My Wear-Everyday Red

To me, red lips are definitely formal and done up, and I don’t think I’m the only one. I usually reserve reds for special occasions, but recently I found a red that can very possibly be worn every day! I’ve already worn it a few times to the office without feeling particularly formal.

The red in question is Neon Red from Maybelline The Vivids range. It’s a warm red with good sheen. It looks very bold in the tube and in photographs, but it can be worn at full strength or sheer. It has a transparent jelly base, though it is very pigmented, as you can see in the swatches:

(Left swatch 1 pass, right swatch a couple of passes. It doesn’t build up to opaque due to the jelly formula, but it’s very pigmented.)

I love this kind of texture because it’s more forgiving than a cream lipstick, and the jelliness is really pretty and feminine. It sheers out very easily too.

On the left you can see it freshly applied. It’s super dark in the photo for some reason but it looks very much more casual in real life. It’s a red I feel comfortable wearing daily.

On the right is the lipstick after a couple of hours. It has faded away a bit, and leaves the absolute prettiest strawberry stain behind. My natural lip colour shows through and combines with the warm red to be a gorgeous muted strawberry.

Although this line is named Vivids, I think the jelly texture of the lipsticks lend themselves very well to all kinds of wear. Warm reds are kinda casual, and the transparency of this lipstick makes it very beginner friendly. I would even recommend this to a red lipstick newbie – just dab it on lightly and it becomes a noob red!

Vivids are not available in Singapore, but you may be able to snag one from an online reseller.

FOTD: Doe-Eyed

My inspiration came first from this Xovain article. I said I was a vintage soul, remember?

The double liner flick has also been the staple of my beloved singer Lana Del Rey:


(Seriously, I LOVE Lana Del Rey.)



The bottom flick isn’t that obvious, because I did it in a bright blue (washed out by teh gloomy skies today.) And it wasn’t so sharp because it was a pencil liner. So er, I guess not so similar after all? 😀 I did put tons of mascara on my bottom lashes though for that super doe eyed Twiggy look. Every time I wear black liner I feel like my eyes are mega crazy huge, which is why I don’t wear it so much nowadays.

What do you think of the double liner? Let me try a more committed version in a couple of days 😛

The Highlighter challenge!

It is the age of the highlighter, and frankly I am sick of seeing highlighters like EVERYWHERE. I mean there are only so many pretty highlighters you can see before you get bored. We are reaching peak highlight.

Thus an semi satirical video was born. I don’t really like the channel of the original lady who invented this, so I won’t be linking to her here, but basically, she used highlighter for everything, to do a full face. Jeffree Star did a hilarious take on the video as well, commenting ‘This is perfect for a light summer wedding look’ etc. (Btw, Sarcasm, people.) But he’s a controversial figure so I don’t really want to support him as well. So you only get to see my version here 😛


Here are the products I’ll be using. All very shimmery. Clockwise: 3W Clinic Crystal Creator powder in Pearl, Catrice Kaviar Gauche Radiance pearls, By Terry Love Me Tender lipstick, Kiko Radiant touch highlighter stick, Colourpop Monster, random frosty white shadow, random bronze shadow I’m using as a bronzer, Life’s Entropy Liquid Illuminator Nebula, and Zoeva Rose Golden Blush palette.


Here is my bare face.


I used the Kiko Radiant Touch highlighter stick as a primer. It has a very thin and siliconey texture, which makes it fantastic for that purpose. I have also actually worn it all over on a normal day as a base and it didn’t look too crazy.

Okay, since this is not a video I skipped most of the in between steps. Here

Here is me apply moar highlighter on my lids, and me with a crapton of pearl powder (read: powder with glitter) all over mah face.


This is my end result! I realized 2 things:

  1. My highlighter collection is very natural compared to some of the crazy shit youtubers have. I mean like, I don’t look THAT crazy.
  2. Natural light (like in my photos) also makes shittons of highlighter into a semi natural glow. If you had a a ring light, however……..


Overall it was a fun challenge! Although I didn’t end up looking like a robot alien. Have you tried the highlighter challenge?

Brand Feature: Besame Cosmetics

I have loved Besame Cosmetics for a long time.

