Fragrance Review: Alien Essence Absolue

I am not ashamed to say that I bought it 100% blind, based on Renee’s review of it being lots of vanilla, I think in this post? I love vanilla, and on Fragrantica, it has a super high rating of 4.29/5. Thierry Mugler is not easy to find in Singapore, I think, only in DFS stores at the airport, but they don’t stock Essence Absolue. So blind buy it is! I had my dad bring it back from USA.


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Fragrance: Niche Scents: Serge Lutens Santal Majuscule and Atelier Cologne Vanilla Insensee

I always said I’m flippant about fragrances, but once in awhile I will, in fact, obsess over them. I was enthralled by the review of niche fragrances on Badoutfitgreatlipstick and Brutallyhonestbeauty and I just HAD to find out about them.

In Singapore, obviously we have a very limited access to niche fragrances. Escentials is the leading retailer of niche fragrances, like Creed, Serge Lutens, Amouge, and Atelier Cologne. They’re at Tangs Orchard and Paragon, if you wanted to smell how all these posh expensive things smell like. I went there today for an expedition. Although I spritzed lots and lots of scents, the below are the only 2 I tried on my skin and kept sniffing throughout the day.

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Fragrance review: Coach Signature Rose D’Or EDP

This is a perfume originally bought by my mum, but I kind of repossessed it.

Coach’s perfumes have, surprisingly, gotten fairly good reviews on Fragrantica. I mean, Coach to me is a slightly dowdy brand after all. It’s reflected in the bottle, which I think is super ugly and uninteresting.

For this specific scent, according to Fragrantica, ‘Top notes of Coach Signature Rose D’Or offer a rich blend of floral notes and spices. Orange blossom and geranium appear first and are spiced with saffron and coriander. The heart incorporates romantic notes of centifolia rose notes surrounded with jasmine and peony, sweetened skillfully with raspberry zest. A rich and seductive bouquet is resting on precious woody notes of oud and is warmed with ambergris and vanilla. Depth and darker shades are provided by patchouli balanced skillfully with castoreum and leather leaving the signature of Coach brand.’

I have no artistic talents for flatlays. But I do love my necklace of jadeite pearls.

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Using Solid Scents update!

Remember the Geek Chic The Pie Hole collection I blogged about awhile back? I’ve kinda put them aside for awhile, but recently I started using them again, and I have some thoughts!

Remember, I’m not used to solid/oil scents. My perfume experiences have usually been with mainstream EDP/EDTs. My go-to scent is Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb if I want a scent that I know smells good, lasts awhile and goes with any occasion and clothing. These gourmand scents are not the usual ones I use either.

The first day, I used Itty Bitty, which is a pumpkin pie kind of scent, with a lot of creaminess and a touch of spice to it. When I put it on (rather liberally) I was like WOAH, I smell like I’ve been baking since 5am (since I go to work at 8.30. I could smell it on myself all the way till after lunch, which is pretty decent. If I really wanted the smell to stay on I may have had to reapply a little bit after lunch, but the wear time is surprisingly good for something that looked so dubious.

The next day I used Darling Mermaid Darlings, described as a Coconut Key Lime pie. it smells more refreshing to me than coconutty, and it’s one of the stronger scents in the line. I applied it quite liberally, and because I liked it so much, I reapplied it after lunch. And as I was washing up after lunch, a colleague of mine commented ‘what’s that coconut smell?’ and I said nothing. I guess it’s not bad to smell like coconut? 😀 This one definitely smells like a pie version of the citrus/florals I usually wear, so it’s a good bridge.

Overall I’ve been pretty impressed by the wear and throw of these scents! I’ve always kind of doubted solid scents but I guess I’m proven wrong. They’re super easy to tote around and reapply too if necessary. There are some that I wouldn’t wear because they don’t smell good, or don’t smell good on me. Forensic Fairy Tale, for one, and Knitwit PI makes me smell like I baked brownies in an tyre shop or something. Overall though, I totally love them.

