Menow Long Lasting Lipgloss Review

You would have seen this around if you haven’t been living under a rock. These are incredibly affordable lip products (usually $1-2 USD each.)

The name is a complete misnomer. They are a liquid-to-matte dry down lipstick. I suppose the liquid lipstick term has not yet entered the China vernacular. I’ve never really liked liquid to matte lipsticks, and I usually value quality over quantity, so I never really got into these. I was searching for dupes of popular colours though, and I found many dupes. Since they’re so affordable I sprang for a few.

The colours I bought were #18, #27, #29, #37. #37 is not listed on most swatch pictures which only go up to 36. 37 and 38 are super neon, I only found out about their existence from Badoutfitgreatlipstick which also has a review here.


Swatches of all 4 lipsticks! L-R 18, 27, 29, 37. I have no idea why the colours show up so subdued 😦 The swatches on top are my dupes.

I swatched 18 with Life’s Entropy Catalyst Lip Theory, Colourpop Frenchie with 27, and Chanel Coromandel RAL with 29.


18 on derpface.


Left is Ghoulish, Right is 18.

#18 is a supposed dupe for Limecrime Cashmere aka the super popular greige/taupe colour which took the world by storm. Here I have swatched it with LASplash Ghoulish, another supposed dupe for Cashmere. Ghoulish is cool but makes me look dead and somewhat decayed. In comparison, #18 is very much pinker and rosier. On my lips, it’s a gorgeous nude. Certainly not the taupe-greige I was gunning for, though it’s a far more wearable colour. If you’re very cool toned it may read greyer on you. It’s actually quite close in colour to my Favourite Life’s Entropy Catalyst Lip Theory, but slightly less pink. It’s also the stickiest out of the 4 colours.


#27 is a supposed dupe for Limecrime Suedeberry, which is a super bright corally red I fell in love with recently. It is completely not like suedeberry though. It’s more of a Lady Danger, which is perfect because I was trying to find a warm red that was red enough.


#29 is a gorgeous slightly muted rose ? I actually think it looks super flattering on me, but it kind of looks like another red…


#37 is the gorgeous neon orange! I sprang for the orange instead of the pink because with my super yellow skintone I feel like I wear orange much better. It’s seriously neon. Stay away if you’re shy. I actually don’t think it looks very flattering on me. This picture makes it look a lot more pink, the actual colour is like highlighter neon orange. Plus, it has application issues. It doesn’t layer well and isn’t fully opaque. I will try using this as a blush or over other lipsticks, it’s very fussy on its own.


I find that the formula differs wildly among all 4 colours. #29 was the best, and the one I wore for the longest few hours and didn’t felt uncomfortable. Application wise it was thinner than the rest which made it less sticky. 37 was very problematic because it was not opaque, and it requires at least 2 layers and lifts in patches if you don’t let it fully dry. 18 was the worst in stickiness, so I’ve resorted to layering stuff over it. 27 was also pretty good.


The formula in general is rather sticky. It’s not 100% dry, making it more like the Life’s Entropy liquid lipstick I have, than the LASplash one. The stickiness seems to intensify throughout the day, although it is never completely unbearable. Your lips won’t stick together mid-sentence, but it’s definitely there and may affect you if you say a lot of Bs fast. (It’s a back-breaking back to basics bitching book.) It’s also a bit heavier and you feel like there is something on your lips. Overall, not too bad especially considering the price.

There are a few different ways to combat both stickiness and drying:

Using a transparent matte powder to dust over it lightly. This is potentially even more drying but does make it super matte and totally dry.

Applying balm underneath or on top. This makes it unmatte (though not glossy, maybe satin?) and destroys the non-transfer, but the lipstick is very pigmented so it will transfer and still look fine (like the Life’s Entropy, once again.)

Or you could just layer a gloss over it. I do this over 18, which I find just teetering on unbearably sticky. It’s still long lasting.

I dont actually find these very drying for my lips. Today i wore #18 with smokier eye make up (as with the full face lip swatch) with balm beneath and it was comfortable the whole day.