As you should know, I have a very vintage soul. Even though I don’t dress all pin-up, or even vintage all the time (I like my variety yo) I do love the vintage aesthetic. Lots and lots and lots of red lips. Pin curls (PIN CURLS!!!!) blunt bangs, polka dots and A line dresses. All the things I love 🙂

(I even do Chinese Vintage, look at the exhibit below:)


So it’s no surprise that Besame really spoke to me. The entire brand is about vintage beauty and glamour.


Besame is best known for their extensive collection of recreated historical shades of red lipstick. For example, there is 1930 Noir Red, which is a very dark, blackened red like what the flapper girls used to wear in the Pre depression era (or what I call the Great Gatsby era.) There’s 1941 Victory Red, where women were encouraged to wear red lipstick to lift the spirits. (YES, RED LIPSTICK DOES WONDERS FOR YOUR SPIRIT!) There’s also 1959 Red Hot Red, which is Marilyn Monroe’s shade.

My favourite is 1946 Red Velvet, because it is the Agent Carter lipstick shade. Behold:



Although I have to admit, I’m more comfortable with bright reds than dark reds, and Red Velvet looks a little dark to me. Idk, I’m still getting it 😀

Just in case RED EVERYDAY is not your thing (and I definitely can’t wear red everyday) there is 1969 Dusty Rose, which looks to be a wearable everyday mauve. And another I’ve been very interested for some reason is 1970 Chocolate Kiss, which I guess is the first brown lipstick I’ve been obsessed over? There’s also a small selection of glosses (described at thick but not sticky, my favourite kind!) and lipliners.

Besame also has a small selection of face products. They used to make these FREAKING GORGEOUS vintage compacts.


Which aren’t available right now, but they may make more batches in the future. HOW PRETTY IS THAT COMPACT.

They have this Vanilla brightening powder though, and I’m sold at the first word. VANILLA!!!! SCENTED POWDER! I would slather myself in vanilla everything if I could. Unfortunately I think I have enough powder to last me for the next 5 years.

Recently they released a new line of blushes, in 4 colours. My favourite is Raspberry, because PURPLE BLUSH. There isn’t any review I can find of it yet, but they look like a gorgeous flush of satin colour.

Besame also has a couple of mascaras, but I am not interested in them because my wimpy Asian lashes need hardcore Japanese mascaras. Anything less won’t do 😦

My current cart for Besame is very long:

  1. 1946 Red Velvet (for sure!)
  2. 1970 Chocolate Kiss
  3. Raspberry Delicate Rouge
  4. Vanilla Brightening powder
  5. Caramel Sweetheart Glaze (because it looks semi-opaque and CARAMEL FLAVOUR GLOSS!)

Besame is not the cheapest brand out there. The pricing is on par with mid-range brands like Urban Decay, which makes me weep a little. Their lipsticks have fantastic reviews, but I’m not that sure about the rest of the products. I really love the marketing and image of Besame, and not being able to buy directly from the site is pretty frustrating. If you’re in Singapore, you can order off BeautyBay. [I have not ordered from them before, please do so at your own risk.] They only have a small selection and the Red Velvet lipstick always sells out a few days after each restock. I know because I stalk that page a lot. 😀 But the price is very fair and there is free shipping at a very low minimum.

I would still like to buy directly from the Besame website because you know, ALL MY OTHER STUFF.

By the end of the year I would have laid my hands on some Besame stuff, by hook or by crook, and I will be reviewing them 😀

My Skincare Routine

My skin has been seriously shitty lately. I’m getting a lot more whiteheads than normal, and for some reason I have a couple of seriously large bumps on my forehead. I’ve refocused on reading up about skincare, partly also because my staples are running low and will be gone in a couple of months. But first, a roundup of my skincare routine.


Honestly, I think my skincare routine is very no frills, and it’s about to get even more no frills.

