Foundation Review: Koh Gen Do Aqua 213

So, I’ve had this awhile now and I’ve worn it lots of times, enough to finally share my thoughts!

Wow, now this is a flatlay I am quite proud of!!!

First off, this is definitely not something you expect to be able to get for cheap on Carousell, as it is a very niche brand. So I had to buy retail, which pains my soul. At $80 for 30ml, it is on par with other high end foundations. For reference, Armani’s Lasting Silk is $87. NARS Sheer Glow is $73, Shu Uemura Light Bulb is $75. So straddling the line between department store brands and outright luxury. Good thing that there’s a counter in Taka, so feel free to use all your Taka vouchers! 🙂

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Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk Foundation Review UPDATED PICTURES!

Update! With better pictures 😛 You can still read the review and the old pictures below.

Here is bare face. I have really been struggling with chin acne lately, I suspect from a combination of hormonal acne, reaction to something (possibly the Bourjois foundation???) and consuming far more milk in the past few weeks than usual, since I’ve been off milk for years and years. All the better to test foundation with, I guess! Hopefully it clears up after Shark Week is over :B


Click to enlarge!

Do you notice the soft focus effect? It’s as if I added a filter, but I swear I didn’t. It still looks a little bit chalky upon first application, and it’s still just a leetle too pale for me, but it makes my skin look gorgeous!


Here’s a closeup. Notice the beautiful satin finish on my cheeks. I love it, it makes me look healthy and slightly glowy without being dewy or matte. Perfect in between. It’s a touch dry – I’ve been having problems hydrating my skin lately too x( You can see the coverage is around a medium. I used about a full pump – more than I usually use, but you can wear 2 layers instead of 1 for more coverage. My acne is covered up a bit, but the worst spots still show through. As I mentioned before, it’s very unkind to dry and flaky spots, which is aplenty on my chin. I’M SORRY, MY SKIN IS REALLY SHITTY AND I CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT 😦 But on the rest of my skin it looks great.


Here is teh colour match after around 10 minutes. Much better, but still ever so slightly on the pale side, not so evident in pictures.

I hope the new pictures show just how fantastic this foundation and why I love it so much!


Old post:

I’ve had this foundation for quite awhile (maybe 2 years?) and I love it, but I’ve never actually written a proper review on it!

Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk is, out of all the foundations that I’ve tried, my firm favourite. Karima Mckimmie of Shameless Fripperies mention that it is like photoshop in a bottle and it is so true. Every time I use it I fall a little bit more in love with it.

So, features of this foundation. It’s slightly watery and thin straight out of the bottle, but offers medium coverage. 1 pump is 1 layer and more than enough for daily use. Two layers cover up pretty much everything I need to without spot concealing to perfection. It’s very heavy on the silicones, so if you dislike silicones, then avoid this foundation at all cost. It also has a little bit of fragrance, not too offputting.

This foundation is absolutely beautiful on skin. It seriously blurs out EVERYTHING. Without a primer, I look like I have no pores. The only reason I use a primer with this is for increased longevity.

This foundation also lasts quite long and breaks down slowly and elegantly. I still use a primer because it’s Singapore and it’s super humid and everything breaks down sooner or later so we try to aim for later rather than sooner.

It has a satin to very slightly dewy finish. I might need a powder in the middle of the day to retain satin.

Look at my face in full glory. Notice the pores on my nose and cheeks. They’re not too bad but they exist. BTW I got a bit of a tan that day because the sun was BLAZING and I wasn’t wearing sunscreen for some reason, FML. Hopefully after I go back to the office next week my porcelain complexion will come back.


And DUM DUM DUM, NO MORE PORES. No moisturizer, no primer, nothing underneath. Only 1 pump and 1 layer blended with fingers (because my brush was elsewhere.) Even my undereyes are decently covered and I didn’t apply extra at that area. Your skin will look even more ridiculously photoshopped with a smoothing primer underneath. It has also never pilled for me even though I’m sure I’ve been slathering a shit ton of silicones on my face.

Note that it doesn’t make my pimple in the corner of my mouth look very attractive. Don’t use this foundation if you have lots of texture or flakes. Normal small whiteheads should be covered fine.

