Brush Feature: Face brushes

I decided to talk about the brushes I use because I have quite a few, and I use them nearly everyday. The key thing is that I don’t have dupes, each brush serves a specific function.

All my face brushes!

First, we’ll look at the brushes I use to do my base.

Top – Bottom: RT Buffing Brush, RT Flat foundation brush, Red Earth travel powder brush, The Body Shop Kabuki brush

As you can see, I do like my RT brushes quite a lot.

RT Buffing Brush: it has been a constant companion for about 1.5 – 2 years. It has shed a couple of hairs, but nothing major, and it’s always been soft and great for buffing foundation in. No complaints here.

RT Flat foundation brush aka the most useless brush in the set: I know most people hate it, and I certainly don’t use it to apply foundation. I use this exclusively for undereye concealer because I find it works far faster than the itty bitty concealer brushes. When I’m doing a seriously perfect face, I may also use this to apply primer, to ensure that it gets in all nooks and crannies.

Red Earth Powder brush: Powder, durrrrrh. I suppose you CAN use this as a blush brush in a pinch but I haven’t done that in a long time.

The Body Shop Kabuki: My least used base brush. I generally only use this for powder foundations, which I only wear in weekends. I guess I may be able to really airbrush my foundation if I was very concerned.


Next, we have the other brushes I use for my face.

Bottom to top: RT crease brush (from eye set), RT contour brush (from base set), Red Earth unknown function brush, Ecotools blush brush, The Face Shop travel kit blush brush

RT Crease brush from the eye set is FAR too huge for my eyes. I use it exclusively for the purpose of contouring my nose. It fits perfectly into the sides of my nose and is fluffy and dense enough to blend out the cream contour I put there. I also occasionally use it to do very heavy and precise contour on my cheeks, but I do that like once a year.

RT Contour brush (from base set) is a great brush for everyday contour. It’s nice soft and fluffy, so it gives a diffused natural contour, not an overblown Kardashian level one. It works very well with powders. I gently contour by just running it in the hollows of my cheeks nearly everyday. My absolute favourite game changing brush from RT, I would say.

Red Earth unknown brush: I’ve talked about it in my useless Brush diaries too. (linked above!) The medium sized paddle-with-fluff design makes it a jack of all trades and a master of none. I use it for cream contour (which I usually only do when I’m aiming for very heavy contour) and for stick blushes and highlights. Generally it’s good for dense, dryer products. I find it fantastic for my Colourpop highlight. It works well with stick blush adn highlight too because they tend to be dryer than the products that come in a pan.

Ecotools Blush Brush: Super soft and large. I find that there’s a learning curve to the dome head, because it can be used for both very precise blush application (not a fan) or a larger more diffused area.

The Face Shop travel kit blush brush: Mine’s ferrule is a bit dented – it’s like, 4 years old by now. I wanted to throw it away multiple times but overall it’s still SUPER useful and I can’t bear to. It’s not very dense and the bristles aren’t the softest, but I find it immensely useful for cream blushes in a pan. I use it in a stippling motion and it is PERFECT. Since it’s sort of rectangular in shape and not very fluffy, I can also use it for cream contour if I wanted to.

So as you can see, I have quite a few face brushes, but all of them are pretty important in my routine and none of them are quite useless. In fact, I use them all very regularly. I would like a small and fluffy and un-dense brush for setting undereyes though. I MAY want to replace the travel set of Red Earth brushes with some Jessup brushes eventually but I just don’t want to shell out money for it right now.

Cheapo Brush Diaries: Jessup

Background: I am very rough on my brushes, I think. I wash them every week (it’s a nice Sunday ritual for me) and I don’t take TOO much care while washing them. Last week the glue in my RT crease brush loosened and I had to add superglue to the space between the bristles and the ferrule to glue it back and hopefully make it last awhile more. I don’t quite care about investing serious $$ into super high quality brushes. I like well made brushes of course, but I like them cheap. I also like to have a good number on hand because I HATE using dirty looking/already used brushes. (I used to wash my brushes after every single use.)

Okay, anyway. The only eye brushes I had were the RT starter eye set, and as you can see in the name, it’s only a starter set. I was missing a few important brushes, the most important being a blending brush. So I went to look for some cheap and good brushes.

