FOTD/OOTD – Retro Playsuit with Menow #27

Personally I’ve always thought I was way too ungainly for playsuits – how the hell do you pee in them anyway? I always strip from the top down – that’s how you are supposed to do it, right? Or am I missing something?

Urgh I look so fat. I hope it’s bloating. Because I actually lost 3kg the past few weeks.

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FOTD: Soft and Peachy with Zoeva Rose Golden Blush Palette

I loved my Zoeva Rose Golden Blush palette, which is one of the things that I bought after seeing Temptalia’s review. The highlighter caught my eye, mainly. I mean does it not look absolutely stunning?! Since I destashed my Sleek Lace Blush by 3 (which apparently I never reviewed), I was lacking a peachy pink shimmery blush in the vein of NARS Orgasm, and the blush in the Rose Golden palette was perfect to fill out that gap. It’s a bit more shimmery than I like for everyday, but for days I’m really feeling the shimmer, I’m REALLY feeling the shimmer.

Swatches from the review post.

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FOTD: Aggressively pink

I’m really feeling the pink and reds recently.

I did this look one day, and was SO happy with it I did an even more amped up version on the next day. I almost NEVER wear the same look two days in a row, so you can tell I REALLY like it. I wore this on a Friday with no comments from my colleagues… they’re probably used to me doing crazy shit on Fridays by now.

Left to right: Clio Gelpresso Gel liner in Bloody Devil, a lovely maroon/burgundy, my standard crease/transition shade, which is some Sleek shadow that I depotted (nearly invisible on my skin), the deepest berry shade (2nd from right, top row) of Newtrals vs Neutrals, Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Silk Intense in #7 (my fave!!), #8 and #11.

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FOTD: More Red Eyeshadow!

I am very fond of red eyeshadow, made easy by my Newtrals vs Neutrals palette. I did another relatively dramatic eye with it: It’s pretty easy, just don’t show any restraint on the red shades!

I don’t know why I’ve been having lots of problems with white balance lately, so I’ve had to do a lot of colour adjusting. If the photos look weird, that’s why. I tried to get them as true to normal as possible.


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Easy eyes with my favourite colour: Hint of Mint

My favourite colour is obviously, warm mint green. Best if there’s a shot of gold shimmer through it. I love it so much I have at least 4 of them. And my eye is always drawn to any mint greens in palettes.

Here’s a simple, no fuss way to wear it daily, without looking like too much colour.

I basically applied my nice shimmery mint green in my inner corners and maybe the inner 1/3 to 1/2 of my eyelid. I also have some on the lower inner corner. I believe this mint is my catrice single My Mermint. It’s dirt cheap (like $4?) and very beautiful, if a little bit dusty and prone to sheering out. Use it over a stickier base/primer for most stunning results.

I used a pencil liner (Clio Gelpresso in Golden Black [affiliate]- review) which is a warm olivey black with gold shimmer, which ties in very well, and just defined my lashline a little bit. And literally everything else was bare. I think it’s a very fresh, undone look that’s very easy and quick.


Here’s the overall look. If you have Asian epicanthal folds like me, the green will just peek through when your eyes are open, and look very subtle. Kept to the fresh theme with a sheer glossy lip bronzer and some peachy blush. Very minimal base if I remember correctly.

(Is it just me or are my cheeks super huge here… :0 )


I think this technique is super easy to do with any light, fresh colour. I’ll definitely doing this with lime yellow and other slightly more unorthodox colours too!

Doll-eyed liner

Okay, disclaimer. This is a revelation to me and likely to me only. You may have been doing this all your life, Idk 😀

If you noticed, I do a wing almost every time I line my eyes. It’s not a cat-eye wing. It’s just something I’ve been doing ever since I’ve started doing eyeliner all the years ago. My eyes are pretty large, and I find that winging it out creates a slightly more almond shape that looks very elegant and classic, and maybe slightly sultry. Things I try to be (but not really am :P) You can see it here, here, here. Seriously, at this point my hand just does it naturally. Nothing dramatic or angled, just an extension of my eye shape.

(Similarly, for false lashes, not that I wear any on the regular, I prefer ones that flare out at the outer edges. Just looks right to me somehow.)

Anyway, the other day I tried NOT doing a wing for once… and achieved a different effect! But I do quite like it. So if you’re like me and wing everything out all the time, try this.

