FOTD: Aggressively pink

I’m really feeling the pink and reds recently.

I did this look one day, and was SO happy with it I did an even more amped up version on the next day. I almost NEVER wear the same look two days in a row, so you can tell I REALLY like it. I wore this on a Friday with no comments from my colleagues… they’re probably used to me doing crazy shit on Fridays by now.

Left to right: Clio Gelpresso Gel liner in Bloody Devil, a lovely maroon/burgundy, my standard crease/transition shade, which is some Sleek shadow that I depotted (nearly invisible on my skin), the deepest berry shade (2nd from right, top row) of Newtrals vs Neutrals, Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Silk Intense in #7 (my fave!!), #8 and #11.

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2016 Roundup

Here is a quick, late and requisite round up post of 2016


Worst beauty related:

  1. Hormonal acne: seriously ain’t this a bitch. I used to have perrrrfect, clear, porcelain skin with the OCCASIONAL whitehead, like once a month. Nowadays, around my period I get deep cystic painful acne, thankfully only on the chin area while the rest of my face stays blissfully porcelain smooth like the olden days. Many days I’m like ‘damn, am I blessed with good skin THANK GOD except those bloody things on my chin.’ I’ve been trying to fight it with AHA and BHA, and Vit C to lighten the scars, but truthfully I don’t think there’s much you can do about hormonal acne except with serious medication like Tretinoin or maybe an IUD? I’m going to go hardcore with retinoids soon.
  2. I think that’s it. I must be ultra forgiving or something because I really can’t think of anything else terrible. Maybe the fact that my office air is dry as fuck and it really dries my skin out? Not to the extent that it’s itchy or tight, but my foundation always looks a bit cakey and dry at the end of the day, whereas normally if I head out of the office, at the end of the day I’m always pleasantly dewy.

Best beauty related:

  1. Bimatoprost. Seriously don’t know why I took so damn long to start using this. This stuff is awesome and I will keep using it as long as I can get my hands on it. I’m actually bothering to wear mascara and eye makeup everyday because I’m so in love with my lashes.  My brows too. I used to almost never leave the house without drawing in my brows (okay, and undereye concealer) at the bare minimum, but now I can actually leave the house fully barefaced because my brows are awesome.
  2. Koh Gen Do Aqua foundation in 213: Firstly, this shit is GREEN. Super, super green. And somehow, despite it looking suuuuuper pale, it doesn’t look ashy/weird on my skin, maybe cos it finally matches my undertones. I do have to mix in a little bit of my darkening mixer, but just a touch, much less than I would have thought. And though I still love my Armani Lasting Silk for sheer perfection and pore erasing, this dries out my skin with prolonged wear less, and looks kinder on flaky spots that I occasionally have. I think of Koh Gen Do as my foundation for looking nice and put together for day. My Armani is for looking grown up and glam during night time. I still love both, and probably after my current dark mixer is used up I’ll go for Luminous Silk in 6 to get more of the Armani goodness with the kindness of the KGD.
  3. Life’s Entropy liquid illuminators: (Review here) I’ve had 2, the funky colour shifting ones, Nebula and Celestial. I’ve used one up (I can never remember which is which…) but both were absolutely mindblowingly beautiful. They last the whole day on my skin, and give a beautiful ethereal purple/pink sheen on my cheekbones. I feel like I’m in a science fiction/K Pop world. I’m nearing the end of my 2nd sample, and I only imagine that a full size would last just about forever. I wish they came in even more colours like green or blue or whatever.

Non beauty goals for 2017:

  1. Keep up the regular exercise schedule of minimum 2-3x a week, My current rule is if I get home before 8pm I definitely must run, before 9pm I should try to run unless I’m dead tired. This was due to the fact that I’ve been going home late very frequently for the past 3 months, and I foresee that not happening that much in the future, which means exercise 4-5x a week, hopefully. Anyway even if I don’t manage to exercise in the week, I always run and do strength building on both Saturdays and Sundays. I’m very happy with my progress, weight and fat loss, although sometimes I do eat a little too much on happy days. So I definitely want to keep this up.
  2. Make more friends and go out more. I’m pretty introverted (despite not seeming so) and I like to spend weekends alone at home, but I think I should develop my social life just a little bit more this year.

