Review: Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick in Tiger’s Eye

I recently saw Temptalia’s review on Estee Lauder’s Hi Lustre lipsticks, and noticed something very interesting. She reviewed Tiger’s Eye, which I actually do have!

Mine is the old version, obviously, with some kind of limited edition packaging. I found this in Bonjour in Hongkong a few years back, and it was going for something like $4. Since I think my makeup collection was a fair bit smaller back then, I did actually buy it. Let’s see what changes there are between the old and the new one!

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Fragrance Review: Alien Essence Absolue

I am not ashamed to say that I bought it 100% blind, based on Renee’s review of it being lots of vanilla, I think in this post? I love vanilla, and on Fragrantica, it has a super high rating of 4.29/5. Thierry Mugler is not easy to find in Singapore, I think, only in DFS stores at the airport, but they don’t stock Essence Absolue. So blind buy it is! I had my dad bring it back from USA.


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FOTD: Aggressively pink

I’m really feeling the pink and reds recently.

I did this look one day, and was SO happy with it I did an even more amped up version on the next day. I almost NEVER wear the same look two days in a row, so you can tell I REALLY like it. I wore this on a Friday with no comments from my colleagues… they’re probably used to me doing crazy shit on Fridays by now.

Left to right: Clio Gelpresso Gel liner in Bloody Devil, a lovely maroon/burgundy, my standard crease/transition shade, which is some Sleek shadow that I depotted (nearly invisible on my skin), the deepest berry shade (2nd from right, top row) of Newtrals vs Neutrals, Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Silk Intense in #7 (my fave!!), #8 and #11.

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Foundation Review: Koh Gen Do Aqua 213

So, I’ve had this awhile now and I’ve worn it lots of times, enough to finally share my thoughts!

Wow, now this is a flatlay I am quite proud of!!!

First off, this is definitely not something you expect to be able to get for cheap on Carousell, as it is a very niche brand. So I had to buy retail, which pains my soul. At $80 for 30ml, it is on par with other high end foundations. For reference, Armani’s Lasting Silk is $87. NARS Sheer Glow is $73, Shu Uemura Light Bulb is $75. So straddling the line between department store brands and outright luxury. Good thing that there’s a counter in Taka, so feel free to use all your Taka vouchers! 🙂

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Fragrance: Niche Scents: Serge Lutens Santal Majuscule and Atelier Cologne Vanilla Insensee

I always said I’m flippant about fragrances, but once in awhile I will, in fact, obsess over them. I was enthralled by the review of niche fragrances on Badoutfitgreatlipstick and Brutallyhonestbeauty and I just HAD to find out about them.

In Singapore, obviously we have a very limited access to niche fragrances. Escentials is the leading retailer of niche fragrances, like Creed, Serge Lutens, Amouge, and Atelier Cologne. They’re at Tangs Orchard and Paragon, if you wanted to smell how all these posh expensive things smell like. I went there today for an expedition. Although I spritzed lots and lots of scents, the below are the only 2 I tried on my skin and kept sniffing throughout the day.

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Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk Foundation Review UPDATED PICTURES!

Update! With better pictures 😛 You can still read the review and the old pictures below.

Here is bare face. I have really been struggling with chin acne lately, I suspect from a combination of hormonal acne, reaction to something (possibly the Bourjois foundation???) and consuming far more milk in the past few weeks than usual, since I’ve been off milk for years and years. All the better to test foundation with, I guess! Hopefully it clears up after Shark Week is over :B


Click to enlarge!

Do you notice the soft focus effect? It’s as if I added a filter, but I swear I didn’t. It still looks a little bit chalky upon first application, and it’s still just a leetle too pale for me, but it makes my skin look gorgeous!


Here’s a closeup. Notice the beautiful satin finish on my cheeks. I love it, it makes me look healthy and slightly glowy without being dewy or matte. Perfect in between. It’s a touch dry – I’ve been having problems hydrating my skin lately too x( You can see the coverage is around a medium. I used about a full pump – more than I usually use, but you can wear 2 layers instead of 1 for more coverage. My acne is covered up a bit, but the worst spots still show through. As I mentioned before, it’s very unkind to dry and flaky spots, which is aplenty on my chin. I’M SORRY, MY SKIN IS REALLY SHITTY AND I CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT 😦 But on the rest of my skin it looks great.


