Yay, my first ever empties post!

I don’t think I use up products fast enough to do a monthly post, so it’ll just be an as and when thing I guess.

From L-R

Maxfactor Smoky Eye effect Eyeshadow tubes, Purply and bronze and black and white (can’t be assed to find out the name.)

Za Pure Shine Lips in OR3 Apricot Nectar

Lip Brush from a travel kit by TheFaceShop

K Palette 24H lasting waterproof liquid liner

The Maxfactor shadows were hands down the shittiest eyeshadows in the existence of mankind. NOTHING stopped them from creasing. They were shitty as a base, as eyeshadow, at life. Go google it if you don’t believe me. I did not finish using them actually, I depotted and repurposed them, which I will talk about in a future post.

Za Pure Shine lips was gabbed about here. Erm well technically this was not yet used up, I depotted the last bit.

Lip brush was a freebie in a travel kit received free at an event. It served me well for 3 years (well, I actually didn’t really use it for the first 2 years… lol) but somehow at the last washing the ferrule warped (?!?!) and the brush is fucked up now. Technically it’s still usable, because I used it today but it’s annoying and I will dump it as soon as I can get a replacement. I’m frugal, but not THAT frugal (but seeing how I always space my purchases out, it will be in a looooong time.)

K Palette 24HR Liner is a LIE. It freaking SMUDGES on me. Which fucking liquid liner SMUDGES. If I want smudges, I’ll go for a fucking pencil. It also fades away pretty easily. This was my first foray back into liquid liner and I was NOT LIKING IT. The tip also has hairs that are bent haywire and I don’t even use it much. It’s also not very black. Actually this is not finished, but I’m thinking if I should just throw the damn thing away.

So technically, I have finished none of the above products, harh harh.


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