Beauty goals for 2017:

  1. Have 30 empties. This is difficult for me because I use up products very, very slowly and I generally try to squeeze every last bit out of every last product. I jacked up my goal a little because I do have a few sample sizes that would be easy to finish.
  2. Keep to a fun budget of $100/month. For Christmas I contributed a fair bit of department present giving and all, so it wasn’t too great for my wallet. For next year, all my meals out/movies/clothes/beauty buying shouldn’t exceed $100 a month. I don’t think I need to replace many staples next year, only mascara and face primer. The main things I’m interested in getting next year are skincare from The Ordinary (but I realized for Singapore, they mark up their prices significantly, so it’s far cheaper if you buy from Victoria Health, even with shipping factored in.) The Ordinary doesn’t have moisturizers, so I would still need to buy my moisturizers [affiliate] and cleansers [affiliate] from CosRX on Qoo10. Make up… only lusting after Besame, really. And possibly Life’s Entropy, especially if they re-release their eyebrow gel again.
  3. Solve my skin issues. I need to pick at my skin less, and I’ll be attacking it with retinoids and etc. If it doesn’t get better in 2017, I’ll find a dermatologist in 2018, but I hope I don’t have to.
  4. Drink loadssss of water. I have definitely improved since my younger days but definitely I’m still drinking way less than is good. Hope fully this helps my skin issues too.

Brand Feature: Besame Cosmetics

I have loved Besame Cosmetics for a long time.

As you should know, I have a very vintage soul. Even though I don’t dress all pin-up, or even vintage all the time (I like my variety yo) I do love the vintage aesthetic. Lots and lots and lots of red lips. Pin curls (PIN CURLS!!!!) blunt bangs, polka dots and A line dresses. All the things I love 🙂

(I even do Chinese Vintage, look at the exhibit below:)


So it’s no surprise that Besame really spoke to me. The entire brand is about vintage beauty and glamour.


Besame is best known for their extensive collection of recreated historical shades of red lipstick. For example, there is 1930 Noir Red, which is a very dark, blackened red like what the flapper girls used to wear in the Pre depression era (or what I call the Great Gatsby era.) There’s 1941 Victory Red, where women were encouraged to wear red lipstick to lift the spirits. (YES, RED LIPSTICK DOES WONDERS FOR YOUR SPIRIT!) There’s also 1959 Red Hot Red, which is Marilyn Monroe’s shade.

My favourite is 1946 Red Velvet, because it is the Agent Carter lipstick shade. Behold:



Although I have to admit, I’m more comfortable with bright reds than dark reds, and Red Velvet looks a little dark to me. Idk, I’m still getting it 😀

Just in case RED EVERYDAY is not your thing (and I definitely can’t wear red everyday) there is 1969 Dusty Rose, which looks to be a wearable everyday mauve. And another I’ve been very interested for some reason is 1970 Chocolate Kiss, which I guess is the first brown lipstick I’ve been obsessed over? There’s also a small selection of glosses (described at thick but not sticky, my favourite kind!) and lipliners.

Besame also has a small selection of face products. They used to make these FREAKING GORGEOUS vintage compacts.


Which aren’t available right now, but they may make more batches in the future. HOW PRETTY IS THAT COMPACT.

They have this Vanilla brightening powder though, and I’m sold at the first word. VANILLA!!!! SCENTED POWDER! I would slather myself in vanilla everything if I could. Unfortunately I think I have enough powder to last me for the next 5 years.

Recently they released a new line of blushes, in 4 colours. My favourite is Raspberry, because PURPLE BLUSH. There isn’t any review I can find of it yet, but they look like a gorgeous flush of satin colour.

