Tutorial/FOTD: Contrasty


Today is a study in contrasts!

I have this gorgeous seafoam green Kiko Stick Eyeshadow in 09 Nile Green. Not surprising that I bought it right? These kind of seafoamy, minty greens are right up my alley. It’s a bit too intense and saturated for my preferred sheer washes of colour, when I do wear colour to the office, and so it’s been a bit neglected. So I thought up this look!


Look at my not-very-great flat lay pic:



Here are the swatches of some stuff I used. L-R: Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in 09 Nile Green, The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes (some godforsaken, old quad) in Fiery, Makeup Revolution Newtrals vs Neutrals, top row 2nd from right, some taupe from a random Sleek palette that is a beautiful transition/subtle crease shade for me, Rouge Bunny Rouge Second Skin blush in Florita.


The idea is basically to have a bright pop of seafoam green to pop with the reds and berry tones on the rest of the face.

Before anything, prep your skin as necessary. Foundation, brows, eye primer etc. If my skin looks dry in below pictures, it’s because I FORGOT TO PUT SUNSCREEN. Don’t ask me what happened to me today. Thankfully it’s very rainy and dark out today so I can get away without slathering sunscreen on my face.

Step 1: Take the cream shadow stick and poke the inner corners of your eyes. For less subtlety, cover a bigger area. I didn’t blow it out too large over my tear duct area because I’m all about the subtlety, but hey feel free! Also do the inner 1/3 of the lower lash line.

If you’re using a powder shadow for this step, I recommend that you lay a sticky and bright base in the inner corner to make it pop. NYX Milk would be a great choice.


Step 2: Lay your contrasting shadow on the rest of your lids. Blend the colours in a little but don’t muddy them up. A sharp delineation is fine to me. I blended it slightly above my mobile lid.


Step 3: Darken the lower lashline and the outer V with a colour that matches the colour on your lids. I’m using a very pretty berry colour in my Newtrals vs Neutrals palette. I also like to blow all my shadow placements out sideways to create a very soft and subtle wing shape.


Step 4: Finish up with some touches. I did a very light shading in my socket, and emphasized my browbone more with a matte cream shadow. Add mascara. No liner because I like this look! Finish off with lipstick – this is a little tricky. I tried going with an MLBB shade, but I think it’s a little too mauvey and could stand to be a bit browner or redder.


A few different angles:


Add a matching toned blush and you’re done!


This is a very quick look – it only uses 3 main eyeshadows, 2 more if you want to be all fancy and shade your socket and stuff. It also requires very minimal blending, and is perfect if you want to look like you made a serious effort but didn’t really!


Would you be wearing this look?

Another attempt at Project Pan

I love project pans and not buying new beauty products thoughtlessly. But I love variety in my looks. And I find that if I force myself to finish up staples quickly just for the sake of a project pan, it’s pretty silly because I would probably have to repurchase it again. Take my beloved NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Honey. I’ve had it for like, a year and a bit, and I’m not too sure how much there is left but I’m starting to see some clearer patches in the tube. If I panned it, I would just have to buy a new one, or get another concealer than fit me as well as it. And it is EXPENSIVE! So no, I don’t want to use up my RCC just for the sake of a project pan. In fact, it’s silly to use up any staples, especially if you only have 1 such item in your collection.

But I do have some items that I want to commit to finishing up. These are NOT staples – I do use these occasionally, but I want to force myself to use them more. I will not be including any staples I use daily already, such as foundation, concealer, my setting powder, my eyebrow products.

Sorry for the blurry photo….

Life’s Entropy Liquid Illuminator in Nebula

This is very pretty, easy to use, unique and lasts long. This is slightly more subtle than the other illuminator I had, but I think I really only need 1 weird colour illuminator (and the weird highlighter of my choice is Colourpop Monster for now.) Because you need so little, I foresee this sample to last me at least another month. I may or may not buy more Life’s Entropy highlighters – they are very pretty, and have a great formula, but I don’t think that I need so many highlighters…


NYX Wonder Pencil in 01 Light

This is like a nude pencil, except that it’s QUITE a bit lighter than me, and it’s pretty pink, so it comes out VERY ashy on my skin. I’ve tried using it before lots of ways – to highlight my cupid bow (works, but I don’t do it everyday) to highlight browbone (a little too ashy) and to line waterline (a bit too white.) I will definitely want to find ways to use it up, but god knows how long it will take me. Will probably line my waterlines everyday to see if I like the look. You can see that this looks nearly new, lol.


