Make up doings in my absence

I’ve been away for awhile, clearly. I was getting busier and busier at work and I just didn’t have the mojo to blog. I still don’t really have it, but I’ll be posting some stuff now and then still.

So in my absence from the blog I also haven’t been taking many photos of my makeup, though I wore about the same amount of makeup as before.


I’ve been really into red lipsticks these days. My favourite way to wear them is super clean. In the first look, it’s just a ton of foundation for the appearance of dewy, perfect skin (had to fake it since my chin area is still quite bad at the moment.) Lots and lots and seriously shitloads of contour (always subtle because it’s me), brows, just a touch of highlighter to glow like an angel from the heavens and lots of mascara. That’s it. I think it’s me but dialled up to 11, with an eye searing red lip. This is, of course, my beloved Dragon Girl in all its glory. Super bright red with a definite pink glow. It’s a very unique and standout – there was one time I was at the cashier at my mum’s shop, and the girl’s lipstick looked so familiar – and true enough, it was Dragon Girl. In this photo, it sure looks like Dragon Girl on Lea Seydoux too.



For this look, I was testing out Cherry Red, which is definitely not my preferred red from Besame Cosmetics. It was still pretty nice I guess, but a little dark for me. Also very clean, didn’t even have foundation on, just a bit of excess Cherry Red tapped on my cheeks for blush. Holy shit is this pigmented, if using it as blush just tap the slightest amount. Still don’t feel very passionate over it, but it’s alright.


(The ribbon in my hair is a silk scarf tied as a ribbon. This is a gorgeously soft and thin silk scarf in a pastel yellow and creamsicle polka dot print. Very vintage!)

Might be blogging a little more from now on, and sporadically, but there will be posts when I feel like it.

My Wear-Everyday Red

To me, red lips are definitely formal and done up, and I don’t think I’m the only one. I usually reserve reds for special occasions, but recently I found a red that can very possibly be worn every day! I’ve already worn it a few times to the office without feeling particularly formal.

The red in question is Neon Red from Maybelline The Vivids range. It’s a warm red with good sheen. It looks very bold in the tube and in photographs, but it can be worn at full strength or sheer. It has a transparent jelly base, though it is very pigmented, as you can see in the swatches:

(Left swatch 1 pass, right swatch a couple of passes. It doesn’t build up to opaque due to the jelly formula, but it’s very pigmented.)

I love this kind of texture because it’s more forgiving than a cream lipstick, and the jelliness is really pretty and feminine. It sheers out very easily too.

On the left you can see it freshly applied. It’s super dark in the photo for some reason but it looks very much more casual in real life. It’s a red I feel comfortable wearing daily.

On the right is the lipstick after a couple of hours. It has faded away a bit, and leaves the absolute prettiest strawberry stain behind. My natural lip colour shows through and combines with the warm red to be a gorgeous muted strawberry.

Although this line is named Vivids, I think the jelly texture of the lipsticks lend themselves very well to all kinds of wear. Warm reds are kinda casual, and the transparency of this lipstick makes it very beginner friendly. I would even recommend this to a red lipstick newbie – just dab it on lightly and it becomes a noob red!

Vivids are not available in Singapore, but you may be able to snag one from an online reseller.

Lip Balm Smackdown! Lots of mini reviews

Just like most other people (even muggles!) I have lots of lip balms. In my defense, I don’t buy all of them. Some of them were bought by family members, which eventually got passed to me, etc.

The balms here range from expensive to cheap, and obscure to cult.


Dr Lipp Nipple balm, jar of lanolin + Nuxe and a tinted version too, Nuxe Reve de Miel (green cap.) Carmex in the jar, Kose Pure Organic UV Cut SPF20 (green tube) Dr Rimpler Sun stick (white tube) and Lansinoh HPA Lanolin.


Closer look at the jars!

Dr Lipp and Lansinoh are basically the same thing, which is lanolin. There is actually a difference between the two. Dr Lipp has a FAR muskier taste. Like, you’re really reminded that you’re eating the hair grease of an animal :S Lansinoh is far more pleasantly tasteless. It’s also is softer and squishier, while Dr Lipp is slightly thicker.