  1. First up, I have a The Face Shop Su Hyang Snow toner. It’s ancient, and I don’t actually know if it does much, but it doesn’t harm my skin and it seems to shrink my pores a bit, so I use it daily under my sunscreen. When it’s gone, I’m not going to use a toner as I don’t really find it necessary.
  2. In the day, I obviously use my HG sunscreen. This is my 3rd tube, and you can see it’s half gone. My day time routine ends here, because I don’t wake up early enough to layer loads of skincare, and I find that if I put anything else under the sunblock, my makeup tends to go haywire much faster.
  3. If it’s not daytime, I use the Paula’s Choice Weekly 10% AHA. My bottle is old, so I’m glad there’s only a tiny bit left, maybe a month more. It’s alright, but I think the efficacy has decreased. I’ll definitely be replacing this. [Edit, since I’ve taken this photo and written half of the post, it has vanished. D:)
  4. COSRX BHA Blackhead power liquid is fabulous. It’s effective and gentle. I will definitely repurchase it when I run out. It helps my blemishes clear up much faster.
  5. COSRX Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence is nice, moisturizing and soothing. I find my skin really lacking if I don’t use it for a couple of days, even though it doesn’t visibly do that much. I have a backup serum which is only 30ml, so within a few months I’ll be back onto this after it’s gone, or maybe I can use them concurrently? Would maybe repurchase, but I’ll likely try other ‘whitening’ serums first.
  6. Paula’s Choice Resist Super Antioxidant Concentrate serum: I’m left with the teeniest bit and I’m trying my darnedest to use this up. I honestly don’t find this very special – it’s a solid meh, but it is very emollient and feels nice going on. I usually just use it around my eyes. I’ve been wondering if the bump on my forehead is due to me applying this around my forehead recently rather than keeping it to my eye area. Would not repurchase and I find it kinda useless, although it has a nice texture.
  7. Paula’s Choice Resist Barrier Repair Moisturizer with Retinol: This is a super lightweight gel moisturizer. It contains a lot of silicones, and can act as a makeup primer. Don’t put too much siliconey stuff on top of it because it WILL pill. Otherwise, it’s a good moisturizer, makes my skin hydrated and soft, but not very exciting, and not really worth the price.
  8. Lastly, my Benzac AC 5%. This is basically benzoyl peroxide at 5% concentration. It zaps zits quite well and doesn’t sting, no complaints. My go-to treatment for pimples and other blemishes. This is a sample tube which has lasted me for like, a year? Because I only use it sparingly when needed.


Other than assorted samples and the occasional sheet mask, this has how my routine has been like for the longest time because I take so long to finish products.

As you can see, my routine used to be Paula’s Choice heavy. I still think they’re a good brand overall for a basic skincare routine, if you have absolutely no idea where to start. They have less bullshit than most brands, and have easy to navigate lines of product. It’s easier to pick a few products from PC than from Asian beauty brands with their bafflingly named products for sure. However, I think I have graduated from them, and I am able to find better products for cheaper.


My future routine line up would ideally be:

Face products

  1. CosRX AHA Whitehead Power Liquid, for exfoliating
  2. CosRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid, to control blemishes
  3. HolySnails Shark Sauce, Niacinamide for brightening
  4. HolySnails El Dorado Vitamin C Serum, for Vit C brightening
  5. CosRX Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask and Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask
  6. Of course, Benzac and my Sunscreen (not in the picture.)

Compact routine with lots of actives and good stuff!

Conquering Undereye Creasing

I used to have okay dark circles, but recently they’ve become quite terrible due to working long hours and not that much sleep. I’ve been packing on the concealer too, but I’ve recently discovered, to my horror, that my concealer has been creasing and becoming patchy all this while!!!! 

It looks great during application, but by lunch time… gross!

Here’s how to learn from my mistakes.

Do not get too trigger happy with the concealer.

I know your dark eye circles look like shit. It’s not going to help if you put twice as much concealer as usual. There will just be too much product and it will cake up or move around. If you do need to apply more than usual to cover more things up, do it layer by layer.


This amount is more than sufficient for me.

Primer on your undereyes is your best friend! 

You prime your face to help your foundation go on smoother. You’d also want to prime your undereyes to increase coverage of your concealer and reduce caking by giving it a very smooth canvas. And it makes your undereyes SO silky smooth.

Set it with powder!!!!!!

I used to always skip this step. I was always very worried that my undereyes would cake up with powder (which it frequently did.)

The importance is in the powder you use. I can only say experiment, but in my experience, powder foundations DO NOT work. DO NOT USE POWDER FOUNDATION TO SET YOUR UNDEREYES.