However, there is one major concern for me that stops me from declaring it HG:

I don’t think there’s a perfect shade for me. Currently I’m using shade 4.5, which is perhaps half a shade or a shade too pale. It’s workable, certainly, with some contour and taking it down to my neck, but I have to be a little careful. It looks rather chalky up there, but I promise the colour settles down slightly better after 15min or so.

Looking at the swatches below, 4.5 looks the most olive, while 5.5 looks a little too warm and peachy.

From Karla Sugar

This sucks right? Perfect formula, no good shade match. Is there any way to make a foundation slightly more olive???

If you can stand some alcohol in foundation, and also silicones, and you can find a good shade match, I HIGHLY recommend this. It was the perfect foundation for me (and lots of other people!)


Quick summary:


  • gorgeous finish, around satin level
  • medium coverage, can be built up
  • covers like ALL PORES
  • long lasting formula
  • doesn’t need a primer


  • Doesn’t match me THAT well, but the shade range is large so you’ll probably find a decent match
  • High alcohol content?

Review: Make Up Revolution Blushing Hearts Triple Baked Blusher in Peachy Keen

You may recall that I placed a Make Up Revolution Order way back in like, June. My friend finally passed it to me last weekend, and I have been playing with the couple of things I’ve ordered for myself. Side note, the Newtrals vs Neutrals palette is SUPER popular, I bought 2 extra to resell at a small profit, and I’ve already sold 1 and am pending a sale for the other, within 2 days of listing it.


So one of the items I got for myself was a Blushing Hearts. I think they’re so twee and so fetch. The colour selection is not very large though. If you look at the rest of the hearts, they’re mostly pretty pink and I’m not big on super pink blush. That’s why I chose Peachy Keen, also because I’m kind of lacking in choice on warmer toned blushes after I destashed my Sleek Lace blush palette.


It’s SO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And so much easier to swallow for 5 GBP, rather than Too Faced’s ridiculous $20+++++. Even my sister, who turns her nose up at all this preposterous make up packaging, admitted it was pretty cute.

Colour wise, the left most and right most shades look mostly identical to me with the very very very most minor differences. They’re very bronzey shades, while the middle shade is a mauve-ish shade. It looks far darker in real life than on the website.


Here are the swatches of the individual colours, followed by a blended out super heavy application, plus an unblended mix of all the colours. You can see the overall effect is a very warm pink. It actually goes fairly dark quite fast – be careful! It’s really pigmented, and very smooth and buttery, so it can be quite disastrous if you’re not careful.

I also have one critique – it’s not that easy to swirl the 3 colours together. Usually what I do with other blushes is to touch my brush to the surface of the blush like, once or twice very gently. I’m on the fair side and I like a light touch to my blushes. With this, if you touch it once, the application on the face can be a little weird because the colours haven’t mixed, but if you swirl it you risk getting way too much product. It requires a bit of practice to get the perfect amount of product onto the brush.


Here’s a closer look at the individual swatches. Notice a few chunks in the first and third colours – they are slightly glittery. And all 3 are SUPER shimmery. If you don’t like shimmery blushes, or if you have lots of cheek texture, skip these.

Below is the application on my face (eye makeup from my Singles Cruise #3 challenge!) Click pictures to enlarge:

This is a far heavier application that I usually go for, so that it would show up well on camera. I was having a pretty shitty skin day, and I didn’t put my usual ultra-smoothing foundation, so there was a fair bit of texture. And boy, this does emphasize texture like WOAH, especially if you apply too much. Be very careful, guys. I wouldn’t be worried if I was using my Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk and having a normal or good skin day. But if you’re near your period and breaking out like crazy, skip it for those few days.

Colour wise, I’m pretty happy. It kind of straddles the line between a blush and a bronzer for me – you can tell it’s pretty warm, but it’s still fairly pink. I like to use this for a healthy, glowing look. Just don’t overdo it and the texture doesn’t come out. Since it’s so shimmery you can also skip the highlighter.

Overall, I like this blush – it looks great on my vanity (but my daughter keeps trying to steal it.) I’m glad I only paid a couple of dollars for it, and it looks nice on me.