DR Rimpler is a very expensive ($15!!!) and very…. oily lipbalm. It’s exceptionally soft and squishy and thin in texture. I don’t very much fancy it, but it works okay and smells and tastes citrusy. It’s almost used up because I chopped off a large portion to mix into my own tinted balms and stuff. It’s the balm I keep in the office to use and I guess it’s good that it has SPF.

Surprisingly, I actually REALLY like Carmex. The Lanolin/Nuxe mixture is nice but doesn’t do as much for me as Carmex. Carmex really exfoliates and smooths out my lips like no other, maybe due to the small amount of salicylic acid? I alternate between lanolin/nuxe and Carmex for the night. I’m trying to destash Nuxe since there’s a good 70% of the jar left and I just scooped out some for mixing with lanolin.

My favourite of the lot is Kose UV Cut. This is the perfect texture of soft, buttery and just SLIGHTLY waxy. It really softens up my lips and soothes them, and it has UV protection! 😀 (Also partly because tubes are just easier to apply I guess.) Surprisingly it’s also semi-matte. It’s my daily morning balm.

All purpose: Lanolin. Works for everything – lip gloss, lipbalm, cuticle balm, emergency moisturizer for really dry parts of the face, face gloss, etc. I prefer Lansinoh over Dr Lipp.

Most effective: Carmex at night. Holy shit it does work. It just smells and tastes kind of gross, like er, burnt rubber tires mixed with oranges.


I keep Dr Lipp and Dr Rimpler at my office desk. Dr Lipp is when my lips are truly horrible and I need something mega soothing. I also bring it along for travels since it’s very small.


What are your favourite lip balms?



My Ideal Lip Collection

My ideal lip collection looks something like this:


  • Life’s Entropy Catalyst (perfect nude)
  • Life’s Entropy Biohazard (awesome pinky red with green shimmer – wearable daily but also weird.)
  • Sheer/clear gloss, doesn’t matter which brand tbh. The one I put here is from Catrice.
  • Revlon Matte Balm Shameless (MOST PERFECT PAHRPUL)
  • Maybelline Vivids Neon Red (warm red)
  • Revlon Icy Violet (SHIMMERY PAHRPUL that can almost pass off as a nude)
  • Maybelline Creamy Mattes Touch of Spice (It screams I-AM-A-SERIOUS-ADULT for when I can’t)
  • Buxom Hooligan (My lips but WAY FUCKING BETTER)
  • Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick Tiger’s Eye (GLITTERY BRONZE RED DAZZLES)
  • 4x Mentholatum Watercolour Sugar balm (the other 2 in the range has glitter, which I’m not that fond of.)
  • Guerlain Rouge G Gigolo (because I only need 1 dark, dark colour)
  • Kiko Metallic Lipstick in Fuchsia (because everyone needs a lipstick that screams HOT FUCKING METALLIC PINK)

To this, I would add:

  • NARS Velvet Matte Pencil Dragon Girl (bought, loved, lost, bought, loved, lost, yet to buy pencil no. 3 just in case I lose it)
  • Besame Red Velvet (never actually tried, but all reviews are raving and it’s DAT PEGGY CARTER LIPSTICK and I don’t have a darker red so HEY WHY NOT!)****

Of course, reality is sadly not the case, and I have loads of other lipsticks that I will be panning/destashing etc.

The total is 17, and that’s counting the 4 Mentholatums I have which are basically tinted balms that I rarely wear alone, and use most often to refresh my lipstick colour while providing much needed balminess. That is an amazingly low number of lipsticks, which means I can add more, amirite? 😀


**** I just found that [nonaffiliate] stocks BESAME!! AND THEY HAVE RED VELVET!!!!! And they have something else I like (Zoeva Rose Golden Blush palette!!!!!!!!) Going to place a very carefully considered order soon!!

Lipstick Inventory 2016

Here is my great big lipstick inventory of 2016. I have a lot of lipsticks, but I’m trying to cut down and have a nice streamlined wardrobe instead. There are also a few lip products that I seem to be ill-fated with, such as NARS Dragon Girl (which I purchased freaking TWICE and lost both times shortly after) that I intend to add to my collection, very slowly, and probably as I use up some stuff.


