Review: Lime Crime Velvetine in Squash

So….. Limecrime! The face of internet controversy. I wouldn’t really buy from them, but I do think they have some very nice things, especially the Venus palette (which I have a dupe of) and the Venus 2, which, with its dirtier, grungier colour scheme, really calls my name. So when they were having a giant 75% off sale, I had to grab just one thing.

I’m not happy that this liquid lipstick costs as much as other standard liquid lipsticks and only has 2.6ml. I mean, sure, give me 2.6ml because I sure as hell don’t wear this everyday, but don’t charge me 20USD! Which is why I only bought this when it was 5USD. 2.6ml is less than half of a standard lip gloss/liquid lip, which is 6ml.


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Review: Besame Cosmetics Classic Colour Lipsticks – Holiday 2016 mini set

I’ve been lusting over Besame Cosmetic lipsticks for the longest time, ever since Agent Carter started airing and it was revealed that she was wearing Red Velvet. I can’t be Agent Carter, but I can wear the same lipstick!



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Geek Chic The Pie Hole collection

So… I’m posting about this because I got it on a SALE, and I got it on sale because… It’s DISCONTINUED! Boo hoo. So whatever I review, you can’t buy anymore. Sorreeeeee.


I bought this set because I was eyeing it for a long while, until I cut back my US shopping list. When I found out they were going to be discontinued, I bought everything available. I’m missing I think The Pie maker, which is really sad because I LOVE the character/actor (SWOOOOOOON LEE PACE) and the scent of Caramel Apple pie sounds right up my alley 😦

Anyway, I’m not very good at scents and I’ve got a pretty simplistic nose, so let’s see what I can get from these:

Overall though I would say that the throw on all these scents are kind of low, and they don’t stay too long. Plus, the tubes they come in are absolutely miniscule. I would probably try them as actual perfume once or twice, then… idk, keep them as sniffies?

  1. Bitter Sweets:

Sniff in Tube: smells exactly like my lemon blueberry cobbler that I made the other day.

On skin: I can alternately smell the buttery crust, the lemon/lime note (which is kind of more artificial cleaning spray smelling on my skin, yuck) and occasionally the blueberries. Pleasant enough if I ignore the occasional whiff of cleaning spray. Smells exactly like last weekend otherwise.

Actual smell: …a cool and sugary Lemon Meringue Pie, with whipped cream and vanilla bean notes to round it out.

Okay, I was close with the lemon and the buttery smell, but there is no berry inside, lol. Overall, I like this scent, it makes me very hungry.

2. Itty Bitty

Sniff in Tube: Woah this smells exactly like the Toffee Nut Latte from Starbucks. Superbly overpriced but delicious, I usually drink it at least once every holiday season when they roll it out. Cinnamon, creamy goodness with some pumpkin.

On skin: The same as in the tube. The cinnamon is predominant but I goddamn love cinnamon so I don’t care.

Actual: …a Hot Buttered Pumpkin Pie scent… the pumpkin creme brulee is made more complex by buttered rum and tempered with Mexican fried ice cream, whipped cream, and buttery pie crust to round out the canvas.

I was not very off, but it doesn’t seem very complex to me, it’s just YUM. Another one I would eat.

3. Field of daisies

Sniff in Tube: Banana and cream. The banana small is not too gross, but slightly artificial. The buttery cream does make sure it doesn’t get too artificial.

On skin: The banana is far less artificial. And actually quite nice, if I may say so (I tend to greatly dislike bananas.) It smells a little more like banana bread rather than banana pie now though.

Actual:…a cool Banana Creame Brulee Pie, with vanilla wafers and whipped creme smoothing out the banana and creme notes.

Yup, the vanilla wafers are probably the bready smell. Very nice after a few minutes on skin, would totally wear. Doesn’t really make me hungry because yuck banana.

4. Darling Mermaid Darlings

Sniff in Tube: I find this very hard to describe. A little floral and fresh smelling, along with a buttery smell. I can’t really pinpoint what it is. Some kind of citrus.

On skin: Definitely very floral…. far more floral than in the tube. Also buttery still. The citrusy lemon smell mixed in with the floral to make it seriously floral. I’m hungry, but confused.

Actual: …a Coconut Key Lime Pie, complete with buttery pie crust to round out the fruity notes.

Uh…. Me no get coconut?

