angel from the heavens and lots of mascara. That’s it. I think it’s me but dialled up to 11, with an eye searing red lip. This is, of course, my beloved Dragon Girl in all its glory. Super bright red with a definite pink glow. It’s a very unique and standout – there was one time I was at the cashier at my mum’s shop, and the girl’s lipstick looked so familiar – and true enough, it was Dragon Girl. In this photo, it sure looks like Dragon Girl on Lea Seydoux too.



For this look, I was testing out Cherry Red, which is definitely not my preferred red from Besame Cosmetics. It was still pretty nice I guess, but a little dark for me. Also very clean, didn’t even have foundation on, just a bit of excess Cherry Red tapped on my cheeks for blush. Holy shit is this pigmented, if using it as blush just tap the slightest amount. Still don’t feel very passionate over it, but it’s alright.


(The ribbon in my hair is a silk scarf tied as a ribbon. This is a gorgeously soft and thin silk scarf in a pastel yellow and creamsicle polka dot print. Very vintage!)

Might be blogging a little more from now on, and sporadically, but there will be posts when I feel like it.

My Wear-Everyday Red

To me, red lips are definitely formal and done up, and I don’t think I’m the only one. I usually reserve reds for special occasions, but recently I found a red that can very possibly be worn every day! I’ve already worn it a few times to the office without feeling particularly formal.

The red in question is Neon Red from Maybelline The Vivids range. It’s a warm red with good sheen. It looks very bold in the tube and in photographs, but it can be worn at full strength or sheer. It has a transparent jelly base, though it is very pigmented, as you can see in the swatches:

(Left swatch 1 pass, right swatch a couple of passes. It doesn’t build up to opaque due to the jelly formula, but it’s very pigmented.)

I love this kind of texture because it’s more forgiving than a cream lipstick, and the jelliness is really pretty and feminine. It sheers out very easily too.

On the left you can see it freshly applied. It’s super dark in the photo for some reason but it looks very much more casual in real life. It’s a red I feel comfortable wearing daily.

On the right is the lipstick after a couple of hours. It has faded away a bit, and leaves the absolute prettiest strawberry stain behind. My natural lip colour shows through and combines with the warm red to be a gorgeous muted strawberry.

Although this line is named Vivids, I think the jelly texture of the lipsticks lend themselves very well to all kinds of wear. Warm reds are kinda casual, and the transparency of this lipstick makes it very beginner friendly. I would even recommend this to a red lipstick newbie – just dab it on lightly and it becomes a noob red!

Vivids are not available in Singapore, but you may be able to snag one from an online reseller.

Lip Balm Smackdown! Lots of mini reviews

Just like most other people (even muggles!) I have lots of lip balms. In my defense, I don’t buy all of them. Some of them were bought by family members, which eventually got passed to me, etc.

The balms here range from expensive to cheap, and obscure to cult.


Dr Lipp Nipple balm, jar of lanolin + Nuxe and a tinted version too, Nuxe Reve de Miel (green cap.) Carmex in the jar, Kose Pure Organic UV Cut SPF20 (green tube) Dr Rimpler Sun stick (white tube) and Lansinoh HPA Lanolin.


Closer look at the jars!

Dr Lipp and Lansinoh are basically the same thing, which is lanolin. There is actually a difference between the two. Dr Lipp has a FAR muskier taste. Like, you’re really reminded that you’re eating the hair grease of an animal :S Lansinoh is far more pleasantly tasteless. It’s also is softer and squishier, while Dr Lipp is slightly thicker.

DR Rimpler is a very expensive ($15!!!) and very…. oily lipbalm. It’s exceptionally soft and squishy and thin in texture. I don’t very much fancy it, but it works okay and smells and tastes citrusy. It’s almost used up because I chopped off a large portion to mix into my own tinted balms and stuff. It’s the balm I keep in the office to use and I guess it’s good that it has SPF.

Surprisingly, I actually REALLY like Carmex. The Lanolin/Nuxe mixture is nice but doesn’t do as much for me as Carmex. Carmex really exfoliates and smooths out my lips like no other, maybe due to the small amount of salicylic acid? I alternate between lanolin/nuxe and Carmex for the night. I’m trying to destash Nuxe since there’s a good 70% of the jar left and I just scooped out some for mixing with lanolin.

My favourite of the lot is Kose UV Cut. This is the perfect texture of soft, buttery and just SLIGHTLY waxy. It really softens up my lips and soothes them, and it has UV protection! 😀 (Also partly because tubes are just easier to apply I guess.) Surprisingly it’s also semi-matte. It’s my daily morning balm.

All purpose: Lanolin. Works for everything – lip gloss, lipbalm, cuticle balm, emergency moisturizer for really dry parts of the face, face gloss, etc. I prefer Lansinoh over Dr Lipp.

Most effective: Carmex at night. Holy shit it does work. It just smells and tastes kind of gross, like er, burnt rubber tires mixed with oranges.


I keep Dr Lipp and Dr Rimpler at my office desk. Dr Lipp is when my lips are truly horrible and I need something mega soothing. I also bring it along for travels since it’s very small.


What are your favourite lip balms?



My Ideal Lip Collection

My ideal lip collection looks something like this:


  • Life’s Entropy Catalyst (perfect nude)
  • Life’s Entropy Biohazard (awesome pinky red with green shimmer – wearable daily but also weird.)
  • Sheer/clear gloss, doesn’t matter which brand tbh. The one I put here is from Catrice.
  • Revlon Matte Balm Shameless (MOST PERFECT PAHRPUL)
  • Maybelline Vivids Neon Red (warm red)
  • Revlon Icy Violet (SHIMMERY PAHRPUL that can almost pass off as a nude)
  • Maybelline Creamy Mattes Touch of Spice (It screams I-AM-A-SERIOUS-ADULT for when I can’t)
  • Buxom Hooligan (My lips but WAY FUCKING BETTER)
  • Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick Tiger’s Eye (GLITTERY BRONZE RED DAZZLES)
  • 4x Mentholatum Watercolour Sugar balm (the other 2 in the range has glitter, which I’m not that fond of.)
  • Guerlain Rouge G Gigolo (because I only need 1 dark, dark colour)
  • Kiko Metallic Lipstick in Fuchsia (because everyone needs a lipstick that screams HOT FUCKING METALLIC PINK)

To this, I would add:

  • NARS Velvet Matte Pencil Dragon Girl (bought, loved, lost, bought, loved, lost, yet to buy pencil no. 3 just in case I lose it)
  • Besame Red Velvet (never actually tried, but all reviews are raving and it’s DAT PEGGY CARTER LIPSTICK and I don’t have a darker red so HEY WHY NOT!)****

Of course, reality is sadly not the case, and I have loads of other lipsticks that I will be panning/destashing etc.

The total is 17, and that’s counting the 4 Mentholatums I have which are basically tinted balms that I rarely wear alone, and use most often to refresh my lipstick colour while providing much needed balminess. That is an amazingly low number of lipsticks, which means I can add more, amirite? 😀


**** I just found that [nonaffiliate] stocks BESAME!! AND THEY HAVE RED VELVET!!!!! And they have something else I like (Zoeva Rose Golden Blush palette!!!!!!!!) Going to place a very carefully considered order soon!!