February 2017 Summary

Things bought:

  1. Lime Crime Squash Velvetine. Limecrime was having an insane 75% off sale, and my curiosity and insane prices got the best of me, and I have nothing like Squash… you get the drift. I joined in a local buyer’s co-purchase which cost me $9.40.
  2. The Ordinary skincare. I was doing a co-share purchase, and after accounting for the small profit, my actual spending on my own products came out to: $15 for 7 items
  3. 3 Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Silk Intense eyeshadows, which are my weaknesses. They’re SO PRETTY. Because I bought these off someone who was destashing, 3 of them came up to (*drumroll*) $25. Which is like half price of 1, retail.
  4. Hot Rollers: I found a heated ceramic set for $20, which I thought was a total steal. I love waves and though my hair is a little short, we’ll see what I can do!
  5. Shoes: I found a nude pair of heels on Zalora that I loved. I’m still breaking them in, but they’re a good height (ie very high) and fairly comfortable thus far. $35

Other spending: $11 (treated a colleague to lunch) + $3.20 (lor mee for myself – yum!!) + $5.50 + $35 (brunch with girlfriends – thank goodness I don’t do this often…)

Total: $159.10

Okay, obviously I went way overboard this month, because I went out with my girlfriends to a relatively fancy place (which I almost never do.) I also bought a fair number of things. I will try to do better next month. At least I definitely wouldn’t need to buy any skincare for the next few months, so long as I stop buying makeup……


(apparently I didn’t take a pic of my trash this month.)

  1. GNC Vitamin C cream: review here. My sister did help a little in using this up. I still like this as a basic, no frills moisturizer, but like I said, it’s not actually cheaper to buy this retail compared to the CosRX ones which I love. So I wouldn’t repurchase.
  2. OST C20 Vitamin C serum: review here. I’m trying out the Vitamin C Suspension from The Ordinary right now, so I wouldn’t repurchase, but it was a solid item that did its job and was cheap. May repurchase in the future if I can’t get Vitamin C at decent prices.

Total empties for the year: 7


You know what I really, REALLY wish for? I REALLY want to be 50kg or less. I think a very toned me with little excess padding would be at 48kg. I’m currently at 51kg, down from 53kg, and I know if I stop eating all the bloody chocolates and biscuits and nonsense in the office I’ll be healthier and also leaner, but sometimes when I’m stressed I just want to stuff Kitkats into my face, you know??? I have to work on my self-control. I’ve been melting away some excess padding slowly by cutting down on portions and exercise. Also doesn’t help that I’ve done my biological duty and given birth…

You know what else I seriously want? After seeing the hilarious reviews for Juliette Has a Gun and Atelier Cologne perfumes from Badoutfitgreatlipstick and Brutally Honest Beauty, I’m totally obsessed. I want some of that niche perfumery action!!! Atelier Cologne offers huge 200ml sizes at $195 USD and up, with a complimentary 30ml purse size and a leather case with engraving of your choice, which is a gorgeous touch I’m in love with. Thinking about 200ml of perfume makes me shudder though, you have to REALLY commit to it, for like, 5 years at the very least to finish it off. My V&R Flowerbomb, though having been around for 2 years or so and used very frequently and liberally, is only 1/3 gone. I’ll probably grab the sample set some time in the future, which seems a steal (33 for $50 SGD)

January 2017 Summary

Things bought:

  1. Midi dress, $24 Dammit. I saw this gorgeoussssss dress on Carousell. The seller unfortunately is a little bigger than me, an M to my usual S. but since this was a casual looseish dress, I bit the bullet, with the intention of altering it using my usual seamstress services (my mum.) It’s very beautiful and very good quality for sure, and as I expected, a little large. After alteration, it’s very whimsical bohemian cavorting-in-a-field-of-lilies to me. I like it.

(I have exactly 0 make up on and only a super lousy photographer, my sister, so pardon me please.)

2. CosRX Ultimate Overnight Rice mask: (review here) $15

Didn’t want to bite the bullet on this so fast, but I found a good deal so I snapped it up. I like my Honey mask, which sinks in crazy fast and doesn’t leave a residue, but sometimes it’s just not moisturizing enough. This is much richer, and perfect for the night.

3. CosRX Good Morning Low pH Gel Cleanser: $8 (will be reviewed – eventually.)

Same as above – I need a cleanser soon, but I do still have some. This is cheaper than RTP so I will keep it as a backup till I finish my other cleansers (which is pretty soon.) I have not much preference for cleansers except they be gentle and low pH. I didn’t buy this off Qoo10 (I got it 2nd hand), but this CosRX option is very affordable even off Qoo10.

$ spent on frivolous eating out:

$4.50 + $33 (2 beers for a friend and I – ouch!!!!! this is why I DON’T drink as a rule. Ever.) + $5 (lunch out) + $1.80 (breakfast – when my girl stole mine and I had to have it out) + $7 for 2 days when I was at a client’s place + $12 for an impulsive buy of my favourite Murakami book, Kafka by the Shore

Total: $110.30

Not too bad, I bought a bit more stuff than I intended, but my budget was obviously eaten up by the 2 bloody beers, I’m still quite bitter about how expensive alcohol is here.


  1. Daiso Hyaluronic Acid Sleeping Pack (review) – Finally finished this up. I didn’t like this enough to cut it open and it was super cheap anyway. It’s still decently moisturizing and surprisingly nice for a $2 product.
  2. Etude House Aloe Vera sheet mask – this is an ok sheet mask. It has the immediate soothing and hydrating effect, but the effect doesn’t really last past a few hours. I have a couple more that I would use up, but I wouldn’t repurchase.
  3. My Beauty Diary Rose sheet mask (forgot to take a pic) – I don’t know if this is the old or new MBD mask, but it’s wonderful as most MBD masks are. It smells like candied roses, a bit strong for my taste, but no denying it’s great. It was very moisturizing and brightening and my skin looked amazing the day after. There was also a ton of essence leftover for me to bottle and use for the week after. I haven’t bought masks in forever (people give me enough – I use maybe 10 masks a year…) but MBD masks have always been insanely cheap and widely available. You can get a pack of 10 in various flavours for $11.90 + shipping here. Or buy in Taiwan 🙂
  4. Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser: review coming soon! I liked it but it’s a little expensive for a cleanser. Would repurchase if I needed a dependable option, but wouldn’t go out of my way for it.
  5. Alcina Hyaluron 2.0 serum: reviewed here. Not particularly impressive. I swear there’s a bit more stuck in the bottle but I can’t wrench it open. Definitely not a repurchase.