5. Knitwit PI

Sniff in Tube: CHOCOLATE BROWNIES. There’s a definite bready smell about it, much more like a chocolate bread/brownie than pie.

On skin: Woah chocolate. It’s a deep, dark, smooth chocolate, bitter and no sweetness about it. Uh…. there is also a slight burnt rubber kind of note on me. WHY.

Actual: a sweet, rich Chocolate Cream Pie with whipped cream and buttery pie crust adding complexity to the dark chocolate

I don’t get any cream and butter, and there’s that irritating burnt rubber smells that goes away sometimes but is really prevalent at others 😦 Urgh, it’s sad because it smells SO GOOD in the tube but it turns weird on me.

6. Forensic Fairy Tale:

Sniff in Tube: ARGH ALMOND. Pukes. It’s like cough syrup/marzipan/all that seriously gross almond shit that I hate. However I also detect a sweet creaminess to it at times that makes it less puke inducing.

On skin: this has the dubious honour of being the first fragrance EVER to give me a reaction. Look at this photo: It’s red and itchy on the inside of my elbow only where I have applied it. Guess my body hates it as much as my nose.


Actual: Forensic Fairy Tale is crafted to smell like a fresh Raspberry Frangipan Tartlet, with raspberry and almond notes and an underlying buttery pie crust.

You can say almond again. And urgh I am so not wearing this on my skin. Either destashing it or something.

7.The Lonely Tourist

Sniff in tube: Almonds again 😦 but this one is more subtle, and there’s some berry going on which makes things a lot more tolerable.

On skin: Smells like artificial fruit candy. At least there’s not too much almond going on, and it doesn’t irritate my skin. Gets better over time, it mellows out.

Actual: a fresh Raspberry Frangipan Tartlet, with raspberry and almond notes and an underlying buttery pie crust.

Can’t escape from that almond note, I think I detest all things almond. I will studiously avoid all almond shit from now on.


Overall I’m pretty happy with the few I bought, for a small amount of dollars. I have to apply them to a few locations if I want the smell to project (say, maybe neck and two different elbow crooks should do the trick) but they do stick around for a few hours. It’s been around 3-4 hours after I applied the perfumes, I walked to the market and applied sunscreen and sweated a lot and I can still smell buttery pie goodness on myself. I’ll just not buy almond notes ever forever. And I totally love smelling like a cake shop.

Minimint Palette experience and review.

I purchased a Minimint custom palette here!



This was one of the very few items I bought during my US trip. If you look through Jenny’s Etsy shop, you will realize that she does custom magnetic palettes, a la Z palettes. Z palettes are boring though and come in very standard sizes and colourways (not to mention fairly expensive for being just bits of cardboard and plastic!!!), but Jenny will satisfy the indie, customizing freak in you.

Jenny offers special sizes: a 3×3 mini palette, 4×4 mint palette, and 6×4 minimint palette. The usable sizes are a little smaller (due to the border) but she offers you exact dimensions. Since I don’t use MAC shadows, and my main shadows are Sleek
(which are very tiny, approx 20.5cm pans), I had to measure it myself to figure what would fit and what wouldn’t, but I’m glad all the information is widely available.

The beauty of Minimint is that each palette is completely unique to you. Jenny has a whole bunch of patterns/papers and she never reuses them. What’s more, there is so much attention to detail. All the corners are very carefully cut, and even the interior is carefully matched to the exterior!!!! As you can see, the foamboard interior is also very nicely cut. The magnet holding the cover together is pretty damn strong, and the base magnet for palettes is of fair strength too.

Prices are very, very fair, I feel, for a handmade, unique product of great quality. It’s like $5 USD for the smallest size, $7 for Mint and $10 or something for the storage, excluding shipping.


My complete package was super complete:


It came with lots of bubble wrap, a business card, round stickers for labelling pans (you really didn’t need to!) and even a sample! I mean, I just bought a palette for literally a few US dollars, and you give me so much free shit? THANK YOU.

By the way, if you recall, I also used her guide on how to magnetize your make up pans for almost NO COST here. I swear she is as cheapo as I am!!! Warning, it IS a bit more labour intensive.

For reference here is what I could fit into my 4×4 palette:


If I put nothing but Sleek shadows, I can put 4 per row x 5 rows, for 20 shadows.

Because my face powder and my NYX taupe is SUCH a weirdo size and shape, I end up only managing to squeeze 6 shadows. If you don’t need to put face powder, it’ll be much easier.