Besame also has a couple of mascaras, but I am not interested in them because my wimpy Asian lashes need hardcore Japanese mascaras. Anything less won’t do 😦

My current cart for Besame is very long:

  1. 1946 Red Velvet (for sure!)
  2. 1970 Chocolate Kiss
  3. Raspberry Delicate Rouge
  4. Vanilla Brightening powder
  5. Caramel Sweetheart Glaze (because it looks semi-opaque and CARAMEL FLAVOUR GLOSS!)

Besame is not the cheapest brand out there. The pricing is on par with mid-range brands like Urban Decay, which makes me weep a little. Their lipsticks have fantastic reviews, but I’m not that sure about the rest of the products. I really love the marketing and image of Besame, and not being able to buy directly from the site is pretty frustrating. If you’re in Singapore, you can order off BeautyBay. [I have not ordered from them before, please do so at your own risk.] They only have a small selection and the Red Velvet lipstick always sells out a few days after each restock. I know because I stalk that page a lot. 😀 But the price is very fair and there is free shipping at a very low minimum.

I would still like to buy directly from the Besame website because you know, ALL MY OTHER STUFF.

By the end of the year I would have laid my hands on some Besame stuff, by hook or by crook, and I will be reviewing them 😀

Monthly Makeup Report: May

Here’s a lowdown of my make up doings this month!


In April, GeekChic was selling off the last of their Pie Hole collection solid-perfumes-in-lipbalm-tubes, and it was being discontinued and on sale. Since I LOVE Pushing Daisies, which it is based on, I bought the whole lot of them. I’ve been eyeing them since last year actually but never pulled the trigger. I used some extra balance I had in my paypal, and I sent them to an aunt who lives in the US who very kindly sent them to me at no additional cost (although additional postage to Singapore was only $1.15 USD!!) They cost about $16 USD with shipping within US, but I paid with balance I had in paypal.


For these two months I actually only bought 1 thing, which is the Zoeva Rose Golden palette. I’ve been eyeing this for months too, and I found someone destashing theirs, so I grabbed it at $21, for $5 cheaper than what I would have paid from the retailer I was planning to buy it from. I’ve used it a few times, and I’m glad to say that I like it very much.

Total expenditure: $21



Newtrals vs Neutrals

I’ve been lemming lots of things though, chiefly the Newtrals vs Neutrals palette from Make up Revolution.

credits to

I’ve already tried to dupe this colour scheme with my existing palette. The bottom row is fairly dupeable (it’s supposedly a selection of Naked 3 esque colours) but the top row is very undupeable. I have nothing so red and peachy and bright yet semi neutral esque.

Bubble Tea Sleeping Packs

Etude House released a new skincare item, that I found out about through Haodoyoungo. While I am skeptical about the efficacy of Etude House’s skincare and would rather stick to my tried and tested COSRX and skincare from ‘boring’ brands, this is CUTE BEYOND BELIEF.


BLACK BUBBLE TEA!!! I seriously love black tea and I LOVE bubble tea. I just drink it very little because the amount of milk and sugar doesn’t really agree with me, and it’s really expensive for just sugared and milked tea. And eh I’m not really lemming over this but it’s such an ADORABLE novelty skincare item. I may get this when I run out of moisturizer or can find a good deal or something.

Life’s Entropy Immortal Jellyfish


Holy shit just look at it. ORANGE GOLD GOODNESS. I will definitely pick this up the next time I order from Life’s Entropy, which may not be for awhile, because their Brow Theory seriously lasts goddamn forever. I’m still on my first tiny little sample 😦

Make up mood

For awhile I did a bare minimum of make up, due to problems at work and me wanting to be taken more seriously. Now, I’m in a mood to experiment with make up. I mainly want to use more of my cream shadows before they expire.

I also feel more experimental, which ended up with this:


Sorry the lighting is kind of crap, but THERE IS BLUE ON MY LOWER LASH LINE! It’s like the first time I’ve done it after very long. There’s also a crapton of black shadow in a very messy smoked liner. And I don’t think you can see it but I’m actually wearing false lashes too!!! This was a fun grunge ‘cool-girl’ look to do.

