Hair advice that lazy people can follow 

I am absolutely lazy about my hair. 

Sure, there are some things that could have been better; I’m not saying my hair is perfect. 

  • It could have been naturally wavy. I refuse to perm or curl
  • it could take on colour more easily: I used like 2 boxes of red dye on my short medium hair and IT JUST WOULDNT BE RED even though my husbands one was brilliantly ruby. 
  • My roots could be less flat. I have a problem with the hair on top of my head. Some photos in this blog have tell tale signs.
  • It could be less limp. Not only roots but the body also seems rather flat sometimes, like my hair sticks to my head and there’s no volume. 

Still, I really don’t give a shit about hair. Make up, skincare and dressing take up enough of my time. I don’t use anything beyond drugstore shampoo, I don’t use serums, gel, wax, spray, what have you. 

But there’s still some easy advice that even lazy asses like me could use to improve hair health:

  • Don’t comb your hair when wet. Wet hair breaks easily. 
  • Don’t heat style when wet. It’s like boiling your hair. 
  • Use heat protectant when blow drying. Alternatively, another solution is simply don’t blow dry. 
  • Use shampoo on scalp only, and Use conditioner on your ends. Ends tend to be dry while scalps are oily or have dirt. Don’t lather up the whole length. 
  • And use conditioner, damnit. 


Yay, my first ever empties post!

I don’t think I use up products fast enough to do a monthly post, so it’ll just be an as and when thing I guess.

From L-R

Maxfactor Smoky Eye effect Eyeshadow tubes, Purply and bronze and black and white (can’t be assed to find out the name.)

Za Pure Shine Lips in OR3 Apricot Nectar

Lip Brush from a travel kit by TheFaceShop

K Palette 24H lasting waterproof liquid liner

The Maxfactor shadows were hands down the shittiest eyeshadows in the existence of mankind. NOTHING stopped them from creasing. They were shitty as a base, as eyeshadow, at life. Go google it if you don’t believe me. I did not finish using them actually, I depotted and repurposed them, which I will talk about in a future post.

Za Pure Shine lips was gabbed about here. Erm well technically this was not yet used up, I depotted the last bit.

Lip brush was a freebie in a travel kit received free at an event. It served me well for 3 years (well, I actually didn’t really use it for the first 2 years… lol) but somehow at the last washing the ferrule warped (?!?!) and the brush is fucked up now. Technically it’s still usable, because I used it today but it’s annoying and I will dump it as soon as I can get a replacement. I’m frugal, but not THAT frugal (but seeing how I always space my purchases out, it will be in a looooong time.)

K Palette 24HR Liner is a LIE. It freaking SMUDGES on me. Which fucking liquid liner SMUDGES. If I want smudges, I’ll go for a fucking pencil. It also fades away pretty easily. This was my first foray back into liquid liner and I was NOT LIKING IT. The tip also has hairs that are bent haywire and I don’t even use it much. It’s also not very black. Actually this is not finished, but I’m thinking if I should just throw the damn thing away.

So technically, I have finished none of the above products, harh harh.

Make up rut 

I am in a make up buying rut. Which is a good rut because I don’t spend money. 

Recently I’ve only purchased:

  •  lots of Clio gelpresso eyeliners, which I know work decently on me, at a dirt cheap price
  • Giorgio Armani fluid sheer which was too good a deal at $10 to pass up 
  • Nyx HD eye shadow base. Because I lost many staples somehow and I need to replace them.
  • I also need to buy concealer, which I haven’t yet… 

I feel like nothing really excites me anymore?!??! 

I mean, I’ve got great lipsticks covering most of the colour spectrum, I’ve got a ton of eyeshadows, I’ve only got 3 highlighters but they cover all the colour spectrums, I’ve got a blush for every colour spectrum, etc…. 

Right now I’m just buying staples that I lost over the past few months.

Anything recently that is exciting that someone can recommend?!?

Please dig out your lipsticks


As all make up lovers know, THIS IS UNPRECEDENTED. How many of you have finished a colour make up, ever?? I have finished a lipgloss before, but lipstick is a first.

I guess MLBB and natural shades are always easier to finish. My lipgloss was my favourite formula of glosses ever, the Loreal Caresse Wet Shine Stains or whatever they are being called now, in a MLBB shade (Lolita.)

This lipstick, Pure Shine lips by Za in OR3 apricot nectar, looks very orange, but is actually almost a nude shade, with a slightly orange bent. It suffers from Glitter Overload syndrome that is typical of many drugstore lippies, but it’s very moisturizing and comfortable so I can overlook that. It’s more like a slightly coloured lip balm (with a shitload of glitter.)

I don’t think I will be repurchasing though, because I have a TON of nude or near nude shades that I will be valiantly trying to go through.

However, what I want to draw to your attention today is why EVERYONE should learn to dig out lipsticks when they have reached the end of their life.
These are all usable people!!!