I wouldn’t be purchasing anymore, as the other colours don’t interest me, and the 5 GBP price tag does show, in the chunky glitter and propensity to texture. It’s definitely not as refined as some of my favourite blushes, but it’s a nice blush. Do check them out!

Maybelline Master Sculpt Contour Palette – Light/Medium

This was given by a friend – she has a round face and wanted to try contouring, and bought this. She didnt think it worked for her, so she very kindly gave it to me. This is in the shade Light/Medium, there should be a Medium/Dark available as well.

Just by eyeballing this, I can tell that it’s way too warm to be a contour. And here’s the swatch below:


You can tell it’s leaning orangey. It’s an alright bronzer colour, and I use it as such, not as a contour. It’s also rather pale – my arm is darker than my face, but the contour is not much darker than my arm. The highlight is a white-gold, but it’s rather chunky and is too powdery – I think it doesn’t have quite enough binders in it.

There is a brush included. It’s quite firm but rather scratchy. Works in a pinch but I wouldn’t really want to use it.

Here’s some comparison swatches between all my bronzers/contours:


Left to right: NYX Taupe, Zoeva Rose Golden blush palette contour shade, Maybelline Master Sculpt Contour shade, Alcina Bronzer darkest shade, Alcina bronzer middle shade.

Okay, seriously. This is marginally darker than the middle shade of the Alcina bronzer. No wonder I feel like I have to build it up to see a significant effect. It’s just not quite dark enough, and I’m already pretty fair. I guess this works better for people NC15.

On the face – left without, right with. This is the right side of my face, which I very rarely photograph, I’m like Ariana Grande 😛 You can see a bit more warmth along my jaw and my cheeks in the 2nd photo.

3/4 view: left without, and right with. The edges of my face have warmed up a little and there is slightly more definition.

One thing I noticed was that the contour shade seems to have residue build up on it quite quickly. After about every use, I would get very little pigment and would have to scrap away the top layer, which is why you can see my finger nail marks on it. This is goddamn annoying, of course, but it’s not a complete dealbreaker. The ‘contour’ also has some shimmer – see what I mean about it being a far better bronzer than contour? The contour is a little on the dry and dusty side, but because it’s much lighter than most other bronzers, it doesn’t result in a lot of blending issues or whatever.

The highlight side is conversely, much more subtle than the highlights I’m used to, and chunkier. When I use this, it’s almost like I mattified the top of my cheekbones. Absolutely bizarre. I guess I’m used to the dewy sheen of cream blushes and highlighters, and the super glowy sheen of my other powder highlighters.

Overall, I think this product is decent. It’s good as a subtle, cheap bronzer, and I can’t complain because I got it for free. I would use this in place of contour on lazy days I don’t want to look too done up, and it works great as a quick bronze because it’s impossible to overdo. I wouldn’t run out to buy this, but I like it enough to use it up. However it’s not super great quality – evident in the highlighter coming off on the brush in chunks, and the contour shade being kinda dusty and dry.

How to do non-crazy everyday contour

I am a huge proponent of contouring. But contouring nowadays is mocked as heavy, dramatic, unrealistic ‘instagram’ make up. I’m rather sad about this, because I was contouring ever since I got into make up, in 2012. Even when I only had 1 foundation and like 2 lip products, I was contouring, can you believe that?

Right now, I still contour nearly everyday. But my version of contour is definitely not your instagram slather-tons-of-product-on-your-face kind. I don’t even wear that much make up on a daily basis, but I love contouring because it gives me a bit more definition in my features. It also makes me feel just a little bit more old-hollywood glamorous, like all the stars of old with great bone structure. I mean, I could get fillers or something  if I REALLY wanted fabulous bone structure, but why do I need to do that when I can just contour? 🙂

[Side note: I find that we like to emphasize things we like about ourselves. My friends with round faces don’t contour, because they don’t have much to start work with. For me, I already have features more prominent than the average Asian, so I find it easy to just draw more attention to them. In the same vein, I don’t have fabulous eyebrows (they’re just passably ok) so I’m extremely unenthusiastic about them.]