This series has been discontinued, but you can still buy other solid scents at Geek Chic Cosmetics. I don’t have any experience with non-foody scents from them though!

Geek Chic The Pie Hole collection

So… I’m posting about this because I got it on a SALE, and I got it on sale because… It’s DISCONTINUED! Boo hoo. So whatever I review, you can’t buy anymore. Sorreeeeee.


I bought this set because I was eyeing it for a long while, until I cut back my US shopping list. When I found out they were going to be discontinued, I bought everything available. I’m missing I think The Pie maker, which is really sad because I LOVE the character/actor (SWOOOOOOON LEE PACE) and the scent of Caramel Apple pie sounds right up my alley 😦

Anyway, I’m not very good at scents and I’ve got a pretty simplistic nose, so let’s see what I can get from these:

Overall though I would say that the throw on all these scents are kind of low, and they don’t stay too long. Plus, the tubes they come in are absolutely miniscule. I would probably try them as actual perfume once or twice, then… idk, keep them as sniffies?

  1. Bitter Sweets:

Sniff in Tube: smells exactly like my lemon blueberry cobbler that I made the other day.

On skin: I can alternately smell the buttery crust, the lemon/lime note (which is kind of more artificial cleaning spray smelling on my skin, yuck) and occasionally the blueberries. Pleasant enough if I ignore the occasional whiff of cleaning spray. Smells exactly like last weekend otherwise.

Actual smell: …a cool and sugary Lemon Meringue Pie, with whipped cream and vanilla bean notes to round it out.

Okay, I was close with the lemon and the buttery smell, but there is no berry inside, lol. Overall, I like this scent, it makes me very hungry.

2. Itty Bitty

Sniff in Tube: Woah this smells exactly like the Toffee Nut Latte from Starbucks. Superbly overpriced but delicious, I usually drink it at least once every holiday season when they roll it out. Cinnamon, creamy goodness with some pumpkin.

On skin: The same as in the tube. The cinnamon is predominant but I goddamn love cinnamon so I don’t care.

Actual: …a Hot Buttered Pumpkin Pie scent… the pumpkin creme brulee is made more complex by buttered rum and tempered with Mexican fried ice cream, whipped cream, and buttery pie crust to round out the canvas.

I was not very off, but it doesn’t seem very complex to me, it’s just YUM. Another one I would eat.

3. Field of daisies

Sniff in Tube: Banana and cream. The banana small is not too gross, but slightly artificial. The buttery cream does make sure it doesn’t get too artificial.

On skin: The banana is far less artificial. And actually quite nice, if I may say so (I tend to greatly dislike bananas.) It smells a little more like banana bread rather than banana pie now though.

Actual:…a cool Banana Creame Brulee Pie, with vanilla wafers and whipped creme smoothing out the banana and creme notes.

Yup, the vanilla wafers are probably the bready smell. Very nice after a few minutes on skin, would totally wear. Doesn’t really make me hungry because yuck banana.

4. Darling Mermaid Darlings

Sniff in Tube: I find this very hard to describe. A little floral and fresh smelling, along with a buttery smell. I can’t really pinpoint what it is. Some kind of citrus.

On skin: Definitely very floral…. far more floral than in the tube. Also buttery still. The citrusy lemon smell mixed in with the floral to make it seriously floral. I’m hungry, but confused.

Actual: …a Coconut Key Lime Pie, complete with buttery pie crust to round out the fruity notes.

Uh…. Me no get coconut?

5. Knitwit PI

Sniff in Tube: CHOCOLATE BROWNIES. There’s a definite bready smell about it, much more like a chocolate bread/brownie than pie.

On skin: Woah chocolate. It’s a deep, dark, smooth chocolate, bitter and no sweetness about it. Uh…. there is also a slight burnt rubber kind of note on me. WHY.

Actual: a sweet, rich Chocolate Cream Pie with whipped cream and buttery pie crust adding complexity to the dark chocolate

I don’t get any cream and butter, and there’s that irritating burnt rubber smells that goes away sometimes but is really prevalent at others 😦 Urgh, it’s sad because it smells SO GOOD in the tube but it turns weird on me.

