Review and swatches: Colourpop Shadow Stix

So one of my new makeup purchases (vs gifts, samples, etc etc etc) in a long, long time was the Colourpop Shadow Stix. These re a new product, launched just this year, I believe. I like shadow sticks for travel or bringing around, because I can easily apply them on the go and with my fingers.

Colourpop says:

A super creamy, multi-tasking eyeshadow in a stick! Ultra pigmented for high impact color in one swipe and a long wearing, water-resistant formula that lasts all day. Line it up, wear it all over, smudge it, smoke it out, wear this colour in so many ways! Use the built-in sharpener to create the most precise tip.

My hand for comparison… and I have very small hands.

Right off the bat, when I received them, I realized that they were ABSOLUTELY TINY. Like, built for kids tiny. A quick check shows 0.65g in each stick. Just to compare, my Kiko eyeshadow stick holds 1.64g, which is also the same with the famous Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks. CP is only 40% the size!!!! In comparison, an Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner has a whopping 1.2g of product, nearly TWICE as much as the CP shadow stick. It’s more of a mini eyeshadow stick than anything, but even Laura Mercier’s mini eyeshadow sticks hold 1g of product.

This may or may not bother you. Seeing as I’ve barely gone through 1/4 of my Kiko shadow stick after a few years of infrequent use, I would probably take quite a lot of time to go through a CP stick. However, if you’re a fan of a certain colour and if you like to use it all over your lids as a daily eye look perhaps, it’s likely that you’ll finish it up in… half a year? 3 months?

Price wise, it’s USD6 for a CP stick ($9.23 per gram). Kiko costs USD9.50 in Ulta ($5.79 per gram). So CP is a LOT more expensive. Kiko also has 25 shades (at this time), while CP has 16. Now note that normally I don’t compare products to the price per gram etc etc because we rarely finish eyeshadow anyway unless it’s a go to product, but I was truly stunned by their size when I first opened them up. So honestly, CP is not that great a deal as it seems at first. I did buy them on sale for $4.20 each, so that was more palatable, but still makes it more expensive than Kiko per gram.

Swatches below:

Right to left (Sorry haha): Free Time, Day Date, Happy Days and Bitter Sweet
Right to left: Cool Breeze, Citrus Squeeze, Check Please and Style and Ease from the Riviera Cruising set.

I swatched them in a line, as well as smudged out. For me, I bought them with the intention to use them in my portable make up bag, so smudging is important to me.

So some comments about the formula. They are creamy going on, but they set WAY. TOO. QUICKLY. Normally, and I say this as someone who is no stranger to using cream eyeshadows of various kinds, you can apply a cream eyeshadow and take a little bit of time to smudge/blend it out. For these, I tried to draw a patch, close the cap on the stick and then smudge it out, and in the 2 seconds or so I took to close the cap, IT HAD ALREADY SET FIRMLY. That’s why my first smudge swatch was a total fail – you can see that it smudged like 0%. Plus, some of them set much faster than others.

So to use these, you have to scribble it all wherever you want it to go and IMMEDIATELY smudge it out else it will stay put like a motherfucker. I mean, some people always say online – ‘these set quickly so work one eye at a time’ but I ALWAYS do only one eye at a time and this is taking speed to a whole new level. Like, I have eyeliners that set slower than these.

In practice, with the way I do my makeup, it’s not so bad. I colour it onto where I want it on my eye and immediately smudge it out without replacing the cap. I would say if you want to blend these out, you probably would want to use your fingers, and you have to not mind some imprecision. In general, if I use sticks, I’m on the go and I don’t want to fuss with brushes anyway.

After several times of usage of all the shadows, I would also say they don’t layer well. If you try to blend 2 sticks together or layer over for more opacity, there is a tendency to push things around or rub off.

My favourites would be Happy Days and Day Date. Happy Days is like the CP Dream Lover shadow in stick form, and is amazing for a one-shadow look. It’s a bit of berry pinkness and very sparkly with a blue flash. Day Date sets a little slower than the others and is the least troublesome to smudge out, which is good because I intend to use it as a crease shade.