Jessup is a HK/China brand manufacturer that makes a dizzying array of synthetic and animal hair brushes. They are also dizzyingly cheap. I bought this set for around $6 USD, with free shipping (since I’m close to China.) SIX. USD. FOR 8 BRUSHES. THAT’S $1 EACH. This is the specific one I bought.


Overall, the brushes are well made. They have much longer handles than RT brushes, and are quite light. They haven’t shed much in the couple of weeks I’ve been using and washing them, and they’re pretty soft and non-scratchy.

These are the brushes in the set. From L-R:

  • Large Shader: One of the more useless brushes in my opinion, like a concealer brush but much larger. I use this to apply primer or cream shadow when I want to ensure my whole eyelid is covered. You could use this with powders I think but it’s not the best.
  • Concealer: I find this good for applying cream shadows and the Giorgio Armani pots. Smaller and more precise than the large shader but essentially the same.
  • Tapered blending: A nice rounded blending brush. It’s on the small side, which I like because my lid space is very small. Soft and floppy, does its job well and also can be used to apply crease colour.
  • Angled Shading: One of the weirder brushes. I love this though. It’s just the perfect size to fit into and blend my crease. The angle may or may not help, I don’t know. It’s nice and soft and floppy (not very densely packed with bristles.)
  • Eye Shading: Love this brush. It’s SO SOFT. It’s flat but fluffy, and great for packing on shadow. And so much less fluffed out than the RT one, which makes it much better for what it’s supposed to do. It could be a bit stiffer but it feels like heaven on my lids.
  • Pencil: It’s okay, functional but I feel the bristles are a little bit stiff and waxy and not as wonderful as the others. Does it’s job okay, which is to smoke out liner or for very precise outer V placements.
  • Eyeliner: So damn fat. I don’t use this much because it’s far too large to line my eyes. We’ll see.
  • Small Angle: I use this very often to line my eyes. It could be a bit stiffer, but it’s really thin and lines well, although it doesn’t pack it on as intensely because I think it’s not super dense. I like it because it’s the thinnest liner brush I have, but I admit that it could be a bit better.



Here’s a closer look at the angled shading. So flat, it is. Might be especially good for cut creases I think.


Comparison between the RT fine liner, the small angle brush and the eyeliner brush. The eyeliner brush from Jessup is HUGE.


This is the monstrosity that is the RT crease brush (also the one which I had to repair.) It’s far larger than both the angled shading brush and the tapered blending brush. I exclusively use it to contour my nose, which it does very well.



This is the flat shading and the tapered blending together with the RT flat shader, which I used to blend out my crease previously. You can see the RT shader is so fluffy, which makes it a terrible shader, but a good blending brush. It’s sort of in between the two.


On the whole, I heartily recommend these brushes. Out of 8 brushes, I found 5 useful, 2 usable, and 1 blah but maybe I can still give it another chance. The quality of these brushes are great, no shedding, the goat hair brushes are very soft and nice while the artificial bristles are decent too. And you can’t beat the price, ever. I will definitely put Jessup on top of my list should I ever need more brushes in the future.

The Useless Brush Diaries

Everyone has had one or two brushes in a set that you didn’t know how to use. This is a chronicle of mine.

As of now I only have two brushes I didn’t know how to use, mainly because I make sure that the number of brushes I know how to use greatly outnumbers the number of brushes I don’t before I buy them. How rational of me.

Yellow: RT pointed foundation brush, Grey: redearth travel brush.


Here is a good look at their size relative to my (tiny) hands.


Let’s start with the RT foundation brush. It came in the RT Base kit, and it’s a pointed, flat brush. It’s not very soft, and it can be scratchy. The bristles are also on the stiff side, it doesn’t flop around.

I don’t know how anyone is supposed to use liquid foundation with it. It can streak (as with all flat paddle brushes) and it’s not comfortable. Hence, it languished for a long time. I’ve seen loads of people destashing theirs. (I have no idea who buys them up though.)

But I’ve found a great use for it. I use it to apply NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer on my undereyes. The pointy tip is great for getting in the corners, and it’s big enough to not take forever. I dislike usual concealer brushes because they are SO.DAMN.SMALL.