DO NOT USE SHIMMERY POWDERS TO SET YOUR UNDEREYES. I have 2, as blogged about before, but I’m also thinking of things like Hourglass Ambient lights, Guerlain Meteorites, etc. It will HIGHLIGHT EVERYTHING. You do not want glittery eyebags.

What has worked for me is those mattifying powders. They tend to be very thin in texture, so they don’t make the concealer cake up. Of course, don’t apply too much. Very matte skin is pretty untrendy right now, but a tiny touch of this dusted under your eyes really helps!

My powder is the Essence All about Matt powder. My undereye concealer, as always, is NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Honey. I use my useless brush to apply. I recently learnt it’s described as a ‘fluff’ brush, and it’s a very multitasking brush – undereyes, or to dust a base shade over your eyes, etc. Well, I guess I finally found out what it’s supposed to be for!


See the tiny amount of powder making the bristles a little bit whiter? That’s the amount of powder you need to use. Too much powder makes cakiness too!


Pat it gently on your undereyes!


Hope this helps you in preventing your concealer from moving!

Zoeva Rose Golden Blush Palette Review


This is the blush palette I’ve lemmed after for awhile! I first saw Temptalia’s review on it and I was sold. It’s not easy to get hold of Zoeva in Singapore though. You can buy it off Sephora Singapore but they don’t stock many things, this palette being one of them 😛

I originally wanted to purchase it off Beauty Bay along with some Besame goodies. While waiting for a discount code, I saw someone destashing theirs and you can bet I GRABBED IT. That’s how I got it for $21 instead of $27 off Beauty Bay.

It’s housed in a slim rose gold cardboard case without a mirror. It’s compact and slim and doesn’t take up too much space. I like it.

So what about the stuff in the pans?


Here are my swatches. L-R: Contour shade (Heavy Crown), Blush shade (Palace Door) and Highlight (Glowing Still) Yes, I promise the contour shade is actually there.

Heavy Crown


Here’s a close up of the swatch of Heavy Crown, the contour shade. Let’s talk about the contour shade first. I did not buy this palette for the contour shade, so I don’t really care about it. It doesn’t show up well on my arm which is far darker than my face, but it does show up on my face. It’s kind of warm, so it’s not the best contour shade, but it works okay and it’s matte. It’s hard to swatch because it’s very firm and kind of powdery and not super pigmented. That makes swatching a pain, but it applies fine, so I don’t care. I do have to say that it’s nifty to have blush, highlight and contour all in the same place. I don’t keep having to pull out my Minimint palette for my NYX Taupe.

Okay, BORING, next.

Palace Door


What is a palette called Rose Gold without an actual Rose Gold? This is a very NARS Orgasm kind of shade. It’s very welcome, because I actually destashed my Sleek Lace palette and was left without a rose gold kind of blush. It is VERY shimmery and can actually be a highlighter for those with darker skintones. As it is, the base colour shows up fairly well on me. It’s very nice and creamy swatched, but application does not prove difficult as it is medium pigmentation lightly swept on the cheeks. Don’t have to be very careful here. I like it, and you can totally skip the highlighter if you wish. I like it very much, although I wouldn’t call it ‘natural’ because of the heavy shimmer.

Glowing Still


Aaaand the star of the palette! It looks white in the pan, but it’s actually a white with gold shimmer. This creates a very lovely effect that’s not exactly the same as straight gold highlighters (like the Mary Lou Manizer.) It’s like a duochromey kind of gold rather than GOLD gold, if it makes sense? It is SUPER creamy and VERY pigmented – seriously, be careful unless you want to glow like you’re from the skies. I find it can emphasize pores a little bit but I’m very happy with it, it makes me feel like a singing choir of angels have descended on my face.

Here is everything on my face. (No other make up on, not even foundation, it was a lazy day!)


You can see the blush adds a nice flush without being super pigmented or anything, and I AM GLOWING HOLY SHIT. I am also wearing the contour, but I’m not sure you can exactly see it.

Overall, I recommend this palette, even at full price. You get 2 superb quality products and 1 meh one that’s still workable, for a very decent price, and all 3 come together very well so you can easily bring it along for travel or something (except that it has no mirror!!!!) The blush and even contour are pretty idiot proof, although the highlighter is not. I am very happy with this purchase and I’m happy now that my rose gold blush void is filled.

