Lipstick Review: ZA Pure Shine Lips in OR3 Apricot Nectar


First off, I don’t believe in orange. I had a orangey coral lipstick by Kiko previously, the formula which I loved but looked horrid on me.

I got this Za Pure Shine Lips lipstick in OR3 Apricot Nectar as a gift at an event, and I didn’t even want to try it on at first, such was the trauma of the Kiko lipstick that I gladly traded off.

Just as a background, Za is by Japanese cosmetics giant Shiseido, usually made in Taiwan (and oodles cheaper there, of course) and is basically your average Japanese drugstore level product. Many people have said many good things about Za, but I’ve never personally owned anything from them.



It has obviously been used a lot and I’ve only got it for a few weeks!



As you can see it’s a pretty shade of nude-peachy orange on my rather pigmented lips. I actually like wearing it in place of lipbalm because it is the first and so far only lip product that is actually hydrating (versus drying or normal) for my terrible, terrible lips. And also because I don’t actually have lipbalm, I only have Vaseline lip treatment which is basically a lot of petrolatum. I wear this practically everyday for just that swipe of sheer glossy colour which still makes me look like I’m not wearing (much) make up.


It’s like a nudey lip colour, except it’s not nude! That’s the best I can describe it as. It’s just a bit glossy too but not crazily so. There are glittery bits inside the lipstick but they’re not very visible/feelable on the lips. But I guess if you’re really going for the super un-madeup-I-rolled-out-of-bed-gorgeous look the glitter doesn’t make it happen.

(I left my pretty blue wallet inside because although it has no relevance it looks so pretty there~!)

Swatched twice on left, once on right, because only after i did the first swatch did I realise that it is not smart to swatch lipstick onto your veins. Colour is slightly buildable but not by much. I don’t know about the prismatic red pigment that Za is claiming, but it doesn’t matter because the lipstick basically functions like tinted lipbalm with more colour. Except maybe better because there’s no mentholatum or rubbish inside which dries out my lips.

I like the formula much more than I expected (normally I turn my nose up at sheer lipsticks, purlease) but i wonder if I like the colour only because I haven’t tried out the others. Maybe something from the red/pink range would be even more my cup of tea.

Pigmentation: Lousy, but it’s supposed to be, because it’s a sheer lipstick. So no faults given here. I actually like the translucency of it that let’s the natural lip colour show through.

Longevity: Ah, this. Clearly something so sheer and moisturizing is not going to stick around for very long. I usually eat it up with my lunch/tea/etc. Without eating/drinking I think it can last 3-4 hours though, but it definitely fails at the meal obstacle.

Scent/other properties: None whatsoever! At least, not to me. Also, super moisturizing. My lips are crying in joy! BUT, for all the subtleness of the glitter, sometimes I find bits of glitter around my lips.

Price: I believe it retails for SGD17.90 or so in Watsons and miscellaneous drugstores, which is around 10 more dollars than I would pay for something so sheer, because. If you don’t mind though, by all means. It’s normal priced by Singapore drugstore standards, it’s just that I am extremely cheap when it comes to such sheer lippies (and why pay so much for something you’re gonna reapply like crazy?) Thankfully, if you’re in Singapore, I have seen many people selling them around 5-10SGD on my favourite online flea market Carousell.

I would probably think about repurchasing this in a different colour (maybe a pink or a red) when I’m done with mine. Thumbs up! I am completely unable to find this online for purchase though, either on Ebay or Amazon, so your only option is to go to somewhere which sells Za stuff.



I went to look at them in the drugstore recently, and you can see from their official site here that they have changed their packaging and colour naming. ALSO, from my swatching, I also determined that THEY HAVE CHANGED THE FORMULA. It’s no longer translucent, it seems to be more lipstick-y than before. I ISH SAD. I will revisit the drugstore to confirm this though.


I have determined that the colour I revied, Apricot Nectar, essentially stayed the same. HOWEVER, it would appear that the consistency of other colours ARE NOT. I think it’s somewhat similar to the Revlon Lip Butters where some of them feel like moisturizing lipsticks while some feel more like sheer transparent balms. So, the conclusion is, GET SWATCHING!


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