Because it’s on the thick side (compared to the teeny and flat concealer brushes) it also works great for patting the concealer as well as spreading it. I use it in a spread-pat-pat-pat motion to blend it. It’s more precise than my fingers, takes a few seconds and gives me a good finish without being streaky. Win!


The second brush is more of a conundrum. Isn’t it the prettiest thing??? I’ve actually seen brushes of a similar type in China private label brush sellers, if they are of this quality then it would be amazing. The bristles are extremely soft and well cut, and the grey purple gradient is of course GORGEOUS. The ferrule is also very well made and I’ve never had a problem with shedding (both this and the 2 other brushes in the kit.)

The shape unfortunately is ?!?!?? It’s like not flat (you can see it’s puffier than the RT) and it’s quite dense, but it’s not like a usual poufy blush or powder brush either. Plus it’s super small.

I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to use this brush. Sometimes I use it to pat highlight onto my cheekbones, if I want a really strong or precise highlight. I also use it to apply cream brushes in a painting motion, like a paddle brush. It’s dense and stiff enough for that, and very precise since it’s so small, but it’s too flat so it’s not the best option, but it works.

Right now I use it the most with cream contour. I find that this gives me a very precise contour at my hollows that can be blended out (also with the paddle, painting motion.) I can also paint the bottom of my jaw with cream contour. The density and stiffness allows better usage with cream products compared to the RT contour brush I have.


I hope that this helps you to think up ways to use the brushes you didn’t know how to before. If you can think of other ways to use these 2 brushes of mine, feel free to comment!

Best Brush to apply Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Eyeshadows


Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill eyeshadows are my weakness. I love the frosted little glass pots and the beautiful pigments housed inside. Of course, they perform very well as well!

The texture can be confusing to many though. Many people have tried to describe them, so here’s my try. It’s a very, very finely milled powder that is pressed down (but can be loosened) and very silky. It is DEFINITELY a powder, I don’t know what the people who describe it as a gel/cream-powder hybrid are smoking. The worst description I’ve seen are that it’s similar to the Colorpop shadows. NO NO NO NO.

(As a side note, there is one definite dupe for these: the Loreal Infallible eyeshadows in the pot. They are made by the same parent company.)

The unique texture of these little pots can confuse people. So today I’ve used a few different brushes to swatch 03 Purpura to show you which is the most effective brush to use.

Look at all the goodness!!!!

Here are the brushes. From L-R: Real Techniques Eye detailer brush, Real Techniques Concealer brush, Missha Extreme Cover Concealer brush (comes with the concealer), Red Earth travel flat shader brush, Real Techniques Base shadow brush. The purple RTs are from the Eyes Starter Kit, while the orange one is from the Face Starter kit. All are synthetic.

I’ve arranged the brush sizes from small to large and dense to fluffy. The first 3 are essentially flat brushes, while the Red Earth and the RT Base shadow are much fluffier.


Here are the corresponding swatches of Purpura on my arm using the respective brushes. For each swatch, I swiped the pot once, tapped off excess powder, and then swiped my arm a couple of times. As it is not really a pressed shadow, the pigment kind of disperses on the brush and can create fallout and a messy application, which is why the right brush is very important.

It is clear that the RT Detailer brush is the winner. The swatch is neat and opaque with little to no fallout. The worst is the RT Base shadow, which applies it very patchily. Surprisingly, the Red Earth eyeshadow brush applied it better than the 2 concealer brushes I used.

My conclusion is that extremely short, stiff bristles are the best for application. I thought the concealer brushes would work well for this, since they work well with my cream shadows in pots, but they didn’t, because the bristles were too floppy. The best is the RT Detailer brush, which is actually the brush of choice for me to apply both the GA ETKs and cream shadows, especially since my eye space is on the smaller side.

If not, you could just use a finger, because that gives extreme colour payoff!

The BEST budget brush EVAR!

I don’t count lip brushes because…. come on! They’re so tiny, how much can it cost to make one?! Plus their job is really very non-brainer, I can technically use my fingers for the same job.

Long ramble aside: If you have exactly 0 brushes, or only using those nasty cheap free brushes, this is the one brush that will make your life just a little bit more awesome.