Maybelline Colossal Kajal

This is a colossal smudgefest, which I can’t really blame the pencil for because it is a kajal after all. Today I tested out some looks and I found that using black shadow for a 1 colour smokey eye was very sultry and simple and not too dramatic, so this can probably work well under the black shadow for those looks. Will probably wear that kind of look on Fridays or Saturdays.


Silky Girl Funky Eye Lights in Ever Green

This pencil is officially 4 years old! It’s still as creamy as ever, and still pretty tenacious, although it does smudge just a little after a long day. It’s a pretty colour but frankly I don’t wear jewelled green tones very often. I do love this formula VERY much, but very sadly Silkygirl’s colour selection leaves much to be desired. If they made a standard black in this formula, I’ll definitely buy it, and if they made nuanced, elegant col0urs, I would buy it too, but…. eh D: This pencil has been sharpened a few times but you can see there is a LOT left.


Maybelline Master Sculpt in Light/Medium

Reviewed this product here. I’ve come to appreciate bronzers (although this is called a contour, it’s warm and kind of shimmery, so I call it a bronzer.) It’s also a nice subtle blush. Since it’s very subtle, I predict that I will have to build it up a fair bit, which will make me finish it faster. I do like my Alcina bronzer more, because it’s far higher in quality, so I want to use this Maybelline one up.


NYX Cream blush in Natural

I panned this before (and my pan was far bigger than in that post!), but I melted this down again to make it smooth. Plus, the casing broke. It still has about half left. I do enjoy this formula and colour very much, but this is pretty old, so I feel that I have to use it up. I would love to repurchase another NYX cream blush, but I have quite a few blushes 😦


Colourpop Eyeshadow in Girl Crush

Girl Crush is called a true gray, which reads as a total purple on me. It’s drying up, but if I apply a lot of force I can still use it. I actually really like it as eyeliner, surprisingly – it’s subtle and pastel, very 60s, and very pretty. This shadow has also apparently been discontinued!


Dior Addict Lipstick (unknown colour) 

This lipstick has a funny story to it. I used to have 2 Dior lipsticks – one the normal Addict, one the Addict Extreme. I far preferred the Addict Extreme, which was a beautiful rosey shade called Avenue. I accidentally switched the caps for the 2 lipsticks one day, so this sheer corally pink has the Avenue cap, and then I lost Avenue. :B So I have no idea what this lipstick actually is, and anyway the original Addicts have been discontinued. This is a moisturizing lipstick, and the colour is pretty I guess, but it has glitter in it that’s kinda gritty and annoying. Since it’s a easy warm colour to wear and very comfortable, I’ve already used close to half, and you can see there is not that much left. I would love to downsize my lipstick collection and use this up.


Seventeen Soft Touch BB Foundation Powder:

Originally reviewed here. My compact broke a long time ago and I have depotted this pan. I’ve already hit major pan on it but I would like to use it all up because I have way too many powders considering I don’t even powder my face that much. I find that this looks cakey dusted as a finishing powder, but works great as a powder foundation, which means that I actually need to wear it as foundation, which I haven’t been doing much lately.


The problem I have with most project pans is that my items don’t quite go together in one look. For the items I’ve chosen this time, they form 2 looks relatively cohesive looks:

Warm Look:


Maybelline Master sculpt (and the relatively golden highlight shade can work too), NYX wonder pencil for the upper lashline and waterline. The powder foundation is ever so slightly too pink and light for me, so the bronzer definitely helps.