I seriously did not realize how many lip products I had before I dumped all of them on my bed. I feel ashamed now. To be fair I already decided to destash some, but they don’t have takers yet, but I included them anyway.


I’m sorting out my collection in a slightly different system. I will be categorizing my lip products into: Natural (MLBBs and nudes), pales (close to or lighter than my skin colour, a category which I hate and am trying to get rid of), mid-tones (I look like I wore lipstick without being all I AM WEARING LIPSTICK) Darks (very dark colours, when I’m feeling bitchy or gothy) and brights (IN YO FACE.)



L-R Guerlain Rouge G in ?, Life’s Entropy Lip Theory in Catalyst and Ester, L’oreal Shine Caresse in Venus, Dior Addict unknown colour, Revlon Icy Violet, Buxom gloss in Nicole, Buxom Full On lipstick in Hooligan, 4 (1 is god knows where) of my collection of Mentholatum Watercolour sugar lip and Maybelline Touch of Spice.


Guerlain Rouge G in ?, Life’s Entropy Lip Theory in Catalyst and Ester, L’oreal Shine Caresse in Venus, Buxom Nicole, Dior Addict unknown colour,


Revlon Icy Violet, Buxom Full On lipstick in Hooligan, 3 of my collection of Mentholatum Watercolour sugar lip and Maybelline Touch of Spice.


Guerlain Rouge G in a mystery colour is nice enough. It’s a nude that’s just a little bit brown, with gold glittery flecks. It lasts quite well, and is creamy and emollient and comfortable. I hate the violet scent and soapy taste though, and the lipstick weighs a fucking bomb. It’s not the most interesting lipstick in the world, but the only brown I have and it’s fairly nice (and I got it for a steal.)

Catalyst is my hands down favourite nude-nude. It’s just weird enough to be a rebel of natural, yet still look… kind of natural. It wears well, smells fantastic, applies super opaque. I mixed up a teeny tube of gloss as well, but unfortunately nude glosses have the problem of all nude glosses, which is breaking up and settling into lip lines.

Ester is a little problematic for me because it’s kind of orangey and blends into my skintone… kind of like a concealer nude-but darker? Lol. Still, a shimmery, pretty colour that I try to love.

Venus is a workhorse gloss, basically a sheer nude pink. It’s pretty emollient and thick without being sticky, and retains moisture in my lips well while going well over almost any colour. I’m not very excited by it but it’s sure a very useful product. It’s reaching its last legs, but I may purchase Lolita in its stead because I preferred Lolita, which was more mauve, in the same range (which I used up completely previously.)

Nicole is another gloss, sheer enough to be natural when worn alone. I really like the Buxom gloss formula, they smell great, taste ok (I wouldn’t say nothing, but I’m not grossed out the least by the taste) and are very emollient and quite tacky (which is how I like my lipgloss.)

The mystery Dior Addict is categorized here because it’s actually a bright coral, but it’s pretty sheer so it’s not bright, and the colour is actually really harmonious with my colouring especially when my natural lip colour shows through. It’s quite moisturizing, but isn’t emollient enough to stick around for long, and I greatly dislike the glittery bits in it. Still, I quite enjoy it, although I definitely won’t be buying it for $30+ when I can get a Mentholatum Sugar lip for like $5.

Icy Violet is a gorgeous sheer purple. It’s very pretty and ethereal without looking like too much lipstick. I would definitely repurchase if I ever run out.

Hooligan is my HG I am Being Serious lipstick. The colour is a perfect MLBB and it’s so moisturizing. I’ve used this mini for like a month but there’s still so much left?! Definitely buying the full size when I run out.

My Mentholatum range is basically tinted like tinted lip balm, some of which can be built up quite a lot, but these 3 look pretty natural applied sheerly. I stashed them here and there because they work for and with everything. I also frequently use them as a quick colour refresher without needing a mirror, so I bring a colour in the same colour family as my lipstick of the day.

Touch of Spice JUST barely makes it as a natural, it straddles mid tones and natural. It feels comfortable, isn’t drying, and is also a very Srs colour. Like it very much.



Obviously lipstick, but wearable on a daily basis.