Longevity also seems good. I had lunch as normal and the lipstick was still pretty good, but i topped with a gloss after lunch. I didn’t have a need to touch up the base colour at all. It does not flake away, and i can reapply over the original layer very easily.

I’m reasonably happy with the colours I bought, and I’m ambivalent about matte liquid lipsticks so I’m glad I didn’t spend a lot of $ on these. I wouldn’t get more, but I would be keeping these.

PSA: Life’s Entropy Black Friday Sale with NEW PRODUCTS!!

I am not being paid/compensated to say this in any way. I do this because I LOVE LIFE’S ENTROPY.


After loads of good experiences with their products, and with Catalyst being an absolute fave of mine, I was itching for LE’s Black Friday sale. I obsessively checked the site since Monday, at least twice a day, no kidding.

I previously emailed Jane (the owner) about whether a Black Friday sale was happening or not. She told me that Lip Theories will now come in a lipgloss tube instead of a squeeze tube, and there would be tons of new stuff.


My favouritest lip colour evar. (EXCEPT that it is irritating to apply with a brush, but now Jane solved this problem for me! Yippee.

Here are some pics of the new stuff!

Unfortunately, individual samples are not for sale yet (but the whole set of the new stuff is for sale at a set discount.) Seeing as I don’t need another 20 lip colours (seriously….) I will be skipping most of the new stuff, except a couple of wearable colours in a full size maybe. Maybe next Black Friday? 😀


Me like mauvey pinks! Looks like a great MLBB colour.



So pretty!


I actually really like purple lip colours and this is edgy without being unwearable.


Would love to buy a sample of this but CAN’T.


Like Fyrinnae Romantique/Nars Orgasm for your lips!


Use code BF20 for 20% off, and a spend of over $30 gives you a free mini Hybrid:


Really edgy, but veering on unwearable….

If you want something other than lip colours, I strongly recommend their Brow Theories (awesome bulletproof shizz.) Their eyeshadows are not hte most exciting, but are nice. Their highlighters are worth a try too (although it didn’t work out that well for me!) Their matte liquid lipsticks are pretty good as well. I still find the formula for the lip theories to be absolutely PERFECT. Super pigmented, smooth and creamy, smells fantastic and lasts well. I hope the newer colours are as awesome!


My personal order consists of:

  • Placebo gloss (I tried making my own DIY gloss and it was an utter failure, so I will be buying theirs)
  • Catalyst (full size since I loved my sample)
  • Lip theory samples (in Vaccine, Apoptosis, Enzyme and Fusion. Specifically because I want to make a Dragon Girl dupe, and a Lime Crime Suedeberry dupe)
  • And probably 1 or 2 of the new colours in a wearable shade.

Products I’ve used up

I like rotating through my stash, so I rarely fimish make up. I also seem to apply less than most people or something because my face is small, my skin is good and maybe I’m just extra unwasteful.

There are several things that I have used up, however.

1. L’Oréal Shine Caresse Lip Gloss Stain in Lolita

I’ve never got around to reviewing this formula on my blog but I absolutely loved these back then and now still, mainly because they’re nonsticky and are glossy enough to cover any lip imperfections I have (which are numerous.) When they first came out I wasn’t even particularly into make up yet (ie had 1 of each basic make up item.) Lolita was a great MLBB shade that was comfortable and relatively long lasting. I used this nearly everyday for a year or so. I also love the name! (Lolita is one of my favourite pieces of literature.) I ended up scraping the sides of the tube for it.

Repurchased?: No, because I got distracted by other stuff, haha.

2. The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Powder Foundation

Bought this when I didn’t know much about makeup. It took me about 2 years of semi-regular use, AND my cat spilling a significant amount to finish it. It’s very sheer and I did not find that it did anything spectacular for me. I did keep the container for other uses though.

Repurchased?: No

3. Blush

I had a random unbranded blush that I finished up. Mainly it was because it broke and I didn’t have that much product left, haha. Still took me around 1 year of daily usage.

4. Eye brow pencil

Can’t remember the brand I used. I don’t go through eyebrow pencils quickly because my brows are decent and I can’t be bothered about them. I have no idea how people can run through pencils in a couple of months. It took me like a year++++ to finish it.