6. Forensic Fairy Tale:

Sniff in Tube: ARGH ALMOND. Pukes. It’s like cough syrup/marzipan/all that seriously gross almond shit that I hate. However I also detect a sweet creaminess to it at times that makes it less puke inducing.

On skin: this has the dubious honour of being the first fragrance EVER to give me a reaction. Look at this photo: It’s red and itchy on the inside of my elbow only where I have applied it. Guess my body hates it as much as my nose.


Actual: Forensic Fairy Tale is crafted to smell like a fresh Raspberry Frangipan Tartlet, with raspberry and almond notes and an underlying buttery pie crust.

You can say almond again. And urgh I am so not wearing this on my skin. Either destashing it or something.

7.The Lonely Tourist

Sniff in tube: Almonds again 😦 but this one is more subtle, and there’s some berry going on which makes things a lot more tolerable.

On skin: Smells like artificial fruit candy. At least there’s not too much almond going on, and it doesn’t irritate my skin. Gets better over time, it mellows out.

Actual: a fresh Raspberry Frangipan Tartlet, with raspberry and almond notes and an underlying buttery pie crust.

Can’t escape from that almond note, I think I detest all things almond. I will studiously avoid all almond shit from now on.


Overall I’m pretty happy with the few I bought, for a small amount of dollars. I have to apply them to a few locations if I want the smell to project (say, maybe neck and two different elbow crooks should do the trick) but they do stick around for a few hours. It’s been around 3-4 hours after I applied the perfumes, I walked to the market and applied sunscreen and sweated a lot and I can still smell buttery pie goodness on myself. I’ll just not buy almond notes ever forever. And I totally love smelling like a cake shop.

Perfume Practice

I have a lot of indie perfumes I intend to buy when I go to the US. Trip is yet unplanned, but the intention is definite. My main jam is The Pie Hole set, because I have not a single non-floral scent and I LOVE Pushing Daisies, the show which inspired it. Side note, Lee Pace, who was also Thranduil in Hobbit and Ronan the Accuser in Guardians of the Galaxy, is the star and OMG HE IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL MAN *hearts* And the 60s retro fashion and burst of saturated colour is like being hugged in a field of sunshine with puppies and kittens running all around. LOVE that show (and actually finished watching it, I rarely finish watching shows because I have a short attention span.)

Anyway, back to perfume. Since the full set is pretty cheap (though each solid scent is small too) I don’t mind buying all of them. I do need to practice differentiating my perfumes, though, because I literally describe my perfumes in just a couple of words.

So without further ado, here is my modest collection of 5 perfumes, all mainstream:


Isn’t the pink guy the cutest little thing? My daughter loves him.

From Left to Right:

Versace Yellow Crystal EDT 90ml (full size), ST Dupont Passenger Cruise Pour Femme EDP 50ml, Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb EDP 100ml (full size), Franck Olivier White Touch EDP 100ml (full size), Jo Malone English Pear& Freesia Cologne 100ml (full size)


All the reviews below were done without any online reference. After which I will copy and paste what they’re supposed to smell like, from fragrantica. All perfumes were sprayed once onto different areas of my arms. PS. this is not a good way to test perfume because I HAVE A HEADACHE FROM THE SHEER AMOUNT OF CONFLICTING PERFUME ON ME.


Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb: This is supposedly the stuff that like, teen girls spray like crazy in high school or whatever, but I love it. It’s like loads of flowers mashed together with something sweet. I smell a little bit of rose and jasmine but no very distinct specific flower. It starts off a little cloying but dries down really well, the sugary smell dies down a bit and it smells like ALL THE FLOWERS. Like I said before, I still find it very spunky, and I’ve had people compliment my perfume while wearing it. (A big thing because in my country everyone is aloof to each other!)

Top notes tingle with fresh and sweet accords of bergamot and green tea. A heart is floral and opulent with intensive, sweet and pure Sambac jasmine, seductive Centifolia rose, freesia and Cattleya orchid. Musk and patchouli in a base wrap us with an oriental scent, while its milky and powdery notes gently fondle our skin.