Cool look:


NYX Natural, Life’s Entropy Illuminator, Girl Crush on eyes, the Ever Green pencil as another option. The lipstick is Ellis Faas Hot Lips Rose Violet. I hate the applicator, love the colour and am ambivalent about the formula. It also doesn’t have all that much, so I’m trying to finish it up but not actively panning it because I do like to switch up my lip colours.

Colossal Kajal doesn’t fit in anywhere because it’s a smudgey mess that will just smudge up the whole look, but I’ll figure something out.

What do you think of my new attempt at a cohesive project pan? Do you think that I’ll be successful?

Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk Foundation Review UPDATED PICTURES!

Update! With better pictures 😛 You can still read the review and the old pictures below.

Here is bare face. I have really been struggling with chin acne lately, I suspect from a combination of hormonal acne, reaction to something (possibly the Bourjois foundation???) and consuming far more milk in the past few weeks than usual, since I’ve been off milk for years and years. All the better to test foundation with, I guess! Hopefully it clears up after Shark Week is over :B


Click to enlarge!

Do you notice the soft focus effect? It’s as if I added a filter, but I swear I didn’t. It still looks a little bit chalky upon first application, and it’s still just a leetle too pale for me, but it makes my skin look gorgeous!


Here’s a closeup. Notice the beautiful satin finish on my cheeks. I love it, it makes me look healthy and slightly glowy without being dewy or matte. Perfect in between. It’s a touch dry – I’ve been having problems hydrating my skin lately too x( You can see the coverage is around a medium. I used about a full pump – more than I usually use, but you can wear 2 layers instead of 1 for more coverage. My acne is covered up a bit, but the worst spots still show through. As I mentioned before, it’s very unkind to dry and flaky spots, which is aplenty on my chin. I’M SORRY, MY SKIN IS REALLY SHITTY AND I CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT 😦 But on the rest of my skin it looks great.


Here is teh colour match after around 10 minutes. Much better, but still ever so slightly on the pale side, not so evident in pictures.

I hope the new pictures show just how fantastic this foundation and why I love it so much!


Old post:

I’ve had this foundation for quite awhile (maybe 2 years?) and I love it, but I’ve never actually written a proper review on it!

Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk is, out of all the foundations that I’ve tried, my firm favourite. Karima Mckimmie of Shameless Fripperies mention that it is like photoshop in a bottle and it is so true. Every time I use it I fall a little bit more in love with it.

So, features of this foundation. It’s slightly watery and thin straight out of the bottle, but offers medium coverage. 1 pump is 1 layer and more than enough for daily use. Two layers cover up pretty much everything I need to without spot concealing to perfection. It’s very heavy on the silicones, so if you dislike silicones, then avoid this foundation at all cost. It also has a little bit of fragrance, not too offputting.

This foundation is absolutely beautiful on skin. It seriously blurs out EVERYTHING. Without a primer, I look like I have no pores. The only reason I use a primer with this is for increased longevity.

This foundation also lasts quite long and breaks down slowly and elegantly. I still use a primer because it’s Singapore and it’s super humid and everything breaks down sooner or later so we try to aim for later rather than sooner.

It has a satin to very slightly dewy finish. I might need a powder in the middle of the day to retain satin.

Look at my face in full glory. Notice the pores on my nose and cheeks. They’re not too bad but they exist. BTW I got a bit of a tan that day because the sun was BLAZING and I wasn’t wearing sunscreen for some reason, FML. Hopefully after I go back to the office next week my porcelain complexion will come back.


And DUM DUM DUM, NO MORE PORES. No moisturizer, no primer, nothing underneath. Only 1 pump and 1 layer blended with fingers (because my brush was elsewhere.) Even my undereyes are decently covered and I didn’t apply extra at that area. Your skin will look even more ridiculously photoshopped with a smoothing primer underneath. It has also never pilled for me even though I’m sure I’ve been slathering a shit ton of silicones on my face.

Note that it doesn’t make my pimple in the corner of my mouth look very attractive. Don’t use this foundation if you have lots of texture or flakes. Normal small whiteheads should be covered fine.