5. Sana Pore Putty Moist (primer)

Hooray! I finished this up recently. I got this about 2+ years ago but didn’t use it regular until 2014. It took me 1.5 years of consistent use to finish it up. I applied it very sparingly, since my skin is generally good and I don’t need too much in the way of face products.

Repurchased?: Possibly when I finish my current primer, since I don’t like experimenting with boring shit like primers, and this worked well for me.

6. Couleur Inc Automatic Brown eyeliner

No pics because I can’t find any. This is a very very cheap Japanese brand that you can find in John Little in Singapore, that has great quality for the price (think Wet &wild!)  I used this regularly for maybe close to a year. This is as good a liner as regular pencils (ie non gel pencils) get, it smudges after a long day but not like crazy, and is reasonably easy to draw.

Of course, I finished up quite a few mascaras too, since they’re the one item that we need to go through regularly.

Have you finished up any/lots of make up? I find that I lose many items (arghhhh) before I finish them up completely, especially if they’re something that I use very often and carry them around.

Best Brush to apply Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Eyeshadows


Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill eyeshadows are my weakness. I love the frosted little glass pots and the beautiful pigments housed inside. Of course, they perform very well as well!

The texture can be confusing to many though. Many people have tried to describe them, so here’s my try. It’s a very, very finely milled powder that is pressed down (but can be loosened) and very silky. It is DEFINITELY a powder, I don’t know what the people who describe it as a gel/cream-powder hybrid are smoking. The worst description I’ve seen are that it’s similar to the Colorpop shadows. NO NO NO NO.

(As a side note, there is one definite dupe for these: the Loreal Infallible eyeshadows in the pot. They are made by the same parent company.)

The unique texture of these little pots can confuse people. So today I’ve used a few different brushes to swatch 03 Purpura to show you which is the most effective brush to use.

Look at all the goodness!!!!

Here are the brushes. From L-R: Real Techniques Eye detailer brush, Real Techniques Concealer brush, Missha Extreme Cover Concealer brush (comes with the concealer), Red Earth travel flat shader brush, Real Techniques Base shadow brush. The purple RTs are from the Eyes Starter Kit, while the orange one is from the Face Starter kit. All are synthetic.

I’ve arranged the brush sizes from small to large and dense to fluffy. The first 3 are essentially flat brushes, while the Red Earth and the RT Base shadow are much fluffier.


Here are the corresponding swatches of Purpura on my arm using the respective brushes. For each swatch, I swiped the pot once, tapped off excess powder, and then swiped my arm a couple of times. As it is not really a pressed shadow, the pigment kind of disperses on the brush and can create fallout and a messy application, which is why the right brush is very important.

It is clear that the RT Detailer brush is the winner. The swatch is neat and opaque with little to no fallout. The worst is the RT Base shadow, which applies it very patchily. Surprisingly, the Red Earth eyeshadow brush applied it better than the 2 concealer brushes I used.

My conclusion is that extremely short, stiff bristles are the best for application. I thought the concealer brushes would work well for this, since they work well with my cream shadows in pots, but they didn’t, because the bristles were too floppy. The best is the RT Detailer brush, which is actually the brush of choice for me to apply both the GA ETKs and cream shadows, especially since my eye space is on the smaller side.

If not, you could just use a finger, because that gives extreme colour payoff!

The Anastasia Self Made palette is driving me nuts!!!


You know how i hate buying into new releases right? Yet ever since Temptalia posted pics of Anastasia Self Made palette, I’ve been itching to get it!

I never liked Anastasia. Brows were never much concern for me and they are too trendy for me to like. I know exactly why I’m lusting for the palette. Can you guess?

It’s that gorgeous seafoam minty green, Isla. SO. FUCKING. GORGEOUS. It reminds me of my favourite eyeshadow from the Chanel Nymphea quad. I LOVE ME SOME MINTY SEAFOAM. Okay, the other shadows are quite pretty too. I like Blush (the duochrome MAC Vex dupe) and the others are neutral and functional. I’m not too excited about Deep purple though everyone else is, it’s a bit out there for me.