Life’s entropy Matte Theory in Variable, Buxom Dolly, Buxom Centerfold, Ellis Faas Hotlips L406, Life’s Entropy pKA, Life’s Entropy Biohazard, Buxom Nicole



Variable is a colour that I didn’t like too much at first, but I’ve grown to love it and the effortless application and long wear time.

Damn, Dolly and Centerfold look nearly identical. The formula of course, is lovely, and I will definitely use them up. Dolly is a hair too dark/brown to look truly MLBB on me, and Centerfold looks like I am wearing vaguely purple lipstick.

L406 is a great colour, serious and kinda red but not enough to be a statement colour. Unfortunately the formula is very slippery and kind of drying, and the applicator SUCKS big time. Hate. Was trying to destash, but nobody wants it either 😦 Will probably try to use it up.

pKa just barely makes it as a midtone, I have grown to love it after bringing it to the US and I will probably wear it daily for awhile just to finish it up. I’m not planning to repurchase though.

Biohazard is GORGEOUS. It has green shimmer duochrome in it, but the base colour is a serious mauve, so it’s like being just a little bit alieny while pretending to be REALLY SRZ GUYS. I love it, and the shimmer gets more and more pronounced as the base colour wears away, but can be toned down with the Venus gloss for a great office friendly but eccentric combination.

Buxom Nicole is actually quite bright, but since it’s sheer it looks midtoned. I like the formula but I’m not crazy about the colour.



This is my least favourite kind of lipstick, because I think it looks damned strange. Apparently I hated this category so much I forgot to take pictures of the lipsticks themselves.


Illamasqua Fable, Life’s Entropy Enzyme, Mentholatum Watercolour Sugar Lip Dancing Pink, By Terry Love me Tender.

I tried wearing Fable again today, and it is TOO PALE and TOO PINK and TOO MATTE on me. I have actually been trying to destash it for quite a while, but no one wants it 😦 Enzyme was a tiny sample, bought to mix my custom lip colour with (not yet done, lolz.) Dancing Pink is my least favourite Mentholatum balm, because it is SUPER GLITTERY and not very moisturizing, and a pale pink. Yucks. Love Me Tender was bought as part of a destash set of high end lipsticks. While it is a very nice formula that unfortunately is violet scented like the Guerlain ones, the colour is a frosty peach. It looks good with some bronzer and a tan (The Beauty Professor seems to like it), for beach babe/summer vibes, but… meh. Nobody wants to buy it off me either 😦

These all look reasonably ok on my arm, but they look terrible on my lips. In addition to being pale they are also all pretty cool toned. So we see a pattern here.


I try to keep my collection of darks as small as possible because I don’t get to wear them much in HOT HOT HOT Singapore. Obviously it didn’t really work, and some of these are favourites.


Colourpop Sheer Safari (DC), L’oreal Shine Caresse Eve, Chanel Rouge Allure Laque Coromandel (DC), Guerlain Rouge G Gigolo, LA Girl Lip liner in Burgundy, Kiko Smart Lipstick 914 Amaranth, Revlon Matte Balm Shameless (DC)


Safari, shown here in 1 layer, is impossible to actually apply on lips in 1 layer. And after swiping 2 layers, it’s quite a deep purple indeed, which… meh, I have other products I like better for. I like the Sheer formula the most, but Colourpop decided to DC all of them…. ah well. Trying to destash.

Eve also looks semi sheer here, but similarly it’s impossible to only apply 1 layer, so it ends up a very deep purplish fuchsia. Wears and wears and wears. I do like the Shine Caresse stains very much, but I doubt I’ll repurchase this colour since it’s not all too wearable.

Coromandel ends up a muted red on me, but definitely RED, to the point where I have to make sure my eye make up isn’t too strong or I end up looking far too done up in the day. It’s nice, pigmented and isn’t too slippery, but it is ANCIENT. Definitely have to finish it up ASAP.

Gigolo is a dark berry, that is pretty impossible to wear in the daytime in our kind of weather unless you are going for A Look. It is pretty though.