I would also like a mirror sheet in this palette (since the point of a small palette is to bring it around.) I did ask Jenny if she could do it but she told me she couldn’t and instead referred me to another palette maker who could! So helpful of her 🙂

Overall, my experience was absolutely amazing and I would not hesitate to order from her again. Except you know for my low buy and everything. Do support her!!!

What I brought on a long trip

Here’s what I brought on my trip, as usual!


Lips: Life’s Entropy Matte Theory in Variable, Life’s Entropy Lip Theory in pKa, MUFE Lab Shine Gloss, Guerlain Rouge G I dunno what colour in the pill case.

As you can see, I took the opportunity to use as many darker lip colours as I could. I rarely wear the Guerlain or pKA at home since they’re rather dark, but they’ve been getting lots of love here. In fact, I think pKa is flattering enough to be worn when I’m back. I do want to finish up my sample, but I’m not going to repurchase this shade because I simply don’t wear berries very often.

The gloss is technically finished, there is still maybe 1-2 applications left because I really scraped the tube with it. I will be keeping the tube to contain my own mixes.



Skincare: T-B, L-R: 3W Clinic Intensive UV sunblock cream, Heroine Make mascara remover, deo that refuses to finish, Paula’s Choice Resist moisturizer, travel sized lanolin, Vaseline lip therapy that is super old and also refuses to end, Benzac AC, Innisfree Orchid enriched cream. I also decanted some Neutrogena Ultra Gentle cleanser into a small travel sized bottle.

True to my philosophy of bringing as little skincare on trips as possible, I basically packed deo, sunblock, lipbalm and moisturizer. The PC moisturizer is great as a day moisturizer, while the Innisfree is thick enough for night. When I wear mascara I use the remover to remove it, but the cream cleanser is enough to remove all other make up with some gentle massage.

Lanolin has been an absolute lifesaver. I find the Vaseline just not thick enough, but lanolin stays on my lips forever.


Base and others: Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk, Chanel Vitalumiere aqua, Cyber Colours zero pore primer, Nars RCC in Honey, NYX cream blush in Natural, loose powder in The Body Shop powder  container, 2 samples of Life’s Entropy highlighters, Illamasqua cream pigment in Hollow.

Nothing too fancy. I was forced to bring Lasting Silk because I have NO IDEA how many uses there are in the Vitalumiere Aqua. It would be a tragedy to run out of foundation halfway, but I suspect I won’t get there. WHY WON’T MY VITALUMIERE AQUA END?!?! It’s the only foundation I’ve been using for like, MORE THAN A FUCKING YEAR.

NYX Cream blushes are actually REALLY nice. Bonus PAN PORN:


This is my go to blush now, and it’s a really nice and foolproof blush that stays on well and is pigmented.

I’m also trying to finish up one sample of the highlighter.



Eye make up: Chanel Nymphea, the perfect travel quad, plus 2 Blackbird eyeshadows (Modesty for a matte base, Half Full for god knows what I was thinking when packing.) Silky Girl Funky Eyelights in Ever Green, BCL Brow Lash Ex liner in brown, Etude House proof 10 primer, Mascara + liner duo, curler, The Body Shop eyeshadow in some reddish copper colour.

Didn’t bring too fancy make up this time. I’m learning to get by with less!

You may notice the very conspicuous absence of a brow product. I also didn’t bring a brow brush, or a spoolie (which was attached to my brow pencil.)  I have to use the darkest brown shade in the quad to fill in my brows. It’s not very nice, of course, but it’ll do in a pinch for these couple of weeks.

Most of the items are just things I’m trying to use up, like sample baggies, or the Ever Green pencil. The reddish copper eyeshadow is an unorthodox favourite of mine.


Unfortunately due to messed up sleeping schedules I rarely have time to put on a full face in the mornings. I hope I will still get a few uses out of my eye products.

Swatches of almost all Blackbird Cosmetics

Blackbird Cosmetics is an indie brand with impeccable branding and refinement. They specialize in mattes, which are basically the hardest eyeshadows to do well, and they do PRESSED mattes. Lovely!

HOWEVER, last Black Friday some people had some screw ups with their orders, with some people still awaiting theirs. With indies, there is always a danger of this happening, so I’ve been quite generous with waiting for my goodies when ordering from them. That said, it was quite a clusterfuck for a bit, so I don’t disagree with those who are warier of Blackbird now. I still plan on ordering from them as I believe the owner is honest, but I do hope that no funny things happen during the time of my orders.