I bought this at a wholesale supermarket place. If you’re in Singapore, it’s at Lorong 19 Geylang, called UK Fish Village. It’s freaking awesome, and it sells 15kg bag of onions at $15. Apart from the usual supermarkety stuff it also has a small beauty section, where it sells Silky Girl cosmetics (at no reduction from retail price, sadly) and an unbranded beauty tools section. I’ve bought mini shavers from there, but I’ve always been eyeing this Ecotools blush brush they had. They sell it for $6.99 SGD. That’s cheaper than the official retail price of $6.99 USD!!!!

[I was worried about it being fake as well. That’s why I un-bought it for like, 2 years. I did check, and to my untrained eye, it appears to be authentic. Here is a guide to spot fake ecotools.]

Photo 29-8-15 10 10 11 am Photo 29-8-15 10 10 06 am Photo 29-8-15 10 10 02 am Photo 29-8-15 10 09 58 am

All the signs of it being completely authentic are there!

Frankly speaking my brush’s shape is really weird, you can see the bristles flare out more than the stock picture, and the cover was very dusty: I think it has been there awhile and it wasn’t stocked anymore cos most people who frequent there (migrant workers, actually) probably don’t have a clue what ecotools is. They seemed to have revamped the design, the review I could find of this design was way back from 2009.

The new design is much swankier, and I presume the bristles remain similar. The shape however, has changed a little bit. I’m not sure that this greatly affects the performance: I was never a brush snob. I always thought the original Ecotools look cheap, and I’m glad for the new design, it looks SO much better, like the superb quality brush it actually is!

And it is a SUPERB brush. Despite how cheapo it looks, it’s actually weighted so it doesn’t feel like it’s going to get blown away by the wind (and I assure it, it looks like it will be.) Everything is well made, the ferrule doesn’t jiggle (which happened with one of my cheapo brushes.) I’ve washed it a couple of times and it hasn’t shed at all. (Anyway, to me, one or two hairs shedding is okay.)

And the BRISTLES. They are like the SOFTEST THING I HAVE EVER TOUCHED. Okay, I haven’t molested really top-end animal brushes like Hakuhodo before, but these are MUCH softer than my (already soft) Real Techniques brushes. If RT was like stroking your cat, this is like stroking a tiny kitten belly.

Photo 29-8-15 10 31 12 am
I know it looks un-soft!!!! That’s what I hate about the look and the packaging. Trust me it’s SUPER SOFT.

It’s fluffy, domed, and not flat, and picks up colour really well. It’s dense, well sized, and not super floppy, just enough to give you good control. It picks up powder well: I went heavy handed with my Sleek blush (one of the most pigmented blushes out there) and it went practically opaque on my face.

I don’t think you can buy this specific one anymore, since it’s so old, but I have no doubts that the new designs are of comparable quality. I’ve always passed up ecotools because the bristles looked scratchy, but the universal praise for it is that it is SO SOFT. While that may not be always ideal for eye brushes, for face brushes, it is perfect.

For the price, this beats many, many higher end, branded brushes. Definitely at least try one out!

Hong Kong Haul

i put off a lot of buying of essentials till hong kong because I love the cheap and good cosmetics there and I especially love browsing.

(All prices in HKD)

Top row: jars to store stuff, especially my loose eyeshadows. $14 for both

Bottom row:

  • Estée Lauder pure colour shimmer lipstick in Tiger Eye. Essentially a super frosty bronze version of 90s brown lipstick. Super damn frosty. Also tastes very fake fruity, which is not so nice. Didn’t think it was a very wearable colour but at $24, why not (this shade is apparently frequently given as a GWP. It looks like I got some snazzy LE packaging too. Cheap because DC-Ed, probably)
  • Dr Rimpler Sun Stick SPF 30. Wanted a lip balm with SPF and hubby was sold this. At $90 it is wayyyyy too ex for me. Also seems to use petrolatum, which is causing problems with my lips currently. Tastes mildly citrusy, and is clear.
  • Kose pure organic UV cut SPF 20. At $24, much better. Very nice and non waxy. Also clear.
  • Mentholatum think pink watercolor lipstick in Dancing Pink. Since Kissy Pink is my HG sheer lip/tinted balm, I bought it in another colour. Very unfortunately it is thoroughly filled with glitter. Although very pretty, I am not sure when I would use this. At $37 it is a good deal but FUCK THE GLITTER.
  • Lip brush with transparent packaging at $10 for 2. With a cap, easy to tote around although quite shitty quality.
  • A much better lip brush at $10 for one. The cap can be removed and attached to the end. This brush is more similar to an accent eye brush in shape, and it could very well be used as one, or a smudgy liner brush, if needed.