Burgundy is an okay lipliner. I usually use it under lip lacquers like Coromandel or my Ellis Faas. Nothing much to say about it. I’ve had it for a looooong time :/

914 Amaranth is a supposed dupe for MAC Rebel. It’s quite the statement colour, bold and dark. You can see it’s very pigmented and smooth. A very nice lipstick, too bad I don’t/can’t wear it more often :/

Shameless is a favourite of mine that I bring to almost every winter place I go to (didn’t bring it to the USA because we were staying with a conservative aunt whose opinion on dark purple lipstick I’m not sure about.) It makes a HUGE statement. The formula is comfortable to wear and lasts and lasts and lasts and stains. Application MAY be a little bit tricky because it might get patchy, but don’t press too hard and build it up in 2 layers and you’ll be fine. I will never finish it because I wear it maybe 5 times a year, but I will nurse it to the end of time, especially since it’s been DCed.



Damn it, I have so goddamn many bright lipsticks and I don’t wear them often. AND SO MANY OF THEM ARE CORAL AND WARM REDS, WTF? I know I definitely will be repurchasing NARS Dragon Girl to have in my collection of brights, eventually. But when I finish up some shit.



Life’s Entropy Apoptosis, Mentholatum Kissy Pink, Illamasqua Scandal, Revlon Matte Balm Audacious, Colourpop Sheer Whip, Menow Matte Lipgloss 37, Revlon Siren, Menow Matte Lipgloss 27, L’oreal Shine Caress Juliette

Most of the warm colours. Apoptosis was for a lipstick mixing project. Kissy Pink was previously reviewed and raved about. Illamasqua Scandal looks weird on me, but I sometimes like it. Audacious is a patchy travesty. Whip is nice and relatively sheer, but seriously guys I have too many lipsticks, so I’m trying to destash it. Menow 37 is a very regretted purchase because holy sheet it looks like highlighter ink. Revlon Siren looks so burnt and muted here compared to the rest of the eye searing brights. It’s a very patchy orange that’s very hard to apply opaquely, so meh, am trying to destash. Menow 27 is a very intense warm red, as you can tell. I actually quite like it, especially for $2. Fills the Lady Danger hole in my heart, for now. Juliette looks really strange on me, not too flattering.




Maybelline Vivids Neon Red, Menow Matte Lipgloss in 29, Maybelline Vivids Vivid Rose, Kiko Luminous Chrome lipstick in Fuchsia,  Life’s Entropy Lip Theory in Fusion, Maybelline Vivids in Shocking Coral, Life’s entropy Hybrid. Sorry the swatches are not in order of products shown, I really wanted to compare Vivid Rose, the Kiko and Fusion.

Neon Red is a nice enough red, and applied sheerly it actually can go into the midtone category. Might try to do a whole week with it for an everyday red. 29 is the current placeholder for Dragon Girl, although it’s not as pink. Vivid Rose looks a little odd on me, I think there is too much cool toned pink going on, trying to destash. Fuchsia is an AWESOME fuchsia, it also has blue shimmer in it. My favourite statement lip, but unfortunately drying. Fusion is a lot less cool toned, which makes it slightly less statement on me, but infinitely more wearable. Shocking Coral actually looks coral here, which is a huge shock to me, because it looks SUPER pink on my lips. Not my favourite colour, trying to destash. Hybrid is SO robotic it hurts. MEEP. WHIRRRR. WORP.



Sheers and layering stuff:


Illamasqua Lipgloss in Iridesce (LE) and Exquisite, Life’s Entropy Placebo (clear gloss),  Catrice lipgloss in Butterfly Kiss, ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine in Pink Kiss, Estee Lauder Lipstick in Tiger’s Eye


Iridesce, Exquisite, Pink Kiss, Tiger’s Eye. I have yet to open Butterfly Kiss, and Placebo is basically clear gloss.

I think I have way too many sheer lipglosses now. :((( I like the emollience of the Illamasquas, although they are on the sticky side, and the wand is a brush type, which sucks big time. Both are sheer, layering lipglosses, but kind of require certain colours to work, cool toned for Iridesce for the gorgeous blue shimmer, and something near the nude spectrum for Exquisite. Pink Kiss was a freebie, and it tastes sweet in a kinda gross way, and is also a bit too slippery for my taste. It’s functional, definitely a lipgloss I would use if I had to use a lipgloss for the sake of it. Tiger’s Eye is a special edition, as you can see from the packaging. It’s basically a sheer shimmery bronze, which can be built up to semi opaque. I have no idea why I bought it, I guess it works for the beach babe vibe, but I don’t beach babe often. Placebo is not a clear gloss I like. The lip theories are a nice emolliency, probably due to the pigments, but Placebo is SUPER slippery. It’s not much different from putting cooking oil on your lips (which I actually tried, and which works fine.) Gah.