The Riviera set I’m not feeling so much – the brown which I wanted as a crease shade is tougher to blend out, and the 2 golds are a bit flat – they’re not as multi dimensional shimmery, they’re more of a flat frost kind of shade, which I feel are a bit boring and can look dated.

In general I find that the metallics (which are more of a frost) kinda suck. The mattes are workable – they don’t lift as easily and they don’t bunch up on themselves. However the metallics look very textured and heavy going on the eye, for some reason, and I’ve tested them on eye primer as well as on bare eyelids. And they tend to go very patchy on. You can see it in my eye looks below. I was very disappointed because shimmers are usually a lot easier to formulate than metallics and these fall so short.

You can see Free Time is very patchy despite being a very pretty colour :(( and Bitter sweet in the outer V, and some Day date to blend Free Time out (not very obvious)
So textured…..
Citrus Squeeze and Cool Breeze also showing the same issues. Day Date in crease and Bittersweet again on the outer V.
After almost 12 hours of wear. I mean, the colour is still there, sure, but it doesn’t look all that nice when it crumbles up.

They also claim to be water resistant, so I swatched my Kiko eyeshadow stick, splashed a few drops of water on. They’re water resistant, until you rub them gently, and they will come off COMPLETELY. Like, you don’t even need make up remover, or to scrub particularly hard, to remove them. The Kiko however, stays more or less put even after a few firm scrubs, with some fading.

Water test…
Holy shit!!!

Now, depending on your own preferences, you may or may not like this. I personally DON’T like this, because I live somewhere super humid with frequent thunderstorms, plus I sometimes sweat a lot, or you may want to wear these to the beach, and I would prefer that I don’t take off my eyeshadow with one accidental rub after it comes into contact with water.

I definitely don’t think they’re as bad as the Temptalia rating given to them, but I wouldn’t heartily recommend them. I love the Kiko eyeshadow sticks and they’re only a few dollars more expensive and you get much more product and value. They’re easier to work with and are waterproof even with scrubbing.

I really like Happy Days and Day Date actually, I think they pair very well for a pinky eye, but I didn’t photograph a look on that day. Skip the shimmers, they are not worth it.

How to tell if your eyeshadow is expired

I’m someone who doesn’t care about expiry dates on my makeup products as long as they look, smell and feel fine. For things like cream products, foundations or lipsticks, it might be pretty obvious when they’re no longer fine. But what about powder products?

Recently I had an eyeshadow expire on me, and it was really, really obvious so I thought it’d be good to share.

Credits to Temptalia!

I’ve had this Marc Jacobs Eyeconic Palette in The Siren for some time, maybe since 2018? It was the only ‘rainbow’ palette that I owned. It appealed to me mainly because it’s not an all-out bright rainbow palette, but instead, a muted one with tones that are more ‘everyday wearable’. Like a rainbow, but for normal office- going people. Not that I ever really wore all 7 of these colours together, lol.

Recently I went on a disinfecting spree of all my makeup. I noticed a little bit of growth or something at the edge of 1 of the pans, the blue. Technically, once you see mold or whatever growing on an eyeshadow, it’s time to throw out it. In slight recklessness/scientific curiosity, I decided to scrape away the mold, blast the entire pan with alcohol and wipe off the top layer to see if that would render the eyeshadow usable still. Sadly I don’t have pictures of this state.

Anyway, a couple of weeks later, I reopened the palette and found that the blue… was extremely patchy, unpigmented, and crumbly. This was a big warning sign because the shadows were all creamy and beautiful in the past. Because of this, I also noticed that the pan of red also shared the same new texture – crumbly, flaky and unpigmented.

Already depotted the shades! Middle of the top row are the ones from the palatte.

Below you can see the swatches of all the shades, and you can see how terrible the blue and red are in comparison. Even if I REALLY wanted to use the eyeshadow no matter what the circumstance, it’s a really shitty eyeshadow now.

See how the red is terrible and patchy? The blue (2nd from the bottom) is also patchy and dry, although not as obvious in this picture. Remember that these are ALL SHIMMERS.

