Repurposing the WORST eyeshadow EVAR

i had old stick eyeshadows that sucked. They were made by max factor and had universally bad reviews. The creased almost immediately and never set. Aka. Horror!!!!

The max factor smoky eye effect sticks are unredeemable. The colours are gorgeous and pigmentation is decent. However:

  1. It is impossible to blend them. They muddy up if you touch them and leave streaks
  2. They never ever dry down and don’t stay on your lids. If they don’t crease they will migrate within the hour.

The 2 sticks I have are:

  • Purple and bronze (both with glitter)
  • Black with blue shimmers and frosty white

Wow I am fantastic with colour descriptions.

Here’s how I repurposed them:

Photo 19-5-15 4 55 52 pm

This is my set up.

  • Rosemary essential oil to add just a bit of fragrance to get rid of their synthetic crayon smell (in retrospect this was not a good idea, it smells funny, no wonder brands don’t use rosemary scents in their products.)
  • Vaseline as a mixing base
  • Pillbox to store the new products
  • An aluminium muffin base thingy to melt stuff in
  • A candle
  • A chopstick, tweezers and a spatula to stir and mix

STEP 1: Cut off the eyeshadow stick into the muffin tin

Photo 19-5-15 4 57 02 pm

Photo 19-5-15 4 57 15 pm

Photo 19-5-15 4 57 21 pm

Just like with lipsticks, there is a shit ton of product leftover in the base. Get that sucker out.


Photo 19-5-15 4 58 39 pm

Scoop an appropriate amount of Vaseline into the tin. I use about a 1:1 ratio, that should be about right.

STEP 3: heat that fucker up!!!

Photo 19-5-15 5 00 09 pm

STEP 4: Stir with your implement of choice. I used a chopstick.

STEP 5: When the Vaseline and the product has mixed properly, remove it from fire. VERY IMPORTANTLY, give it a short while (maybe 5-10 seconds) to cool slightly before pouring it into your receptacle of choice. It won’t be solidifying within the first 5-10 seconds.

Photo 19-5-15 5 02 25 pm

Let it cool down and you’re done!

I basically made the purple, the white and the bronze into cream blush like contraptions. The black can’t be a cream blush, so I decided to try my hand at making nail polish. I simply melted it and poured it into a topcoat.

Photo 19-5-15 5 22 21 pm

Photo 19-5-15 5 25 36 pm

And here are the completed products:

Photo 19-5-15 5 31 16 pm

Swatch time!

Photo 19-5-15 5 26 19 pm Photo 19-5-15 5 27 22 pm

The nail polish is erm………… That’s one coat on the left and two on the right. It’s a very pretty colour as you can see, but it feels weirdly waxy and seems to peel off easily. Probably better to use pigments or eyeshadow to make nail polish rather than cream shadows.

Photo 19-5-15 5 33 46 pm

The white is actually a quite nice highlighter.

I’m not so sure about the purple and the bronze though, I’m worried they will make my face look dirty.

All in all, mixing with vaseline made it:

  • Easier to spread on larger areas (like on face, rather than eyes)
  • Less pigmentation. The white was WAY too frosty to use previously.
  • Moisturizing. Vaseline is a great occlusive
  • Sticks around. Vaseline doesn’t migrate much on your face, it pretty much stays in one spot unless you wipe or something.

So all in all, this was a meh experience. It could have been better and it was not ground breaking or anything, but interesting. Now excuse me, I will go try my new products.


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