Total products is 50, however I am definitely destashing at least 5. There are others (like Vivid Rose and Shocking Coral) that I have listed for destash, but don’t mind keeping and using as well, that I probably won’t count as being destashed. So my total number of products is about 45. Man, that is A LOT. Time to use up some shit and destash as much as possible.

Catrice Kaviar Gauche collection and nail polish review

I didn’t buy any make up in January except on the veeeery last day.


This LE collection from drugstore darling Catrice is actually from July 2015. For some reason, the display in my drugstore just changed to it. Meh, we are probably getting older stock, but whatever, I’m used to Singapore lagging behind lol.

I bought the Blurring Powder Pearls, Gentle Lip gloss, a top coat (mine’s running out) a nail polish, and a mint eyeshadow with gold (that I’ve been wanting for agesssssss.)

For 5 items, the total was $32, which is an INSANE steal. Catrice is one of the cheapest make up brands in Singapore, after Essence, their sister company.

The item that drew me in was obviously The Ballz. If you recall, last December I was lusting after these Guerlain Meteorites Perles des Neiges…


And I’m still utterly enchanted.

I was like 95% sure I’ll end up buying them. However, when I was near a Guerlain counter one day, I went to take a look and swatched them. HOLY SHIT were they glittery, there was literally chunky glitter up and down my arm. When I went out into the daylight, my arm was like Edward Cullen. No, no, no.

Luckily, these balls are MUCH less glittery. And for $8 instead of $112, they are very satisfying. Also, how AWESOME is the packaging for EIGHT DOLLARS?

I don’t have a swatch today, but I will get one as well as a performance of it on my face.

Suffice to say, I find that it’s slightly shimmery, but not highlighter territory. It’s completely acceptable as an all over face powder, it doesn’t look like you fell into a vat of glitter. You can also use it as a subtle highlighter on cheekbones, but nothing near to strobing here. It’s absolutely lovely and I will have to put up pictures documenting it soon.

I won’t be opening up the lipgloss yet until I’ve finished up a couple (which should be soon, because I slather on lip gloss like no one’s business in the office, the air is SO dry.) I have a sheer cream gloss that I’ve been topping over nearly any lipstick, and it’s going to be running otu soon. I read that it has a buttercream flavour, and it was $6 and it looks SO PRETTY. Yay!

Now, onto nail polish:

Other than that, here’s a swatch of the nail polish (I can’t remember which colour is mine…)


This is after 3 days of wear. You can see some slight tip wear especially on the index.

The colour of this polish is gorgeous. It’s a greyed out lilac, very nude, but very interesting. If you notice, all the Luxury Nude polishes have a slight duochrome thing going on. You can’t actually see much of the duochrome shimmer, but it adds a nice glow to the colour. It’s not a cream, but definitely not shimmery, so maybe a satin kind of polish. It reminds me of MAC Vex, which is why I bought it, lol.

Formula wise, it’s on the thick side. I find that it doesn’t layer very well, so I prefer applying 1 thick coat over several thin coats. It’s nearly opaque in 1 coat, to be frank, so that’s a plus. Not the easiest polish to apply, but decent.


Now, a review of the Quick Dry and High Shine top coat. I bought it because of the speed drying factor, I hate waiting for polish to dry. It’s a very thin top coat, very watery. It’s very easy to apply.

I find that it doesn’t give a very shiny finish due to the very thin nature of the top coat. I had to add 2 coats of top coat, actually, to get the level of gloss I wanted. It’s not really a problem because it dries at TOP SPEED, within 30 seconds it’s more or less dry.

As for longevity, I’ve recently been wearing all my polishes for around 1 week. There is more wear than I’m used to on the 3rd day, but I’ve been harder on my nails this week because I’ve been doing a bit more housework than recent weeks so I’m not sure it’s a fair comparison. Overall it wears well, but probably not the best at keeping wear. There are no chips though so it’s a good thing.

