Polish Review/NOTD: Sally Hansen Triple Shine

In general I really like Sally Hansen polishes. Their various formulas seem to work very well for me, and they’re generally better priced than OPI and the like. I bought a whole bunch of Sally Hansen Triple Shines off someone destashing, so here’s some thoughts. I’m not sure you can buy these locally in Watsons anymore because I don’t see them around, but apparently they’re still available in Malaysia and some other places. It might have been discontinued.

I really like the Triple Shine line. The polishes are pretty shiny indeed. The formula is not perfect – it tends to be a bit too liquidy, so I usually need 3 coats instead of 2. They do dry fast though, so it’s not too fussy. They’re also very, very long lasting.

Dive In after SEVEN days of wear. Holy, shit, it looks nearly as good as new. Only slight tip wear on the middle finger.

This looks totally different pre and post top coat. I actually got several compliments on this colour, although I personally didn’t like it all that much.

Pixie Slicks

Another one that garnered lots of compliments, this is a very girly, pretty pink. Bit too pretty for my own taste, it isn’t really a colour I would exactly reach for.

Sheer polish Clam Up (and took like, 5 coats to build up to this…)

This was very very sheer and I should probably have used something underneath…. Nevertheless, it is a very pretty opalescent duochromey kind of colour, which I am also a sucker for. I suppose it’s great for those nude-but-not kind of nails.


In general I think I’m not too fussy with my nails and nail polish, so really, lots of things are ok. These are probably one of the better polishes I’ve come across. Would you pick any up if you saw them?

Nail Polish Review: Miniso polishes

I haven’t mentioned any nail polish for a long while, since the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish. I’ve somehow managed to stop myself from acquiring more polishes and using up some of my old ones. (Yay!)

But the other day, I was trying to buy a sharpener that fit my Dragon Girl (still can’t find one… might try a pencil sharpener instead of a cosmetic one) and I stumbled across the beauty section of Miniso. I always thought Miniso was Japanese, since it obviously sounds like it might even be related to Daiso, but… it is apparently Chinese, but cofounded with a Japanese dude. Well, doesn’t quite matter to me. It does share some qualities with Daiso – everything is dirt cheap. They sell most things for around $3, some things up to $11 or so, and their nail polishes are $3 for 2.

Yes, $3. for two.


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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish Review: Wine Stock

I had a $20 Watsons gift card won in a lucky draw (which actually sucks… considering I could have gotten $30 NTUC vouchers for groceries, or $200 Takashimaya vouchers for buying almost any prestige brand of my choice… D: ) So I had to go spend it. Considering how crazily marked up most drugstore American brands are in Singapore, I really didn’t want to waste money on that. Can you believe that a Loreal Trumatch foundation is like $30 SGD?!?! [20 USD] WTF!

Anyway, I bought a Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish and Gel top coat set for $16.90, which is a pretty okay price to me. I don’t exactly need more nail polishes, but my top coat is running out (mainly because my lovely little person spilled it on my bed.)

I didn’t take a picture because I was too excited to rip it open, so have a stock picture:



Wine Stock is a deep, vampy wine red. Looks a little maroon in some lights. It reminds me very much of Besame Noir Red (review soon to come!) The formula is supposed to be like a gel, without needing a light to cure. Instead, you’re supposed to sun it for about 5 minutes.

I need about 2 coats, but due to the translucent gel nature of the polish, some bits could look a little patchy, so I patched it up with 3 coats. I applied this polish in an hour on Monday morning WHILE doing my make up, so you can imagine how I’m trying not to get half dried polish onto my face, and sunning it at the same time.


Here it is on the 2nd day. Lovely, lovely vampy colour. I don’t even mind the slight patchiness and variations in colour – makes it look a little sombre and interesting.

And the shine! It’s insane. So goddamn glossy.


Here it is on Day 4 I think. A tiny chip on my thumb (from fiddling with a zip on a too-tight dress), and no chips elsewhere, but some tip wear. My index finger IS INTACT. This has NEVER happened before. Especially not at this length of nails, which is insanely long by my usual standards. Usually by Wednesday I have a large chip in my index, and Thursday or Friday half of it is gone. I’m typing this on Saturday. I patched up the chip and the index tip wear on Friday morning and seriously this shit looks as good as new, I can definitely coax another few days and likely I’ll never get humongous chips.