The palette is $60 (cheapest I’ve seen) from resellers. It’s not expensive (the Nakeds are way more!) But it’s been SO LONG since I’ve bought a brand new palette. And as someone who thinks long and hard about dropping $25 on a single item, $60 is a lot to swallow.

Plus, I love the idea of owning gorgeous shadows, but I don’t do exciting looks very much at home. I stick to not-boring neutrals for when I leave the house (with the new job, meaning every workday) but frequently I’m lazing around and not wearing any. Today the only makeup I applied was some tinted moisturizer, brows and to test out some lip products. That’s my usual lazy day look. So i know I won’t get lots and lots of use out of it.

HOW??? Buy or not?

My current plan is to wait till Dec 1, since I know I will be blowing some $$ on black friday sales. If it’s still $60 or less then, maybe I’ll jump the ship. It doesn’t seem to be selling well though, I’ve seen the same few people repost the palette over and over.

Updated Project Pan

I’ve used up lots of samples in my visit to China and the few days after! I will be reviewing the sample skincare bits and bobs in a separate post, but I think I need to update my project pan to reflect the new items I will use up.

I have definitely used up a lot of samples and stuff on my trip. I think it’s wise to have one product of each type to focus on and use up. For the products that I only have one of and are staples (eg BHA liquid, face primer) I did not include them since panning them would only mean having to buy more.

I will allow myself to use other products occasionally (maybe once a week?) Or when the occasion dictates it.

There are certain products where I don’t have any other product that I want to use up specifically, so I will be rotating through the rest after I’m done. They will be marked with a *. If they don’t have, it means I have many other products of this type to use up.

Bath and Hair:


Shampoo: Kerasys Balancing Shampoo. This is a random brand I found in HK. All shampoos are about the same to me unless they’re really bad.

Conditioner: Kerasys Deep Cleansing Conditioner. My hair is soooo short now and doesn’t need much conditioner. I have like 3 different almost empty conditioners to use up.

Body wash: Bad Lab Co Lean Mean Sculpting Machine. Technically meant for dudes, but whatever, right? I love love love this sexy masculine can-of-petrol packaging and I wanted to repurpose it but I can’t take off the cap to refill it. It’s dirt cheap anyway, but I do need to use it up so I can move on. I may buy more in the future. They are available in Malaysia.

Scrub: USANA SENSE Rice Bran Polish. This is quite gentle using rice bran. I use it for my neck and occasionally the face. My mum in law gave me loads of this so I have 3 tubes to go through.

Shaving Cream*: Salome Shaving Cream. Part of a men’s grooming set. My husband doesn’t ever seem to use it so I’ve been using it on my legs and arms.

Hair serum: Beautain. Random purchase by the husband. My hair spikes up and this helps to keep it down to maintain a nice pixie look. I’m not sure it does anything specifically though.

Hairspray*: Giorgi Elixir Fix Complex. Some random spanish drugstore brand. I use hairspray to style my hair slightly when I go out, so it should get used reasonably fast. There’s only a tiny bit left.

Dry Shampoo*: Batiste Original. I know this is the HG of many, but in Singapore we just don’t use dry shampoo much (mostly because I shower 1-2x a day… yes including the hair.) So even though this is really nice for seasonal countries I just don’t see a need for it here.

Reward for using up every single item here: I have hoarded loads of my favourite body wash, so after I use these stuff up I can spam vanilla ALL DAY EVERYDAY. 



Make up Remover*: Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil. Since a teeny bottle of the Etude House Real Art cleansing oil lasted me about 3 weeks with near daily use, I think this will last at least 2 months.

Cleanser: Paula’s Choice Earth Sourced Cleanser. About 1/5 the bottle left!!!! I go through cleansers at a snails pace because I don’t need much and I only wash my face with cleanser once a day.

Mask: Salome Mineral Mud mask. Urgh, My skin is not super oily so I don’t find a need to do these kind of drying masks very often.

Toner*: The Face Shop Su hyang Boosting Toner. This is discontinued and seriously old, and there’s a shitload left. Dammit!

