My Z-palettes and depotting Sleek Eyeshadows

I have a lot of Sleek eyeshadow palettes (12.) I obviously wasn’t making very good use of them, and to really take stock of how many eyeshadows I have, I depotted ALL of them into 3 large magnetic palettes.


Holy crap! Look at the amount of eyeshadow I have!!!!

I use 2 palettes for storage purposes, and 1 palette to hold the eyeshadows I use regularly.


In the palette I use regularly, I have 1 champagne brow highlight shade, a base all a variety of mid-tone lid shades that are neutral-lish yet interesting, and I have a whole bunch of crease shades, from usual (browns) to unconventional (orange and burgundies.) I have a matte black at the bottom corner for good measure. I also intend to use certain blush-coloured eyeshadows as blush, since I am very unlikely to do a look using fuchsia eyeshadow.

As you can see, some shadows have had accidents. Mattes are very, very fragile, especially drugstore matte shadow because they tend to be very stiff and chalky. Shimmers are no problem at all, if they break just press them back. I had a small little zip lock in which I kept broken shadows and mixed them into a gorgeous purple loose blush.

I used the pry method, which mean using a pen knife to pry out the insert before using alcohol to dissolve the glue. I do not recommend this method because I actually broke my penknife doing this. For my last palette which I could not for the life of my pry out, I used the flame method, where I held the palette (with a pair of pliers) over my stove and waited for the heat to melt the plastic and glue. This was INFINITELY EASIER and faster, BUT the palettes were also ruined. The pry method ensured that you could reuse the palette to hold stuff if it so pleases you. So it depends on yourself.

Sleek pans are not magnetic, but NEVER FEAR. Instead of buying a shitload of expensive magnetic stickers like I could have, do this instead:


I used 1 section of the blade for each pan, and a pack of 10 was just enough for me and cost me like $1.

I am very happy with this depotting, and looking at my depotted shadows I seriously feel no need to buy any more eyeshadow for the rest of my life. Hah, I will probably still make some indie eyeshadow purchases, but I probably won’t be tempted by any mainstream shadows for the next year, hopefully.

Back to Basics: NYX Black Bean and Milk Jumbo Eye Pencils

My make up collection is sorely lacking some basics, because I favour the sparkly and shiny over the essential (of course.) Recently, I’ve really wanted an eyeshadow base, because my random black kohl liner as a black base is running out, and I flat out don’t have a white base. And the cheapest and easiest one out there are the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils, in Black Bean and Milk.


I got these for dirt cheap on Carousell. NYX stuff are very cheap everywhere anyways.

First off: they are absolute rubbish as eye pencils. They are suuuuuuuuper creamy, which means they don’t stay on your lids, ever. They are total crap if you’re looking for cream shadow stick-esque products. That’s why I don’t intend to get any beyond Milk and BB.


However, their creaminess means that they’re brilliant as an eyeshadow base. They’re tacky and shadow sticks onto them. Products with all kinds of textures work well on them: glitter, mattes, and shimmers, unlike a fixative (say, Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy) which would ruin mattes.  With primer underneath and shadow on top, they don’t move around. But all things considered I would say these are fickle things, essential basics but you definitely do not want to fuss with them when you’re rushing. The trick is to apply enough such that the eye area is covered and tacky, yet not creamy enough to slip around.

Black Bean is a suuuuuper quick smoky eye look. Colour it into your lids, blend out a bit, add some glittery shadow, and you’re done. But if you’re like me with oily lids, or living in a humid place, definitely wear primer. Seriously. Milk is brilliant as a base for most shadows.

Here I show how Chanel Nymphea looks on Milk. First, I applied primer all over both lids.


I applied milk very thickly. On hindsight, I made a mistake: you likely don’t need to apply on the crease, just on the lids and on a brow highlight if you want.


Blended slightly



With Milk



Without milk.


There is a definite increase in vibrancy. I find that it’s not as refined as I would like, because the white base interferes a little with the transparency of Nymphea. On hindsight I should have chosen a different shadow 😀

It also made it last longer. While the side without was a little faded after 6-8 hours, the side with Milk faded less.

I don’t actually like Nymphea with Milk because it kind of messes up the colour, but after 6-8 hours Nymphea looks beautiful on Milk.

I’m glad I got these because they will work with every single eyeshadow I own. Although, now that I think of it, I don’t fancy very vibrant eye looks, I’m more a subtle girl. I aim to finish using up Milk in 2 years, while BB will take god knows how long, since I don’t do smoky often.

My favourite Nail polish Ever!

Seriously, this is my favourite nail polish EVER.



It’s Revlon Wintermint. I got it in a set of 3 for $12. WHAAAT. I’ve wanted this polish for like 2 years because it’s so pretty, but I’ve waited on it because I don’t particularly love polish and I was waiting for a good deal. Then a good deal came along. I also like the other 2 colours, but we’re not going to care about them today.

I’ve talked about the Revlon Parfumerie series before. They’re a bit more expensive than regular polishes, because they come in a variety of scents to match their colours. I’ve tried Apricot Nectar before and liked it.