Here is teh colour match after around 10 minutes. Much better, but still ever so slightly on the pale side, not so evident in pictures.

I hope the new pictures show just how fantastic this foundation and why I love it so much!


Old post:

I’ve had this foundation for quite awhile (maybe 2 years?) and I love it, but I’ve never actually written a proper review on it!

Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk is, out of all the foundations that I’ve tried, my firm favourite. Karima Mckimmie of Shameless Fripperies mention that it is like photoshop in a bottle and it is so true. Every time I use it I fall a little bit more in love with it.

So, features of this foundation. It’s slightly watery and thin straight out of the bottle, but offers medium coverage. 1 pump is 1 layer and more than enough for daily use. Two layers cover up pretty much everything I need to without spot concealing to perfection. It’s very heavy on the silicones, so if you dislike silicones, then avoid this foundation at all cost. It also has a little bit of fragrance, not too offputting.

This foundation is absolutely beautiful on skin. It seriously blurs out EVERYTHING. Without a primer, I look like I have no pores. The only reason I use a primer with this is for increased longevity.

This foundation also lasts quite long and breaks down slowly and elegantly. I still use a primer because it’s Singapore and it’s super humid and everything breaks down sooner or later so we try to aim for later rather than sooner.

It has a satin to very slightly dewy finish. I might need a powder in the middle of the day to retain satin.

Look at my face in full glory. Notice the pores on my nose and cheeks. They’re not too bad but they exist. BTW I got a bit of a tan that day because the sun was BLAZING and I wasn’t wearing sunscreen for some reason, FML. Hopefully after I go back to the office next week my porcelain complexion will come back.


And DUM DUM DUM, NO MORE PORES. No moisturizer, no primer, nothing underneath. Only 1 pump and 1 layer blended with fingers (because my brush was elsewhere.) Even my undereyes are decently covered and I didn’t apply extra at that area. Your skin will look even more ridiculously photoshopped with a smoothing primer underneath. It has also never pilled for me even though I’m sure I’ve been slathering a shit ton of silicones on my face.

Note that it doesn’t make my pimple in the corner of my mouth look very attractive. Don’t use this foundation if you have lots of texture or flakes. Normal small whiteheads should be covered fine.

However, there is one major concern for me that stops me from declaring it HG:

I don’t think there’s a perfect shade for me. Currently I’m using shade 4.5, which is perhaps half a shade or a shade too pale. It’s workable, certainly, with some contour and taking it down to my neck, but I have to be a little careful. It looks rather chalky up there, but I promise the colour settles down slightly better after 15min or so.

Looking at the swatches below, 4.5 looks the most olive, while 5.5 looks a little too warm and peachy.

From Karla Sugar

This sucks right? Perfect formula, no good shade match. Is there any way to make a foundation slightly more olive???

If you can stand some alcohol in foundation, and also silicones, and you can find a good shade match, I HIGHLY recommend this. It was the perfect foundation for me (and lots of other people!)


Quick summary:


  • gorgeous finish, around satin level
  • medium coverage, can be built up
  • covers like ALL PORES
  • long lasting formula
  • doesn’t need a primer


  • Doesn’t match me THAT well, but the shade range is large so you’ll probably find a decent match
  • High alcohol content?

Brand Feature: Besame Cosmetics

I have loved Besame Cosmetics for a long time.

As you should know, I have a very vintage soul. Even though I don’t dress all pin-up, or even vintage all the time (I like my variety yo) I do love the vintage aesthetic. Lots and lots and lots of red lips. Pin curls (PIN CURLS!!!!) blunt bangs, polka dots and A line dresses. All the things I love 🙂

(I even do Chinese Vintage, look at the exhibit below:)


So it’s no surprise that Besame really spoke to me. The entire brand is about vintage beauty and glamour.


