Current Make up Inventory

Since the last inventory, I’ve destashed and used up quite a bit of stuff. Here is my make up inventory, so I can see what else there is to destash and what other things I MIGHT allow myself to buy.

Caveat: My collection is quite large, but I didn’t spend much money on it because I bought a lot of destashed, blogsale, etc stuff that cost me significantly less than retail price. I think like 90% of my collection is not from retail. For example most of my quads were bought at $5 or so.

(Sorry about the upside down pics in some of them, idk what is happening…)

Blushes: 11 (Ideal: 4)

I’ve used up 1 blush and destashed a couple since the last inventory, so now I’m left with 11 pans.


  • Sleek Blush palette Candy Collection (3 pans)
  • Cargo blush in Barbary Coast
  • A few broken eyeshadows that I mixed up and became a purple blush, how cool is that? 😀
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge in Florita
  • Alcina Bronzer in Light
  • NYX Cream blush in Natural
  • 4 pans of hot pink/orange/red eyeshadow that will be gorgeous as blushes but I would probably never wear as eyeshadow.

Ideally I think 4 blushes would be more than enough. 1 neutral go with everything, 1 warm, 1 cool, and maybe 1 really weird thing like red or purple or something.


Eyeliners: 16 (Ideal: 6)


Okay, I still have way too many eyeliners in too many funky colours. Didn’t use up or destash any. Right now I’m working on the Silky Girl Ever Green pencil since it’s the oldest, and I find that I kind of like a subtle green wing.

I included the 2 liner ends of my mascara because it is unfortunate that my gorgeous mascara comes with a liner on the other end, but it cost me like $3 or $5 per duo so I don’t care.

Without the duo liner end: 16 liners total. Ideally I think I’ll like to have 1 brown, 1 black, 1 champagne, 1 white, and maybe 2 funky colours, so an allowance of 6 total.

Base: 6 (Ideal: 3)


  • Philosophy in the Buff
  • Armani Lasting Silk
  • Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua
  • Cyber Colours Pore Primer
  • Seventeen Stay time concealer
  • Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

The Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua NEVER. DIES. WHAT THE FUCK. Every month I tell myself that This is the month that it will die, and I always have to adjust my expectations. I’ve been expecting it to finish since November and it always proves me wrong. I’ve destashed all my other foundations because all I really need is Lasting Silk and I think it will last me for like, 3 years.

Philosophy In the Buff is essentially a cream bronzer of sorts. It’s a bizarre, heavily discounted Nordstrom Rack buy from my sister. It works decently mixed in with foundation in VERY. SMALL amounts to darken it slightly to match me.

My ideal wardrobe would probably be Lasting Silk, the primer, and RCC. The Seventeen concealer doesn’t cover much as I would like a concealer to, but it actually works very well as a creamy foundation. I might bring it along for travel for convenience.

Highlighters: 5 (Ideal: 2)


  • The Balm Mary Lou Manizer
  • Kiko Radiant Touch Highlighter
  • Life’s Entropy Illuminator samples x2
  • Colourpop Monster

I think ideally I should have 1 normal highlighter, and 1 weird coloured highlighter. I haven’t found the strength to destash any 😥

Powders: 6 (Ideal: 3)


  • Za True White foundation OC20
  • Seventeen BB powder in Light
  • Essence Stay Matte powder
  • 3W clinic Crystal Creator Bright in 01 Pearl
  • Custom mix of like, Laura Mercier translucent powder and crystal creator bright in the body shop jar
  • Catrice Radiance Pearls

Man, I really do not need another powder for a long, long time. I only use powder foundations on the weekends and rarely powder my face in the day. Ideally, I should have 1 powder foundation, 1 translucent powder, and my radiance pearls, and I think that’s it. I just don’t use powder that often. At least they’ll stay usable for many years to come.

Brows: already ideal

I’ve been using the remnants of my mascara for my brows. Frugal to the max, amirite? Other than that, I have 2 samples of Life’s Entropy Brow Theory, and a tiny nubbin of a pencil for travel. I don’t have a brow buying problem because brows are BORING, guys.