Geek Chic The Pie Hole collection

So… I’m posting about this because I got it on a SALE, and I got it on sale because… It’s DISCONTINUED! Boo hoo. So whatever I review, you can’t buy anymore. Sorreeeeee.


I bought this set because I was eyeing it for a long while, until I cut back my US shopping list. When I found out they were going to be discontinued, I bought everything available. I’m missing I think The Pie maker, which is really sad because I LOVE the character/actor (SWOOOOOOON LEE PACE) and the scent of Caramel Apple pie sounds right up my alley 😦

Anyway, I’m not very good at scents and I’ve got a pretty simplistic nose, so let’s see what I can get from these:

Overall though I would say that the throw on all these scents are kind of low, and they don’t stay too long. Plus, the tubes they come in are absolutely miniscule. I would probably try them as actual perfume once or twice, then… idk, keep them as sniffies?

  1. Bitter Sweets:

Sniff in Tube: smells exactly like my lemon blueberry cobbler that I made the other day.

On skin: I can alternately smell the buttery crust, the lemon/lime note (which is kind of more artificial cleaning spray smelling on my skin, yuck) and occasionally the blueberries. Pleasant enough if I ignore the occasional whiff of cleaning spray. Smells exactly like last weekend otherwise.

Actual smell: …a cool and sugary Lemon Meringue Pie, with whipped cream and vanilla bean notes to round it out.

Okay, I was close with the lemon and the buttery smell, but there is no berry inside, lol. Overall, I like this scent, it makes me very hungry.

2. Itty Bitty

Sniff in Tube: Woah this smells exactly like the Toffee Nut Latte from Starbucks. Superbly overpriced but delicious, I usually drink it at least once every holiday season when they roll it out. Cinnamon, creamy goodness with some pumpkin.

On skin: The same as in the tube. The cinnamon is predominant but I goddamn love cinnamon so I don’t care.

Actual: …a Hot Buttered Pumpkin Pie scent… the pumpkin creme brulee is made more complex by buttered rum and tempered with Mexican fried ice cream, whipped cream, and buttery pie crust to round out the canvas.

I was not very off, but it doesn’t seem very complex to me, it’s just YUM. Another one I would eat.

3. Field of daisies

Sniff in Tube: Banana and cream. The banana small is not too gross, but slightly artificial. The buttery cream does make sure it doesn’t get too artificial.

On skin: The banana is far less artificial. And actually quite nice, if I may say so (I tend to greatly dislike bananas.) It smells a little more like banana bread rather than banana pie now though.

Actual:…a cool Banana Creame Brulee Pie, with vanilla wafers and whipped creme smoothing out the banana and creme notes.

Yup, the vanilla wafers are probably the bready smell. Very nice after a few minutes on skin, would totally wear. Doesn’t really make me hungry because yuck banana.

4. Darling Mermaid Darlings

Sniff in Tube: I find this very hard to describe. A little floral and fresh smelling, along with a buttery smell. I can’t really pinpoint what it is. Some kind of citrus.

On skin: Definitely very floral…. far more floral than in the tube. Also buttery still. The citrusy lemon smell mixed in with the floral to make it seriously floral. I’m hungry, but confused.

Actual: …a Coconut Key Lime Pie, complete with buttery pie crust to round out the fruity notes.

Uh…. Me no get coconut?

5. Knitwit PI

Sniff in Tube: CHOCOLATE BROWNIES. There’s a definite bready smell about it, much more like a chocolate bread/brownie than pie.

On skin: Woah chocolate. It’s a deep, dark, smooth chocolate, bitter and no sweetness about it. Uh…. there is also a slight burnt rubber kind of note on me. WHY.

Actual: a sweet, rich Chocolate Cream Pie with whipped cream and buttery pie crust adding complexity to the dark chocolate

I don’t get any cream and butter, and there’s that irritating burnt rubber smells that goes away sometimes but is really prevalent at others 😦 Urgh, it’s sad because it smells SO GOOD in the tube but it turns weird on me.

6. Forensic Fairy Tale:

Sniff in Tube: ARGH ALMOND. Pukes. It’s like cough syrup/marzipan/all that seriously gross almond shit that I hate. However I also detect a sweet creaminess to it at times that makes it less puke inducing.