Overall, I think the top coat is worth it because it’s so easy and foolproof to apply and it dries like a dream, no more weird dents on your top coat!!! Plus it’s dirt cheap. I will be testing it out more extensively with other polishes as well, since it’s my only top coat.


I don’t have swatches of the eyeshadow yet either, so hopefully I’ll be updating with it soon!


Do check out Catrice! They have some real gems, and are so cheap 🙂

Kiko BFF collection

Holy Crap!!!! Kiko has knocked it out of the park again with their Valentine Collection titled BFF. Once again, here are my picks 🙂

Endless Love lipstick

ENDLESS LOVE lipstick - 01 candy red

OMG THE PACKAGING SO CUTE. I love the little cut out heart. I also secretly love heart shaped lipsticks. This conveniently comes in Candy Red, a BRIGHT FUCKING RED (which is my kind of red.)

True Love Nail Lacquer:

TRUE LOVE nail lacquer - 01 darling coral

You know how I am seriously not into nail polish, but this has captured my heart. LOOK AT THIS GORGEOUS COLOUR. I’m a sucker for rose golds.

Love Elixir Face Powder:

LOVE ELIXIR face powder - 01 lovely rose

Seriously SO PRETTY. I used to have a Kiko blush (also LE) and it was the most perfect thing evar and I used it almost everyday until I smashed the shit out of it.

Heart to Heart EDP set: 

HEART TO HEART eau de parfum set

I have never tried perfumes from Kiko before. This is a great idea for a set, 2 mini 15ml perfumes, one for day and one for night for a decent price, great to bring around. Here’s the description:

Sweet Love is a bewitching and lively fragrance that is ideal for the daytime. The top notes of apple and blackcurrant give the scent an airy essence. The middle notes of freesia and jasmine reveal a surprising freshness. Finally, the base notes of vanilla with a trail of patchouli are elegant and irresistible. An ode to lighthearted love.

Deep Love is a sensual and enveloping fragrance, perfect for the evening. The intense notes of cherry and bergamot evoke passion. The blend of jasmine and frangipani reveals the essence of desire. Tonka bean and musk take you on an exuberant sensorial journey.

Both sound pretty decent, I just hope it doesn’t end up smelling like those cheapo supermarket perfumes.


I’m going to the US of A around 20 Feb, so I MAY be purchasing some off the Kiko US website, we’ll see 🙂

Menow Long Lasting Lipgloss Review

You would have seen this around if you haven’t been living under a rock. These are incredibly affordable lip products (usually $1-2 USD each.)

The name is a complete misnomer. They are a liquid-to-matte dry down lipstick. I suppose the liquid lipstick term has not yet entered the China vernacular. I’ve never really liked liquid to matte lipsticks, and I usually value quality over quantity, so I never really got into these. I was searching for dupes of popular colours though, and I found many dupes. Since they’re so affordable I sprang for a few.

The colours I bought were #18, #27, #29, #37. #37 is not listed on most swatch pictures which only go up to 36. 37 and 38 are super neon, I only found out about their existence from Badoutfitgreatlipstick which also has a review here.


Swatches of all 4 lipsticks! L-R 18, 27, 29, 37. I have no idea why the colours show up so subdued 😦 The swatches on top are my dupes.

I swatched 18 with Life’s Entropy Catalyst Lip Theory, Colourpop Frenchie with 27, and Chanel Coromandel RAL with 29.


18 on derpface.


Left is Ghoulish, Right is 18.

#18 is a supposed dupe for Limecrime Cashmere aka the super popular greige/taupe colour which took the world by storm. Here I have swatched it with LASplash Ghoulish, another supposed dupe for Cashmere. Ghoulish is cool but makes me look dead and somewhat decayed. In comparison, #18 is very much pinker and rosier. On my lips, it’s a gorgeous nude. Certainly not the taupe-greige I was gunning for, though it’s a far more wearable colour. If you’re very cool toned it may read greyer on you. It’s actually quite close in colour to my Favourite Life’s Entropy Catalyst Lip Theory, but slightly less pink. It’s also the stickiest out of the 4 colours.