However, there is one major concern for me that stops me from declaring it HG:

I don’t think there’s a perfect shade for me. Currently I’m using shade 4.5, which is perhaps half a shade or a shade too pale. It’s workable, certainly, with some contour and taking it down to my neck, but I have to be a little careful. It looks rather chalky up there, but I promise the colour settles down slightly better after 15min or so.

Looking at the swatches below, 4.5 looks the most olive, while 5.5 looks a little too warm and peachy.

From Karla Sugar

This sucks right? Perfect formula, no good shade match. Is there any way to make a foundation slightly more olive???

If you can stand some alcohol in foundation, and also silicones, and you can find a good shade match, I HIGHLY recommend this. It was the perfect foundation for me (and lots of other people!)


Quick summary:


  • gorgeous finish, around satin level
  • medium coverage, can be built up
  • covers like ALL PORES
  • long lasting formula
  • doesn’t need a primer


  • Doesn’t match me THAT well, but the shade range is large so you’ll probably find a decent match
  • High alcohol content?

August Make Up report

I skipped July’s report because I simply didn’t do much. I only had 1 pathetic empty (sheet mask, lol) and didn’t buy anything, surprisingly.

This month, I still don’t have much to speak of in terms of empties. I got rid of 2 nearly empty nail polishes that were gloopy and was annoying even me. And one sheet mask. Erm… that’s it, really. Boring, so no pictures and stuff.


  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundationi in #52: $14 Researched for a long time, bought and tried. Was on the fence about it, but the main reason for the destash was that I’m not sure it contributed to my chin acne, and because I finally sampled the Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation in 213 at the counter and it was much nicer.
  • Eccentric Cosmetics stuff: mainly the Long wear primer, and some sample shadows I’ve been lusting after forever. I wanted to hold off purchasing till the Boxing Day sale she usually has at the end of the year, but she was discontinuing the primer because of the unavailability of a wax she uses. So I had to jump the gun and buy it now, luckily still with a 15% discount, that allowed me to not need to hit the free shipping minimum. Spent about $26 SGD over there.

Total spent: About $40


  • The aforementioned Bourjois Healthy Mix…. I’m sorry, I’m really quite horrified if something breaks me out! My Armani foundation has never even MAYBE broken me out in the 2 years I’ve been using it even though the alcohol and fragrance is seriously strong in it. Plus it just wasn’t nice enough for me to justify keeping it around. I go through foundation REALLY slowly because I use so little at a time. Sold for $15, which is actually a small profit 😛

Total gained back: $15


No picture because all these things are very boring. 2 cheap and old nail polishes, 1 sheet mask, 1 sample eyeshadow packet that I didn’t actually finish but depotted. So no actual empties.


Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation #213:

Since I crossed off the Bourjois Foundation and tried this one out, I’ve wanted it even more. This is a relatively good colour match, and it has a great finish. I’m trying to talk myself out of it because I’m not sure it differs from my Armani foundation enough – both are high-end (and sooooo expensive) and have medium coverage, satin finish. The Armani is more smoothing and photoshoppy, while the Koh Gen Do is more skinlike and ‘natural’.

Life’s Entropy stuff:

Life’s Entropy just reopened and ahhhh. Obviously the 3 new shadows are very up my alley, and I would like to get a full sized Brow Theory, except that I still have 1 sample left, grrr. I still don’t know if I will make an order this year or wait for the next year. D:

Jessup Brushes:

I love my Jessup brushes , and after 8-9 months of use they are still going strong. No shedding, no loosening, no nothing. I did molest some Hakuhodo brushes a few days ago, since we apparently now have a Hakuhodo counter in Singapore. But Hakuhodo is insanely expensive, as you know. I was molesting this face brush and saw it costs ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY SEVEN DOLLARS and quickly put it back. They are super, super incredibly soft – obviously my Jessup brushes cannot compare, but they are also sell-a-kidney expensive. And high-maintenance. Anyway, Jessup has duped MAC brushes, including the numbering system, and I’m willing to take a chance on them since my current ones are so nice. It has the few brushes I’m looking for, which is an angled shader, a fluffy un-dense brush (the tapered highlight looks ideal) for setting undereye powder, etc. The multitude of blending and shading brushes look nice too. I’m not sure I want 19 more brushes on my vanity, but I guess I could get rid of a few dupes or something? Idk.