Total empties count for the year: 5. I’m hoping I can get some make up empties next time – I use make up at a glacial pace.


I freaking lost my angled eyeliner brush this month. I have other eyeliner brushes but they’re meh and I’m so used to my stiff and tiny angled liner. I’m thinking of buying the same Jessup set as last time, which cost me around $15 SGD for 8 very well made brushes. I found my eyeliner brush 😛 I guess I don’t need this anymore in the immediate future!

I also want my skincare from The Ordinary!! I’m sick of hormonal acne, and I hope that some serious retinoids and all can help me keep it in better control, even if it doesn’t get eliminated.

Another attempt at Project Pan

I love project pans and not buying new beauty products thoughtlessly. But I love variety in my looks. And I find that if I force myself to finish up staples quickly just for the sake of a project pan, it’s pretty silly because I would probably have to repurchase it again. Take my beloved NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Honey. I’ve had it for like, a year and a bit, and I’m not too sure how much there is left but I’m starting to see some clearer patches in the tube. If I panned it, I would just have to buy a new one, or get another concealer than fit me as well as it. And it is EXPENSIVE! So no, I don’t want to use up my RCC just for the sake of a project pan. In fact, it’s silly to use up any staples, especially if you only have 1 such item in your collection.

But I do have some items that I want to commit to finishing up. These are NOT staples – I do use these occasionally, but I want to force myself to use them more. I will not be including any staples I use daily already, such as foundation, concealer, my setting powder, my eyebrow products.

Sorry for the blurry photo….

Life’s Entropy Liquid Illuminator in Nebula

This is very pretty, easy to use, unique and lasts long. This is slightly more subtle than the other illuminator I had, but I think I really only need 1 weird colour illuminator (and the weird highlighter of my choice is Colourpop Monster for now.) Because you need so little, I foresee this sample to last me at least another month. I may or may not buy more Life’s Entropy highlighters – they are very pretty, and have a great formula, but I don’t think that I need so many highlighters…


NYX Wonder Pencil in 01 Light

This is like a nude pencil, except that it’s QUITE a bit lighter than me, and it’s pretty pink, so it comes out VERY ashy on my skin. I’ve tried using it before lots of ways – to highlight my cupid bow (works, but I don’t do it everyday) to highlight browbone (a little too ashy) and to line waterline (a bit too white.) I will definitely want to find ways to use it up, but god knows how long it will take me. Will probably line my waterlines everyday to see if I like the look. You can see that this looks nearly new, lol.


Maybelline Colossal Kajal

This is a colossal smudgefest, which I can’t really blame the pencil for because it is a kajal after all. Today I tested out some looks and I found that using black shadow for a 1 colour smokey eye was very sultry and simple and not too dramatic, so this can probably work well under the black shadow for those looks. Will probably wear that kind of look on Fridays or Saturdays.


Silky Girl Funky Eye Lights in Ever Green

This pencil is officially 4 years old! It’s still as creamy as ever, and still pretty tenacious, although it does smudge just a little after a long day. It’s a pretty colour but frankly I don’t wear jewelled green tones very often. I do love this formula VERY much, but very sadly Silkygirl’s colour selection leaves much to be desired. If they made a standard black in this formula, I’ll definitely buy it, and if they made nuanced, elegant col0urs, I would buy it too, but…. eh D: This pencil has been sharpened a few times but you can see there is a LOT left.


Maybelline Master Sculpt in Light/Medium

Reviewed this product here. I’ve come to appreciate bronzers (although this is called a contour, it’s warm and kind of shimmery, so I call it a bronzer.) It’s also a nice subtle blush. Since it’s very subtle, I predict that I will have to build it up a fair bit, which will make me finish it faster. I do like my Alcina bronzer more, because it’s far higher in quality, so I want to use this Maybelline one up.


NYX Cream blush in Natural

I panned this before (and my pan was far bigger than in that post!), but I melted this down again to make it smooth. Plus, the casing broke. It still has about half left. I do enjoy this formula and colour very much, but this is pretty old, so I feel that I have to use it up. I would love to repurchase another NYX cream blush, but I have quite a few blushes 😦


Colourpop Eyeshadow in Girl Crush

Girl Crush is called a true gray, which reads as a total purple on me. It’s drying up, but if I apply a lot of force I can still use it. I actually really like it as eyeliner, surprisingly – it’s subtle and pastel, very 60s, and very pretty. This shadow has also apparently been discontinued!


Dior Addict Lipstick (unknown colour) 

This lipstick has a funny story to it. I used to have 2 Dior lipsticks – one the normal Addict, one the Addict Extreme. I far preferred the Addict Extreme, which was a beautiful rosey shade called Avenue. I accidentally switched the caps for the 2 lipsticks one day, so this sheer corally pink has the Avenue cap, and then I lost Avenue. :B So I have no idea what this lipstick actually is, and anyway the original Addicts have been discontinued. This is a moisturizing lipstick, and the colour is pretty I guess, but it has glitter in it that’s kinda gritty and annoying. Since it’s a easy warm colour to wear and very comfortable, I’ve already used close to half, and you can see there is not that much left. I would love to downsize my lipstick collection and use this up.