#27 is a supposed dupe for Limecrime Suedeberry, which is a super bright corally red I fell in love with recently. It is completely not like suedeberry though. It’s more of a Lady Danger, which is perfect because I was trying to find a warm red that was red enough.


#29 is a gorgeous slightly muted rose ? I actually think it looks super flattering on me, but it kind of looks like another red…


#37 is the gorgeous neon orange! I sprang for the orange instead of the pink because with my super yellow skintone I feel like I wear orange much better. It’s seriously neon. Stay away if you’re shy. I actually don’t think it looks very flattering on me. This picture makes it look a lot more pink, the actual colour is like highlighter neon orange. Plus, it has application issues. It doesn’t layer well and isn’t fully opaque. I will try using this as a blush or over other lipsticks, it’s very fussy on its own.


I find that the formula differs wildly among all 4 colours. #29 was the best, and the one I wore for the longest few hours and didn’t felt uncomfortable. Application wise it was thinner than the rest which made it less sticky. 37 was very problematic because it was not opaque, and it requires at least 2 layers and lifts in patches if you don’t let it fully dry. 18 was the worst in stickiness, so I’ve resorted to layering stuff over it. 27 was also pretty good.


The formula in general is rather sticky. It’s not 100% dry, making it more like the Life’s Entropy liquid lipstick I have, than the LASplash one. The stickiness seems to intensify throughout the day, although it is never completely unbearable. Your lips won’t stick together mid-sentence, but it’s definitely there and may affect you if you say a lot of Bs fast. (It’s a back-breaking back to basics bitching book.) It’s also a bit heavier and you feel like there is something on your lips. Overall, not too bad especially considering the price.

There are a few different ways to combat both stickiness and drying:

Using a transparent matte powder to dust over it lightly. This is potentially even more drying but does make it super matte and totally dry.

Applying balm underneath or on top. This makes it unmatte (though not glossy, maybe satin?) and destroys the non-transfer, but the lipstick is very pigmented so it will transfer and still look fine (like the Life’s Entropy, once again.)

Or you could just layer a gloss over it. I do this over 18, which I find just teetering on unbearably sticky. It’s still long lasting.

I dont actually find these very drying for my lips. Today i wore #18 with smokier eye make up (as with the full face lip swatch) with balm beneath and it was comfortable the whole day.

Longevity also seems good. I had lunch as normal and the lipstick was still pretty good, but i topped with a gloss after lunch. I didn’t have a need to touch up the base colour at all. It does not flake away, and i can reapply over the original layer very easily.

I’m reasonably happy with the colours I bought, and I’m ambivalent about matte liquid lipsticks so I’m glad I didn’t spend a lot of $ on these. I wouldn’t get more, but I would be keeping these.

Purchases in China

I didn’t buy much in China, but…


Despite me going on Project Pan I couldn’t help but pick these up. These are the Mentholatum Watercolour lipsticks that I absolutely love, in all the colours I don’t have. They seem to have been reformulated, and the name changed to Sugar Lip by Watercolour. The formula seems to be more or less the same gorgeous melting buttah texture as before.


L-R 01 Vintage Pink, 03 Fantasy Pink, 05 Sexy Pink, 06 Rock and Roll pink

Here’s a quick swatch. I intend to do a full review with lip swatches in the near future. All were 1 swipe. Despite these being sheer tinted balms they actually pack a punch of colour. All the colours are translucent but pigmented.

Vintage Pink is a gorgeous dusty pink. It leans mature and fits many looks. I like its elegance. Fantasy Pink is a coral. It seems to be the less neon, more polite cousin of Kissy Pink. there’s some gold glitter in the tube which made me very hesitant but it doesnt show up in the swatch and more importantly there is 0 grittiness on the lips. Sexy Pink is a pinker coral. Rock and Roll Pink is a berry, plummish red and the darkest of the bunch.

I got them at 53.80 RMB for 2 because there was BOGO50%. Works out to be around $5.50 SGD which is a steal! So happy with these, I will definitely use them a lot.



Also bought a cape top in a light beige colour. It’s a gorgeous suede and light enough for our perma summer. It’s a teeny bit short so I’ll have to wear high waist stuff or a tank underneath but I love it! And 150RMB (~32SGD!)