Skincare Review: The Ordinary 100% Organic Rosehip oil and how it changed my make up routine

This is the next installment in my series of The Ordinary reviews. This also happens to be something that helped me totally overhaul my make up routine, so sit up guys!

Rosehip oil is known for many skin-supporting functions. It is high in linoleic acid, which means it’s not greasy, and can even help acne. You can read Lab Muffin’s post for more information. In short, low linoleic levels may cause acne, so using rosehip oil can help to balance your skin and reduce the proliferation of bacteria. Its high linoleic acid content means that it’s also not ‘greasy’ feeling as most oils.

Stunning natural lighting is everything.

This is a very thin, runny oil. People keep saying rosehip oil is not greasy. Well… It’s not greasy per se, but it definitely doesn’t sink fully into my face. My face is still shiny even after letting it absorb, even though it’s not greasy to the touch. But it’s shiny in a more dewy, nice way than an oily way.


So runny, it’s hard to get a picture.

Because it’s so thin and runny, even if you don’t press on the dropper, oil may drop out, so be careful. This also means that the bottle of rose hip oil goes a very long way, because it’s so spreadable. Even though I use it very liberally day and night, I still have a lot left.

Rosehip oil smells slightly fishy, but after using it for awhile I don’t notice it anymore. It does smell funny the first couple of weeks.

What I love about rosehip oil is that it plumps up my skin so, so much. In my office air which I keep lamenting about, at the end of the day I find make up settles into some fine lines of mine, and it can look rather cakey. Ever since I found the perfect amount of rosehip oil to pat onto my skin, I find that my make up, and especially my undereye area doesn’t look dry and cakey. It’s fabulous.

(PS. one time I didn’t have lip balm I used this on my lips and it was fine too, so it can be used everywhere.)

At night, I use about 4 drops just before my moisturizer, after all serums. I make sure to get it onto the corners of my eyes and my chin, where it tends to be dry. It’s super nourishing and it does soothe any angry skin bits and help them to heal. Do note that it’s amber in colour and if you are fairly pale (like me) and you use too much it does tint your face a bit yellow. Haha.

In the day, I use it under my moisturizer too. I drop 2 drops onto each cheekbone, and pat it into the corners of my eye, my undereye, my laugh lines and my chin. It’s just enough to moisturize and make my skin supple so that make up doesn’t cake in those problem areas, but not enough to make my makeup run off.

Overall, I think the Rosehip Oil is a great buy from The Ordinary. You are getting a quality rosehip oil that’s cheaper than a lot of other reputable brands’ out there. Remember that rosehip oil tends to have a short shelf life of about 6 months, so you’ll have to replenish this one rather often. But considering what it does for me, I would be happy to replace this over and over again.

4 thoughts on “Skincare Review: The Ordinary 100% Organic Rosehip oil and how it changed my make up routine

  1. Oh, maybe I should try my rosehip oil during the day. I tend to only use it at night and only in the winter, so I never get through a while bottle before it goes bad. Unfortunately I get milia when I use it near my eyes, so I guess it can’t help with my cakey under-eye concealer.


    1. I didn’t dare to use it during the day at first too! I think the trick is using just the tiniest bit and patting it in. Of course also depending on hydration needs, I was getting desperate because everything looked so dry after a long day 😛

      Are there any other light oils you could use instead? Squalane maybe? (haven’t tried squalane myself)


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