This is 2 coats with a top coat. My top coat is sad and dying, so it didn’t have much effect anyways. It’s easy to apply with a good dispersion of glitter throughout (I didnt pay any attention to where it landed, and it all landed okay.) 2 coats is enough to give a more or less opaque application. It also dries pretty fast, no fussy application here.

It’s supposed to smell like mint, but frankly it wasn’t very strong to me. Maybe it was because my hands were smelling like polish remover. Next time I apply it I will make sure my hands smell of nothing. Anyway I don’t really like mints, I bought it for the colour.

The longevity is really, really good. I did use a topcoat (when I don’t always do with normal polishes) but like I said, my topcoat is running out and I could only get the teeniest bit on each nail. It lasted over a week on me with minimal wear. I only had significant wear on my index fingers (which do the most shit, so it’s natural.) If I touched up the index fingers, I think I could squeeze 2 weeks out of one mani.

(The pictures are of the 3rd day thereabouts if I’m not wrong, which explains the slight wear.)

I think it goes gorgeously with my skintone. (Don’t my hands look yellow?!) The minty green has always been my favourite kind of shade. Although it is cooltoned,  there is gold shimmer in the polish, which warms it up enough to complement my skin. This is exactly my favourite eyeshadow colour ever (the minty green with gold shimmer in Chanel Nymphea) only with green glitter bits.

It’s nice and pale enough to look neutral, while being completely unboring and pretty elegant.

This is my absolute favourite nail polish ever. And since I’m not a polish fanatic, when I say it I absolutely mean it. There is no other nail colour that will have as special a place in my heart as this. It currently sits on top of my bed headrest so that I can stare loving at it every morning and night.

Sample Rundown #2

1. Flora by Gucci Glamorous Magnolia:

My mum bought a mini vial (I think 5ml) of this to bring to China. The scent is quite a lovely, soft floral. No sweetness, and I get why it’s called Glamorous, because there is a touch of glamour. Not full on glamour, but a mysterious one. Purchase?: No, because literally ALL my perfumes are florals and it’s not special enough to me.

2. MUFE Lab Shine Lipgloss in S2 (Star series)

Got this mini as a freebie. It’s a very sheer sparkly beige lipgloss. Originally I tried applying it by itself but it just looked bad because it was so sheer. When I layered it, it’s actually not bad. It’s supposedly beige/peach but honestly it’s pretty damn sheer so it can top any lipstick, giving it a slight warmth. It’s quite thick and gloopy (boohoo) but only slightly sticky, so it’s quite comfortable to wear. It’s also very moisturizing so that makes me happy. The smell is supposedly apricot: to my philistine nose, it smells fruity and flowery and the scent is pretty nice. Unfortunately it also has the classic plasticky lipgloss taste, so that’s not so great. Overall a decent gloss, says the person who hates glosses. Too bad I think they discontinued this in favour of the new Plexi glosses. Purchase?: Can’t but don’t really want to, but I’m glad this made me reconsider the lip layering thing.

3. Shokubutsu Anti Bacterial body wash

Free sample from the Great Eastern Women’s Run goodie bag. Isn’t it awesome they give out so many beauty products? This smells great, if not especially exciting. Cleansing/anti bacterial powers don’t seem much different to me. Purchase?: Not in the near future because I have a shitload of my favourite bodywash to go through.

4. Etude House Moistfull Collagen Sleeping Pack


Another day, another collagen product from Etude House… The sample size comes in a tube, which I VASTLY prefer over the tub, because obvious reasons. This is a sticky sleeping pack. It comes out in a sticky white gel, and it remains sticky for a long while. I find it quite hydrating, and I’m thankful for this because the new moisturizer I’m using isn’t as thick. Overall, not a bad product. Purchase?: No, I don’t think it’s very necessary to my routine, but you may like it. 

Project Pan updates!

Whoo! Updates! I’ve finished up a lot of stuff already, so I’ve moved on to the next one. I will probably note the replacement in the next update post.

Bath and Hair:

Conditioner: Kerasys Deep Cleansing Conditioner: Used up!!!!! Time to move to the next one. I’m drowning in conditioner.

Hair serum: Beautain. Been using it regularly, but there isn’t much decrease frankly.

Hairspray*: Giorgi Elixir Fix Complex. Used up by the husband. Now you know who’s the vain one.


Make up Remover*: Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil. I have decided to keep this for travel. This is a disgustingly bad cleansing oil anyway. I am now slowly working through my 500ml bottle of Bioderma Sensibio…


Moisturizer: Salome Face Moisturizer. I USED THIS SHIT UP!!!! All 95g of it!!! Only took me like 2 years, but hey! HOORAY!!!! I’ve moved on to my Paula’s Choice moisturizer which is less heavy. My skin seems a bit drier now and I’m used to the thick texture of the Salome one, so I’m kind of missing it… 😦



Sunscreen: Diorsnow UV Shield. I used to mix in the Salome moisturizer with this because it was unbearably drying, with a powdery finish otherwise, but the Paula’s Choice one is not thick enough. 😦 Still, there’s only a little bit left, I use it on most weekdays. The packaging is just translucent enough to see the level of the product left against light.

