Note: Temporary Hiatus

My domestic helper has gone back to her home country for a couple of weeks and I have no help with the offspring, so it has been tough for me lately. I’ve been on a long leave the past few days so it wasn’t too bad, but I’ve got some personal things to sort out and I’m going back to work on Thursday, so horrors, seriously. Things will probably be worse next year, but ah well. Can you tell I’m not quite in a mood to do make up? Especially since my HG mascara is gone…

If you’ve noticed (or not), I have been posting pretty regularly on Tuesday and Friday for the past few months. I do have some stuff written up and nearly finished, so I will try to polish them up a bit and post them. But until June maybe, I may not be posting so much.

Hope the couple of regular readers I have enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy occasionally writing down my thoughts!

Sample Rundown: I don’t get many samples

  1. Innisfree Green Tea Seed serum:


I didn’t like the Enriched Orchid Cream (review), from another Innisfree line, so I didn’t have that high hopes. Seriously, all Innisfree products are insanely fragranced. Maybe I’m just used to CosRX’s non fragranced stuff, but holy shit this fragrance is so strong. It’s not unpleasant, but I don’t want to put perfume on my face

It does seem reasonably effective – my skin seemed a lot smoother and nicer when I was using it, but I was using it when my skincare routine was barebones with only the Galactomyces essence (which tells you how long I’ve been writing this post…) I didn’t try it for very long, of course. 2 sample sachets lasted me about 3 days with day and night use, but it did seem quite nice. It’s rather slippery and siliconey but it did seem to have lasting hydration effects, which is definitely more than I can say about the Orchid cream. It’s also fairly affordable – you can buy it here [affiliate] for $43,90 for TWO 80ml bottles, or $23,90 for one, which seems like a pretty good deal to me for a ton of serum! I would consider this if my hands ever felt an itching to try new serums.

2. Innisfree Green Tea Seed cream:


Holy shit this is so fragranced. After being used to CosRX’s very nicely unfragranced Rice Mask, this is a bit overpowering. It is also super siliconey, and pills up a bit if I’ve applied too much stuff underneath. I don’t find that it moisturizes that well either. At least it didn’t give me a film on my face like the horrible Orchid cream. Overall, a solid meh. Just in case you still want to buy it, you can find it here for $21.90 plus shipping. Personally, I would recommend the CosRX masks as moisturizer instead.

3. Dr Belmeur Daily Repair Foam Cleanser


This was also super fragranced, which was not great, but it was quite low foaming, which was good. I feel like it cleansed my skin well without leaving residue, but also not leaving it tight. However I did get a couple of rather deep pimples in the couple of days I was using this wash – not sure if it was entirely due to this wash, or just three consecutive 12 hour work days and the wrong time of the month. I think the whole Dr Belmeur line is very cute (reminds me of like, Dutch milkmaids, but one whose a practicing doctor? Idk) but The Face Shop has a long history of meh skincare products, so…. It’s available for $11.89 from my bae Roseroseshop which I buy all my Korean shit from, not too bad a product to try out.

4. Danahan Silky Radiance BB Cream in 23


If Sulwhasoo was the queen of traditional Korean skincare, Danahan must be one of the imperial consorts, assuming Korean royal court worked like all the Chinese ones in the dramas I watched in my childhood. My 2 sachets are in 23, which is the colour I prefer in Korean terms because I’m more scared of the bald eagle effect than having a slightly darker face. It also has SPF 30 which you know means almost nothing to me.

This is a super thick BB cream. It’s so thick that it’s difficult to spread with fingers and I had to use a brush, which left streaks that I had to blend further with my fingers… not a good start. After that, it didn’t look too bad, although it does look rather heavy. I’ve also not been using a face primer recently, and I felt like this didn’t cover up my pores as beautifully as my other foundations. It also looked a bit heavier than what I’m used to, but it does have more coverage than say, my Koh Gen Do 213.

L-R Koh Gen Do Aqua 213, The Saem Tip Perfection concealer in 1.5, Danahan BB Cream in 23

You can see it’s much more neutral than the super olive 213, and it doesn’t have much of a grey cast. Overall, it’s a bit too neutral/pink for my face, and too dark, but passable.

I think it’s alright…? You might want to try it if you want to feel like a fancy traditional Korean. It’s not a bad product, but perhaps not what I’m used to (and I’m very finicky about shade matches.) You can get 40ml of the BB cream and a free gel cleanser for $30.69 from Roseroseshop.

New Contouring Technique: Does it work?