I’ve actually read a negative review here. Her day 5 looks a little bit similar to my own day 5, but I NEVER get that from any other polishes. And for me, that day 5 result is pretty fucking fantastic. I am REALLY hard on my nails. I do housework, washing, loads of typing, even cashiering (getting change is REALLY hard on nails.) I honestly don’t care about the shine of top coat dulling or getting scratches because I totally expect it. My first day topcoat is not even perfect because I’m a fidgety little bastard.

Anyway, this formula to me is a game changer. I don’t need more polishes, but I’m definitely eyeing a lot of the other colours. After such tenacious wear on my nails, I’m totally spoilt. How can I go back, I ask? I’ll probably use up my older polishes in bolder colours on my toes, which don’t need to look perfect, and finish up some mini bottles so I can buy more of these. This gets a hearty recommend from me!

Easy Nail design for the Hands on Girl

By which I mean girls who are very ungraceful with their hands – jamming their fingernails to pry things open, washing dishes often, scraping stuff with their nails, etc. Basically people like me who put a lot of wear into their nails.

I have tiny hands and fingers, and my nails are short as well. Although I love the idea and look of long nails, in practice I always hack them off after a short while. Right now, I’m trying out keeping my thumbnails longer, but I simply can’t stand keeping the nails on the rest of my fingers any longer.

Anyway, because of the extreme wear I put on my nails, and I do my nails once a week usually, I do either of these with mani:

  1. To use wear resistant polish.
  2. To do my nails in a style that doesn’t show tip wear.

As long-wearing nail polish either tends to be expensive or damned hard to remove, I have mostly been experimenting with the latter. 😛

Here is a very simple nail art (I can’t really call it art… it’s not art.) that I did for my mani currently.


(After about 3 days of wear. There’s a fair amount of tip wear but you can hardly tell!)

Basically, it’s a base polish, with glitter tips/top halves. You can do this with any colours, really, but the key is to pick a tip glitter that is nude-ish. You can see that I picked champagne.

Nude colours don’t show tip wear as much as dark colours. So the rule of thumb is basically to make sure your tips are a nude/light colour. Plus, shimmers/glitters tend to wear better than normal polishes too.

You can either do a gradient/glitter tip like I did here, or do an updated French mani-style, with a nude shimmer/glitter at the tip rather than white. Or, if only certain fingers like the index and thumbs get more wear, you can just do the tips on those fingers

This method lets you wear higher maintenance colours like brights or darks, with less upkeep!

Do you find this tip useful? Would you do your nails like this?



Catrice Kaviar Gauche collection and nail polish review

I didn’t buy any make up in January except on the veeeery last day.


This LE collection from drugstore darling Catrice is actually from July 2015. For some reason, the display in my drugstore just changed to it. Meh, we are probably getting older stock, but whatever, I’m used to Singapore lagging behind lol.

I bought the Blurring Powder Pearls, Gentle Lip gloss, a top coat (mine’s running out) a nail polish, and a mint eyeshadow with gold (that I’ve been wanting for agesssssss.)

For 5 items, the total was $32, which is an INSANE steal. Catrice is one of the cheapest make up brands in Singapore, after Essence, their sister company.

The item that drew me in was obviously The Ballz. If you recall, last December I was lusting after these Guerlain Meteorites Perles des Neiges…


And I’m still utterly enchanted.

I was like 95% sure I’ll end up buying them. However, when I was near a Guerlain counter one day, I went to take a look and swatched them. HOLY SHIT were they glittery, there was literally chunky glitter up and down my arm. When I went out into the daylight, my arm was like Edward Cullen. No, no, no.

Luckily, these balls are MUCH less glittery. And for $8 instead of $112, they are very satisfying. Also, how AWESOME is the packaging for EIGHT DOLLARS?

I don’t have a swatch today, but I will get one as well as a performance of it on my face.

Suffice to say, I find that it’s slightly shimmery, but not highlighter territory. It’s completely acceptable as an all over face powder, it doesn’t look like you fell into a vat of glitter. You can also use it as a subtle highlighter on cheekbones, but nothing near to strobing here. It’s absolutely lovely and I will have to put up pictures documenting it soon.