I found this fascinating – how 5 out of 7 shades in a palette could remain so creamy and beautiful yet 2 could go off like that. In any case, I will keep and use the depotted shades and hope they don’t go bad on me.

So yes, if you ever wondered how to tell if your eyeshadow has gone off, if their texture is like this when originally they were smooth and beautiful, please don’t use your eyeshadows anymore!

Review: The Inkey List SPF30 Daily Sunscreen

The Inkey List is an affordable brand of skincare products, clearly inspired by The Ordinary. They have the same clean, clinical, minimalist packaging, and try to name their products after a key star ingredient.

Price wise, they’re ever so slightly more expensive than The Ordinary, I find. For example, this sunscreen is $15 USD for 50ml. The SPF30 one from The Ordinary which is also 50ml, is $12 USD. Of course, depending on where you are, it may be easier or harder to get either brand.

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Besame Agent Carter 1946 Palette

I am a huge fan of all things vintage. So it’s perfectly reasonable for me to have an unreasonable fondness for Besame.

I love Besame’s core collection of lipsticks. I’ve finished up one entire mini tube of red lipstick (no easy feat, I tell you.) and I have at least 4 or 5 full size tubes and a few more minis rattling around.

AND, I’m also a big Marvel nerd. Not as crazy as some others, but yeah, I know a lot about Marvel, watched basically every movie in the MCU, read my fair share of the comics as well.

The equation is very simple. Vintage + Marvel = AGENT CARTER + bye bye money.

Internally screaming
Heart Eyes

I literally bought everything from the entire collection. But today I want to talk about the eyeshadow palette.

Now, even I was skeptical as I bought the entire Agent Carter collection. I mean, a vintage brand that does beautiful lipsticks may not exactly do beautiful eyeshadows, especially since they don’t even have eyeshadows in their core collection. Luckily, the shadows and palette are beautiful.

I actually pulled it out the last few days because I decided I need to show it some love, and wanted to do a few different looks using all the shades in the palette across a couple of looks.

Would you like some Tea?
Even the outer box is amazing!
The inside is so detailed.

First, the packaging is soooo well thought out. It’s masquerading as Peggy’s British Passport (please read that in a posh accent). I didn’t even throw away the outer box. On the inside, the front cover has all of Peggy’s details, much like a real passport, and even travel stamps. 100/100 for well thought out packaging. And you can see by how little the pans have been touched that my palette is CRIMINALLY underused.


They actually all have names, but I mean. From top down we have:

a matte burgundy, pigmented and smooth, not too opaque so relatively easy to use

a pale pink shimmer: smooth and creamy, slightly sheerer

a rich bronze, super smooth, creamy and opaque

a matte, warm dark brown, smooth and not overly powdery, easy to apply

a beautiful grass green with gold shimmer, the star of the palette imo

A very light golden shimmer which tbh translates mostly like an off white shimmer to me.

The shades are very smooth and creamy, but are not 100% pigment opaque. I actually like this level of pigmentation – they make funky shades wearable and easy to sheer out for a more natural look if so desired. To me, it matters more that the shadows are smooth and easy to blend, rather than super opaque.

I’m not a mega-palette person, and 6 shadows are just about perfect for me. The shades gel very well together, and you can do both a cool toned berry eye thanks to the pink and the burgundy , as well as warm toned ones.

My chief complaint about shade selection is that there isn’t a medium crease shade. Although the mattes blend pretty well, over eye primer they can be a bit grabby, so I’m not able to blend out the dark brown or burgundy shade to use as a crease shade. If I’m doing my makeup at home, I’ll still have to reach for my usual crease shade. The lack of a crease shade should bother Asian eyes the least because we have the least crease, but my own features are more deep set and ‘Western’ and I do usually need some form of a crease shade. Having said that, I have brought this palette travelling, and as long as you can adapt eyeshadow placement a little without a crease shade, this palette is more than sufficient and super versatile!

Here are some looks:

Look 1: Green and bronze with some dark brown in the outer corner, and a bit of pink in the inner corners though it’s probably not visible. I even forwent liner because I think this look is so pretty! The green and bronze blend so well together.

Look 2: Cool toned featuring pink and burgundy. For a bit of fun I even put the green on the lower lids. Sorry I didn’t bother with mascara that day.