Seventeen Soft Touch BB Foundation Powder:

Originally reviewed here. My compact broke a long time ago and I have depotted this pan. I’ve already hit major pan on it but I would like to use it all up because I have way too many powders considering I don’t even powder my face that much. I find that this looks cakey dusted as a finishing powder, but works great as a powder foundation, which means that I actually need to wear it as foundation, which I haven’t been doing much lately.


The problem I have with most project pans is that my items don’t quite go together in one look. For the items I’ve chosen this time, they form 2 looks relatively cohesive looks:

Warm Look:


Maybelline Master sculpt (and the relatively golden highlight shade can work too), NYX wonder pencil for the upper lashline and waterline. The powder foundation is ever so slightly too pink and light for me, so the bronzer definitely helps.

Cool look:


NYX Natural, Life’s Entropy Illuminator, Girl Crush on eyes, the Ever Green pencil as another option. The lipstick is Ellis Faas Hot Lips Rose Violet. I hate the applicator, love the colour and am ambivalent about the formula. It also doesn’t have all that much, so I’m trying to finish it up but not actively panning it because I do like to switch up my lip colours.

Colossal Kajal doesn’t fit in anywhere because it’s a smudgey mess that will just smudge up the whole look, but I’ll figure something out.

What do you think of my new attempt at a cohesive project pan? Do you think that I’ll be successful?

Singles Cruise Take #1 – SO MUCH COLOUR

This is the first look for Singles Cruise that I’m doing! Click this link to read about the Singles Cruise challenge.

So my random draw got me this today:


(All of these are depotted Sleek palette pans.)

Light: A very pretty shimmery gold. (sorry I think there’s a little bit of green shadow contaminating it in this pic!) It’s a very dense, pigmented and buttery shimmer shadow. I’m very familiar with this shade as I use it all the time. (which explains the dip!)

Mid: Taupe with gold glitter. The glitter doesn’t quite show up on the eye. It’s not super blendable but it’s alright.

Dark: Dat jewelled purple. Super glittery as well.

Pop: Holy sheeet look at that grass green. It’s totally matte, and pretty pigmented and smooth despite it being a super odd green shade.

Swatches: Light, Mid, Dark, Pop. The green looks bad here, but I swear it’s fine! Haha.

So with this very avant garde palette, comes my look: (click picture to expand)

Gold in inner half, purple in outer half, taupe to darken crease (can’t really see it) and green for the lower lashline, tons of mascara and just a touch of brown liner at the outer corners. I was worried about a matte green’s staying power on the lower lashline, so I used NYX Milk as a base, which made it just a little more pastel than it was originally. It doesn’t look THAT bold in photos, but it was pretty bold IRL!

Because it was a pretty avant garde look (and much more colour than I normally wear, though it is fun for sure) I paired it off with a simple white tee and jeans. I had fun rocking this look!

Singles Cruise Challenge!

I love the Singles Cruise challenge by Emily Noel. Check out her video here!

It’s a fabulous way to use your singles that you may rarely reach for because it sucks to open the packaging of a billion different eyeshadows. Or even just 3 or 4. Or even 1 to add as an accent. I know, I know.

She categorized each shadow into light, midtoned, dark, and pop. That system works well for me, so I copied it. Because I have a ton of ‘singles’ from depotting ALL my Sleek palettes, and I only have a few actual single singles, I did a nifty spreadsheet. I had to name all the depotted shadows with a number in a particular arrangement, so that I could remember what number each corresponds to. I have more than these, but the rest are actual singles. Click on the picture to see more! I use a random number generator to pick what single to use.

If you notice, I included some colours in my lights, mids and darks. They’re not like, all browns or something. Anything that was relatively muted, that I would wear to work, counted in their respective category. Anything too bright went to the pop category.

This makes sure that my looks won’t all be like, neutral with 1 colour. It’s all random and I may get a crapton of colours to work with, who knows! 😀

I will post looks from this challenge now and then – I will only be doing this in the weekends because it takes too much time in the weekdays (and who knows if the looks are work appropriate). Stay tuned!

Monthly Make up Report: June

In June, I was bit by the shopping bug hard. I coveted lots of things 😦

At the start of the month I had a seriously hectic few weeks. It was pretty tough and I wore very little make up around those few weeks, mainly concealer and brows and fullstop. After that, my skin became seriously shitty for another week, which meant that I avoided makeup (and foundation especially) again, and just contended myself with undereye concealer, spot concealing and brows. This made for a very fast but infinitely boring morning routine, but then again I had very little energy to devote to morning routines.

I finally bit the bullet on Make Up Revolution. My childhood friend, who was studying in the UK for the past 3 years, is coming back for good in July, so he’s going to be bringing my order back for me. I only ordered 2 things for myself: The Newtrals vs Neutrals palette that I’ve been lemming for months, and the Peachy Keen Blushing Heart. (I did buy other stuff to resell – will let you know how that turns out :P) I would just have ordered the Newtrals vs Neutrals from a local reseller at a small markup, but it’s TOTALLY UNAVAILABLE.

[Side note: I bought just a few days before the Brexit. Was so pissed, I could have saved $4 more lol]

Wishlist this month:

1) Still thinking wistfully about NARS Dragon Girl. But I’ve been enjoying a few other red lipsticks so I’ll wait.

2) Besame 1915 Blush: Besame recently released a new blush line, with 4 shades of blush. As with all things Besame, I immediately coveted them. (Okay, I don’t covet the mascaras because my lashes need proper help.) They’re rather expensive at 25 USD. My favourite is the purple one, Raspberry.