I also bought the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm in the last 4 hours of being there.

Photo 8-8-15 10 42 50 pm

HKD132 for 2 (special sale. WHAT A STEAL!!!)

Photo 8-8-15 5 52 02 pm

Swatches of Nuxe Reve de Miel Balm, Mentholatum Watercolour lip in Dancing Pink, Estee Lauder Tiger Eye, Both the lip colours were 2 passes, but holy crap Dancing Pink is not sheer at all either, it’s more pigmented than some sheer lip colours. Tiger Eye is also okay – the shimmers are very closely packed and translates to an opaque look though its base is not opaque.

Beauty Hack: Brush cleanser!

I wash my brushes semi-obsessively. I would wash them after every use with cream products, but I want to prolong the lifespan of my brushes so I try not to. At the very minimum, I wash all used brushes at least once a week, frequently more.

I use a variety of stuff as brush cleanser. Partly because my brushes are not crazy expensive, and they are all synthetic bristles, I don’t need to be super careful.

So far, I’ve used:

  • Body wash. Works ok.
  • Bar of soap. This works quite good, but some soaps are a bit harsh. Sometimes the brushes come out a bit ‘squeaky clean’, if you know what I mean.
  • Mineral oil. This was Not A Good Idea. It cleans wonderfully, but the mineral oil itself is a bitch to get out of the bristles. I washed the bristles with the harshest stuff possible in an attempt to emulsify it out of bristles, but it didn’t work.

Aaaaand suddenly, I stumbled upon a great, cheap hack.

I have a LOT of face wash. I only wash my face once a day at night, and I use very little product, so all my face washes last forever.

There is this one certain tube of Salome cleanser. It was a gift in a grooming set from some friends, and we left it in a corner and forgot about it. Apparently it was manufactured in 2011, which makes it kind of old….

Still, it worked ok, so I used it. It has the signature brand scent, and quite heavy at that. I also felt that it left a film on my skin after washing, so it was not the greatest. But I did like the gel consistency, and that I could rub it on my eyes without any burning.

However in recent months it turned runnier and runnier until I decided it was not good to use on the face anymore. I think it separated a bit, and seeing how much face wash I have I don’t think I want to risk my face for this.

Thanks to that, I found an ingenious new use for it: Brush cleanser! It cleans make up well (it’s a face wash after all) and is really gentle. The fragrance is also less offensive on brushes, and actually leaves them smelling nicely perfumed. It also seems to be incredibly effective somehow.

I am cleaning my eyeliner brush in this. Eyeliner is pretty hardcore and really tests washing to the limit.

Surprisingly it’s actually super effective, even with hardcore gel liner! Look at all the gross stuff washed out! I simply squeeze the cleanser on my hand, and rub the brush back and forth on my hand.

 Nice and clean after only 1 round of washing!

This works very well to wash off other difficult things like lipstick too.

So this is another idea to finish up your old face washes, particularly if you didn’t like to use it for your face!

My brush collection

I am not a brush fanatic. Brushes are tools to help me apply make up, that’s all.

So I’m not going to do a crazy review or anything.

Here are my brushes. They largely consist of:

  • Real Techniques base set (missing the concealer brush, I think I lost it….)
  • Real techniques eye set
  • Red Earth travel set (the ones with red hair)
  • The Face Shop travel set (black)
  • The Body Shop kabuki
  • Random free brushes

Quickie reviews:

The RT base set is o-kay i guess. Out of 4 brushes I use only 2 regularly. The buffer brush is amazingly soft and buffs my foundation to a good finish. The contour brush is really good for contour and sometimes highlighter. The flat foundation brush I only use for applying face masks, or sometimes when I want a very concentrated highlight. I lost the concealer brush… lol.