I bought these sample baggies off someone locally. These are loose shadows, but Blackbird has since discontinued them. I like pressed shadows better anyway, so I treat it as just testing out their formula.


I have 18/20 samples. The two I don’t have are Beau (very dark chocolate brown) and Lucid (matte black). Everyone knows how a matte black looks like anyway right?

I swatched all the light colours together, the mid-tone colours, then the darker colours. This is to help you see if the colours within the Blackbird range itself is worth having, or it would be very similar. (I know I had the itch to buy THE WHOLE SET OF 20 at one shot once.)

I did these swatches without any kind of primer, which is impressive. I tested the sheerest shade (Vintage) over primer later on, and the pigmentation improved massively, so with a primer under these will probably be fabulous.


L-R: Half Full, Dim Tradition, Whisper, Modesty, Thirteen, Imogen

As you can see, Half Full, Dim Tradition and Whisper all look kinda similar on my arm and are very pale and chalky. This is kinda strange because I’m not that dark, my arm is NC25 at most (darker than face.) Modesty is a PERFECT base shade for me (blends right into my skin.) Thirteen is okay, like a taupey version of a base shade, but doesn’t get me very excited. Imogen is a rosy mauve that remind me of the colours in Naked 3.


L-R: (This was on my right arm)

Immortals, Juliet, Figment, Dog Days, Fiction, Everest

Immortals is quite meh to me, like a very blah cotton candy pink. Juliet is a peach pink, gorgeous and will probably be a great warm crease shade. Figment is a nice mauve that may or may not be hard to use in a look. Dog days is a nice medium chocolate, although potentially dupeable. Fiction is a slightly purple grey, made even purpler by my sallowness. Everest is kind of a olive-khaki, but my skin makes it look grey :B



L-R: Vintage, Smudge, Gravity, Fire Pledge, Ruca, Atlas

Vintage was a little bit sheer compared to the rest, as you can see. It’s a gorgeous purple leaning plum though (and did perfectly well over primer.) Smudge is a taupe that I fell in love with the second it was on my arm. Gravity is a slightly darker plum. Fire pledge is a slightly muted and burnt orange. Ruca is a brick brown, and Atlas is a muddy brown (not my favourite, it’s kind a poo-ey colour.)

I wore Modesty as a base on my eye, with a bit of Everest over, without primer underneath, and about 6 hours later there was no creasing and some slight fading. I expect these to be even better over primer.


For my future purchase, I have narrowed my selection down to 11 shades so far. I am also interested in trying a contour powder (not sure which colour would suit me the best yet) their green correcting powder (since I realized I am olive-skinned) and their Moonlight Lover blush (which looks like a GORGEOUS lilac.)

I am supposed to be panning my stuff instead of buying new make up though, so I am definitely making an effort to use up some stuff first. Blackbird will definitely be on my to-buy list.

Indie Make up Rabbit Hole


I have fallen down the rabbit hole of Indie Make up. SAVE ME!

I only started really getting into cosmetics some time early last year, when being pregnant was absolutely boring. Prior to that I bought make up like a normal person, so I basically had only 1 of each product type. Anyway, it took me close to 1.5 years of make up obsession to finally get into indie make up.

I guess I’m having mainstream makeup fatigue. At this point, I’ve basically seen every colour of eyeshadow possible. I also own close to every major shade of lip colour possible. I don’t collect make up for collecting’s sake, but to use them, so I really need my make up to be functional. Right now I’m all for duochromes, innovation and COOL THANGZ. That’s why I keep experimenting with the make up I have, from mashing lip colours together, finding ways to use my bad liquid liner, and reusing my exploded mascara.

Indie make up manages to fill this niche.

I have a few complaints about indies however:

  1. TAT for indie can be annoying. I WANT MY PRETTYZ AND I WANT IT NOW!
  2. International shipping is usually on the expensive side, at ~$8 USD.
  3. Most things are loose powders. I HATE loose powders. I might buy a pressing kit just to press everything. Or maybe just get used to loose powders, lol.
  4. If you don’t realize it, a lot of indie companies put out the same few products. Some of them have cool names and themes, but if you look beyond that (which is actually just marketing) they’re just loose eyeshadows and blushes and sometimes weird lipstick colours. That’s why I was so happy with Life’s Entropy for making something really cool ie LIP THEORIES!