FOTD: Chanel Nymphea

I did a nice look with Chanel Nymphea the other day so I’d thought I’d share!

Chanel’s style in general is very soft and elegant, and Nymphea is the epitome of that. I did a very soft, pretty pastel look. It’s possible to go for a smokier look by going more heavily on the brown, but not by much.

It looks a teeny bit washed out on camera and at night, but for daytime it’s really nice! It’s my favourite palette by far.




And here’s the full face:


It’s a great palette for travel because it’s versatile, neutral yet with a twist.

The Power of Makeup

This is for a project on r/MakeupRehab!

This is me literally just out of bed, in my PJs. I have nice featurers and nice skin, just a small zit on my chin and a fucking mosquito bite on my cheek. FUCKING mosquito.

(I’ve also got really chubby recently I think :((( TIME TO WORK OUT AND EAT LESS)


This is with base and the essentials done, like foundation and concealer, brows, I think some blush. I think I got eyeshadow and mascara done too but I’m going to work so I can’t exactly do something dramatic. Still haven’t fixed the hair.



Realized I forgot lipstick previously – I hadn’t eaten breakfast and I usually apply lipstick afterwards. Also added some finishing touches like highlighter and finishing powder.



What do you think?

PS. If I did liner or smoky eyes my eyes would look HUGE. Like, sometimes creepily huge.


August Favourites

Omg this is so late since I totally forgot about this post.

  1. Life’s Entropy Lip Theory in Catalyst:

Photo 21-8-15 3 03 42 pm

I FEEL PRETTY, I’M SO PRETTY, I’M HAPPY, AND PRETTY, AND GAY! This is the ‘nude’ I’ve been looking for my ENTIRE LIFE I SWEAR. Very verbose review on lip theories and my favourite colour ever catalyst here.

2. Non-make up related, but Lana del Rey’s High by the Beach. I WORSHIP Lana del Rey. The video is kinda campy, and I’m totally not for getting high, but I LOVE this song. New album has been released, GIMME GIMME. Her falsies are always FIERCE too.

3. Benzac AC 5

(Disclaimer: my tube is a free consumer sample.) I had a hugeass stye aka pimple on eyelid. I am actually quite prone to getting these: I’ve had at least 10 that I can remember over the course of my teenage years, and 3 within a couple of months only a few years ago. I’m not sure why I get these comparatively often when I don’t have much acne at all. I’m quite sure my eye hygiene is not significantly worse than other people. Anyway, it hurt like hell, and I have no way of dealing with it, so I decided to risk it by applying Benzac on my eyelid very sparingly. It made it feel better almost immediately and did not irritate my eyes, dry out my skin or travel from where I applied it, and my stye was gone in 3 days.) I also use this as an emergency pimple saver. It’s not a very exciting product I’m bumping it up to favourites because of what it did for my stye. It dries transparent and it isn’t irritating/drying to my (admittedly, rhino-hide tough) skin, so it’s definitely better than the BPs of my youth.

4. Colourpop Monster Highlighter

Technically a ‘pearlized Super Shock Cheek.’ I love it, it has great lasting power and can be built up to a crazy sheen. It’s also reasonably cheap. Colourpop is not my favourite company but these are good.

5. Alcina Bronzer/ Sun Kiss Powder in Light (I think)

A BRONZER? IN MY FAVOURITES LIST? It’s not too orange (see my review here) and I’m so yellow it doesn’t really matter. Of course it’s not a believable coutour in the true sense of contouring. I used it when I brought my kiddy to the zoo and needed a light-makeup look that would still look good after melting off in the heat and humidity. In addition to my liquid-shadow I also used this bronzer. Now I kinda get why people use bronzer if they’re going to be outdoors all day. It’s a nice look and a really great formula but I’m still not going to use it everyday.