4) Holy Snails Skincare [TRIGGER WARNING: GIANT PICTURE OF SNAIL. Snails are my phobia. I really fear looking at the shop front page. I don’t know if anyone else suffers from severe snail phobia, but I WARNED YOU.): Thanks to my shitty skin, I’ve been reading up more on skincare recently as well. I really hate crappy skin, which makes me really thankful for my normally great skin. Anyway, this is a really lovely (apart from the snail) Indie skincare shop, which really focuses on ingredients and efficacy. If you read her ingredient lists, there’s nothing extraneous, and everything is known to have beneficial skincare effects. It’s fairly pricey though, and with International shipping, I would probably get the sampler set first (which even then would set me back like $44 SGD D:

5) CosRX Skincare [affliate links]: My routine already has a fair number of CosRX products, but they’re really good, cheap and effective, which is totally my jam. I would like to try the AHA (because my bottle of AHA has made a baffling disappearance) and refill up on my BHA, which is a staple, as well as try out the Honey and Rice moisturizers. Unfortunately I still have a crapton of mosturizer currently, so I don’t know when I will be putting in this order. The total order is around 50+ SGD, but considering I last put in an order for CosRX stuff like 1.5 years ago, that’s very value for money.

Bought this month:

  • I rebought my favourite polish that I lost: Revlon Wintermint. I still absolutely love this, it’s my favourite mint green. I bought it off someone destashing their polishes, so I got like 7 bottles for $10. [That’s $7.50USD] I don’t have a very large polish collection and I paint my nails weekly, so I’mm fine with acquiring cheap polishes (the colours of which I like.)
  • Also the MUR order, but my friend isn’t coming back until mid July. I don’t mind waiting 😀 Hopefully after reselling everything my actual cost is $0.


Another good month for empties. I’m blowing through old skincare at a phenomenal pace, but not making much progress on make up 😦



Etude House Aloe Soothing Relief sheet mask. This was decent, I like it and there was a crapton of essence inside. I didn’t feel like it did a lot for my skin though, hydration or otherwise. I’m not sure who gifted me this either, but I probably would not repurchase when there are better masks out there.

I.Skin Focus Omega 3 and collagen Firming sheet mask: Some random pack that I as a GWP from Bonjour in HK. It’s surprisingly nice – my skin looked fab today, less dull and my darker spots from healing blemishes looked less obvious. And it came with a crap ton of essence – I depotted it as per my very old tutorial.

Paula’s Choice Resist Barrier Repair Moisturizer: I liked this moisturizer’s texture. It was hydrating and sank in really quick. It’s a tad expensive, and I’ve found better options, so I won’t be repurchasing this, but it’s a nice product.

Daylong Kids SPF50 Sunscreen: I stopped using it on my face recently because I thought it was maybe breaking me out. But seriously holy shit this is so goddamn greasy. What they say about it beingn a lotion and whatever is a LIE. I was leaving white marks everywhere. But it is pretty water resistant. I really dislike it it now. I have another sample tube that I’ll be using up on my body.

Vaseline Healthy White SPF 30 Serum: I used this as a body sunscreen. It didn’t sink in very fast and felt kinda greasy, especially in humid weather, but it’s a decent price (around $12? for 180ml.) If you’re not like, going to the beach or something, it works okay as a body sunscreen. I usually apply it if I have to leave the office when the sun is up or something. Might repurchase when I run out of body sunscreen.

Dr Rimpler SPF Sun Stick SPF30: previously mentioned in my lip balm round up post. I dug out the stuff at the base and mixed it up in my lip balm pot. There was SO MUCH. This was quite a soft and oily lip balm, what I imagine Fresh lip balms to be like (though I have never tried them.) It’s much thinner consistency than I like in a lip balm. I blew through it pretty fast. Only available in Hongkong, and it was very expensive, won’t be repurchasing for the price.

Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Anti-pespirant: This was a fabulous antipespirant. It dries super fast, doesn’t leave any stains, smells very mild, and works damned well. I’m sad to see it go, but I’ve been using it for like 2 years. It’s probably freaking expensive, so I won’t be repurchasing, but it is totally fab.

Gatsby powdered oil blotters: I can’t decide if I like the normal ones or these powdered ones better. I’m frankly surprised I used this up because I need to blot my face like, once every few weeks. Works decently enough.

The Face Shop Su Hyang Snow boosting toner: Mentioned previously in my routine here. It’s FINALLY GONE! The bottle is heavy as fuck, so I was so shocked when I tried to pour it out one day and it was gone. I swear the bottle was still 1/4 full. IT’s a very pretty bottle, so I may repurpose it for something (IDK what.) It worked fine, nothing very special, but smelt and felt nice and seemed to soften my skin a little. It has been DCed, so I can’t repurchase, but I don’t feel like I need a toner.

Also one bottle of eyedrops – I use this to keep my brow stuff usable.


Life’s Entropy Liquid Illuminators in Celestial, sample: This lasted an ungoldly long amount of time. It was a beautiful, unusual pink and yet flattering and understated. I used this ALL THE TIME when my skin sucked and whatever, because just a bit of highlight made me feel happy, and didn’t take up too much time. I MAY repurchase, but this is highly qualified as I have enough highlighter for probably the rest of my life, but it is indeed a wonderful product that lasts the whole damn day on my cheekbones, and this sample took forever to use.

Lipstick Inventory 2016

Here is my great big lipstick inventory of 2016. I have a lot of lipsticks, but I’m trying to cut down and have a nice streamlined wardrobe instead. There are also a few lip products that I seem to be ill-fated with, such as NARS Dragon Girl (which I purchased freaking TWICE and lost both times shortly after) that I intend to add to my collection, very slowly, and probably as I use up some stuff.


I seriously did not realize how many lip products I had before I dumped all of them on my bed. I feel ashamed now. To be fair I already decided to destash some, but they don’t have takers yet, but I included them anyway.


I’m sorting out my collection in a slightly different system. I will be categorizing my lip products into: Natural (MLBBs and nudes), pales (close to or lighter than my skin colour, a category which I hate and am trying to get rid of), mid-tones (I look like I wore lipstick without being all I AM WEARING LIPSTICK) Darks (very dark colours, when I’m feeling bitchy or gothy) and brights (IN YO FACE.)