The RT eye set is also decent. I like the pixel liner, it gives very fine lines. I also like the flat shader, although I actually use it for blending out my crease. The crease brush is way too big for my crease, so I use it as a concealer buffer and to apply base eyeshadow. The brow brush is nice but I’m not very fussed about my brows. The detailer I use for smoky liner and sometimes even to tightline, so it’s pretty nice.

The Red Earth travel set is really, really soft and has really luxurious, dense bristles, even softer and denser than RT. The powder brush is clearly for powder. The other 2 brushes I can’t quite decide what they’re for, so I don’t use them often, but I sometimes use them to apply highlighter or occasionally, eyeshadow. Looking at the shape and size, what do you think it’s for?

The faceshop set originally had one or two more brushes, I’m sure. I use the big one as a blush brush, although the shape looks more suited to powder, it’s way too small. It functions okay as a blush brush though, depositing less colour. The small lip brush’s ferrule is fucked and hence will be retired soon. The concealer brush I don’t use. 😦

Lastly, the random brushes.

The gold brush came with the Missha Extreme Cover Concealer. It’s not too bad actually. I use it for concealer, and also to pack on cream eyeshadow.

The black dinky brush came from one of my mum’s old blush compacts. I took this out because it actually feels extremely soft and comfortable, which is amazing for those freebie nasty brushes. I will use it for highlighter in the future since I still haven’t found a good highlighting brush yet.

The gold sponge applicator came with my Kiko cream shadow, and it’s functional.

The kabuki is from The Body Shop. I still can’t figure out kabukis, but it’s a nice, super dense and soft brush, and I use it to buff out foundations or powder sometimes.

That’s it! I know I’m missing some stuff in the usual arsenal, like a fan brush and whatever, but I’m reasonably happy with my brush collection. I’m only intending to expand it slightly with some ELF and ecotools stuff when I finally do get around to buying some, but not by much.

What’s in my travel pouch 

I was overseas on a short trip and of course I brought a ton of cosmetics. I like looking at people’s what’s in your bags so I thought I’ll do one too!!

Honestly I didn’t use all the products I brought (who does?) but I swear that I will reduce it next time, okay?!

Photo 4-6-15 10 39 56 am

First up is my go everywhere pouch. I try to bring this everywhere including locally, so it’s really a standard bring along for me.

  • tony moly pocket bunny sleek mist, which I find adorable and I’m just trying to use up, although I will probably DIY my own spray when it’s gone.
  • A inhaler thingy that has a lot of eucalyptus oil and menthol. This was a freebie. I use it to perk up my brain.
  • A balm jelly thing that relieves insect bites. I get bitten a LOT.
  • Eyedrops.
  • Blotting sheets. My husband had a lot for some reason. I keep them handy but I don’t use them that much.
  • Spf15 vanilla lip balm
  • Mentholatum water colour lipstick in Kissy pink. One of my favourite hydrating balmy formulas in a flattering colour that can be built up to seriously neon, or worn sheer.

Then, the tools:

Photo 4-6-15 10 40 06 am

  • Eyelash curler. I hate it but my lashes are stick straight, so I have to curl my lashes 4eva
  • Blush brush. Freebie from a Face Shop set that has served me well for years.
  • 4 eye brushes from the real techniques set. Excluding the brow brush.
  • Buffer brush from the RT base brush set
  • Powder brush from Red Earth. It’s SUPER soft and the bristle colour is so pretty amirite? Last night I had a dream that the hairs all dropped out and I was sad. I can’t believe I have nightmares about my make up.

Skincare. I try to bring as little as possible:

Photo 4-6-15 10 40 10 am

  • Salome moisturizer. It’s meant for men actually, but who cares. I’m trying to use this up but there’s 95g of product in here, wtf? It’s really thick and good for night time, but heavily fragranced.
  • Vaseline spf 30 serum which I use as body sunscreen. Cheap but kinda greasy, found better options in the end.
  • Make up remover in a travel bottle
  • Mascara remover from Heroine Make. I actually don’t think I need this, I wouldn’t repurchase in the future. I would just massage baby oil into my lashes.
  • Samples of eye wateringly expensive Clarins sunscreen that I would never buy but reviewed here
  • A small bottle for decanting the samples of some random Korean chrysanthemum serum, which turned out to be a thick emulsion rather than a watery serum, and made it impossible to get both in and out of my bottle.