Erm okay WHAT, where is the green tea?? This smells nothing like the green tea I drink. And bergamot…. Earl Grey is my favourite tea and this smells nothing like it either. Maybe because it sat on my skin for awhile before I wrote all this stuff down, so I skipped the top notes. At least I got the jasmine and the rose right (Amazing!) I have no idea how patchouli smells like either. I definitely do not get any milk from this, it’s a much more sugary scent than creamy.


ST Dupont Passenger Cruise Pour Femme: Husband originally bought it for himself before finding out that it was for chicks. He still uses it sometimes. It’s a musky, slightly leathery scent, not very sweet, so that’s probably why he thought it was for him. It has lightly floral (probably rose) notes, but also slightly peppery. It’s interesting, although probably meant for someone more Glamazon than me.

Passenger Cruise for Women is a fresh and refined floral – fruity – musky fragrance that opens with a burst of exotic pomegranate, Italian lemon, grapefruit and cassis. Delicate and sensual floral heart combines rose, Sambac jasmine and magnolia. Musk, Indonesian patchouli and raspberry wrap up the composition.

Yep, definitely get the musk, and the florals, and I guess this is how pomegranates are supposed to smell like? I can also smell the lemon lean now that I read it. I guess the slight bitterness must come from the grapefruit. The rose and jasmine prevails again (is it just coincidence that my fragrances all have it?) and now that they mention magnolia, it does smell like the Gucci Flora Magnolia that my mother had.


Versace Yellow Crystal literally just found out it’s DIAMOND, I never knew after owning this damn bottle for 2 years++: I still like this scent, but it’s probably the most boring one I have (after the EA Fifth Avenue.) It’s a very fresh, green floral, ermmm, I honestly can’t tell what flower. Very sparkling. Now that it has dried down a bit it smells a teeny bit peppery to me, which I never noticed before. It’s kind of like White Touch (see below) but much sweeter and less musky, so like, more innocent maybe. I can see myself frolicking in daisy fields with this, but it’s not the most interesting scent in the world. It also doesn’t last very long (EDT after all.)

Yellow Diamond is crafted as a pure, transparent and airy floral fragrance, sparkling and intense as the yellow color, while being luxurious and feminine like a diamond. Its composition opens with luminous freshness of lemon, bergamot, neroli and pear sorbet. The heart features airy orange blossom, freesia, mimosa and water lily. The base is made of amber, precious musk and guaiac wood.

Well yes, it’s pretty transparent, in the very light and clear sort of the way. I definitely think of ‘sparkling’, although not intense and maybe not a diamond. I couldn’t identify any of the notes though, and I still can’t. It smells generic floral to me Ooops 😀


Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia. Now that I’m smelling it I don’t really like it all that much. It lasts pretty long, but it has a strange smell. Like… musk, but slightly burnt. It’s not as pretty as the other perfumes I have, it’s more acidic and kinda burnt. It’s okay, but not something I necessarily like, although it is interesting. No idea if that’s the pear or the freesia. It’s also a little bit cloying.

Nuances of freesia and pear are very complex, since ripe pears were necessary to achieve a certain note to sound unique in composition of the fragrance. Pear in the moment of perfect ripeness has crispy structure of skin and juicy fruit. Pear is combined with quince which introduces honey sweetness and is surrounded with white freesia and wild climbing rose. A base of the composition is created of green, fresh and sour nuances of rhubarb along with warm and subtle aromas of patchouli, amber and white musk that stay in a trail.

BTW, the description says that this was inspired by John Keats’ Ode to Autumn. I like that poem and we did it in Lit class, so kudos. Well let’s see, I got the sour note (I don’t know how rhubarb smells like…) and the musky note. It starts off really sweet too. So I guess I got some things right. I think it smells much more like a pear in the opening top notes, as I wrote my notes the middle notes were just that flowery musky smell.