AHA*: Paula’s Choice 10% AHA. I would use this more if not for the fear of over-exfoliating… I think this is nice but not a must have for me hence the inclusion here.

Serum: Paula’s Choice Resist Super antioxidant concentrate serum. I generally only use this around my eye area for extra hydration. I’m nearing the end of the tube but I will probably cut open the tube when I can’t squeeze anymore out.

Moisturizer: Salome Face Moisturizer. This is a HUGEASS 95g bottle. I have been using this nonstop for a year. Despite using shitloads of it day and night in China it’s STILL going strong. I am nearing the end, at last!!!

Sunscreen: Diorsnow UV Shield. Quite old, old formula. Just wanna use it up. The only good thing about it is that it smells like chocolate custard pudding. It’s sticky and silicone based, which I don’t like.

Reward for using up the above skincare products: I will buy CAREPROST! For thicker lush lashes!!!!


Body Sunscreen: Vaseline Healthy White SPF30 PA+++. I hate using body sunscreen since it can be slimy, but i do try to use it whenever i leave the house.

Deodorant/antipespirant: Clinique antipespirant roll on. Somehow my husband manages to accumulate loads of deodorant as well so I will aim to use them up for him. This is really nice, dries fast, mild scent, no staining, great odour control. Too bad it’s expensive as hell.

Hand cream: Mt Sapola Lemongrass hand cream. I don’t see much of a need to use hand creams specifically because I don’t take much care of my hands, and I just use body lotion when I do need to. This one is in a vile lemongrass scent which I hate, but I hate wasting products more. Plus, it keeps me from peeling my lips since the smell is so vile.



Foundation*: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B20. This REFUSES. TO. END. I swear it’s like some fucking fifth dimensional bottle channelling more and more foundation with each squeeze.

Powder: Seventeen Soft Touch BB powder exposed pan. I honestly use very little powder, so this will take awhile.

Contour*: Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow: I feel that this colour is better matching for me now that I’m paler, and plus I really wanna use up creams fast before they go bad.

Reward: If I manage to finish these (which would be AMAZING) I would allow myself the purchase of a new foundation (as yet undecided)


Colour make up:

Blush: The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain 02. Smelling funky. I’m using it everyday.

Lipstick: Lipstick mix pot. There is SO MUCH product in that damned thing. Urgh

Lipgloss: MUFE lab shine lipgloss in S2. Got this as a freebie, and since it’s the old MUFE formula I have no idea how old it is. I don’t like sheer sparkly glosses and i don’t like layering lip products but i will use it up somehow.

Reward: If I finish the blush, lipstick AND lipgloss I will buy a set of Buxom lipglosses and lipsticks that I’ve seen on sale!

Eyebrows*: depotted mascara. It’s not travel friendly, so since I’m not travelling much I will be using this at home and I will aim to finish this little pot up. Thankfully even though it has dried up a bit, a few drops of saline eyedrops revive it, and I don’t need to care about bacterial contamination since I’m using it on my brows.

Liner: Maybelline Lasting Drama gel pen liner. I’ve kinda gone away from very stark and dramatic eyeliner, so this hasn’t seen that much use.
AND: Silky girl funky eyelights pencil in ever green. It is old and has already shrunk. I will be drawing my lower lashlines with it, probably, and possibly working it into a cream shadow into some looks. The current total length with cap is about the same as the gel pen liner.

Reward: If I use up the 2 liners I will allow myself to purchase a new black liner (probably liquid, although I HATE being disappointed.)

Eyeshadow: My current goal is to pan that white frosty eyeshadow. I use it as a browbone highlight (very lightly) and a center of lid highlight. I have loads of frosty whites and I’m not too fond of them anyway, so I want to use it up. It’s good for a centre lid brightener when I’m not wearing any other shadow.20151111_124411

Reward: I have literally NEVER gone anywhere near panning an eyeshadow before. I will treat myself to some nice pressed shadows from Glamour Doll Eyes or Blackbird cosmetics (indie cosmetics) if they have them in stock, when I do. 