Eye bases and sticks: 5 (Ideal: 3)


Kiko stick eyeshadow 09, 38, NYX Milk, Black Bean, and Etude House Proof 10 Eye primer.

Eye primer is a necessity, of course. Black Bean and Milk are workhorses but I don’t think I’ll be able to use all of it, ever. 38 is a very, very nice single wash colour, so I’ll definitely go through it, but I don’t know if I would repurchase. 09 is a very pretty colour but hard to use and work with, so I’ll see if anyone else wants it.

Eyeshadows: 196 (ideal… Definitely like <50.)

Click to enlarge!

  • Singles: (middle of bottom row) 14
  • Depots: 60 in right of middle row, 55 in left of middle row, 18 in middle of middle row, 6 in right of top row. 8 random ones in middle of top row. Total 147 pans.
  • Sample baggies: 23 + 1 baggie I depotted into a jar.
  • In palettes: 4 x 8 quads, 2x 1 duo. total 34.
  • Random Rouge Bunny Rouge glitter pigment thingy on the bottom left.

SO. MANY. EYESHADOWS. Technically I still have a quint and a duo I’ve been trying to destash but have yet to be sold.

At least now most of my shadows are in Z palettes so I can pick them out easily and see how many dupes I have (a lot.)

My Armani ETKs are my guilty pleasure. I swear I went through them and swatched all of them trying to decide what to sell and…. couldn’t. Thank god my Z palettes are filled with Sleek shadows that cost like $10-$15 per palette of 12, so my full Z palettes cost me like $150 at most? I think the ETKs cost me more than that, lol.


This is an embarrassing amount of make up. The lips will be taking up and entire other post. I have been diligent in not buying more, and using up what I have. I don’t think I can be on a complete no buy for the entirety of this year, but I am forced by life circumstances to be frugal, and be frugal I will.

Wishlist for the rest of the year

Despite my almost no-buy, I still have some things on my wishlist. Here they are:


  1. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 52 Vanille: This is apparently an olive foundation, and it just happens to match my shade. It also had good reviews, and is affordable to boot. Would love to try this out for a proper shade match. Although my Armani Lasting Silk is a GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS formula, the shade match is just a little off.
  2. Colourpop Lippie Stix in Kiddo: The Sheer formula is my favourite from Colourpop, because I feel the normal line is kinda waxy and not to my taste. The sheers are like butter and glide on like a dream, while having a translucent, jelly finish that I’m very fond of. Kiddo is a sheer MLBB that doesn’t look too pink or too brown, but I have lots of MLBBs so I need to think about what I should finish before I grab it.
  3. Sleek blush in Antique: I have quite a few blushes and I’m trying not to buy more, but Antique looks very different from all the ones that I have. I probably need to destash a few before getting it.
  4. Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation 213: A very, VERY olive foundation. It’s also incredibly expensive, so I will likely be trying to get hold of a sample of this. They have a counter at Takashimaya in Singapore.
  5. Careprost: Ahhh. Basically Latisse in generic form. Makes your lashes longer and more lush. Only $25 a bottle. I will probably purchase this once I finish up some night-routine stuff because I HATE long night routines.
  6. Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip: I like the finish and the formula sounds good, but I haven’t decided on a colour and I probably don’t need to. The very lowest priority on my wishlist.

And seriously… that’s it? My wishlist seems pretty small, lol.

I think I don’t really feel like there are any gaps in my collection. Sure, I’m missing a couple of HGs that I lost (Nars Dragon Girl, Revlon Wintermint) but I will be purchasing them once I’ve finished up some stuff.

Hong Kong Haul

i put off a lot of buying of essentials till hong kong because I love the cheap and good cosmetics there and I especially love browsing.