I won’t be opening up the lipgloss yet until I’ve finished up a couple (which should be soon, because I slather on lip gloss like no one’s business in the office, the air is SO dry.) I have a sheer cream gloss that I’ve been topping over nearly any lipstick, and it’s going to be running otu soon. I read that it has a buttercream flavour, and it was $6 and it looks SO PRETTY. Yay!

Now, onto nail polish:

Other than that, here’s a swatch of the nail polish (I can’t remember which colour is mine…)


This is after 3 days of wear. You can see some slight tip wear especially on the index.

The colour of this polish is gorgeous. It’s a greyed out lilac, very nude, but very interesting. If you notice, all the Luxury Nude polishes have a slight duochrome thing going on. You can’t actually see much of the duochrome shimmer, but it adds a nice glow to the colour. It’s not a cream, but definitely not shimmery, so maybe a satin kind of polish. It reminds me of MAC Vex, which is why I bought it, lol.

Formula wise, it’s on the thick side. I find that it doesn’t layer very well, so I prefer applying 1 thick coat over several thin coats. It’s nearly opaque in 1 coat, to be frank, so that’s a plus. Not the easiest polish to apply, but decent.


Now, a review of the Quick Dry and High Shine top coat. I bought it because of the speed drying factor, I hate waiting for polish to dry. It’s a very thin top coat, very watery. It’s very easy to apply.

I find that it doesn’t give a very shiny finish due to the very thin nature of the top coat. I had to add 2 coats of top coat, actually, to get the level of gloss I wanted. It’s not really a problem because it dries at TOP SPEED, within 30 seconds it’s more or less dry.

As for longevity, I’ve recently been wearing all my polishes for around 1 week. There is more wear than I’m used to on the 3rd day, but I’ve been harder on my nails this week because I’ve been doing a bit more housework than recent weeks so I’m not sure it’s a fair comparison. Overall it wears well, but probably not the best at keeping wear. There are no chips though so it’s a good thing.

Overall, I think the top coat is worth it because it’s so easy and foolproof to apply and it dries like a dream, no more weird dents on your top coat!!! Plus it’s dirt cheap. I will be testing it out more extensively with other polishes as well, since it’s my only top coat.


I don’t have swatches of the eyeshadow yet either, so hopefully I’ll be updating with it soon!


Do check out Catrice! They have some real gems, and are so cheap 🙂

My favourite Nail polish Ever!

Seriously, this is my favourite nail polish EVER.



It’s Revlon Wintermint. I got it in a set of 3 for $12. WHAAAT. I’ve wanted this polish for like 2 years because it’s so pretty, but I’ve waited on it because I don’t particularly love polish and I was waiting for a good deal. Then a good deal came along. I also like the other 2 colours, but we’re not going to care about them today.

I’ve talked about the Revlon Parfumerie series before. They’re a bit more expensive than regular polishes, because they come in a variety of scents to match their colours. I’ve tried Apricot Nectar before and liked it.



This is 2 coats with a top coat. My top coat is sad and dying, so it didn’t have much effect anyways. It’s easy to apply with a good dispersion of glitter throughout (I didnt pay any attention to where it landed, and it all landed okay.) 2 coats is enough to give a more or less opaque application. It also dries pretty fast, no fussy application here.

It’s supposed to smell like mint, but frankly it wasn’t very strong to me. Maybe it was because my hands were smelling like polish remover. Next time I apply it I will make sure my hands smell of nothing. Anyway I don’t really like mints, I bought it for the colour.

The longevity is really, really good. I did use a topcoat (when I don’t always do with normal polishes) but like I said, my topcoat is running out and I could only get the teeniest bit on each nail. It lasted over a week on me with minimal wear. I only had significant wear on my index fingers (which do the most shit, so it’s natural.) If I touched up the index fingers, I think I could squeeze 2 weeks out of one mani.

(The pictures are of the 3rd day thereabouts if I’m not wrong, which explains the slight wear.)

I think it goes gorgeously with my skintone. (Don’t my hands look yellow?!) The minty green has always been my favourite kind of shade. Although it is cooltoned,  there is gold shimmer in the polish, which warms it up enough to complement my skin. This is exactly my favourite eyeshadow colour ever (the minty green with gold shimmer in Chanel Nymphea) only with green glitter bits.