I think this is a very comprehensive Project Pan! I will be updating it every few weeks when there has been meaningful progress!

Considering Bimatoprost: Latisse and alternatives

Bimatoprost always makes me think of the bifrost bridge in Thor!

I hate Thor!

Anyway, if you didn’t know, Latisse is a drug approved by the FDA for eyelash growth. Apparently, it was originally used to treat glaucoma but patients reported significant lash growth, so they repackaged it as an eyelash growth serum. Here is a nice informative post by Lab Muffin.

My lashes are okay. I could do much worse. They’re quite long, but thin. There are a lot of gaps at the roots. I don’t think i actually need Bimatoprost to have decent lashes, but sexy lashes are nice right? The person with the most enviable lashes is actually my little baby. She has the MOST amazing long lush eyelashes. I hope they will forever maintain their proportion and be amazingly long when she is older and she will forever scorn girls who need falsies.


Holy CRAP look at those lashes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear they’re 100% natural.

Latisse is incredibly expensive, at around $200 a bottle (2 months supply.) An alternative is Careprost, with the same active ingredient but at around $25/bottle. Side effects include stinging and redness in eyes in the first few days, which I think I can deal with.

I think I’m vain enough to use Bimatoprost. I don’t like spending regular $$ on vanity-related stuff though, so a first time trial of Careprost will be my reward for using up a bunch of skincare!

Life update: got a job!

I got bored of staying at home, so i got a temp job. Its a short distance from my home and a good transition back into a full time job (if I decide to get one after this position) so it’s all good. This also means i have less brainpower and time to blog, unless I can secretly do it on the computer or something.

Anyway this also means that lipsticks and foundations etc will be used at a more regular rate with reapplication too, lol. I’m missing my little girl but I’m glad to do something productive!

Sample Rundown #1!

I don’t get that many samples because I don’t buy retail very often, if at all. Still, if I get a generous sized sample of something it’s usually enough to form an opinion about!

1. Etude House Real Art cleansing oil:

Mona Lisa receiving billions of dollars to endorse this product.

Received from the Great Eastern Women’s Run goodie bag. It has a citrus scent, which is pleasant but citrus oils are notoriously problematic in skincare. It removes make up and even apocalypse proof mascara well and doesnt sting eyes. However it doesn’t emulsify off well and leaves a film on my skin. Although it doesn’t sting my eyes during cleansing, the residue always make my eyes itch afterwards. Boo. Purchase?: No because I rather use mineral oil to remove make up, cheap and effective.

2. Etude House Collagen Moistfull peeling wash:

Collagen is nonsense in skincare, especially in facial wash. You don’t need your facial wash to do fancy things other than clean your damn face. Luckily, Etude House’s products are all affordably and fairly priced anyway. Otherwise, this is a so-so face wash. The peeling bits help to gently exfoliate, but I feel it doesnt make my face very clean. It certainly can’t get rid of all my foundation (and I don’t wear apocalypse proof full coverage ones!) It doesn’t sting my eyes though so that’s a plus. Similar slight citrus scent as the Real Art oil. Purchase?: Nope. 

3. Premier Dead Sea Serum, not sure which one it is since I threw away the sample pack, possibly Concentrated Facial Serum.
This sample sachet was extremely generously sized. I used it when we went to Hangzhou for 4 days and I used it morning and night and spilled a little and it was still enough. It has a very nice feel mainly due to the super high silicone content (dimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane, and more.) It smells lightly citrus, almost exactly like the Real art cleansing oil. I actually really liked the emollience for the harsh cold days (it was freezing in Hangzhou) and I did feel like it helped my skin, but I suspect it’s too much for my usual humid climate. Plus, I hate Premier on principle for their hard selling tactics. Purchase?: Nah, too overpriced. 

4. Lancome Advanced Genefique 
See full review here. Purchase?: Nah, better options at cheaper prices! 

5. Lancome Advanced genefique eye cream:
I don’t know, i don’t have much of an opinion. I don’t like eye creams anyway. Purchase?: Clearly not. 