Some picks from a very discerning and fussy consumer:

  • Fyrinnae’s lip lustres seem cool. Some colours like Sexy Nerd are also really awesome. Of course they have some cult eyeshadow colours like Worksafe Blue and Rapunzel Had Extensions. I wish they were still selling their pressed shadows though *sadface* I will also probably grab their pixie epoxy.
  • Meow Cosmetics fascinate me because I absolutely detest loose powder/mineral foundation. I mean how can loose powder be full coverage?! But reviews online have convinced me and I’m totally for the billions of undertones. Will definitely be buying some samples and getting my colour match.

I also like Shiro’s geekery very much, and I love the Avengers, but yknow, bright… purple…. eyeshadow? I just don’t use bright blue/green/purple eyeshadow that much, you know?

Life’s Entropy Liquid Illuminator review

Yet another LE review! You can view my service/brow theory review and lip product review too.

I got 2 sample of illuminators, Celestial and Nebula. LE makes quite a few shades of highlighters, and Celestial and Nebula are the fancy duochrome K-Pop-SFX ones. The rest are straight colours. While pretty, I already have a golden highlighter and a pink-champagne, so I only go for all teh special effectz now.

The full size is $12 for normal ones, and $14 for the special effect ones. It sounds just a little bit pricey,  especially for indie products. The quantity of product is also not stated. The samples are a very wallet friendly $1.50/$2, and come with enough for many, many uses.

Here I compared it with Colourpop’s Monster,

Photo 30-8-15 8 55 41 am Photo 30-8-15 8 55 49 am  Photo 30-8-15 8 55 26 am Photo 30-8-15 8 55 35 am

All swatches are: L-R Celestial, Colourpop Monster, Nebula. Nebula appears green/pink, while Celestial is rosegold/pink. I can still never remember which is which unless I look it up.

I swatched them against Monster because I thought they would be a dupe, and I much rather support LE anyday over Colourpop. Turns out they are not dupes, but LE’s highlighters have even more shift than CP’s. MOAR SFX ROAR!

LE’s highlighters are like a lotion, or very light cream consistency, which make it hard to swatch, and also sheerer, but easy to pat on the face with a brush or finger. They sheer out and build up easily as well. It’s not the easiest formula to use (liquids are always the hardest!) but the formula is solid.

Photo 30-8-15 8 52 20 am

Celestial on my face. (GAWD or is it Nebula. I think it’s Celestial.) I find that it emphasizes pores just a little bit. It’s nice and glowy and not at all glittery, just with a very nice sheen. It also lasts pretty well, but then it’s a very obvious colour/highlight, so I’m not sure if it’s just more obvious to my eyes. I sweated and stuff, and it was still there.

(Btw I’m also using Variable Matte Theory as a blush, just to prove that I can. YOU CAN TOTALLY USE MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICKS AS BLUSH. JUST SAYING. But you do need to blend like crazy and lightning quick.)

Overall I’m very happy with the 2 highlighters. Highlighters are next to impossible to use up, though, so I don’t foresee myself going for a full size even though I love them. I would recommend you to grab a sample of a colour you like!

Life’s Entropy Lip Theory and Matte Theory review

Here are the lip products from my Life’s Entropy order. I only bought 3 lip products because I really have too many and I don’t want to go crazy. I have dupes for many of the colours in the range and I’m not sold on mixing my own lip colours yet. The ones I bought are shades I do not own.

Photo 20-8-15 9 04 28 am
L-R: Lip Theory in pKa, Catalyst, Matte Theory in Variable.

Variable looks a little worse for the wear because I took a shower with it before I applied the others. It’s not a long wear lip product if it can’t hold through a shower right? 😀

Photo 20-8-15 9 09 20 am

Blotted down the LTs. The MT is not 100% transfer proof, there was minor transfer even after it dried (as you can see on my wrist.) They are labelled as transfer-resistant.

Photo 20-8-15 8 53 53 am Photo 20-8-15 8 54 12 am

Variable on lips. (no other make up on! I applied this even before brushing my teeth, I was sooooo excited.)

Let’s do the Matte Theory first. They are, obviously, long wear liquid lipsticks. They are super super watery, which was a surprise, since my other liquid lipstick and those I’ve seen online are creamy/moussey. The pigment can separate as well, so I suggest shaking it up before application. And don’t tip the tube over accidentally!

