My make up preferences

We all have certain preferences in make up. We usually want products to perform a certain way to suit our needs. For very easy reference I wrote this, so when I talk about different products in the future, people will know what I gravitate towards.


  • I’m not particularly oily or dry, so normal skinned, leaning a little bit on the oily side in the T-zone, but leaning dry on the undereyes and chin area.
  • I am generally blessed with nice, smooth, relatively poreless skin.
  • However I have a couple of quite large milia under my eyes that I can’t get rid of fully, and I have a patch of pretty persistent acne/whiteheads on my jaw for some reason.


Base products:

  • I don’t need superb oil control but I need stuff that is reasonably water and humidity and preferably transfer resistant. I also want to hide pores, please.
  • I prefer medium coverage bases. I don’t have any full coverage foundations because my skin is good and I don’t find them necessary. I don’t like too sheer foundations because what’s the point?
  • Dewy or matte, I have not much preference. I look ok either way. I try to avoid too dewy finishes in the really hot months, but I also tend to avoid uber-matte.
  • I have quite bad dark circles and I need hardcore concealer in a peachy shade.
  • I have quite sallow skin, especially round the eyes. I also have some obvious veins on my lids.


  • I like both cream and powder products. I vacillate between them depending on the humidity, and whether I feel like washing my brushes.
  • I am also ok with both cool and warm tones.
  • So in essence, ANYTHING GOES!
  • Except glittery blushes, no thanks. I’m ok with some minor shimmer and very sparse glitter.


  • CONTOUR4LYFE. I was contouring since 2012
  • I contour like, everyday. Seriously. My no make up makeup includes contour.
  • My only requirement is a a neutral to cool toned contour.
  • Cream or powder is ok, I use both near daily. Yes, I’m very dedicated to contour.


  • I don’t fuss much with my brows. Enuff said.
  • No preference, except it must be dirt cheap, stays put, and black to match my natural hair


  • Sparkly, glitterbombs, mattes, anything goes!
  • I like a bit of colour, but I’m not super huge on it though, so I don’t go for like, you know, matte yellow or lime green eyeshadow.
  • Sheer, pigmented, anything is fine! So long as the shadow is buttery and easy to work with. I’m not so bothered with intensity, because sheer eyeshadows have a time and place and I will simply work around it.
  • However it must not crease easily. I mean come ON, we are living in the age of super long wear products. Over a primer, I totally expect eyeshadow to wear at least 8 hours even on my sweaty humid self.
  • I do tend towards more low-key looks. You won’t see much outrageous stuff from me! I like colours though, but I try to incorporate them in a low key, polite-society manner.

Lip products:

  • Lipstick, gloss, liquid lipsticks, anything goes!
  • I hate glittery lipsticks, unless they are very well thought out. Like, not chucking generic silver glitter in for the sake of it.
  • I generally dislike sheer lip products, especially overpriced ones.
  • Matte, glossy, satin, anything goes! Except glitter, of course.
  • My lips are pretty dry and cracked a large majority of the time. This worsens with stress and my office air.
  • Milky, white base colours are very difficult for me to wear because they get into all the cracks and look like shit. They also clash with my skintone.
  • I’m quite brave in my lip choices, and I much rather wear a dark lipstick than a pale one.
  • My favourite type of formulas are actually those jelly textures that are pigmented yet still transparent.


  • I fucking hate mascara. It’s a necessity, but like, a pain in the ass necessity.
  • I want my mascara to hold a curl. SO IMPORTANT. Whatever it does, it has to hold my curls. My lashes are long, but fucking stick straight. It can’t be too wet either because I blink like a fucking maniac and I don’t want smudges everywhere.
  • If it can hold a curl, I don’t care if it lengthens, voluminizes, or even does nothing else, because I would die to have a mascara that holds my curls properly.
  • It also has to be reasonably water resistant. Because I sweat a lot, and it rains frequently here. I don’t want smudges under my eye.


  • They must not smudge on me, and must be creamy enough to apply well. I like gels the best and gel-type pencils because they fix and don’t budge (too much.) But gels require brushes… meh.
  • I am very ambivalent about liquid liners. They expire too fast, and have a lot of issues with brush and drying times and shit.

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