Singles Cruise Take #2 – Another shitload of colour

Seriously. I am both liking and hating it – I finally get to know my colourful shadows a little more intimately, but they’re not exactly super wearable.

Lookit all da matte pastels…

Light: Matte White

Mid: Bronze. As in literally the colour of a bronze medal. From Sleek’s 2012 London Olympics inspired palette.

Dark: a cube from The Body Shop quad called Mint Slice. It’s a gorgeous deep green that’s kind of minty, like mint sauce (but a lot darker.)

Pop: Matte pastelly bright blue



Here are the swatches. The white isn’t so good, obviously. The blue is actually pretty creamy and reasonably pigmented. The bronze shimmer is nice, of course. The green is kinda sheer and sheers out way too easily.

Here’s the look! Very um, tropical. Peacocky. You know. Sorry my skin is absolute shit lately. :((((

I used NYX Milk as a base to make the pastels pop. I used white in the inner corner, the blue on the lid and the green on the outer corner. The bronze went on the lower lashline and also in the crease. I tightlined with a black shadow too. The green really annoyed me because it’s SO difficult to work with. Hrrrrrrrmph.

It’s a look that I definitely wont’ do normally, but I think it turned out ok overall. Of course, that’s what makes thhe singles cruise fun!

The one day my lashes were awesome.




Ahem. This is after a looong time wrangling with a curler and mascara. In general, lashes take me 5 minutes to do.


I will be starting a Bimatoprost regimen….. soonish. Still can’t say when.

Singles Cruise Take #1 – SO MUCH COLOUR

This is the first look for Singles Cruise that I’m doing! Click this link to read about the Singles Cruise challenge.

So my random draw got me this today:


(All of these are depotted Sleek palette pans.)

Light: A very pretty shimmery gold. (sorry I think there’s a little bit of green shadow contaminating it in this pic!) It’s a very dense, pigmented and buttery shimmer shadow. I’m very familiar with this shade as I use it all the time. (which explains the dip!)

Mid: Taupe with gold glitter. The glitter doesn’t quite show up on the eye. It’s not super blendable but it’s alright.

Dark: Dat jewelled purple. Super glittery as well.

Pop: Holy sheeet look at that grass green. It’s totally matte, and pretty pigmented and smooth despite it being a super odd green shade.

Swatches: Light, Mid, Dark, Pop. The green looks bad here, but I swear it’s fine! Haha.

So with this very avant garde palette, comes my look: (click picture to expand)

Gold in inner half, purple in outer half, taupe to darken crease (can’t really see it) and green for the lower lashline, tons of mascara and just a touch of brown liner at the outer corners. I was worried about a matte green’s staying power on the lower lashline, so I used NYX Milk as a base, which made it just a little more pastel than it was originally. It doesn’t look THAT bold in photos, but it was pretty bold IRL!

Because it was a pretty avant garde look (and much more colour than I normally wear, though it is fun for sure) I paired it off with a simple white tee and jeans. I had fun rocking this look!

Singles Cruise Challenge!

I love the Singles Cruise challenge by Emily Noel. Check out her video here!

It’s a fabulous way to use your singles that you may rarely reach for because it sucks to open the packaging of a billion different eyeshadows. Or even just 3 or 4. Or even 1 to add as an accent. I know, I know.

She categorized each shadow into light, midtoned, dark, and pop. That system works well for me, so I copied it. Because I have a ton of ‘singles’ from depotting ALL my Sleek palettes, and I only have a few actual single singles, I did a nifty spreadsheet. I had to name all the depotted shadows with a number in a particular arrangement, so that I could remember what number each corresponds to. I have more than these, but the rest are actual singles. Click on the picture to see more! I use a random number generator to pick what single to use.

If you notice, I included some colours in my lights, mids and darks. They’re not like, all browns or something. Anything that was relatively muted, that I would wear to work, counted in their respective category. Anything too bright went to the pop category.

This makes sure that my looks won’t all be like, neutral with 1 colour. It’s all random and I may get a crapton of colours to work with, who knows! 😀

I will post looks from this challenge now and then – I will only be doing this in the weekends because it takes too much time in the weekdays (and who knows if the looks are work appropriate). Stay tuned!