Hand cream: Mt Sapola Lemongrass hand cream. Used up this vile tube!!!! Hooray!!! My hands get really dry in the office. I’ve since moved on to another hand cream which is more nourishing.

(PS. I hate those bloody metal tubes. Once squeezed they look fugly and it’s really hard to squeeze the last bits up.)


Perfume: I finished up the last bit of my Elizabeth Arden Fifth Avenue! It lasted a seriously long time despite the teeny amount in there. I don’t have a next perfume to finish up because my collection is pretty small to begin with, but I will focus more on my Versace Yellow Crystal because the cap doesn’t fit very well and I’m worried that it’s evaporating.


Powder: Seventeen Soft Touch BB powder exposed pan. I have actually hit a teeny bit of baby pan on it!!! After only 2 years  It’s annoying, I can’t bring this around to touch up like I want to.

(Ps. The Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B20 is still refusing to end…)


Colour make up:


Blush: The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain 02. Close to running out, the doefoot is getting less and less product now. I think there’s a month of use left before I get too annoyed with getting the product out and toss it.


Lipstick: Lipstick mix pot. Have been using it regularly, but it’s quite drying :/ At least I see progress!!!


Eyebrows: depotted mascara. I’ve like pushed the product around a bit to be more centered. I use this everyday and I added a shitload of saline eyedrops to make it super creamy, and now I’m actually rather enjoying it.


That’s it for now! Let’s see what updates I have in the new year!

A comparison of brow products

bBrows are very boring to me. I don’t find joy in perfect brows. I just need them to be decent and I’m happy.

I have relatively thick and messy brows (for an Asian at least) and I’m so glad for the natural messy brow trend, because I can’t be arsed to groom them to perfection. The only difficulty I face is having a good brow colour in a good formula. Here is a overview of the products i frequently use on my brows.


L-R: Random unbranded brow pencil, Covergirl Lashblast Clump Crusher mascara, Life’s Entropy Brow Theory in Ebony.

The brow pencil has been around for at least 2 years. It’s down to a tiny nub, but I’m not finishing it up because it’s handy to use on travels.

After my Clump Crusher exploded, I depotted it into a couple of jars. It has been on my brows ever since.

The Life’s Entropy Brow Theory has been blogged about before. It’s hands down the best brow product I’ve used and owned, although that’s not saying much. But it’s creamy, super pigmented, and stays put for days. DAYS.


Colour wise, one complaint I’ve always had about the brow pencil and most brow products in general was that it was way too grey. You can see that it’s not very pigmented (which is fine, brow pencils are like that) but the base has a definite grey tone. This makes it look really weird on my super warm and yellow skin. Of course, it’ll do in a pinch, but I wouldn’t pick it if I had a choice.

The mascara is actually a very decent brow product. It dries up very fast in a pot (I’ve had to add saline drops countless of times already, but I don’t care since I’m applying it on my brows not lashes.) So that explains the kind of gritty and messy swatch. On my brows, it’s not the easiest product to use. The colour is alright, but it can get messy if I’m not careful since it’s hard to blend it out and get even coverage in my whole brow. The colour is also okay, it doesn’t blend to a cool grey unlike the brow pencil.

Life’s Entropy is my HG brow product (which is not saying much.) It’s incredibly smooth and creamy and pigmented. Plus, it’s a wondrous colour. It’s actually a black-brown. It’s the perfect colour for my brows because it matches the warmth of my skin, while still being well, black.


L (picture’s left) mascara, R LE Brow Theory

See how the mascara looks cooler than the Brow Theory? and my brow is thicker there? It’s much harder to control blending and even distribution of colour.

So the main takeaway is that mascara is a perfectly acceptable alternative to brow products, and Life’s Entropy Brow Theory is fucking awesome.

What’s your morning routine?

Since now i have a set time to get up in the morning and go to the office, i actually have a morning routine.

I usually wake up at 7. I need to be at the office at 9 but its really near my house so i leave for the bus stop at 8.35.


My set up! All my skincare is in that tin on the right. My make up box is helpfully categorized base – lips – face – eyes – assorted tools!

When i wake up, I brush my teeth and wash off my moisturizer. I sometimes apply BHA and let it exfoliate while I do other stuff like eat breakfast and play with the baby. At around 8, i start doing the rest of my routine.

I apply toner, serum, moisturizer and sunscreen. I try to use less products because I hate long complicated morning routines. I also apply deodorant when waitimg for the sunscreen to dry.

After that it’s make up!

I apply primer to my nose, nasolabial area and undereyes to conceal my pores and help my concealer. I apply foundation, then undereye concealer.

Somewhere here i apply eye primer so that it will dry. I apply blush (currently it’s liquid) and contour my nose and cheekbones (yes, I contour daily…)

Afterwards, i do my eye make up. Usually it’s quite simple, maybe 2-3 colours max. I line and also apply mascara.

I usually just grab whatever lipstick i feel like using and bring it along, because I usually apply lipstick on the bus or at the office, unless it’s a bold or statement colour. I always have like 4 or 5 mini lip products with me. I like options…

Just before I leave I will apply body sunscreen if necessary and perfume.

So that’s it. What’s your morning routine? Is it as complex as mine? Haha.