Basically, I took a dark taupe shadow and lined it all around my eyes. Shadow is good because it’s soft and slightly imprecise. You don’t want a harsh line like gel gives you. I also prefer cooler tones for this, but do your preference.


(Also, LASHES!!)

Alllll the way even into the inner corner. I find that bringing it all the way to the tear duct really makes it totally different to how I was doing my liner before (which usually ended at maximum, halfway round the bottom lashline.) With a black shadow (I tried) I look like an alien because my eyes look fucking humongous. With a brown/taupe, they just look super round and dolly. Also note the absence of a wing. It just literally goes all round the eyes and hug the lashline.

I like to do this without any other eyeshadow for maximum no-makeup-makeup naturalness.



(Sorry, I literally had a dental appointment that morning, so you can imagine my chin is a little exposed 😛 It somehow looks fairly good still, I’m not bothered about it!)

I also kept the rest of my colour palette very pretty and neutral. A bit more colour on the cheeks (a beautiful wine – Rouge Bunny Rouge Florita) and a pink tinted balm (Mentholatum Sugar lips in Vintage Pink)

Since I lost my angled liner brush, this is a very simple way to line my eyes that I’m actually rather fond of. Somehow I’m really feeling the sweet natural looks, for these couple of weeks at least 😛


When was the last time you changed up your make up? How did it go?

FOTD: Red eyeshadow

This was done when I had a half day at work. What can I say, in stressful periods I feel like wearing ALL TEH MAKE UP. And I always want to wear RED eyeshadow.


(seeeee the lashes! This was actually about 2 weeks after bimatoprost. Not in insane territory yet, but looking awesome already.)


A simple but high impact look using the warm shades in my Newtrals vs Neutrals palette. You can do loads of complete looks without needing to reach for other palettes, which is something I do love about it. I also added brown glitter gel liner. This was taken AFTER my halfday, so my make up had already been on for 6 hours or more.


It definitely looked more impactful in real life and I was kinda worried my very traditional big boss would say something… but she didn’t so IDGAF! 😀

FOTD: Warm Tulip Eye and a pop

Finally, a new look from me! I have been doing quite a fair bit of make up lately but I just can’t be arsed to photograph it. I’m in a wing phase again, after going bare on the eyes for a pretty long time. It’s wing ALL DAY EVERY DAY. Green wing, navy wing, brown wing, black wing.

Anyway, this look is a warm rusty orange eye in a tulip placement, which is something I very rarely do, as you should know if you go through all my posts. I also added my Clio Gelpresso in Golden Black, soft black pencil liner with gold glitter, and Deep Sea Blue, a matte blue on the waterline. [Review here.]


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Make up doings in my absence

I’ve been away for awhile, clearly. I was getting busier and busier at work and I just didn’t have the mojo to blog. I still don’t really have it, but I’ll be posting some stuff now and then still.

So in my absence from the blog I also haven’t been taking many photos of my makeup, though I wore about the same amount of makeup as before.


I’ve been really into red lipsticks these days. My favourite way to wear them is super clean. In the first look, it’s just a ton of foundation for the appearance of dewy, perfect skin (had to fake it since my chin area is still quite bad at the moment.) Lots and lots and seriously shitloads of contour (always subtle because it’s me), brows, just a touch of highlighter to glow like an angel from the heavens and lots of mascara. That’s it. I think it’s me but dialled up to 11, with an eye searing red lip. This is, of course, my beloved Dragon Girl in all its glory. Super bright red with a definite pink glow. It’s a very unique and standout – there was one time I was at the cashier at my mum’s shop, and the girl’s lipstick looked so familiar – and true enough, it was Dragon Girl. In this photo, it sure looks like Dragon Girl on Lea Seydoux too.



For this look, I was testing out Cherry Red, which is definitely not my preferred red from Besame Cosmetics. It was still pretty nice I guess, but a little dark for me. Also very clean, didn’t even have foundation on, just a bit of excess Cherry Red tapped on my cheeks for blush. Holy shit is this pigmented, if using it as blush just tap the slightest amount. Still don’t feel very passionate over it, but it’s alright.


(The ribbon in my hair is a silk scarf tied as a ribbon. This is a gorgeously soft and thin silk scarf in a pastel yellow and creamsicle polka dot print. Very vintage!)

Might be blogging a little more from now on, and sporadically, but there will be posts when I feel like it.