Besame is best known for their extensive collection of recreated historical shades of red lipstick. For example, there is 1930 Noir Red, which is a very dark, blackened red like what the flapper girls used to wear in the Pre depression era (or what I call the Great Gatsby era.) There’s 1941 Victory Red, where women were encouraged to wear red lipstick to lift the spirits. (YES, RED LIPSTICK DOES WONDERS FOR YOUR SPIRIT!) There’s also 1959 Red Hot Red, which is Marilyn Monroe’s shade.

My favourite is 1946 Red Velvet, because it is the Agent Carter lipstick shade. Behold:



Although I have to admit, I’m more comfortable with bright reds than dark reds, and Red Velvet looks a little dark to me. Idk, I’m still getting it 😀

Just in case RED EVERYDAY is not your thing (and I definitely can’t wear red everyday) there is 1969 Dusty Rose, which looks to be a wearable everyday mauve. And another I’ve been very interested for some reason is 1970 Chocolate Kiss, which I guess is the first brown lipstick I’ve been obsessed over? There’s also a small selection of glosses (described at thick but not sticky, my favourite kind!) and lipliners.

Besame also has a small selection of face products. They used to make these FREAKING GORGEOUS vintage compacts.


Which aren’t available right now, but they may make more batches in the future. HOW PRETTY IS THAT COMPACT.

They have this Vanilla brightening powder though, and I’m sold at the first word. VANILLA!!!! SCENTED POWDER! I would slather myself in vanilla everything if I could. Unfortunately I think I have enough powder to last me for the next 5 years.

Recently they released a new line of blushes, in 4 colours. My favourite is Raspberry, because PURPLE BLUSH. There isn’t any review I can find of it yet, but they look like a gorgeous flush of satin colour.

Besame also has a couple of mascaras, but I am not interested in them because my wimpy Asian lashes need hardcore Japanese mascaras. Anything less won’t do 😦

My current cart for Besame is very long:

  1. 1946 Red Velvet (for sure!)
  2. 1970 Chocolate Kiss
  3. Raspberry Delicate Rouge
  4. Vanilla Brightening powder
  5. Caramel Sweetheart Glaze (because it looks semi-opaque and CARAMEL FLAVOUR GLOSS!)

Besame is not the cheapest brand out there. The pricing is on par with mid-range brands like Urban Decay, which makes me weep a little. Their lipsticks have fantastic reviews, but I’m not that sure about the rest of the products. I really love the marketing and image of Besame, and not being able to buy directly from the site is pretty frustrating. If you’re in Singapore, you can order off BeautyBay. [I have not ordered from them before, please do so at your own risk.] They only have a small selection and the Red Velvet lipstick always sells out a few days after each restock. I know because I stalk that page a lot. 😀 But the price is very fair and there is free shipping at a very low minimum.

I would still like to buy directly from the Besame website because you know, ALL MY OTHER STUFF.

By the end of the year I would have laid my hands on some Besame stuff, by hook or by crook, and I will be reviewing them 😀

Chanel Lilium Quad and NYX Milk in Action

Here is a better example of how NYX Milk is an amazing product, and how my buying questionable beauty items lead to… questionable beauty items.


On the left is my Chanel Lilium Quad. It’s in tester packaging, and Lilium is an extremely old LE release (Autumn 2012? Can’t remember.)

My Nymphea, on the right, is very lovely and buttery, though the colours are very translucent, sheer wash of colour that would be dissed by most Western eyeshadow wearing standards as unpigmented.

Lilium though, is a little dodgy. I know that there are fake Chanel quads around for sure, but to copy an LE, obscure quad is quite a stretch. Still, it’s far more powdery and almost gritty compared to Nymphea. I use Nymphea quite often, but I was Not Impressed when I first swatched Lilium.

Today I did a comparison, one eye using primer and Lilium and the other using primer, NYX Milk and Lilium. I theorized that the white base and tackier texture of Milk would fix the powdery issue of Lilium.