(All prices in HKD)

Top row: jars to store stuff, especially my loose eyeshadows. $14 for both

Bottom row:

  • Estée Lauder pure colour shimmer lipstick in Tiger Eye. Essentially a super frosty bronze version of 90s brown lipstick. Super damn frosty. Also tastes very fake fruity, which is not so nice. Didn’t think it was a very wearable colour but at $24, why not (this shade is apparently frequently given as a GWP. It looks like I got some snazzy LE packaging too. Cheap because DC-Ed, probably)
  • Dr Rimpler Sun Stick SPF 30. Wanted a lip balm with SPF and hubby was sold this. At $90 it is wayyyyy too ex for me. Also seems to use petrolatum, which is causing problems with my lips currently. Tastes mildly citrusy, and is clear.
  • Kose pure organic UV cut SPF 20. At $24, much better. Very nice and non waxy. Also clear.
  • Mentholatum think pink watercolor lipstick in Dancing Pink. Since Kissy Pink is my HG sheer lip/tinted balm, I bought it in another colour. Very unfortunately it is thoroughly filled with glitter. Although very pretty, I am not sure when I would use this. At $37 it is a good deal but FUCK THE GLITTER.
  • Lip brush with transparent packaging at $10 for 2. With a cap, easy to tote around although quite shitty quality.
  • A much better lip brush at $10 for one. The cap can be removed and attached to the end. This brush is more similar to an accent eye brush in shape, and it could very well be used as one, or a smudgy liner brush, if needed.

I also bought the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm in the last 4 hours of being there.

Photo 8-8-15 10 42 50 pm

HKD132 for 2 (special sale. WHAT A STEAL!!!)

Photo 8-8-15 5 52 02 pm

Swatches of Nuxe Reve de Miel Balm, Mentholatum Watercolour lip in Dancing Pink, Estee Lauder Tiger Eye, Both the lip colours were 2 passes, but holy crap Dancing Pink is not sheer at all either, it’s more pigmented than some sheer lip colours. Tiger Eye is also okay – the shimmers are very closely packed and translates to an opaque look though its base is not opaque.

Make up rut 

I am in a make up buying rut. Which is a good rut because I don’t spend money. 

Recently I’ve only purchased:

  •  lots of Clio gelpresso eyeliners, which I know work decently on me, at a dirt cheap price
  • Giorgio Armani fluid sheer which was too good a deal at $10 to pass up 
  • Nyx HD eye shadow base. Because I lost many staples somehow and I need to replace them.
  • I also need to buy concealer, which I haven’t yet… 

I feel like nothing really excites me anymore?!??! 

I mean, I’ve got great lipsticks covering most of the colour spectrum, I’ve got a ton of eyeshadows, I’ve only got 3 highlighters but they cover all the colour spectrums, I’ve got a blush for every colour spectrum, etc…. 

Right now I’m just buying staples that I lost over the past few months.

Anything recently that is exciting that someone can recommend?!?

NYX Haul

I find it very sad that US drugstore make up is so well-loved here. I mean, most people in the US is like meh about e.l.f and NYX and the like but WE GO CRAZY HERE because we have no such thing. Just as a reference, in Singapore Sephora, NYX Round lipsticks which are USD4 (around SGD5) are SGD9. Absolutely there is not much difference, but it’s practically TWICE the price!!! And we all think it’s DIRT CHEAP because Maybelline/Revlon/L’oreal lipsticks are almost $20!!!!!!

So please pardon me for going crazy over NYX. I know it’s just a meh drugstore product to most Americans, but to us it’s like MAGIC.

2014-08-15 12.08.22

This is the stuff I hauled purely for myself.

1. Push Up Bra for your eyebrow

(what seems to be a total dupe for Benefit Highbrow and also Lancome Le Sourcils whatever pishposh eyebrow pencil. I mean, come on it’s just a goddamn pencil! Do you really need to spend $30 on a Lancome one?)

2. Wonder Pencil in Light

Because it looked cool. And because I wanted it to compare against the Push up Bra. This costs $4 and the Push up Bra costs $10. What’s the difference? We’ll find out. Also, I hate pencils (the sharpening! The waste!) so cheap pencils are good.

3. HD Eyeshadow Base 

Bought because of this experiment. And also because I have no good primer.

4. Cream Blush in Natural

I have no cream blushes, and I know cream blushes tend to melt/drip off in heat and humidity, but a few dollars to try one out won’t hurt right? Plus this is such a pretty natural flush!

5. Powder Blush in Taupe

For contouring purposes. Because having orange stripes down the sides of your nose is Not Pretty. I will be posting a Bronzing/contour powder comparison soon.