It’s nice and pale enough to look neutral, while being completely unboring and pretty elegant.

This is my absolute favourite nail polish ever. And since I’m not a polish fanatic, when I say it I absolutely mean it. There is no other nail colour that will have as special a place in my heart as this. It currently sits on top of my bed headrest so that I can stare loving at it every morning and night.

Nail Polish Applique Strips review: Incoco

DISCLAIMER: I found these free, from one of the tenants that vacated an apartment a long, long time back. Like maybe 3 years ago kind of long. I’m sure these are basically expired by now, but since it’s nail polish, I don’t really mind.


Incoco is a brand that exclusively does nail wrap stuff. They have lots of lovely designs on their online store. Their extensive collections include single colours, designs as well as french tips.

First off, a big disclaimer about cost. These are obviously one use, or close to one use items. I hate using up things that I can count with my fingers (other objects include Q-tips, cotton pads and wipes) so these don’t jam with my neuroses. Nail polish appliques are also notoriously expensive: Incoco brand ones are around $8 USD per pack. You probably get more bang for your buck (and happiness level) buying individual nail polish bottles.

I am not really into nails, but since I had so many packs of these things lying around I felt like I had to try them out. Many people tried to make these kind of applique strips A Thing a couple of years back but it never really took off, at least in Singapore.

These are real nail polish: from the reviews I read, the brands that use real polish strips have great wear and application, while the brands that don’t (for example, they use vinyl) are generally shitty.

Mine is a deep wine red, Red Velvet. I also have another generally dated kind of dark mauve-rose, Tea Rose.


Mine may be a very old package, so they have changed it, but they included literally everything you need ever to do your nails. Mini nailfile/buffer and cuticle stick included. Even a silver tape to reseal your polishes in case you wanted to store them after opening. Even a mini polish removal cloth. EVERYTHING! I don’t even own a single cuticle stick or a buffer beyond the free hotel ones I get, so it was good for me, although you may find it very excessive. The new ones don’t mention these all in one package, so I guess they changed it.

Let’s talk application. I’m a nail polish noob, so I frequently have problems with cream polishes. I also don’t know the first thing about nail wraps, but the instructions were very easy to follow. I took a couple of tries to figure out which was the sticky side (it’s the side that was peeled off the base, like a scotch tape) but once I did that, and figured out the best sizes for each nail, it was a total breeze. You will most likely screw the first nail up though.


The results are quite good! The polish definitely looks wayyyy better than if I tried to applied it, although the index finger always gives me problems (due to the size not matching up.) The rest of the fingers are okay.

This is my second time using these. The first time I used Tea Rose. I have to say that this application was not as foolproof as the first time which I literally did in 5 minutes and lasted for 1 week until I got bored and removed them. I have quite a lot of chips on my nails right now. It could be because my wraps are pretty old, so they may not have as good adherence, or perhaps I went to do a lot of shit after I applied them, or maybe because I was quite sleepy and didn’t apply them very well. The first time I did it though it lasted AGES and was so easy.


  • Super easy. I finished a full set of hands in 5 minutes and it looks really professional and pretty indeed.
  • Perfect cream finish without all the struggling.
  • You don’t need any extra materials. Even without all the fancy stuff, you don’t actually need to trim your cuticles or buff your nails or anything, although that makes it prettier. Just like stick those on and go.
  • You have time to adjust and redo any nails that might need it
  • Lots of gorgeous colours and designs
  • Great for accents, for just 1 or 2 fingers on a hand.


  • Expensive!!
  • One use: I hate the waste of all the other strips and the bits you have to peel off
  • Does not work well on nails that are deeply encased in flesh, your nail edge has to be sticking out somewhat to be able to properly adhere the polish to the edges

I think these are actually quite lovely (assuming the 2nd application is not the norm…) and I wouldn’t mind buying more, in fancy designs. Although they are expensive for individual manis, they can be fantastic as accents (and much cheaper.) This set comes with a french tip pack, but frankly I have no idea how to use it, so I also don’t know how you’re supposed to use the french tip sets that they’re selling. Still, I think that these are fun and cute, and though I wouldn’t necessarily depend on them for regular manis I think they’re worth a try!