Next, for the visage:

Photo 4-6-15 10 40 17 am

  • My face primer, which is seriously never ending
  • Chanel Vitalumiere aqua in b20, which is the foundation that matches my neck colour the best, also never ending (I’ve had both for like 3 years now)
  • Random ZA powder foundation. To be very honest, I erm, found this left behind by a tenant in one of my mum’s houses. It’s not very finely milled and soft so it’s not that great, but I’m trying to use it up, since I have wayyyyy too many powder compacts
  • Nyx cream blush in natural. Trying to use up my cream products before they EGGSPIRE
  • Nyx powder blush in taupe. I can’t live without contouring everyday~

Eye products:

Photo 4-6-15 10 40 30 am

  • Two extremely old (like, I have no idea how old) Body Shop baked eyeshadow cubes. So old I don’t even know their names. They are very, very sheer dry, and I have to apply them with my fingers. So not too great, really. I really hate throwing away stuff, so I brought them along to force myself to use them. Some of the colours are actually surprisingly flattering on me, like the (of all things) burnt red colour in the bottom quad.
  • Kiko eyeshadow sticks, the only two I have, in a minty seafoam green, and 38 which is a very pretty medium taupe colour. They’re really great quality and last all day on me.
  • Black brow pencil, which is on its last legs
  • NYX HD primer, newly replaced
  • Tony Moly Backstage Gel Liner (or whatever they’re calling it these days) in Choco brown, which is a glittery chocolate colour. The creamiest of the 3 Tony Moly liners I had.
  • L’oreal Double Extension erm something mascara, this is for curl and length. It’s getting a bit dry and losing its ability to hold a curl. I originally intended to throw this away after this trip, but I still have it….


Photo 4-6-15 10 40 36 am

Only 3 lip colours?!?! (Okay, 4 because of the one I always bring around in my other pouch.)

  • L’oreal Shine Caresse gloss stain, which is my absolute favourite gloss formula (I hate glosses.) These are very kind to lips, and hide cracked, dry and peeling lips, which I had this trip. I have the shades Eve and Juliette here, which are, respectively, a super weird crazy magenta-berry shifting shade depending on how much you apply, and a warm red.
  • Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake, which I didn’t use at all in the end because HOLY SHIT the pastel colour really emphasized all the chasms on the surface of my lips.


Yay, my first ever empties post!

I don’t think I use up products fast enough to do a monthly post, so it’ll just be an as and when thing I guess.

From L-R

Maxfactor Smoky Eye effect Eyeshadow tubes, Purply and bronze and black and white (can’t be assed to find out the name.)

Za Pure Shine Lips in OR3 Apricot Nectar

Lip Brush from a travel kit by TheFaceShop

K Palette 24H lasting waterproof liquid liner

The Maxfactor shadows were hands down the shittiest eyeshadows in the existence of mankind. NOTHING stopped them from creasing. They were shitty as a base, as eyeshadow, at life. Go google it if you don’t believe me. I did not finish using them actually, I depotted and repurposed them, which I will talk about in a future post.

Za Pure Shine lips was gabbed about here. Erm well technically this was not yet used up, I depotted the last bit.

Lip brush was a freebie in a travel kit received free at an event. It served me well for 3 years (well, I actually didn’t really use it for the first 2 years… lol) but somehow at the last washing the ferrule warped (?!?!) and the brush is fucked up now. Technically it’s still usable, because I used it today but it’s annoying and I will dump it as soon as I can get a replacement. I’m frugal, but not THAT frugal (but seeing how I always space my purchases out, it will be in a looooong time.)

K Palette 24HR Liner is a LIE. It freaking SMUDGES on me. Which fucking liquid liner SMUDGES. If I want smudges, I’ll go for a fucking pencil. It also fades away pretty easily. This was my first foray back into liquid liner and I was NOT LIKING IT. The tip also has hairs that are bent haywire and I don’t even use it much. It’s also not very black. Actually this is not finished, but I’m thinking if I should just throw the damn thing away.

So technically, I have finished none of the above products, harh harh.