6. Free gift of Lip liner pencil in Nectar

It was nice of NYX, but I don’t have much bleeding problems, and erm, this is glittery…. Lol. I’m selling this off for cheap on Carousell. You can comment here to get it if you want (preferably local only.)


I will be hauling NYX every once in awhile, and my prices are MOST DEFINITELY cheaper than anything you will find off resellers/Sephora in Singapore. If you’re interested do drop a comment, or check out my carousell profile michelle.qiu.92



Unveil + Review: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb


So, if I was the one reading a blog now I’ll totally skip this entry. I mean, fragrances, purlease.

Visual example:


Top 3 shelves are the husband’s, while the fifth one is… a wedding present + my fragrances. I had to put a shoebox of his fragrances into the cupboard because they wouldn’t fit onto the shelves anymore, while my collection is small enough to share the shelf space with a giant snowglobe. Can you spot what fragrances he or I have that’s recognisable?

It’s rather pointless asking about mine really because I only have 3 after today, not counting the 1/4 remaining bottle of Elizabeth Arden’s Fifth Avenue that we found in the house when we moved in. My family has always been weird on perfumes. My mum sprays her Chanel can’t – remember-what into the toilet bowl. It’s the quintessential toilet fragrance for her.

Anyway the ones that I do have are all gifts, in order of acquisition:
1. Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia Cologne
2. Versace Yellow Crystal
3. And now, V&R Flowerbomb.

So let’s ignore the others and talk about Flowerbomb first. I didn’t even want to buy this at first because it’s so so so expensive. In fact, that’s the only reason I was intrigued by it – why the hell is this perfume so expensive? And since when did Viktor&Rolf do fragrances? (Since like 8 years back apparently – see, I know nothing about perfumes.) 3.4oz (100ml, my size) costs 165 USD from Sephora USA… just – wow. I believe locally it can be found in Tangs for 199 SGD.

I told my husband to grab a sample but he got a full bottle because it was much cheaper in Hongkong, but now that I do the math I realised it’s more expensive than I originally thought it was because I used the wrong currency exchange rate. So it’s still really expensive, at HKD860, about SGD140. FML. Oh wow, now I see it on Amazon for USD112 with free shipping, which sounds like a great deal for people who don’t travel.

In comparison, at discount perfume stores, you can buy Versace Yellow Crystal at around SGD90. It just struck me that the Jo Malone is also incredibly expensive, actually, at around SGD200 per 100ml as well, so I have no idea what I’m talking about, but at least the mark up for that in Singapore is very high – it’s USD120 on Jo Malone International. In fact you can find it for USD130 with free shipping to Singapore on Amazon.


So pwetty!


More pwetty


The bottle is…. okay? I personally think my Versace looks snazzier.

Now onto the smell, which is the important part.

I have no nose for fragrances. At all. I know roughly, what kinds I don’t like (anything that smells vaguely like Chanel No.5, anything too sickly sweet like all the stupid Victoria’s Secret bullshit, anything with too much rose in it) and what I do like (not-too-sweet florals, clean and fresh.) So all I can tell you is that Flowerbomb is pretty floral (it has to be), much sweeter than the other 2 I own, but not sweet enough to make me gag, and stays very, very long. I would say it would probably be pretty universally pleasing.

What I imagine when I smell it is a classy girl from a rich family who is slightly haughty but very admired by all. Like um, Astrid Leong from Crazy Rich Asians (what an obscure chick lit reference that no one will understand anyway.) Or maybe a slightly better-liked version of Gwendolyn from The Importance of Being Earnest. It makes me feel young (as compared to the more elegant side I try to lean to) but not young enough to be silly. And somehow it’s also a little bit musky and sexy. So maybe, a slightly sexy classy rich girl?

Is it worth the money?

Seeing as I never bought any fragrance for myself and all my fragrances are gifts from male admirers (that’s how long I’ve had them and they’re still not halfway through) I would say that I’m not one to spend on fragrances. Still, as evidenced by my husband who must have close to 50 bottles at a conservative estimate, obviously people do. If you’re one to spend over a hundred dollars on fragrances, I would say go for it. It’s sweet and sexy and young without being too much of anything.