First up, my weapons of choice. I have 2 contours I use on a daily basis. First up is the NYX Taupe blush. This is a cool medium brown – it’s cheap and is subtle and works well. Am I satisfied? Very. Is it perfect? Probably not. The colour could stand to be a little more yellow on me – it’s a little too chocolatey to be PERFECT, but we’re only applying very little. I think the contour in my Zoeva Rose Golden palette may be more suitable in terms of colour, but I’m not using it yet because I’ll rather slowly put a dent in my Taupe.

I also have a cream contour – Illamasqua pigment in Hollow. This and NYX Taupe are generally lauded to be THE contour of choice for pale girls. I’m not THAT pale (around NC20), but they work. I like the Illamasqua formula – the pigment is soft and creamy and easy to blend, but it’s not too pigmented. It’s also an ashy yellow – on yellower skinned folks like myself, it’s a perfect shadow.

Bottom to top: NYX Taupe (notice the redder undertone), Illamasqua Hollow, Zoeva Rose Golden contour shade for comparison (see how yellowy it is)

On a daily basis, I use Hollow to contour the sides of my nose, because that’s an area where bad blending or colours can look wrong very quickly. I use the Real Techniques Crease Brush from the Starter kit: the crease brush is fucking HUGE and it will never fit into my crease, but it’s the perfect size to do the sides of my nose. The dense, buffing-style bristles ensure that it’s well blended and you don’t apply too much product.


I use NYX Taupe with my Real Techniques contour brush from the base set and just lightly swipe a few times in the hollow of my cheeks…


along my lower jawline…


and sometimes, at my temples.


When I do want a more dramatic contour, I do the cream contour first. Because it’s such a natural colour, it doesn’t show up very much. I do the powder contour over the cream contour.

Bottom to top: NYX Taupe (notice the redder undertone), Illamasqua Hollow, Zoeva Rose Golden contour shade for comparison (see how yellowy it is)

Here is the difference before and after ‘natural’ contour.

20160626_124127 copy.jpg
Left: Before. Right: After

There is no dramatic difference – I still look like me, not someone else. I just have slightly more definition in my features. I especially like it when I contour my nose – you can see it sharpen ever so slightly, not like I had a nose job or something. This sort of natural contour also looks good from all angles, unlike the hardcore ones which only look good straight on.

Phew, this has been a long tutorial with a lot of pictures. Basically, I like using a very diffused contour – which is why I use the RT contour brush, which is very fluffy and blends well. It’s super quick to do, and is like a push up bra – it makes you look better but other people can’t really tell it’s there. 😛

The Highlighter challenge!

It is the age of the highlighter, and frankly I am sick of seeing highlighters like EVERYWHERE. I mean there are only so many pretty highlighters you can see before you get bored. We are reaching peak highlight.

Thus an semi satirical video was born. I don’t really like the channel of the original lady who invented this, so I won’t be linking to her here, but basically, she used highlighter for everything, to do a full face. Jeffree Star did a hilarious take on the video as well, commenting ‘This is perfect for a light summer wedding look’ etc. (Btw, Sarcasm, people.) But he’s a controversial figure so I don’t really want to support him as well. So you only get to see my version here 😛


Here are the products I’ll be using. All very shimmery. Clockwise: 3W Clinic Crystal Creator powder in Pearl, Catrice Kaviar Gauche Radiance pearls, By Terry Love Me Tender lipstick, Kiko Radiant touch highlighter stick, Colourpop Monster, random frosty white shadow, random bronze shadow I’m using as a bronzer, Life’s Entropy Liquid Illuminator Nebula, and Zoeva Rose Golden Blush palette.


Here is my bare face.


I used the Kiko Radiant Touch highlighter stick as a primer. It has a very thin and siliconey texture, which makes it fantastic for that purpose. I have also actually worn it all over on a normal day as a base and it didn’t look too crazy.

Okay, since this is not a video I skipped most of the in between steps. Here

Here is me apply moar highlighter on my lids, and me with a crapton of pearl powder (read: powder with glitter) all over mah face.


This is my end result! I realized 2 things:

  1. My highlighter collection is very natural compared to some of the crazy shit youtubers have. I mean like, I don’t look THAT crazy.
  2. Natural light (like in my photos) also makes shittons of highlighter into a semi natural glow. If you had a a ring light, however……..


Overall it was a fun challenge! Although I didn’t end up looking like a robot alien. Have you tried the highlighter challenge?