First set of swatches over primer, Second over NYX milk. See how the colour are far more vibrant? The forest green shimmer really comes out in the darkest shade, making it very jewelled.



With primer only. See how everything looks very muted? Plus, there is quite a bit of eyelid texture because I really had to slather on layers and layers of shadow to get the colour to show…..



SO much more vibrant. It took me half the time to do it with Milk than without. All shadows just needed 1 layer, all turned up much more vibrant. The shimmer looks much smoother instead of almost gritty in the previous picture.



Comparison. Your left is with Milk, Right is without. Bad photography aside, you can see the clear difference in vibrancy. Sorry about the lack of the rest of make up….


Bottom line: I have no idea if this is the same Lilium they rolled out all those years ago. If it is, then Chanel SUCKS and they can suck my balls because no one should charge more than like $5 for this shit. Thankfully its great flaws are negated by NYX Milk, a $6 neverending base for EVERYTHING.

FOTD: Chanel Nymphea

I did a nice look with Chanel Nymphea the other day so I’d thought I’d share!

Chanel’s style in general is very soft and elegant, and Nymphea is the epitome of that. I did a very soft, pretty pastel look. It’s possible to go for a smokier look by going more heavily on the brown, but not by much.

It looks a teeny bit washed out on camera and at night, but for daytime it’s really nice! It’s my favourite palette by far.




And here’s the full face:


It’s a great palette for travel because it’s versatile, neutral yet with a twist.

Too exciting not to share!

editoria 1l

I post lots of unglam pics of myself: no make up, very little make up, bad lighting, etc.

This is an quick editorial shoot by my husband (an amateur photographer) for my new business. Yes, despite how I look in my usual photos, I CAN look this good! There is 0 liquify, only colour adjustments, and very, very minor skin touchups, mainly for undereye milia. I’m not a beauty retoucher (although I’m a pretty good amateur photoshopper) so I have no idea how to paint over skin magazine like.



If you’re curious this is another image 100% unretouched straight from the camera.

Deetz for DA LOOK which I actually absolutely love:

  • Start with a very well moisturized face. I find that the foundation I used really drags on skin that isn’t moisturized properly.
  • Foundation: Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk, 2 layers for really good coverage
  • Concealer: NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Honey
  • Brows: Life’s Entropy Brow Theory in Ebony
  • Cream contour: Illamasqua Cream pigment in Hollow
  • Powder contour: NYX Blush in Taupe (I contoured the SHIT outta my face!!!!!)
  • Blush: NYX Cream Blush in Natural (My neutral, goes with everything blush)
  • Highlighter: Mary-Lou Manizer (I needed something that looks glistening, not special effectsy, so no using all my special effects highlighters BOO)
  • Eyes: Giorgio Armani ETK in 8 Champagne on inner corners, Rose Gold colour from Chanel Nymphea quad in middle of lid (it’s my platonic Rose Gold – never found any like it.) the brown/taupe shade from Nymphea in the outer corners and on lower lashline, Colourpop Girl Crush in crease. (I’m so yellow that Girl Crush, which is ostensibly true grey, looks PURPLE ON ME.)
  • Shitloads of Maybelline Drama Pen Gel Liner black and also in the upper waterline. I filled up any gaps between lashes easily with my depotted mascara (another use for that damned mascara!)
  • My HG BCL Perfect Liner (Pah!) and Mascara (Yay!) mascara on my lashes. 2-3 coats of MAXIMUM EFFECTZ since I really, really could not with the falsies. I still don’t think you can see my lashes… Also mascara on my lower lashes.
  • Maybelline Master Drama Liner in White on lower lash line. (As much as I hate the texture of it, it stays damn, damn well on my lashline! Like 4-5 hours later it’s still there. wow!
  • Lips: Life’s Entropy Lip Theory in Catalyst (MY LOVE.)
  • Nails: Catrice Lilatric. Very pretty and suits this look and vibe, but thin and needs at least 3 coats to be opaque.

Hire me as a beauty model? 😉