Franck Olivier White Touch. This was an unasked for Christmas present from the husband. I know nothing about this brand though. It starts off rather musky and sexy, but after drying down, it’s much more fresh (but still slightly musky and seductive). It has a smell like those packet green tea drinks (always with loads of sugar) in the supermarket, but without the artificial scent, so it’s actually nice. It smells further of a bit of… rose? Overall, I like this, I would describe it as an only slightly sweet, fresh floral. It reminds me of my old Elizabeth Arden Fifth Avenue (since used up, review in the previous perfume post) but much more interesting. (I think the bottle design is really tacky though.)

White Touch by Franck Olivier is a Floral fragrance for women. Top notes are water lily, black currant, melon and pear; middle notes are jasmine, artemisia, freesia, rose and violet; base notes are musk and sandalwood.

So I got the musk right, although not the green tea. I don’t smell any violets at all (I don’t like them) although I did get the rose. The top notes seem really sweet and fruity but I don’t get those. Hmmmmm.


After my writings, I asked the husband to smell the various parts of my arms and guess the perfume and he got them all right!!! I am super duper impressed, he must be so much better than me.

I think doing this exercise has made me appreciate my perfumes and their intricacies more, and I know that I like White Touch, Flowerbomb and Yellow Diamond more, while I can appreciate English Pear & Freesia and Passenger Cruise okay (although I kinda feel like destashing them now, lolz.)

Literally all the perfumes I own.

I am not a fragrance person. It’s either offensive, so-so, or nice. I don’t get all these strange top, middle and base notes. Seriously.

That’s why my perfume collection is miniscule, and all were gifted to me. The only thing I can tell about perfumes are which category it belongs to.

As a rule, I absolutely detest overpoweringly sweet scents. I also dislike many spicy scents (on myself. For guys it’s sexy, lol.) I hate both the Chanel N.5 and Guerlain Shalimar (most people worship one over the other, apparently.) I am partial to florals, but only the fresh/green/citrus kinds. Basically, nothing too cloying. I also dislike rose and Violet scents. God, I am hard to please.

Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue was a completely accidental find. In that, I literally found it, when I was moving into an apartment that we owned but used to rent out. Apparently the tenants left half a bottle behind. I liked it, so I’ve been using it since.

It’s a very ‘safe’ perfume. I think it’s the most boring out of all the ones that I own, and reading reviews on Fragrantica, it appears I am not alone. It is rather mature and elegant, and well, a little bit bland, but nice all the same. It’s basically erm, floral. Not particularly fresh or tangy or sweet, just erm…. right, floral.

It also has the perk of being really cheap for a good perfume. You can get it here for $35, $40 with shipping for a whopping 125ml. [affiliate link, but we know that perfumes are greatly overpriced in brick and mortar stores right?]

This is not really exciting enough for me to repurchase, but it truly is a good, solid, socially acceptable scent, especially if you’re over 30 (I’m not.) I’ll be happy to get this as a gift.

Next we have a rather elusive perfume, Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb. I first read about this on Brightest Bulb in the Box (last entry here) and I was intrigued. Since it’s crazy expensive ($200 per bottle in stores here) I didn’t want to blind buy (nor did I want to be pressured into buying a flacon at the store.) So I asked my husband to ask for a sample, or to spray a strip (the ones they provide at fragrance stores) when he was coming back from Hong Kong, and he bought the whole damn thing. Gosh, do men ever listen??

Luckily, it was a good blind buy. It is a little bit sweeter than I usually like, but it straddles the very fine line between sweet and fresh quite well. It’s youthful, playful and very spunky. I feel like I’m an 18 year old princess wearing this. Like a literal I-am-Royalty-Don’t-Fuck-With-Me. It’s kinda like the Cara Delavigne of perfumes. I think it’s a leeetle bit inappropriate for grown up situations though.

I would totally repurchase, but I don’t need to because it’s a very strong perfume (and also, because it’s an EDP) and all perfumes last me like 5 years at least. And the astronomical price tag makes me want to faint. But yeah, repurchase.