Also, the box is REALLY PRETTY. I’ve been keeping the stupid cardboard box around just to look at it and the black wax seal print and ribbons and everything. The actual perfume bottle I don’t really care for.


Note: I realise there is an EDT version. Mine is the EDP, which is more concentrated (and more expensive.)

Mini haul


Today is a depressing day… i traded a Dior palette I had and didn’t like (another gift from an ardent male admirer last time…. hahaha) and was supposed to get the Nars duo eyeshadow in Demon Lover and some The Body Shop shimmer cubes (I like collecting them if they’re cheap/free) but I got an empty envelope!!!!! I think the stuff dropped out in transit, which is a huge tragedy. I never had any Nars stuff and thought it was about time I did, but noooo.

Hopefully I can get something else in exchange. 😦

Any how, I do have some new stuff recently.

1. ELF daily brush cleaner
This is the old, ginormous bottle (yay!) I need a spritz to clean my brushes after daily use and ELF is obviously the cheapest. Problem is the ingredient list seems to be nothing much but water and denatured alcohol. I wonder if I can make my own spritz with like, alcohol disinfectant and water??

2. Mentholatum Water Colour Lip Moisturizer in Kissy Pink
Another obscure Asian drugstore item, another coral/peach lipstick/balm. I like to live on the edge, because any kind of orange have never traditionally looked good on my lips. I got this because it was packaged with the lip butter, was cheap and had good reviews.

3. Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake
I have no lip butters before this! I know, right? This is a very cool toned barbie kind of pink, which is very dangerous for me as well. I like either dramatic lip colours or nude I-am-wearing-very-little-makeup colours, but not in between, like these pale-but-obviously-madeup lip colours. But like above, it was packaged together and was dirt cheap (I’m a sucker for great deals.) I paid like, SGD5 for 2 decent products, one of which is highly sought after.

4. Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk foundation + master fluid primer sample + face fabric sample
Once again, suckered into a great deal. This foundation is insanely expensive (because Mr Armani) and supposedly incredibly luxurious. It also just happens to be in my shade, and was dirt cheap. So of COURSE I grabbed it (because I LOVE ARMANI BEAUTY.) The seller was also nice enough to provide 2 free samples so I was a happy camper. The only problem is that I like to ‘save’ my expensive brand name things (my Chanel Vitalumiere has been around for 2 years) which is stupid because you buy make up to use it, amirite?

In depth reviews will be done on all my items in the future. I’m still mourning over my lost Nars duo. Perhaps Nars and I were not meant to be.

photos of random make up goodies

because it’s wayyyy easier and lazier to just take photos from the phone and post!! image my entire make up collection so far. grew exponentially this year, still not as big as make up addicts  that’s why i am NOT A MAKE UP ADDICT 🙂 I’m also a huge cheapo and i grab things at super cheap prices from people looking to clear make up that doesn’t work for them. just in case you’re wondering, the box was from Fancy Feast (!!!!) as a gift for buying 24 cans of their cat food or something. the box is pretty nifty. no, i have no misgivings about using it to hold make up.

from left to right the compartments are: eye liners and mascara and stuff, bronzer and blush and face contour stuff, lip stuff, eyeshadows and finally, base products. the organization, i realised, makes no sense, so i may rearrange it again one day to put the base first followed by blushes, eye stuff, etc.

here is my baby, resting on my baby bump, for good measure.


this is a BB cream (dear rose from skin79) that i was going to review (and already writing up a post for!) I’ve been trying my darnedest to finish it because i bought it 2 years ago, but now that i want to review it and take photos of it i think it’s really gone!! these things always happen at a bad timing….



one of my aforementioned cheap steals: diorsnow BB cream at $15!!!!!!!! image



last but not least, the blusher i guess i will use more now, the sleek blush by 3 palette in lace. i got it purely for the shimmery middle shade which is a dupe for the famous nars orgasm, but i find that it hardly shows up (!!!!)


more posts coming up… with the pore putty post going to be completed properly… i promise.


PS one way to spot phone posts is when nothing is capitalized. i will never let that happen on the computer where i type 10x faster.