L-R Guerlain Rouge G in ?, Life’s Entropy Lip Theory in Catalyst and Ester, L’oreal Shine Caresse in Venus, Dior Addict unknown colour, Revlon Icy Violet, Buxom gloss in Nicole, Buxom Full On lipstick in Hooligan, 4 (1 is god knows where) of my collection of Mentholatum Watercolour sugar lip and Maybelline Touch of Spice.


Guerlain Rouge G in ?, Life’s Entropy Lip Theory in Catalyst and Ester, L’oreal Shine Caresse in Venus, Buxom Nicole, Dior Addict unknown colour,


Revlon Icy Violet, Buxom Full On lipstick in Hooligan, 3 of my collection of Mentholatum Watercolour sugar lip and Maybelline Touch of Spice.


Guerlain Rouge G in a mystery colour is nice enough. It’s a nude that’s just a little bit brown, with gold glittery flecks. It lasts quite well, and is creamy and emollient and comfortable. I hate the violet scent and soapy taste though, and the lipstick weighs a fucking bomb. It’s not the most interesting lipstick in the world, but the only brown I have and it’s fairly nice (and I got it for a steal.)

Catalyst is my hands down favourite nude-nude. It’s just weird enough to be a rebel of natural, yet still look… kind of natural. It wears well, smells fantastic, applies super opaque. I mixed up a teeny tube of gloss as well, but unfortunately nude glosses have the problem of all nude glosses, which is breaking up and settling into lip lines.

Ester is a little problematic for me because it’s kind of orangey and blends into my skintone… kind of like a concealer nude-but darker? Lol. Still, a shimmery, pretty colour that I try to love.

Venus is a workhorse gloss, basically a sheer nude pink. It’s pretty emollient and thick without being sticky, and retains moisture in my lips well while going well over almost any colour. I’m not very excited by it but it’s sure a very useful product. It’s reaching its last legs, but I may purchase Lolita in its stead because I preferred Lolita, which was more mauve, in the same range (which I used up completely previously.)

Nicole is another gloss, sheer enough to be natural when worn alone. I really like the Buxom gloss formula, they smell great, taste ok (I wouldn’t say nothing, but I’m not grossed out the least by the taste) and are very emollient and quite tacky (which is how I like my lipgloss.)

The mystery Dior Addict is categorized here because it’s actually a bright coral, but it’s pretty sheer so it’s not bright, and the colour is actually really harmonious with my colouring especially when my natural lip colour shows through. It’s quite moisturizing, but isn’t emollient enough to stick around for long, and I greatly dislike the glittery bits in it. Still, I quite enjoy it, although I definitely won’t be buying it for $30+ when I can get a Mentholatum Sugar lip for like $5.

Icy Violet is a gorgeous sheer purple. It’s very pretty and ethereal without looking like too much lipstick. I would definitely repurchase if I ever run out.

Hooligan is my HG I am Being Serious lipstick. The colour is a perfect MLBB and it’s so moisturizing. I’ve used this mini for like a month but there’s still so much left?! Definitely buying the full size when I run out.

My Mentholatum range is basically tinted like tinted lip balm, some of which can be built up quite a lot, but these 3 look pretty natural applied sheerly. I stashed them here and there because they work for and with everything. I also frequently use them as a quick colour refresher without needing a mirror, so I bring a colour in the same colour family as my lipstick of the day.

Touch of Spice JUST barely makes it as a natural, it straddles mid tones and natural. It feels comfortable, isn’t drying, and is also a very Srs colour. Like it very much.



Obviously lipstick, but wearable on a daily basis.


Life’s entropy Matte Theory in Variable, Buxom Dolly, Buxom Centerfold, Ellis Faas Hotlips L406, Life’s Entropy pKA, Life’s Entropy Biohazard, Buxom Nicole



Variable is a colour that I didn’t like too much at first, but I’ve grown to love it and the effortless application and long wear time.

Damn, Dolly and Centerfold look nearly identical. The formula of course, is lovely, and I will definitely use them up. Dolly is a hair too dark/brown to look truly MLBB on me, and Centerfold looks like I am wearing vaguely purple lipstick.

L406 is a great colour, serious and kinda red but not enough to be a statement colour. Unfortunately the formula is very slippery and kind of drying, and the applicator SUCKS big time. Hate. Was trying to destash, but nobody wants it either 😦 Will probably try to use it up.

pKa just barely makes it as a midtone, I have grown to love it after bringing it to the US and I will probably wear it daily for awhile just to finish it up. I’m not planning to repurchase though.

Biohazard is GORGEOUS. It has green shimmer duochrome in it, but the base colour is a serious mauve, so it’s like being just a little bit alieny while pretending to be REALLY SRZ GUYS. I love it, and the shimmer gets more and more pronounced as the base colour wears away, but can be toned down with the Venus gloss for a great office friendly but eccentric combination.

Buxom Nicole is actually quite bright, but since it’s sheer it looks midtoned. I like the formula but I’m not crazy about the colour.



This is my least favourite kind of lipstick, because I think it looks damned strange. Apparently I hated this category so much I forgot to take pictures of the lipsticks themselves.


Illamasqua Fable, Life’s Entropy Enzyme, Mentholatum Watercolour Sugar Lip Dancing Pink, By Terry Love me Tender.

I tried wearing Fable again today, and it is TOO PALE and TOO PINK and TOO MATTE on me. I have actually been trying to destash it for quite a while, but no one wants it 😦 Enzyme was a tiny sample, bought to mix my custom lip colour with (not yet done, lolz.) Dancing Pink is my least favourite Mentholatum balm, because it is SUPER GLITTERY and not very moisturizing, and a pale pink. Yucks. Love Me Tender was bought as part of a destash set of high end lipsticks. While it is a very nice formula that unfortunately is violet scented like the Guerlain ones, the colour is a frosty peach. It looks good with some bronzer and a tan (The Beauty Professor seems to like it), for beach babe/summer vibes, but… meh. Nobody wants to buy it off me either 😦

These all look reasonably ok on my arm, but they look terrible on my lips. In addition to being pale they are also all pretty cool toned. So we see a pattern here.