6. Guerlain Tenue de Perfection in 01 Beige Pale aka the less sexy cousin of Lingerie de Peau/Parure de Lumiere

Even the model’s foundation colour looks wrong?! The MUA should be fired!!

I forgot how closely the lightest shade matched me but I remember it being passable. Anyway this is super hardcore. The little sachet lasted me like a week or something. It’s super high coverage and is APOCALYPSE PROOF. I can rarely say that about foundations because our humidity kills anything but this is the shit. Plus it doesnt look very cakey. I was quite impressed. The only thing is the shade match, I don’t think anything is yellow enough to match me perfectly, which is what you need with something so high coverage. The shade range in general is very limited. Boo hoo. Purchase?: Eventually yes, IF I can find a good shade match. 

7. MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash

This seems to be a standard MAC sample for most purchases, not that I know because I have never purchased anything retail from MAC. Not waterproof = fail for me, I think most people agree that MAC’s mascaras suck. It is very black and quite voluminizing but it doesnt hold a curl or lengthen (so your lushes look like leg hair stubble srsly), plus it smudges relatively easily. Boo. Purchase?: No way.

I still have loads of skincare samples, so I will be reviewing those in the future!

Lancome Advanced Genefique Sample Trial review

For awhile, us Singaporeans were able to redeem a 1 week supply of Lancome’s Advanced Genefique, as well as the Genefique Yeux eye cream. It was basically 7 sachets of 1ml, plus 3 sachets of eye cream.

The 2 weeks I was away I used up 4 packets in around 10 days (I used something else for 4 days) and used up the full supply of eye cream in about 14 days. I have a small face and I think 1ml is WAYYY too much for single use. The full product is 30ml: you don’t expect us to finish it in a month, do you?! I would have preferred 5ml in a dropper bottle or something, which makes it much easier to control the amount dispensed.

The AG is infamous in my mind for false advertising. Quoting the source: In national advertising campaigns that encompassed print, radio, television, Internet, and social media outlets, L’Oréal claimed that its Génifique products were “clinically proven” to “boost genes’ activity and stimulate the production of youth proteins that would cause “visibly younger skin in just 7 days,” and would provide results to specific percentages of users. BOO HOO. Evil marketing nono. I also absolutely detest overpriced skincare, so it had a lot of negative marks in my mind before I even tried it.

It’s a serum that’s slightly more viscous than water, and slightly sticky. It absorbs lightning fast into my face and leaves no residue. There wasn’t much of a smell. I found the eye cream meh, but I find all eye creams meh. I didn’t find that it particularly did anything for me.

I think that skincare results are usually quite subtle, but let me just say that I had AMAZING skin in China, and I’m not sure what I can attribute it to (since I was using a whole new routine with samples.) My skin was SUPER soft and smooth every single day. I only got a single small blemish in the entire 14 days. I was suitably impressed, since I didn’t think that a new cleanser would make much of a difference, and I was using my regular moisturizer.


There are some not so good things ingredient wise, chiefly being alcohol very high up on the list of ingredients. The star ingredient is of course Bifida Ferment Lysate, which is apparently, gut bacteria. It’s also very costly, at $78 USD for 30ml, although you can buy larger sizes for a cheaper per unit cost.

Now, a quick search will show you lots of dupes that heavily feature BFL. The Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair is one, at USD$62 for 30ml, which is marginally cheaper. And the Missha Time Revolution Night Ampoule is another. At ~SGD$38 with shipping [affiliate], it is definitely the best value for money of the common BFL-containing skincare products. You can read a smackdown between ANR and Missha here.

Many ‘experts’ in skincare also claim that BFL has no value whatsoever in skincare. This snarky little article I found here claims that the bifida cells would be already dead anyway and thus have no value for the skin. I’m not a chemist so I can’t give my verdict on this. It makes me a bit hesitant.

Since I still have 3 sachets of AG left, I will be using it up and giving my verdict on whether my skin is still as soft and amazing, or whether it was the colder weather that affected my skin. But you can be sure that even if I had amazing results with AG, if I wanted to incorporate BFL into my skincare I would be going for the Missha Time Revolution at a much more affordable price.