Make up Explosion: The Travel Edition

I found out on my recent trip that my cosmetic bag EXPLODED, in a particularly spectacular way.

My NYX HD Eyeshadow Base, which I’ve lost once before and liked enough to repurchase, exploded. Look below:

Photo 11-8-15 10 56 20 am

Oh the horror!

Luckily, nothing much was actually damaged although everything was covered in primer. I had a bitch of a time washing it out of my blush brush. I had to wipe down everything else too.

Photo 11-8-15 11 01 49 am

Here are the items that were damaged. All of them were either old or cheap. NYX Taupe was a beloved staple that I was sad about losing, but the pan was salvageable (only a small amount was lost) so it’s now sitting on top of my vanity and not going anywhere. The LA Girl palette is a mindclusterfuck palette filled with unusable colours, that I’ve had for a long time and just try to use up. The white liner was from Maybelline, old and with an atrocious texture, so I will just use it up quickly and get a new one. The Chanel is a 3 year old foundation that refuses to run out no matter how liberally I use it. The eyelash curler was sad: this particular one was really cheap and semi-pinched my lids but it curled SUPER WELL. Sobs. Everything except the curler was salvageable.

July Favourites

1. Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover

Holy crap this stuff is amazing. I’ve been doing my nails regularly now (mostly at nights after baby sleeps, and quite messily because like, I’m human yo.) I will drivel about my very small and non-growing collection of nail polish another day, but THIS IS AMAZING. I only used the tiniest bit and all my nail polish disappeared in a couple of seconds. It’s CRAZY FAST. I was using a Sally Hansen remover before (also acetone based) and it is nowhere as fast and convenient. Still, I’m not sure it’s worth $9.50USD (sure to be marked up a lot more locally) for 75ml, although it probably lasts a long time. Mine was a sample from a Sephora nail polish event a long, long time back. Sally Hansen only costs ~$6SGD a huge bottle locally. Another to note is that this stinks like fuck. My eyes were nearly watering and remember I am impervious to 95% of stuff. I had to hold my breath removing the remnants of my chipped polish, but it wasn’t too difficult because did I mention how fast it works?

2. Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Polish in Apricot Nectar

from K.SKY beauty, because cream polishes look too shitty on me to swatch.

This is a cream polish. Cream polishes and I do not get along well together. This was a new nail polish purchase, because it was $3 (secondhand), yo, and I always wanted to try out these scented stuff. Although I absolutely suck at cream polish application (I’m slow, messy,can’t get even coats, etc) reviews I’ve read claim that it applies just fine, and is opaque in 2 coats. It took a long time to dry on me, because well, I can’t/won’t sit still, and it kind of fucked up before drying up. It does wear quite well after actually drying fully. Still, this made it into my favourites list, for one reason only: it smells like HEAVEN when you are applying it. I didn’t even originally like this scent, because it’s really artificially fruity and like gummy candy, which is not something I really like in a fragrance. But when you are applying it, and it dries, and the scent kind of wafts around you and dissipates…. wow, I wish that all polishes were scented now. This alone bumps it into my favourites list, I’m serious.

3. BCL Brow Lash Ex Perfect Eyeliner and Mascara

IMG_1685I hate how Japanese cosmetics have such long complex names. I have a pretty in depth review coming, but for now, read my feverish, rambly post.

4. Cargo Cosmetics Blush in Barbary Coast


Reviewed a super long time back, but has been my go-to neutral daily blush. A soft beigey, slightly pink, it’s very natural, slightly sheeny and pretty, and brainless to use. Too bad it’s discontinued.

5. Buxom Full Bodied lipstick in Centerfold

Unfortunately only available in the Serial Kisser set as a mini. It’s a gorgeous pink mauve that is my-lips-but-slightly-mauve, with an absolutely gorgeous formula that is very similar to Guerlain Rouge Gs, without the stupid violet scent (yay!) and at a much more affordable price. Full coverage, glides over lip imperfections, soft sheen. Probably my favourite lipstick formula ever.