Conquering Undereye Creasing

I used to have okay dark circles, but recently they’ve become quite terrible due to working long hours and not that much sleep. I’ve been packing on the concealer too, but I’ve recently discovered, to my horror, that my concealer has been creasing and becoming patchy all this while!!!! 

It looks great during application, but by lunch time… gross!

Here’s how to learn from my mistakes.

Do not get too trigger happy with the concealer.

I know your dark eye circles look like shit. It’s not going to help if you put twice as much concealer as usual. There will just be too much product and it will cake up or move around. If you do need to apply more than usual to cover more things up, do it layer by layer.


This amount is more than sufficient for me.

Primer on your undereyes is your best friend! 

You prime your face to help your foundation go on smoother. You’d also want to prime your undereyes to increase coverage of your concealer and reduce caking by giving it a very smooth canvas. And it makes your undereyes SO silky smooth.

Set it with powder!!!!!!

I used to always skip this step. I was always very worried that my undereyes would cake up with powder (which it frequently did.)

The importance is in the powder you use. I can only say experiment, but in my experience, powder foundations DO NOT work. DO NOT USE POWDER FOUNDATION TO SET YOUR UNDEREYES.

DO NOT USE SHIMMERY POWDERS TO SET YOUR UNDEREYES. I have 2, as blogged about before, but I’m also thinking of things like Hourglass Ambient lights, Guerlain Meteorites, etc. It will HIGHLIGHT EVERYTHING. You do not want glittery eyebags.

What has worked for me is those mattifying powders. They tend to be very thin in texture, so they don’t make the concealer cake up. Of course, don’t apply too much. Very matte skin is pretty untrendy right now, but a tiny touch of this dusted under your eyes really helps!

My powder is the Essence All about Matt powder. My undereye concealer, as always, is NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Honey. I use my useless brush to apply. I recently learnt it’s described as a ‘fluff’ brush, and it’s a very multitasking brush – undereyes, or to dust a base shade over your eyes, etc. Well, I guess I finally found out what it’s supposed to be for!


See the tiny amount of powder making the bristles a little bit whiter? That’s the amount of powder you need to use. Too much powder makes cakiness too!


Pat it gently on your undereyes!


Hope this helps you in preventing your concealer from moving!

Zoeva Rose Golden Blush Palette Review


This is the blush palette I’ve lemmed after for awhile! I first saw Temptalia’s review on it and I was sold. It’s not easy to get hold of Zoeva in Singapore though. You can buy it off Sephora Singapore but they don’t stock many things, this palette being one of them 😛

I originally wanted to purchase it off Beauty Bay along with some Besame goodies. While waiting for a discount code, I saw someone destashing theirs and you can bet I GRABBED IT. That’s how I got it for $21 instead of $27 off Beauty Bay.

It’s housed in a slim rose gold cardboard case without a mirror. It’s compact and slim and doesn’t take up too much space. I like it.

So what about the stuff in the pans?


Here are my swatches. L-R: Contour shade (Heavy Crown), Blush shade (Palace Door) and Highlight (Glowing Still) Yes, I promise the contour shade is actually there.

Heavy Crown


Here’s a close up of the swatch of Heavy Crown, the contour shade. Let’s talk about the contour shade first. I did not buy this palette for the contour shade, so I don’t really care about it. It doesn’t show up well on my arm which is far darker than my face, but it does show up on my face. It’s kind of warm, so it’s not the best contour shade, but it works okay and it’s matte. It’s hard to swatch because it’s very firm and kind of powdery and not super pigmented. That makes swatching a pain, but it applies fine, so I don’t care. I do have to say that it’s nifty to have blush, highlight and contour all in the same place. I don’t keep having to pull out my Minimint palette for my NYX Taupe.

Okay, BORING, next.

Palace Door


What is a palette called Rose Gold without an actual Rose Gold? This is a very NARS Orgasm kind of shade. It’s very welcome, because I actually destashed my Sleek Lace palette and was left without a rose gold kind of blush. It is VERY shimmery and can actually be a highlighter for those with darker skintones. As it is, the base colour shows up fairly well on me. It’s very nice and creamy swatched, but application does not prove difficult as it is medium pigmentation lightly swept on the cheeks. Don’t have to be very careful here. I like it, and you can totally skip the highlighter if you wish. I like it very much, although I wouldn’t call it ‘natural’ because of the heavy shimmer.