Thanks to my acne, I’ve been looking more into skincare as well. I wanted to try the OST Vitamin C serum, and also to replace my COSRX Galactomyces 95 Essence because mine is almost all gone. I would also like to try the COSRX Centella Blemish cream because my 5% benzoyl peroxide is nearly gone.


So that’s it! My Eccentric Cosmetics order is going to reach me in about a week, and I am waiting till after I receive before I think about buying more things 😛

Review: Make Up Revolution Newtrals vs Neutrals Palette Review with 3 looks!

So, finally the review on the MUR Newtrals VS Neutrals Palette is here!


It has a total of 16 shadows inside a compact, sleek black case with a hugeass mirror. A+ for packaging and functionality.

It is supposedly a dupe for Lime Crime’s Venus palette. You can google for comparison swatches, but here is a nice comparison I’ve found:


As you can see they’re pretty similar! This is a swatch of only the top row of Newtrals vs Neutrals. The happy thing is the the bottom row is….


A total dupe for the Naked 3! Okay, I don’t own the Naked 3, but you can see that the rosey tones are definitely a call to Naked 3 style palettes.

With this palette being a dupe for TWO different famous palettes, WHO WOULDN’T WANT IT?


First up, swatches. These are all the 16 colours. Left is the bottom set, and right is the top set. Done on my arm with primer.


The Venus dupe. There is literally not a single shade that is bad. The darkest shade, a brown, is a little on the dusty side, but nothing too horrible. The 3rd colour from the left, a peachy pink, is a little sheer, but can be built up.



And the same photo as above with the Naked 3 dupe set. The darkest shade is again, a little crumbly and dusty, but it’s alright to work with. I looooooove the matte rosey taupe colour (5th from left.)


In the interest of doing a very thorough review, I did THREE looks with this palette: You can reference back to the top picture for what shades I used (numbered.)



I do have a fondness for very warm eye looks. This was created with 9 as a base, 3 as the main lid colour with a touch of 12, 5 in the crease blended out with with some 2, and some 6 on the lower lashline. 8 to line the lashline. Lots of orange all around.

20160821_174323.jpgIt looks a bit dramatic here, but it’s not that dramatic IRL. I wouldn’t wear this to work, but I would wear this out anyday.

PS. beautiful shimmery peach lip colour by Life’s Entropy, in Ester.


Look 2: Subtle red eyeshadow. 

THIS is how you wear red eyeshadow to work.


Far less dramatic than the first one, and much pinker compared to the orange of the first look. I used mainly 11 as an all over lid colour, with 7 used at the outer corners, making sure not to bring it above the crease of my eyelid, and to lightly shade the lower lashline. I used 13 to shade my crease and 1 to highlight my browbone. Quite a simple look, and one that I would wear to the office. Make sure to confine everything to your mobile line and it will look normal.


Look 3: Naked 3 Halo Eye

For this look, I confined myself to using the Naked 3 portion of the palette. And since I haven’t done a halo style eye in forever, so I made myself do it. Halo eyes tend to end up rather dramatic.

I used mainly 15 in the outer and inner corner and used 14 to make a gradient. The centre of the eyelid is 11, topped with a good bit of 10. I used 13 to shade my crease. 11 also ended up on the lower lashline.


There is very little fallout from the palette despite all the shimmery shades, but do note that I tend to use a light hand. I have worn a look using this palette for a work day, and they lasted a good while although they did crease a little (most things do after 12 hours.) They are blendable and can be worn opaque or sheered out if you have a light touch like me. You can get a lot of looks purely from this palette, from warm to cool toned, avant garde to wearable. Overall, a fantastic palette with unusual shades, duping 2 popular palettes to boot, with a price tag of 7 GBP. Wholeheartedly recommend!