When applied, due to the super thin consistency, you probably want 2 coats for evenness. It layers well though, and there will be no balling/flaking/funny things. It also dries reasonably fast. Variable is described as a ‘beige rose’. It’s warm toned rose, hard to describe, kinda ‘burnt’ as well.

All longwear lipsticks are kinda drying, and this was too, although my lips are in a horrible condition now and particularly picky. One thing though is that this did not really emphasize my flakes/patches/scabs, it actually covers and glides over them reasonably well.

I quite like the formula, since transfer is not a dealbreaker for me and it’s quite minimal anyway. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, drank a lot of water and did stuff and it still looked essentially perfect. I’m just not sure about the colour: it looks ok in the photos, but the ‘burntness’ made it look a bit weird IRL. I’ll definitely try to wear it a few more times to love the colour. If not, my next purchase I’ll probably spring for Infinity which looks like a socially appropriate version of Ghoulish. The other colours are a bit dark for my liking, I look undead with super dark lips so I try to stay away from that.

Now onto Lip Theory Liquids! These are the OCC Lip Tar dupes. I apply these with a lip brush although full sizes come with a doe-foot. Apart from the ones I bought, I really love Chaos, but I have at least 2 dupes, Apoptosis, of which I have 1 or 2 dupes too, and Enzyme, which I think is too pale and cool toned to look good on me. I can’t be arsed to mix lip colours for now.

These are liquid lipsticks that don’t really dry down, although they can be blotted lightly to a stain/matte finish. The pigmentation is quite opaque, and it doesn’t settle into flaws. It’s actually quite hydrating, and super lightweight, no film or heavy feeling on lips. It doesn’t bleed or get all over on me either. It’s definitely not transfer proof, but it’s very pigmented and will transfer a ton of pigment but still have a ton of pigment left over, much like my Lip Maestro. These smell exactly like Werther’s toffee candies with a definite slightly-burnt toffee kind of scent. It’s pleasant, although vanilla would have been pleasanter. Still, it was the candy of my childhood, so I’m happy.

Now for the stuff I actually have… Catalyst is GORGEOUS. It’s like the pretty-girl nude I never had. I have no idea why it reads this colour on me, but it’s so PRETTY. And DAINTY. I will totally 100% spring for a full size in my next order, it will totes be my go-to nude. It’s MY COLOUR. It’s described as a ‘light grey beige’ and there is some grey but enough pink to look really pretty and not-dead. I think I can get rid of all my other nude to pink lipsticks now.

Photo 21-8-15 3 03 27 pm Photo 21-8-15 3 03 42 pm Photo 21-8-15 3 03 20 pm


I wore it to eat sushi with the husband, then went for a run. I used a cleanser, and after that I still had lip colour left. That’s how hardcore it is.

And this is pKa (without make up):

Photo 21-8-15 12 11 18 pm Photo 21-8-15 12 11 15 pm

And this is where a minor quibble starts: the lip theories look nothing like the pictures on me. Catalyst looks much pinker and much less grey, although there is a definite grey tone. It’s still okay, not too way off the mark, but pKA doesn’t fare so well. The site shows a gorgeous marsala red that looks like the warmer version of a colour I have quite a couple of dupes of. The actual pKA looks super dark on me, and quite berry-ish. I have to say I’m disappointed, because the colour is wildly different, which is evident in the arm swatch as well where it looks very cool toned.

I didn’t want to buy any dark lip colours since I don’t wear them much, so I was sad that this was much darker than I thought it would be. No matter how I squint, it doesn’t look the same colour as the website. The formula is faultless, but I’m just not happy with the colour.

Overall, my experience with LE’s lip products have been great. I’ve found a new favourite lip colour of all time in a gorgeous formula. The Matte Theory is also great (and looks much more true-to-website than the LTs.) However you may want to be wary of colour differences, or buy more samples, or mix your own colours.

Life’s Entropy unboxing, service and one product review

This post will show 1. unboxing porn, which I rarely do 2. service review and 3. product review.

This is my first ever indie cosmetics purchase. Shipping from indie companies can be prohibitive. I bit the bullet during the anniversary 20% off sale, which made it extra sweet. I talked about LE before. Their sciencey things make my knees wobble. I used to date this guy who taught chemistry, so we had a lot of very sciencey things going on.