Glowing Still


Aaaand the star of the palette! It looks white in the pan, but it’s actually a white with gold shimmer. This creates a very lovely effect that’s not exactly the same as straight gold highlighters (like the Mary Lou Manizer.) It’s like a duochromey kind of gold rather than GOLD gold, if it makes sense? It is SUPER creamy and VERY pigmented – seriously, be careful unless you want to glow like you’re from the skies. I find it can emphasize pores a little bit but I’m very happy with it, it makes me feel like a singing choir of angels have descended on my face.

Here is everything on my face. (No other make up on, not even foundation, it was a lazy day!)


You can see the blush adds a nice flush without being super pigmented or anything, and I AM GLOWING HOLY SHIT. I am also wearing the contour, but I’m not sure you can exactly see it.

Overall, I recommend this palette, even at full price. You get 2 superb quality products and 1 meh one that’s still workable, for a very decent price, and all 3 come together very well so you can easily bring it along for travel or something (except that it has no mirror!!!!) The blush and even contour are pretty idiot proof, although the highlighter is not. I am very happy with this purchase and I’m happy now that my rose gold blush void is filled.

Changed my mind: 3W Clinic Powder Crystal Creator Bright

This is what I hope to make into a new series. Basically about products I thought I liked or hated at first, and then grew to hate/love it for some reason or another. I am fickle, yes.

Anyway, let’s talk a little about this powder. This is 3W clinic, the same brand as my beloved sunscreen, purveyor of cheap and good Korean cosmetics. I think this powder used to be called Dodo Palgatong theatrical powder. The history behind this red jar is absolutely confounding.

The red jar is very sturdy, if not very pretty. The included puff is pretty good too, soft and squishy and pretty thick.

Anyway, my powder is in the shade 10 Pearl. There are 3 shades: 10 Pearl, 21 Light, and 23 Natural or something. Korean shades are very standardized, so basically 21 = super fair, maybe NC 10-15 thereabouts, and 23 = NC20. I would usually go for 23 in anything Korean. Aaaaand the shades end there. Korean brands don’t have a good reputation for shade range, can you tell? 😀

I got this secondhand off someone, which explains why I ended up with Pearl instead of 23 (ie I wasn’t looking.) Pearl is actually translucent, with a SHITTON of glitter. I shit you not, look at my arm. This is using the included puff, patting it off, and then patting my arm very lightly.

Compare this to the Catrice Radiance Pearls. I used a buffing brush, picked up as much product as I could and really buffing it on. You can tell that the 3W clinic powder has actual glitter in it, whereas the Radiance Pearls just have shimmer.

L: Radiance Pearls. R: 3W Clinic Crystal Creator

This was why when I first got it I was like FUCK ME why did I buy a tub of glitter. However this week I took it out and trialed it properly and I changed my mind!

The reason is that the glitter doesn’t translate as horrendously as you think it does. On the face, at certain angles when the light hits you yes, you do look like you have glitter on your face, but not like a walking disco ball. The glitter is small enough to be relatively subtle and ‘perfecting’ rather than ‘glittering’. Plus, the powder is LOVELY. It’s makes my skin look amazing, with or without the glitter. It’s very natural, and melds into my skin amazingly. Or if you’re really anxious about the glitter, use it as a highlighter or something.

Of course, I don’t apply it with the puff. That would really look like a walking disco ball. I take my powder brush and I tap it on the puff and tap off the excess. Basically, be a little more careful.

However I have to note that it doesn’t really have oil control properties. I like my skin to look natural, so I just sweep it on after my foundation (the satinish Lasting Silk.) It gives me a very soft satin look. It will NOT make you matte or keep you matte, but it will make your skin look amazing.

The best? It’s DIRT CHEAP. 30g (1 oz) costs $5 on Qoo10. [affiliate] Of course you can opt for 21 or 23 rather than a tub full of glitter you see here instead.

Moral of the story? Great powder can be really cheap! I swear this is as good as any more expensive powder out there.