I try to keep my collection of darks as small as possible because I don’t get to wear them much in HOT HOT HOT Singapore. Obviously it didn’t really work, and some of these are favourites.


Colourpop Sheer Safari (DC), L’oreal Shine Caresse Eve, Chanel Rouge Allure Laque Coromandel (DC), Guerlain Rouge G Gigolo, LA Girl Lip liner in Burgundy, Kiko Smart Lipstick 914 Amaranth, Revlon Matte Balm Shameless (DC)


Safari, shown here in 1 layer, is impossible to actually apply on lips in 1 layer. And after swiping 2 layers, it’s quite a deep purple indeed, which… meh, I have other products I like better for. I like the Sheer formula the most, but Colourpop decided to DC all of them…. ah well. Trying to destash.

Eve also looks semi sheer here, but similarly it’s impossible to only apply 1 layer, so it ends up a very deep purplish fuchsia. Wears and wears and wears. I do like the Shine Caresse stains very much, but I doubt I’ll repurchase this colour since it’s not all too wearable.

Coromandel ends up a muted red on me, but definitely RED, to the point where I have to make sure my eye make up isn’t too strong or I end up looking far too done up in the day. It’s nice, pigmented and isn’t too slippery, but it is ANCIENT. Definitely have to finish it up ASAP.

Gigolo is a dark berry, that is pretty impossible to wear in the daytime in our kind of weather unless you are going for A Look. It is pretty though.

Burgundy is an okay lipliner. I usually use it under lip lacquers like Coromandel or my Ellis Faas. Nothing much to say about it. I’ve had it for a looooong time :/

914 Amaranth is a supposed dupe for MAC Rebel. It’s quite the statement colour, bold and dark. You can see it’s very pigmented and smooth. A very nice lipstick, too bad I don’t/can’t wear it more often :/

Shameless is a favourite of mine that I bring to almost every winter place I go to (didn’t bring it to the USA because we were staying with a conservative aunt whose opinion on dark purple lipstick I’m not sure about.) It makes a HUGE statement. The formula is comfortable to wear and lasts and lasts and lasts and stains. Application MAY be a little bit tricky because it might get patchy, but don’t press too hard and build it up in 2 layers and you’ll be fine. I will never finish it because I wear it maybe 5 times a year, but I will nurse it to the end of time, especially since it’s been DCed.



Damn it, I have so goddamn many bright lipsticks and I don’t wear them often. AND SO MANY OF THEM ARE CORAL AND WARM REDS, WTF? I know I definitely will be repurchasing NARS Dragon Girl to have in my collection of brights, eventually. But when I finish up some shit.



Life’s Entropy Apoptosis, Mentholatum Kissy Pink, Illamasqua Scandal, Revlon Matte Balm Audacious, Colourpop Sheer Whip, Menow Matte Lipgloss 37, Revlon Siren, Menow Matte Lipgloss 27, L’oreal Shine Caress Juliette

Most of the warm colours. Apoptosis was for a lipstick mixing project. Kissy Pink was previously reviewed and raved about. Illamasqua Scandal looks weird on me, but I sometimes like it. Audacious is a patchy travesty. Whip is nice and relatively sheer, but seriously guys I have too many lipsticks, so I’m trying to destash it. Menow 37 is a very regretted purchase because holy sheet it looks like highlighter ink. Revlon Siren looks so burnt and muted here compared to the rest of the eye searing brights. It’s a very patchy orange that’s very hard to apply opaquely, so meh, am trying to destash. Menow 27 is a very intense warm red, as you can tell. I actually quite like it, especially for $2. Fills the Lady Danger hole in my heart, for now. Juliette looks really strange on me, not too flattering.




Maybelline Vivids Neon Red, Menow Matte Lipgloss in 29, Maybelline Vivids Vivid Rose, Kiko Luminous Chrome lipstick in Fuchsia,  Life’s Entropy Lip Theory in Fusion, Maybelline Vivids in Shocking Coral, Life’s entropy Hybrid. Sorry the swatches are not in order of products shown, I really wanted to compare Vivid Rose, the Kiko and Fusion.

Neon Red is a nice enough red, and applied sheerly it actually can go into the midtone category. Might try to do a whole week with it for an everyday red. 29 is the current placeholder for Dragon Girl, although it’s not as pink. Vivid Rose looks a little odd on me, I think there is too much cool toned pink going on, trying to destash. Fuchsia is an AWESOME fuchsia, it also has blue shimmer in it. My favourite statement lip, but unfortunately drying. Fusion is a lot less cool toned, which makes it slightly less statement on me, but infinitely more wearable. Shocking Coral actually looks coral here, which is a huge shock to me, because it looks SUPER pink on my lips. Not my favourite colour, trying to destash. Hybrid is SO robotic it hurts. MEEP. WHIRRRR. WORP.



Sheers and layering stuff:


Illamasqua Lipgloss in Iridesce (LE) and Exquisite, Life’s Entropy Placebo (clear gloss),  Catrice lipgloss in Butterfly Kiss, ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine in Pink Kiss, Estee Lauder Lipstick in Tiger’s Eye


Iridesce, Exquisite, Pink Kiss, Tiger’s Eye. I have yet to open Butterfly Kiss, and Placebo is basically clear gloss.

I think I have way too many sheer lipglosses now. :((( I like the emollience of the Illamasquas, although they are on the sticky side, and the wand is a brush type, which sucks big time. Both are sheer, layering lipglosses, but kind of require certain colours to work, cool toned for Iridesce for the gorgeous blue shimmer, and something near the nude spectrum for Exquisite. Pink Kiss was a freebie, and it tastes sweet in a kinda gross way, and is also a bit too slippery for my taste. It’s functional, definitely a lipgloss I would use if I had to use a lipgloss for the sake of it. Tiger’s Eye is a special edition, as you can see from the packaging. It’s basically a sheer shimmery bronze, which can be built up to semi opaque. I have no idea why I bought it, I guess it works for the beach babe vibe, but I don’t beach babe often. Placebo is not a clear gloss I like. The lip theories are a nice emolliency, probably due to the pigments, but Placebo is SUPER slippery. It’s not much different from putting cooking oil on your lips (which I actually tried, and which works fine.) Gah.