Versace Yellow Diamond was another gift from the husband. It’s a much more affordable ~$70, from here. [affiliate link, but seriously, I paid $90++ in Mustafa, which is the cheapest store for anything in Singapore so it’s a great price.] I was in Mustafa and playing around with their 20++ shelves of floor to ceiling wall of fragrances and happened to like this and he got it for me.

It’s erm, another floral. Seeing a pattern here? Lol. It’s quite fresh, light and sparkling. A really nice fragrance for leisurely rolling around in daisy fields. It’s young, but more delicate and not as spunky as Flowerbomb. The only qualm I have with this is that it doesn’t last very long (but it is an EDT.) It’s definitely work safe.

I would repurchase this, because it is more interesting, and younger than 5th Avenue, although it occupies basically a similar area of my (very limited) perfume wardrobe.

Finally, the last scent I own (and the first I acquired.) This was a gift from an ex boyfriend, which tells you really how old it is (and something that I’ve never told my husband, ha.) Jo Malone is incredibly expensive in Singapore, at around $200++ in stores, but much, much cheaper overseas, at around $120 USD, although that’s still incredibly expensive.

It is also a floral leaning on the sweet side, although not as sweet as Flowerbomb. It’s also muskier (I only know this because I had a friend in secondary school who used to spray this white musk spray on herself. It smells a little like that.) and fruitier. In fact, it smells partly, but clearly, of a very ripe pear. I love pears, so I don’t mind.

It lasts quite a long time, and is a grown up scent, without being particularly boring or stiff. I use this when I want to be sassy and confident during adult situations.

I might repurchase this. It’s a good middle ground between Flowerbomb and Yellow Diamond, but very, very expensive.

Other perfumes I’ve tried, very quickly:

Jo Malone Nectarine and Honey: Too. Fucking. Sweet.

Marc Jacobs Daisy: Boring as fuck. Generic flower scent.

Dolce & Gabbana The One (for men, from my husband): Smells like sweets and chocolates and EVERYTHING NICE. YUM. My husband suddenly smells so adorable.

John Varvatos Vintage: gift for my husband. This is spicy and musky and sexy as fuck. James Bond would wear this. Hitman Agent 47 would wear this. All tall dark mysterious sexy men would wear this. FUCK YEAH. I sometimes use it so that I can sniff it on myself.

Calvin Klein Eternity Moment: My mum has a bottle of it. Smells ok but really bland, like an even blander version of 5th Avenue.

Kenzo Pour Homme (I think): Smells disgusting. Like a rotting rose, but worse.

Tommy Hilfiger pear blossom: gift from an ex ardent admirer. Also way too fucking sweet and smells very one note.

My new favourite flavour: Vanilla~!

I’ve noticed a trend recently, that I absolutely adore vanilla smells.

It started with this body scrub by Boots:

It smells good enough to fucking eat. It’s not that scrubby, but honestly I don’t care, I would use it just to smell all the vanilla on me.

Then, I went back and got this:

This is like, I think my first ever non-supermarket brand shampoo. Usually I just use Dettol or whatever. It smells like VANILLA. YUM. (apparently, cheesecakes and smoothies don’t smell very different.)

I also have this, even though I have no need for body cream. It smells GOOOOOD. Plus, the swirliness is so cute.

I have a generic brand vanilla lip balm. IT TASTES SO GOOD.

My very first MAC lipstick also smells of vanilla… I mean, everyone keeps saying that MAC lipsticks smell like vanilla, but you seriously don’t know what that means until you actually smell it. I swear I could eat that thing.

Colorpop Lippie Stix also smell like vanilla. People have said there is a synthetic quality to it. My very lousy nose detected a crayony smell underlying the vanilla, which is sad, but if I close my nostrils I can pretend it doesn’t exist and just smell the vanilla?

Seriously, VANILLA EVERYTHING! yum yum yum yum.

What other vanilla scented products are out there? Googling reveals a lot of body lotions and soaps, but what about MAKE UP? Are there like vanilla smelling foundations and blushes and SUNSCREENS? LET ME INCORPORATE THEM IN MY LIFE!