Holy Shit, look at how deep the tube is!!!! Even though the lipstick was used until the white plastic casing thingy was literally scraping against my lips, there is still so much lipstick buried underneath.


For reference the jar is a sample jar of Curel moisturizer, and lists contents as 4g. Moisturizer has much lighter density than lipstick though. I guesstimate there to be 0.5g of lipstick left, which is at least 1/6 of an entire lipstick.

I will be using a lipbrush with this dug out product and using my lipstick until the end of its days.

(Disclaimer: Product was received free as a door gift at a beauty event. Obviously, I liked it enough to use it up.)

My distaste: for limited edition

in GENERAL, I do not like limited edition stuff.

I am not a beauty addict. I make purchasing decisions based on rationality. Of course, nobody needs to own like, 20+++ lipsticks, but I have limited myself to a very small selection of reds, nudes, etc. I do not have 30 red lipsticks just because. 

Anyway. Packaging is not a deal breaker for me either, so long as it’s not stupid/easily disintegrating. 

And this is why I don’t particularly care about limited edition stuff. 

If the LE was with someone/thing I really love (few and far between: Lana del Rey, Zooey deschanel?) I would consider purchasing. And an item that I like and will use. I will never buy bronzing powder. I will buy lipsticks, and highlighter. 

I will also make damn sure that these products are actually good to use. I don’t know of any product that is so amazingly packaged that I don’t mind a shitty product just to stare at it. 

A quick googling of pretty products: 

 Okay, if something that looked like this were limited edition, I MAY buy it. 

I hate mascara 

woes everyone!!!

I have a love hate relationship with mascara. 

Omg a wild photo appears!!! 

Today I used lotsa highlighter, had a baby smoky eye (I swear it’s more obvious in real life..) and had terrible dark eye circles. And a huge zit. I also HAD NO MASCARA. 

That’s because my old loreal double step I don’t know what purple colour tube thing USED to be great at holding a curl. Now it doesn’t really, anymore. And I don’t want to spend $27 on mascara like every few months?!?

So I skip the mascara most days. 

I visited the sephora near my house today. That is the first time I have ever stepped into sephora, literally.

The mascaras intrigued me because I just can’t figure mascaras out, wtf? 

I’m thinking about what to possibly try: MUFE Smoky extravagant? TF better than sex? What??


Make up that I grew out of 

some make up just seems downright juvenile. Or maybe cos I used I t in my teens and I should be more mature now right?

  • Lipgloss. God I just shun it right now. Sticky stuff is a no no and the amount of glitter and shine seems childish. They’re are also mostly terribly sheer. I would never buy another lipgloss today. 
  • Glittery lipstick. I actually somewhat like frosty lipsticks: they have a time and a place. But glitter?!?!? No no no. Unless it’s amazingly multicolored beautiful mind blowing glitter. 90% of drugstore lipsticks have glitter so I’m like NO. Plus they migrate all over my face.
  • Bronzer. Firstly, we don’t need to be bronzed because we have tropical sun all year round. Also, drugstore options are largely glittery and orange. And also- what’s the freaking point of bronzer??? If contouring, use cool shades like nyx Taupe. 
  • Pink everything. My first ever lipstick was pink. Now I don’t even have a straight pink every day kind of lipstick (except those very cool toned kind of pinks.) I’m not girly or innocent, so I don’t go wearing like, pink eyeshadow pink nails pink lips and stuff………

Many lemmings 


A place for my insane ramblings for my make up, instead of a blog. 

I’ve been slightly unwell lately but I’m trying to get myself into the groove again. 

But today I want to talk about lemmings I have. 

I have very few desires for items: I think I have a pretty damn large make up collection, and I got all bases covered practically. I mean, the coral blush and the red blush looks practically identical on me (very pink.) so no point buying 362917 more blushes. And I have a billion eyeshadows. And lipsticks. 

Still, when people rave crazily about something, I still want to try it, especially if it’s affordable. I’ve kinda grown out of buying incredibly expensive make up: you know most f the $ is spent on marketing and packaging right?? 

Most recently I’ve wanted:

  • Maybelline vivids colour sensational lipstick. This is not available in Singapore and OBVIOUSLY we all want something that’s hard to get right?!?!! I’m not a great fan of drugstore lipsticks: I have vivid (haha) memories of plastic taste and tons of glitter. These however have no glitter and have a great formula!! 
  • Revlon grow luscious eyeliner: a discontinued product from 2013 (again hard to procure) that supposedly had a fucking amazing formula. I still am trying to find an eyeliner that smudges completely 0. 
  • La girl pro conceal. I have no idea what my shade is and I haven’t got to a tester to find out yet. Argh. Can you believe I am living without concealer????
  • Nyx HD eyeshadow base: the doe foot applicator one. It was a great eyelid primer. I noticed my liners smudge a LOT more without it. I have fucking oily eyelids I guess. My life is not the same since I lost it. 

There, not too many products right? I’ve been a good girl 🙂