Total products is 50, however I am definitely destashing at least 5. There are others (like Vivid Rose and Shocking Coral) that I have listed for destash, but don’t mind keeping and using as well, that I probably won’t count as being destashed. So my total number of products is about 45. Man, that is A LOT. Time to use up some shit and destash as much as possible.

Current Make up Inventory

Since the last inventory, I’ve destashed and used up quite a bit of stuff. Here is my make up inventory, so I can see what else there is to destash and what other things I MIGHT allow myself to buy.

Caveat: My collection is quite large, but I didn’t spend much money on it because I bought a lot of destashed, blogsale, etc stuff that cost me significantly less than retail price. I think like 90% of my collection is not from retail. For example most of my quads were bought at $5 or so.

(Sorry about the upside down pics in some of them, idk what is happening…)

Blushes: 11 (Ideal: 4)

I’ve used up 1 blush and destashed a couple since the last inventory, so now I’m left with 11 pans.


  • Sleek Blush palette Candy Collection (3 pans)
  • Cargo blush in Barbary Coast
  • A few broken eyeshadows that I mixed up and became a purple blush, how cool is that? 😀
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge in Florita
  • Alcina Bronzer in Light
  • NYX Cream blush in Natural
  • 4 pans of hot pink/orange/red eyeshadow that will be gorgeous as blushes but I would probably never wear as eyeshadow.

Ideally I think 4 blushes would be more than enough. 1 neutral go with everything, 1 warm, 1 cool, and maybe 1 really weird thing like red or purple or something.


Eyeliners: 16 (Ideal: 6)


Okay, I still have way too many eyeliners in too many funky colours. Didn’t use up or destash any. Right now I’m working on the Silky Girl Ever Green pencil since it’s the oldest, and I find that I kind of like a subtle green wing.

I included the 2 liner ends of my mascara because it is unfortunate that my gorgeous mascara comes with a liner on the other end, but it cost me like $3 or $5 per duo so I don’t care.

Without the duo liner end: 16 liners total. Ideally I think I’ll like to have 1 brown, 1 black, 1 champagne, 1 white, and maybe 2 funky colours, so an allowance of 6 total.

Base: 6 (Ideal: 3)


  • Philosophy in the Buff
  • Armani Lasting Silk
  • Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua
  • Cyber Colours Pore Primer
  • Seventeen Stay time concealer
  • Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

The Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua NEVER. DIES. WHAT THE FUCK. Every month I tell myself that This is the month that it will die, and I always have to adjust my expectations. I’ve been expecting it to finish since November and it always proves me wrong. I’ve destashed all my other foundations because all I really need is Lasting Silk and I think it will last me for like, 3 years.

Philosophy In the Buff is essentially a cream bronzer of sorts. It’s a bizarre, heavily discounted Nordstrom Rack buy from my sister. It works decently mixed in with foundation in VERY. SMALL amounts to darken it slightly to match me.

My ideal wardrobe would probably be Lasting Silk, the primer, and RCC. The Seventeen concealer doesn’t cover much as I would like a concealer to, but it actually works very well as a creamy foundation. I might bring it along for travel for convenience.

Highlighters: 5 (Ideal: 2)


  • The Balm Mary Lou Manizer
  • Kiko Radiant Touch Highlighter
  • Life’s Entropy Illuminator samples x2
  • Colourpop Monster

I think ideally I should have 1 normal highlighter, and 1 weird coloured highlighter. I haven’t found the strength to destash any 😥

Powders: 6 (Ideal: 3)


  • Za True White foundation OC20
  • Seventeen BB powder in Light
  • Essence Stay Matte powder
  • 3W clinic Crystal Creator Bright in 01 Pearl
  • Custom mix of like, Laura Mercier translucent powder and crystal creator bright in the body shop jar
  • Catrice Radiance Pearls

Man, I really do not need another powder for a long, long time. I only use powder foundations on the weekends and rarely powder my face in the day. Ideally, I should have 1 powder foundation, 1 translucent powder, and my radiance pearls, and I think that’s it. I just don’t use powder that often. At least they’ll stay usable for many years to come.

Brows: already ideal

I’ve been using the remnants of my mascara for my brows. Frugal to the max, amirite? Other than that, I have 2 samples of Life’s Entropy Brow Theory, and a tiny nubbin of a pencil for travel. I don’t have a brow buying problem because brows are BORING, guys.

Eye bases and sticks: 5 (Ideal: 3)


Kiko stick eyeshadow 09, 38, NYX Milk, Black Bean, and Etude House Proof 10 Eye primer.

Eye primer is a necessity, of course. Black Bean and Milk are workhorses but I don’t think I’ll be able to use all of it, ever. 38 is a very, very nice single wash colour, so I’ll definitely go through it, but I don’t know if I would repurchase. 09 is a very pretty colour but hard to use and work with, so I’ll see if anyone else wants it.

Eyeshadows: 196 (ideal… Definitely like <50.)

Click to enlarge!

  • Singles: (middle of bottom row) 14
  • Depots: 60 in right of middle row, 55 in left of middle row, 18 in middle of middle row, 6 in right of top row. 8 random ones in middle of top row. Total 147 pans.
  • Sample baggies: 23 + 1 baggie I depotted into a jar.
  • In palettes: 4 x 8 quads, 2x 1 duo. total 34.
  • Random Rouge Bunny Rouge glitter pigment thingy on the bottom left.

SO. MANY. EYESHADOWS. Technically I still have a quint and a duo I’ve been trying to destash but have yet to be sold.

At least now most of my shadows are in Z palettes so I can pick them out easily and see how many dupes I have (a lot.)