Unveil + Review: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb


So, if I was the one reading a blog now I’ll totally skip this entry. I mean, fragrances, purlease.

Visual example:


Top 3 shelves are the husband’s, while the fifth one is… a wedding present + my fragrances. I had to put a shoebox of his fragrances into the cupboard because they wouldn’t fit onto the shelves anymore, while my collection is small enough to share the shelf space with a giant snowglobe. Can you spot what fragrances he or I have that’s recognisable?

It’s rather pointless asking about mine really because I only have 3 after today, not counting the 1/4 remaining bottle of Elizabeth Arden’s Fifth Avenue that we found in the house when we moved in. My family has always been weird on perfumes. My mum sprays her Chanel can’t – remember-what into the toilet bowl. It’s the quintessential toilet fragrance for her.

Anyway the ones that I do have are all gifts, in order of acquisition:
1. Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia Cologne
2. Versace Yellow Crystal
3. And now, V&R Flowerbomb.

So let’s ignore the others and talk about Flowerbomb first. I didn’t even want to buy this at first because it’s so so so expensive. In fact, that’s the only reason I was intrigued by it – why the hell is this perfume so expensive? And since when did Viktor&Rolf do fragrances? (Since like 8 years back apparently – see, I know nothing about perfumes.) 3.4oz (100ml, my size) costs 165 USD from Sephora USA… just – wow. I believe locally it can be found in Tangs for 199 SGD.

I told my husband to grab a sample but he got a full bottle because it was much cheaper in Hongkong, but now that I do the math I realised it’s more expensive than I originally thought it was because I used the wrong currency exchange rate. So it’s still really expensive, at HKD860, about SGD140. FML. Oh wow, now I see it on Amazon for USD112 with free shipping, which sounds like a great deal for people who don’t travel.

In comparison, at discount perfume stores, you can buy Versace Yellow Crystal at around SGD90. It just struck me that the Jo Malone is also incredibly expensive, actually, at around SGD200 per 100ml as well, so I have no idea what I’m talking about, but at least the mark up for that in Singapore is very high – it’s USD120 on Jo Malone International. In fact you can find it for USD130 with free shipping to Singapore on Amazon.


So pwetty!


More pwetty


The bottle is…. okay? I personally think my Versace looks snazzier.

Now onto the smell, which is the important part.

I have no nose for fragrances. At all. I know roughly, what kinds I don’t like (anything that smells vaguely like Chanel No.5, anything too sickly sweet like all the stupid Victoria’s Secret bullshit, anything with too much rose in it) and what I do like (not-too-sweet florals, clean and fresh.) So all I can tell you is that Flowerbomb is pretty floral (it has to be), much sweeter than the other 2 I own, but not sweet enough to make me gag, and stays very, very long. I would say it would probably be pretty universally pleasing.

What I imagine when I smell it is a classy girl from a rich family who is slightly haughty but very admired by all. Like um, Astrid Leong from Crazy Rich Asians (what an obscure chick lit reference that no one will understand anyway.) Or maybe a slightly better-liked version of Gwendolyn from The Importance of Being Earnest. It makes me feel young (as compared to the more elegant side I try to lean to) but not young enough to be silly. And somehow it’s also a little bit musky and sexy. So maybe, a slightly sexy classy rich girl?

Is it worth the money?

Seeing as I never bought any fragrance for myself and all my fragrances are gifts from male admirers (that’s how long I’ve had them and they’re still not halfway through) I would say that I’m not one to spend on fragrances. Still, as evidenced by my husband who must have close to 50 bottles at a conservative estimate, obviously people do. If you’re one to spend over a hundred dollars on fragrances, I would say go for it. It’s sweet and sexy and young without being too much of anything.

Also, the box is REALLY PRETTY. I’ve been keeping the stupid cardboard box around just to look at it and the black wax seal print and ribbons and everything. The actual perfume bottle I don’t really care for.


Note: I realise there is an EDT version. Mine is the EDP, which is more concentrated (and more expensive.)