On skin: this has the dubious honour of being the first fragrance EVER to give me a reaction. Look at this photo: It’s red and itchy on the inside of my elbow only where I have applied it. Guess my body hates it as much as my nose.


Actual: Forensic Fairy Tale is crafted to smell like a fresh Raspberry Frangipan Tartlet, with raspberry and almond notes and an underlying buttery pie crust.

You can say almond again. And urgh I am so not wearing this on my skin. Either destashing it or something.

7.The Lonely Tourist

Sniff in tube: Almonds again 😦 but this one is more subtle, and there’s some berry going on which makes things a lot more tolerable.

On skin: Smells like artificial fruit candy. At least there’s not too much almond going on, and it doesn’t irritate my skin. Gets better over time, it mellows out.

Actual: a fresh Raspberry Frangipan Tartlet, with raspberry and almond notes and an underlying buttery pie crust.

Can’t escape from that almond note, I think I detest all things almond. I will studiously avoid all almond shit from now on.


Overall I’m pretty happy with the few I bought, for a small amount of dollars. I have to apply them to a few locations if I want the smell to project (say, maybe neck and two different elbow crooks should do the trick) but they do stick around for a few hours. It’s been around 3-4 hours after I applied the perfumes, I walked to the market and applied sunscreen and sweated a lot and I can still smell buttery pie goodness on myself. I’ll just not buy almond notes ever forever. And I totally love smelling like a cake shop.

Monthly Makeup Report: May

Here’s a lowdown of my make up doings this month!


In April, GeekChic was selling off the last of their Pie Hole collection solid-perfumes-in-lipbalm-tubes, and it was being discontinued and on sale. Since I LOVE Pushing Daisies, which it is based on, I bought the whole lot of them. I’ve been eyeing them since last year actually but never pulled the trigger. I used some extra balance I had in my paypal, and I sent them to an aunt who lives in the US who very kindly sent them to me at no additional cost (although additional postage to Singapore was only $1.15 USD!!) They cost about $16 USD with shipping within US, but I paid with balance I had in paypal.


For these two months I actually only bought 1 thing, which is the Zoeva Rose Golden palette. I’ve been eyeing this for months too, and I found someone destashing theirs, so I grabbed it at $21, for $5 cheaper than what I would have paid from the retailer I was planning to buy it from. I’ve used it a few times, and I’m glad to say that I like it very much.

Total expenditure: $21



Newtrals vs Neutrals

I’ve been lemming lots of things though, chiefly the Newtrals vs Neutrals palette from Make up Revolution.

credits to

I’ve already tried to dupe this colour scheme with my existing palette. The bottom row is fairly dupeable (it’s supposedly a selection of Naked 3 esque colours) but the top row is very undupeable. I have nothing so red and peachy and bright yet semi neutral esque.

Bubble Tea Sleeping Packs

Etude House released a new skincare item, that I found out about through Haodoyoungo. While I am skeptical about the efficacy of Etude House’s skincare and would rather stick to my tried and tested COSRX and skincare from ‘boring’ brands, this is CUTE BEYOND BELIEF.


BLACK BUBBLE TEA!!! I seriously love black tea and I LOVE bubble tea. I just drink it very little because the amount of milk and sugar doesn’t really agree with me, and it’s really expensive for just sugared and milked tea. And eh I’m not really lemming over this but it’s such an ADORABLE novelty skincare item. I may get this when I run out of moisturizer or can find a good deal or something.

Life’s Entropy Immortal Jellyfish


Holy shit just look at it. ORANGE GOLD GOODNESS. I will definitely pick this up the next time I order from Life’s Entropy, which may not be for awhile, because their Brow Theory seriously lasts goddamn forever. I’m still on my first tiny little sample 😦

Make up mood

For awhile I did a bare minimum of make up, due to problems at work and me wanting to be taken more seriously. Now, I’m in a mood to experiment with make up. I mainly want to use more of my cream shadows before they expire.

I also feel more experimental, which ended up with this:


Sorry the lighting is kind of crap, but THERE IS BLUE ON MY LOWER LASH LINE! It’s like the first time I’ve done it after very long. There’s also a crapton of black shadow in a very messy smoked liner. And I don’t think you can see it but I’m actually wearing false lashes too!!! This was a fun grunge ‘cool-girl’ look to do.