My Armani ETKs are my guilty pleasure. I swear I went through them and swatched all of them trying to decide what to sell and…. couldn’t. Thank god my Z palettes are filled with Sleek shadows that cost like $10-$15 per palette of 12, so my full Z palettes cost me like $150 at most? I think the ETKs cost me more than that, lol.


This is an embarrassing amount of make up. The lips will be taking up and entire other post. I have been diligent in not buying more, and using up what I have. I don’t think I can be on a complete no buy for the entirety of this year, but I am forced by life circumstances to be frugal, and be frugal I will.

My progress in make up rehab.

I decided some time ago I needed to rehab myself. I was veering very dangerously to the addict side of things. I went to MakeupRehab on Reddit, finished up some products through Project Pan, and found the strength to destash a lot of stuff.

Right now, I still have a fair number of beauty blogs that I read regularly, especially Temptalia, so I’m kind of aware of new releases, but I don’t feel the need to obsess about anything. Instead of stopping myself from wanting new releases, I straight up don’t really feel the desire to acquire much more make up. (My wishlist still exists though, but its incredibly short.)

I’m also going through some large personal issues in life, and while make up is a good distraction, I still need to focus on the really important things in life.

Overall, I’m pretty proud of my progress. It’s not about how much make up I currently own (still a lot) but about my mindset. I’m finding more than ever that all kinds of make up are very similar to each other, and there are only so many different brands of eyeshadows/blushes/etc that I try before everything melds into each other.

It also helps that through these 1-2 years of near addiction, I’ve refined my tastes a lot. I know what works and what doesn’t. I know what looks good after a meal and what smears like crazy. I know what products offer moisture and occlusion in my old freezing office (which I am returning to, at a full time position! Woo hoo!!!) I know that I don’t need to put on a full, FULL face everyday, and I’m hoping to slowly cut down on my daily routine, or move as many products to be applied at the office as possible.

Previously, all my fun money was spent on make up. I mean, cos I’m a boring old hag who doesn’t do anything fun anyway, so my fun money was like $50 a month? Right now, I can think of several things that I would like to buy more than more make up.

  1. Sandman Overture: I LOVE the Sandman series, and I haven’t bought a book in like, years. I already read the comics (via illegal download of course) but I would love to collect this lovely hardcover edition because it is absolutely beautiful.


2. Boxing classes. I would really like to be more active, and to train myself in self defense. I picked boxing because I think it’s better to train yourself to have a great foundation. There’s a gym near my workplace, and membership costs $500 for 3 months ($166/ month) or $1600 for 1 year ($133/month.) There are lessons literally every day, and I could go every single day if I wanted.

3. A share in my uncle’s cinema. This is the main goal I have been saving towards for the past few months. My uncle is opening a huge cinema complex in Beijing, and my mum is going to own 10%, and she allowed me 1%. Since I don’t have $100,000, I have been paying off my share slowly every month by saving nearly all my salary.


So that’s it! I will still write on this blog (obviously) because I do love make up and I still have way too many eyeshadows and lipsticks and shit, but I think I can officially check out of MakeupRehab 🙂



Project Pan progress

Here’s some long awaited updates! I have been doing my project pan quite diligently but I am just lazy to take photos and stuff :/


I promised myself I would trash The Body Shop lip and cheek stain by end Jan, and I did though I didn’t finish every scrap of it. It was really nice, but towards the end the shimmer dominated and looked kinda chunky and bad. I wouldn’t repurchase because I’m frankly sick of it, lol, and I’m trying to move away from easy-to-spoil liquid products. I’m proud of how much I used though!


My next cheek product to be panned is the NYX Cream blush in Natural. It’s actually a really, really nice blush, and it stays on FOREVER somehow. Very easy to apply, practically foolproof. I already have quite a large pan, because I used this blush everyday for quite a while before shelving it to pan the previously mentioned cheek stain. It will take me a good while to finish though. I definitely will be looking at picking up another one, after I consolidate my blush wardrobe and use up some shit.




I gave up on my lipstick in a pot. I decided I didn’t want to mess with a lipbrush every time I applied this mix that was kinda drying, especially in my super drying office air. I have another similar coral shade in a Dior lipstick, that is much easier to apply because it’s in a tube. (Now that I think of it I could have used it up as a cream cheek colour, but ah well.)

My next lipstick to be panned is my Life’s Entropy samples. Catalyst I already got the full size, so I need to finish up the sample, and pKA I have a similar other lipstick.


My face powder’s pan has increased in size slightly. Left is right now, right is a couple of months ago. As I’ve said before, it’s not very oil controlling, but as a foundation, it offers decent coverage and melds nicely with my skin. As a finishing powder it is also okay. As a bonus, now that I’ve got my minimint palette I technically can bring it to my office! So I can use it up more. I think I’ll take the whole year or more to finish it since I only really use it on the weekends.



I’ve also designated my eyeshadow base shade as the left pan, so I have been using it every day that I do eyeshadow since I made my Z palettes, in December. Let’s see how long it takes to pan a mini shadow (Sleek pans are very small) with near daily use!

This brown is also my daily crease shade when I don’t need a special crease colour for my eye look. It broke recently, I scooped up the rest to mix with another colour so I’m just left with like, half a pan’s worth. We’ll see how long it takes to finish it too 🙂

I’ve taken to tightlining and setting eyeliner with this black shadow. It broke before, so let’s see how long it takes to pan/use up a black (probably forever.)



I’m coming close to finishing my Life’s Entropy sample highlighter. Left is the one I’ve been using up, Right is a nearly full sample. I’ve been using lots of cream blushes, which give my skin a nice dewiness, so I haven’t been using much highlighter. Will try to incorporate it more.



I haven’t been using my Ever Green liner that much :/ I just don’t wear green liner like everyday you know? I’ve found a way to tone it down a notch, which is by patting some of the aforementioned black eyeshadow over it, which helps it to set better too. I think I need to make it my signature look for awhile to use it up.