About me

I live relatively frugally even though my family is quite well to do.

This means that I do not mindlessly go out and buy ALL TEH NEW COLLECTIONZ. I like cheap finds, and budget buys. I like repurposing shitty makeup. I hate throwing things away.

You can find my blog charting my personal finance journey here.

Make up is a great hobby for me, and I love putting shit on my face. All sorts of lipsticks, eyeshadows, I’ve done them! I tend to gravitate towards the different but still socially-appropriate style, incorporate colours or glitters in a tasteful manner.

Thankfully, my face can take it. It’s tough like a rhino’s hide. I’m quite pretty (objectively speaking) and used to model for a couple of years. I have to start doing it again for my new business.

I hope you find me interesting and hope you have a good time reading my blog!

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