Look 3: Green eye with burgundy liner and some inner corner highlight.

Overall I’m super happy with this palette, the quality is way beyond what I was imagining, in addition to the packaging that’s absolutely 100%. It’s actually a very good travel palette, with both warm and cool tones. This kind of palette is my favourite kind of colour story – neutral-but-not, with colour that’s softer, subtler and more wearable.

This is a super treasured palette in my collection – very versatile and very sentimental to me.

Project Pan 2021-2022

I’m currently living in a rented house that’s pretty big and spacious, but I’m waiting for my flat (yay for home ownership) to be constructed, which should be in end 2022 barring any further Covid related delays. Unfortunately it’s about 2/3 the size of the current place I’m in. That necessitates a purge of things.

Technically, makeup doesn’t take up all that much space. I’ve always limited it to my dresser, which isn’t very large. When I stopped being so into beauty, I kind of diverted my spending and interest in ‘feminine’ things to lingerie, clothes, athletic wear and pole wear, which take up a lot more space. But the makeup I do have are quite a few years old by now, and I want to make the most out of what I have!

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An update (and not quite.)

You can tell I’ve been very silent here recently. I do like talking about makeup and I’ve been experimenting with stuff (as usual), but I really haven’t been in a mood to take pictures and document it properly.

Anyway, here are some quickfire updates:

  1. Lana’s new album just dropped a couple of days ago and it’s awesome. Spotify here but I feel a little like the album is not so new anymore because we’ve heard some of the singles for so long. My favourite singles that dropped earlier were Love, Lust for Life and Coachella – Woodstock in my mind (all of them then.)  The 2 singles that previewed recently Summer Bummer and Groupie Love are not 100% to my taste, but I do enjoy them and hum them to myself a lot. Damn are they catchy. On the first listen I already absolutely adore 13 Beaches and White Mustang.
  2. I suddenly also have quite an interest in fashion and clothing in general again, probably due to some (rather drastic I must admit) weight loss. I do like the size I am now, and I’m much leaner and lighter (and far fitter too now that I’m carrying less extra weight.) Now it’s about maintaining it in the face of the my interest in the next point…20170702_215711.jpg
  3. DESSERT! I have an incredible sweet tooth recently and I’ve been munching non stop on an assortment of cobblers and ice cream and waffles and cookies and whatnot. Below is a croffle, which is a waffle-textured croissant, with all the super thin buttery fluffy croissant layers inside.


4. Art. I’ve been to a few galleries recently and have really enjoyed myself. 20170708_14331920170708_134826


So this is what I’ve roughly been up to recently. Music, art, fashion and dessert.


Ending off with a day where I really liked my makeup – soft pinky tones with a wing that wasn’t overdone. I think I like pink tones on my eyes because it really stands out against my super yellow skin.


FOTD/OOTD – Retro Playsuit with Menow #27

Personally I’ve always thought I was way too ungainly for playsuits – how the hell do you pee in them anyway? I always strip from the top down – that’s how you are supposed to do it, right? Or am I missing something?

Urgh I look so fat. I hope it’s bloating. Because I actually lost 3kg the past few weeks.

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Holy Mascara Review: Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara Super Waterproof in Black

Just to be clear – there is nothing holy about my review, and the mascara is holy only in the way that when you put it on, you go ‘HOLY-‘. Which was exactly my reaction.

My beloved HG mascara backups have dried up, unfortunately. I mean, I knew the day would come, but when I tossed my last remaining one, I was very distraught. How am I supposed to start all over again looking for the right mascara for me?!

I knew that I definitely had to look to Japanese brands for my mascara. It’s super fucking hot and humid in Singapore year round, and people in Europe/USA who have the privilege of choosing ‘water resistant’ or ‘non waterproof’ mascara have no fucking idea what it’s like. Give me bulletproof or nothing. Japanese brands are famous for making mascaras that survive the apocalypse.

Why yes, my daisies are indeed inspired by Lana Del Rey and I’ve been wearing them in my hair all the time. Other Japanese make up items to…. complement the Japanese mascara?

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