Recently I came across a thread on MUACJD discussing how a certain Youtuber does her contour VERY high up on her face. Here’s the link to the video, if you’re interested.

I was reminded of a technique that Larry Yeo, a top local make up artist, did when I went to an Illamasqua event a long time back. He showed us how to contour using the Illamasqua Gel Sculpt. On people with faces with little dimensions (most Singaporeans, then…) he puts it right under the highest point, much like the Youtuber, rather than in the hollows of the face, as frequently recommended.

My own cheekbones are very pronounced already, so I tried it out on myself to see how suited this technique was for me!

[Btw, did you know that zygoma reduction is an actual plastic surgery procedure? WHO the hell would want to REDUCE their cheekbones? I thought mega cheekbones are like all the rage now, and probably forever past and future. Also maybe I’m a bit biased because I’ve always had mega cheekbones that get more and more pronounced the older and thinner I get.]

So this is my face with skincare and a thin layer of Koh Gen Do Aqua on, nothing else.



The black area is where you would put your contour using this technique, right beneath the cheekbone, while the red area is where one would ‘normally’ contour, at the hollow of the cheeks.



I used my cream contour (Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow) to map out where it should go.

I hit it a bit lower than my diagram, but it’s still obviously much higher than the hollows of my face.


After adding more contour (NYX Taupe), the result is as below…


Side by side for your easy reference, before and after.

My cheekbones are definitely more pronounced, but I don’t expect it to look exactly the same after contouring. Is it any more pronounced than a normal contour? I’m not quite sure, I feel like for people like me who already have very pronounced cheekbones and/or a thin face with obvious hollows, it’s probably better to get the contour right in the hollow for the maximum ‘cut-yourself-on-my-cheekbones’ goodness.

However, if you have a flatter face and you have to create cheekbones from scratch, or if your face is rounder (like the Youtuber, who doesn’t have as obvious hollows as me), this technique might be good for you.

Please note that I did not use any highlight, and of course if you do it’ll look even sharper.

What do you think of this technique? If you try it out, do comment with a link!

April 2017 Summary

Things bought:

  1. the white shirt I was lusting over in last month’s summary.
  2. Exercise tights, because my existing 2 tights are near retirement after 5 years…
  3. Some super cute heart earrings. This and the above 2 items were because Aliexpress had a big sale. Total 3 items cost me $29.50
  4. A bunch of Sally Hansen polishes for $8. Yes, I impulse bought polishes again. Argh. Must stop, and use up my existing old polishes.
  5. 2 more polishes for $5.50. One of them was a mint and I. Just. Can’t. Resist. One day, I will document my problem with mint.
  6. A mint green top. See: no. 4 and 5 for my problem with mint. Unfortunately it’s WAY too big for me, because sizing systems are fucked up. I mean, my Italian clothes are 38, so I thought EU 38 was the right size, turns out that’s like 2 sizes too big and I should be something like EU 32 or 34 or something. Whaaaat. I can still wear it, but maybe only to lounge at home. $19.90
  7. A phone cover for my new S7 Edge because my previous phone was 4 years old. $28.90
  8. A new concealer (The Saem Tip concealer, review… one day) because I gave my previous one to my sister. $6.50

Eating out etc: Didn’t keep track this month :S

$98.30 excluding eating out.

Empties: Erm… none? 😦 Maybe like a sheet mask? I did hit pan on a few shadows though, and my NYX Taupe is like maybe half used up… after 4 years.



So this month I bought quite a fair bit of stuff, especially in the polish department, no actual make up (only the replacement concealer) but some clothes and shit. I will try to buy less stuff next month…. I hope.


-Somehow I’m getting very interested in foundations again even though my two perennial faves, Lasting Silk and Koh Gen Do work beautifully (even more so that my skin is almost fantastic now and require the tiniest bit of foundation.) I want to try the foundations from The Ordinary, of course, but also EX1. But seeing as I’m less than 1/4 of the way through my Koh Gen Do after 4 months…. god knows how long I will take to use that much foundation. CONTROL, SELF!

-I need a new mascara. I will probably buy one from Heroine Make which is known for its indelible qualities. But replacing staples is BORING, guys. I want me some Holika Holika glitter shadows!!

Skincare review: The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA

Time for the next installment on The Ordinary!

Alpha Arbutin is something that I definitely wanted to get, because who doesn’t want brightening and pigmentation fading? Arbutin is a key ingredient in many Asian skincare brands, but in here it is in a more powerful form Alpha Arbutin, and in a very high 2% concentration. The question is, does it work?

My little girl’s grapes, just because.

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