Week One and Done Friday: Giorgio Armani Sweet Fire

Last day of my Week One and Done! I loooooooove the Giorgio Armani eyes to kill shadow pots. They’re gorgeous little pots of beautiful goodness. The L’oreal Infallible shadows are supposed dupes (never tried them) and both are made by the same parent company, but what the L’oreals lack, I think, is the complexity of colour that makes the ETKs so attractive. I wouldn’t buy them at retail price, but I definitely snap them up when I see them destashed.

The problem with them is that most of them are very metallic and opaque – not really my everyday style. And they come in very saturated colours, which make them harder to use in looks as compared to like, muted shadows.

This is actually the ETK I’ve acquired the most recently, and my favourite (or maybe second favourite – a lot of them are gorgeous!) This happens to be a semi-neutral, making it probably the most wearable shade out of all the ETKs (excluding the highlight colours.) Also, I fucking love red eyeshadow, and this pink has a hefty dose of red to it. [I used to have its more daring counterpart, Lust Red, but I lost it somehow before I had even used it. Grrrrrrr.)

Quick pic from my instagram – apart from the inner corner highlight and the liner, everything else is just Sweet Fire.

This is a shadow that’s not as easily one and done as the others, due to its intensity – it is INTENSE. I have to be careful not to go too far above my lid, and blend it out, because it really is BLING. All metallic bling bling. And super saturated. Work safe, if you are careful. It’s not as red as Fiery Red, which makes it prettier and less avant garde. I love it!




Week One and Done Thursday: Kiko Supreme Cream Shadow


Another day, another reminder of how the swatches of the products look like. Kiko Supreme shadow in 03 is the 2nd from the left. It’s a muted grey-olive with gold shimmer.

It’s a cream shadow and has an interesting bouncy mousse texture, like the Dior Fusion monos or Chanel Illusion D’Ombres. It was a limited edition collection for Christmas some years back. Although mine has shrunk significantly, it’s still super creamy and easy to wear and blend, and still lasts a good while.

This is another shadow that’s pretty neutral, so nothing much to say here. What I like about it is its versatility – built up, it can be pretty dark actually, but the base is rather sheer so it can also be sheered out to a light veil of colour with gold shimmer.

It’s rather cool toned, but I find that it looks best with a warm corally blush instead.

I like this shadow – it’s neutral enough to go with everything, easy to apply and blend with fingers on the go, and wears decently even without primer (although primer definitely helps.)



Week One and Done Wednesday: TheBodyShop Fiery Red

Disclaimer: I have NO idea how old the quad this belongs to is. 5 year, maybe more, is not an impossibility.

Once again, a reminder. Fiery Red is the 4th from the left.

I freaking love this eyeshadow. It’s odd, but not TOO odd.



This is not a shadow for everyone. It’s a definite RED. I don’t know why I look so pale in these pics, but yeah, and the red really contrasted with that paleness and look pretty avant garde. And slightly sick, which as you know is totally my jam. I paired it with reddish brown liner, a wine-ish blush, and a rosy lip, for a very cohesive colour scheme. Like, sick all over, TOTALLY MY STYLE.

The only thing I don’t like about this eyeshadow is that it is horrendously difficult to apply it with a brush. You ALWAYS get very patchy colour, unless you use it wet. Applying with your finger however is a dream, intense and shimmery (but not super opaque, but that’s not my style anyway.) I blended the edges with a blending brush – also no wizardry required.

This is a look that makes it look like you tried really hard but it was SO EASY. I really love this shadow and I hope everyone can love red shadows like I do! 😀

Week One and Done Tuesday: Kiko Golden Taupe

Quick reminder: I’m only using one eyeshadow. Here is the swatch:

Golden taupe is the first one on the left.

True to its name, Golden Taupe is very golden, and definitely a warmer taupe, but still a greyish brown. It has sparklesssssss.