  1. Unbox porn!

Photo 20-8-15 12 01 45 am

To be frank, I didn’t expect the cosmetics to be so tiny. I ordered a LOT, for me, one other person, and a couple of gifts for a friend. I thought it would be a parcel box, but it all fit into one bubble mailer. Anyway, the packaging is lovely, all customized. I’m not big on packaging anyway, but it’s a nice touch. FOR SCIENCE!

Photo 20-8-15 12 02 57 am

Packed securely into a nicely folded envelope.

Photo 20-8-15 12 04 21 am

Photo 20-8-15 12 05 41 am Photo 20-8-15 12 05 58 am

I feel that the clamshell samples of Brow Theory Ebony x2 (ordered 2 by mistake, but see no. 3 and be like sorry not sorry) and Celestial (pictured) and Nebula highlighters were crazy tiny. I mean, they only cost like $1.50-$3 each, but it was a bit unexpected. Anyway, LOOK AT THE PRETTY HIGHLIGHTER. This is the only reason why I still buy cosmetics, for TEH SPECIAL EFFECTZ.

Photo 20-8-15 12 10 15 am Photo 20-8-15 12 10 22 am

Eyeshadow samples. Also super tiny, took me by surprise (first indie order after all)

Photo 20-8-15 12 10 30 am

Matte Theory. Was very slim and again, unexpectedly small.

Photo 20-8-15 12 10 43 am

Lip Theory in Transformation full size. It’s someone else’s order 🙂

2. Service Review

I ordered on 26th July. I received it 19th August. That’s about 3.5 weeks of wait, which was rather painful. Their TAT is 10-15 business days. On 8 August, it shipped, which is around 10 business days. USPS took from 8 August to 19 August to get it to me. According to the tracking, it went from US all the way to Taipei before coming here. Shipping cost me $8.50 USD, which I feel is okay. (Not exorbitant, and just about where most indies charge.)

Everything was nicely packed. There was some glitter fallout on my hands when I opened the package, but no shadow package was damaged.

I requested for a full size eyeshadow (GWP) in Finding Nucleotides, and that’s what I got. (Incidentally I also bought a sample size. Damn, what were you thinking?) I didn’t get any secret add on bonus bonus, which is a little sad, but it’s something that I don’t expect. Definitely would have been a nice surprise, but 20% off is good enough 🙂

Overall, a very pleasant experience.

3. Quickie first impressions review of Brow Theory in Ebony

My hair is super black. My eyebrow hair is also quite definitively black. The pencil I was using previously was in the colour ‘Black’, which turned out to be a true black, so when blended, became grey-ish. I am super yellow toned, so this looked weird on me sometimes. Translation: it was too cool toned. I’ve also used a pencil labelled as ‘Dark Brown’, and it was way, way too warm. My hair is not brown and my eyebrow hair is most definitely not brown, so it was much too reddish. I have since given it to my sister, who may be less fussy than me.

Henceforth, I think the Ebony is the PERFECT colour for me (Cara Delevigne made the light-hair-dark-brow thing cool anyway, so I don’t need to match my brows to my hair!) It’s actually a slightly warm, super dark brown. (I associate ebony with the true pitch black of pianos though so it was a surprise for me.) You can see it in the product closeup, although it doesn’t seem to show on the swatch. I just saw literally right now that it is described as a ‘warm blackened brown’, so please be a more educated consumer than me.

You may also know my stance on brow products (buy teh cheapest thing possible!) so I’m really glad these are $1.50 per sample. As it stands a sample will probably last me a year.

Photo 20-8-15 12 18 02 am

This swatch was me touching the Brow Theory with my RT brow brush super gently. GAWD, so pigmented!!! It’s like freaking gel liner! After I swatched this, I used the remainder on the brush for one brow, and had just about enough. Conclusion, touch it even more gently the next time.

I will be posting a colour pic of my brows next time. I think it’s nice that it’s warm enough to complement my skintone but also a proper ‘black’ shade. If you’re very cool toned, you may want to stay away.

Photo 20-8-15 12 28 04 am

This is the swatch after I took a shower as per normal. SO TOUGH. It’s also smudge resistant, though not 100% smudge proof (but then I already took a SHOWER with it.)

I’m super excited but it’s the middle of the night so I can’t smear all teh things over my face. Waiting for tomorrow!!!!