Little make up now :( 

There not much reason for me to glam up in the morning. Maybe just look okay. 

I also hate taking photos so I will just chatter about some products.

1. Étude house moist full collagen cream: lightweight and smells like a dream, lightly citrus and floral, if somewhat gimmicky. Collagen doesn’t go into your face. I got a sample, wouldn’t buy it.

2. Guerlain tenue de perfection foundation in 01 beige pale. Guerlains shades are so limited, can’t believe their fairest shade is a passable match on me. This is however the most tenacious foundation I have ever tried and I love it!!! It stays on like paint. I need a tiny bit and I will dot my face in the areas needing coverage, and buff the foundation in using a buffer. It’s thick and hard to spread with fingers so a brush is a must. It goes on perfect and stay perfect for a long time. I only had a sample and it lasted me over a week. Also, I tried to wash my make up jar containing the stuff and it JUST WONT BUDGE!!!! I’ve washed it out 5 or 6 times using make up remover, face wash, body wash, cleaning with a cloth, etc.. Gosh.