Only Golden taupe with some cool brown liner on the very outer edges. No lipstick because it’s before breakfast. And OMG DO YOU SEE THAT WHITE HAIR, I’VE BEEN STRESSED AT WORK. 


Frankly, this is a one and done eyeshadow that everyone can get away with because it’s neutral. But it’s pretty and it’s in stick form – making it SO easy to use. No brushes needed, and can be built up near the lashline for more definition, if you don’t have a separate liner, lasts for a long time with or without primer. A great choice for vacations!

Week One and Done Monday: Life’s Entropy Dismember

Dismember is from Life’s Entropy, an adorable little indie cosmetics shop that I’ve mentioned about a billion times.

Dismember is from their DotA collection, one of the first few collections to come out. While I heard that her old shadow formulations were a little lackluster and the new ones are far better, I have no complaints about Dismember 🙂

Dismember smack in the middle!

Dismember looks like a dirty beige when swatched on my hand. Like literally dirty. If you tilt it a little though you see a beautiful shift of what the website describes as red, but is more a pinky red, with an emphasis on the pink. The glow is rather subtle, so overall the shadow still looks pretty matte.


Matte….. (pardon the blurriness, this was the best one I got :()


See da GLOW! (I am having a shitty skin week 😦 )

It’s also very easy to work with for a loose shadow – the above was done with normal eye primer, and then Dismember patted on with a short, flat and dense brush (no swiping.) I used the same short stiff brush to stamp eyeshadow onto my lower lids to give me a slightly-sickly glow that I LOOOOOVE. The edges were blended out a little with a blending brush – no wizardry needed, it was not hard to diffuse the edges sufficiently.

Overall, I love this eyeshadow as a one and done look – the dirty beige and red glow makes a very complex shadow that makes you look unearthly and slightly dead, a look I absolutely cherish. If you are looking for a reddish shadow that passes muster in a conservative workplace, definitely get this. It’s so sneaky.

Week One and Done

I am naming this week One and Done, because I plan to use just ONE eyeshadow per day, for a work week (5 days.)

I love eyeshadows that are interesting and just a little complex, enough for it to be a one and done look. It’s also super easy in the morning, no need to worry about matching undertones and blending and nonsense.

Rules of this week:

  1. ONE eyeshadow a day only.
  2. If I need a bit of liner, it’s allowed. I’ve only allowed myself to use brown liner, and as thin a line as possible.
  3. If I need to blend out the edges, I’m allowed to use a super boring cream-coloured shadow that I use only for this purpose. I WON’T put anything in the crease or the outer V or anything, this is just to soften any potentially problematic edges.



Here are my one-and-done shadows:

Clockwise from bottom: Kiko long lasting stick eyeshadow in 38 Golden Taupe, The Body Shop Shimmer Cube (it comes in a quad, but I REALLY like this particular one, which is called Fiery Red.) Life’s Entropy Eyeshadow in Dismember, Kiko Supreme Eyeshadow (LE) in 03, and Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill in 7 Sweet Fire.



Swatches! L-R: Kiko Golden Taupe, Kiko Supreme eyeshadow, Life’s Entropy Dismember, The Body Shop Fiery Red, Giorgio Armani Sweet Fire. All swatched on bare skin except Dismember, over primer.

Generalizing, I would say that good one and done eyeshadows are midtoned colours, so they look good all over. They also tend to have some kind of shimmer, because all matte is kind of boring and flat. I tend to like one and done shadows in interesting colours – none of your standard brown brown brown.

Kiko Golden Taupe is the most traditional in my selection, but I like the golden tone of it. Kiko 03 is a dark olive brightened with gold shimmer. Dismember is SUPER interesting – the base colour is beigey, but the red shimmer and gleam is beautiful. Fiery Red is not a red at all – it’s a burnt corally kind of colour. I think the base is orange but it has pink shimmer, which also makes it super complex. Sweet Fire looks terrible in the photo, but it’s a super gorgeous pink that’s as frosty as it looks here, with red sparks. I think the conclusion I can draw is that I REALLY LIKE RED EYESHADOW, lol.

Anyway, tune in over the next week to see how these shadows look all over my lid.