Nails dump

I am not big on nails, you hardly see me mention nails like ever. My nails are almost always painted, especially now when I need pretty hands for jewellery and the like, but I am the opposite of an addict.

I also don’t paint my polishes very nicely, because I’m human, I can’t sit still, and I type a lot, and peel my lips a lot, etc.

All my polishes are cheap, random brands. I’m much too cheap to spend on name brands like OPI, etc. My couple of OPI shades were minis and like $2 each. I find that many random brand polishes can be very nice.

I own nudes/near nudes in a few different shades (lilac, champagne, pale pink, grey, etc) that I use the most. These are shades that look ‘neutral’ enough to let me wear the hell out of them, have huge chips in them and still look vaguely passable. I love my nude shades, they let me be the lazy fuck I am.

Catrice Lilactric in the picture.

I have a few shades in non-nude colours, like Tiffany Blue, red, and other generally more muted and tasteful colours.

I used to love glitter nail polish, but it is a bitch to remove, and I’ve grown up. Some of the more tasteful, smaller glitter or shimmer-and-glitter polishes I still use, but I’ve stopped using those with huge glitter bits. I’ve just discovered how to do a sandwich mani of sorts, which allows me to play with my glitter polishes a little bit.

That’s all the nail pics I’ve took for now. I actually quite like this, I’ll probably take more nail pics in the future until I exhaust my nail polish collection (which is like 10 bottles and maybe 6 minis, a comparatively small stash.) I also don’t buy new nail polish.

July Favourites

1. Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover

Holy crap this stuff is amazing. I’ve been doing my nails regularly now (mostly at nights after baby sleeps, and quite messily because like, I’m human yo.) I will drivel about my very small and non-growing collection of nail polish another day, but THIS IS AMAZING. I only used the tiniest bit and all my nail polish disappeared in a couple of seconds. It’s CRAZY FAST. I was using a Sally Hansen remover before (also acetone based) and it is nowhere as fast and convenient. Still, I’m not sure it’s worth $9.50USD (sure to be marked up a lot more locally) for 75ml, although it probably lasts a long time. Mine was a sample from a Sephora nail polish event a long, long time back. Sally Hansen only costs ~$6SGD a huge bottle locally. Another to note is that this stinks like fuck. My eyes were nearly watering and remember I am impervious to 95% of stuff. I had to hold my breath removing the remnants of my chipped polish, but it wasn’t too difficult because did I mention how fast it works?

2. Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Polish in Apricot Nectar

from K.SKY beauty, because cream polishes look too shitty on me to swatch.

This is a cream polish. Cream polishes and I do not get along well together. This was a new nail polish purchase, because it was $3 (secondhand), yo, and I always wanted to try out these scented stuff. Although I absolutely suck at cream polish application (I’m slow, messy,can’t get even coats, etc) reviews I’ve read claim that it applies just fine, and is opaque in 2 coats. It took a long time to dry on me, because well, I can’t/won’t sit still, and it kind of fucked up before drying up. It does wear quite well after actually drying fully. Still, this made it into my favourites list, for one reason only: it smells like HEAVEN when you are applying it. I didn’t even originally like this scent, because it’s really artificially fruity and like gummy candy, which is not something I really like in a fragrance. But when you are applying it, and it dries, and the scent kind of wafts around you and dissipates…. wow, I wish that all polishes were scented now. This alone bumps it into my favourites list, I’m serious.

3. BCL Brow Lash Ex Perfect Eyeliner and Mascara

IMG_1685I hate how Japanese cosmetics have such long complex names. I have a pretty in depth review coming, but for now, read my feverish, rambly post.

4. Cargo Cosmetics Blush in Barbary Coast


Reviewed a super long time back, but has been my go-to neutral daily blush. A soft beigey, slightly pink, it’s very natural, slightly sheeny and pretty, and brainless to use. Too bad it’s discontinued.

5. Buxom Full Bodied lipstick in Centerfold

Unfortunately only available in the Serial Kisser set as a mini. It’s a gorgeous pink mauve that is my-lips-but-slightly-mauve, with an absolutely gorgeous formula that is very similar to Guerlain Rouge Gs, without the stupid violet scent (yay!) and at a much more affordable price. Full coverage, glides over lip imperfections, soft sheen. Probably my favourite lipstick formula ever.