Review: Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick in Tiger’s Eye

I recently saw Temptalia’s review on Estee Lauder’s Hi Lustre lipsticks, and noticed something very interesting. She reviewed Tiger’s Eye, which I actually do have!

Mine is the old version, obviously, with some kind of limited edition packaging. I found this in Bonjour in Hongkong a few years back, and it was going for something like $4. Since I think my makeup collection was a fair bit smaller back then, I did actually buy it. Let’s see what changes there are between the old and the new one!

The first most distinctive change is the smell and taste. My tube smells vaguely of violets and tastes of sugared violets. It’s not horribly offensive, but I would prefer to go without it. Temptalia says the new ones smell of vanilla and tastes of nothing, which sounds far better.

Both of them are about medium coverage. It glides on relatively easily and not patchy.

Temptalia describes it as a medium rich copper, which I think is an accurate description. I think mine has slightly less colour in the base, and more shimmer, which makes it look lighter. It’s pretty glittery, and honestly, the one I have feels ever so slightly gritty. It’s not uncomfortable, but it’s definitely there.


It is downright glittery. Trust me. Lots and lots of gold glitter. If you’re a messy eater/drinker/lip picker like me, you’re bound to find glitter around mouth on your face. I don’t mind it too much, but you might. There’s gold shimmer and also copper glitter.


I have no other lip colour like it (duh.) The base itself is already a very interesting rich copper bronze. It pairs very well with warm, bronzey summer make up looks. I think it would look amazing on holiday or on a beach. Low fuss, maximum impact. Just add a fresh, dewy base, a peachy blush and lots of bronzer.

In the full face pic below I used my Koh Gen Do Aqua, brows and my Makeup Revolution blush in Peachy Keen, a warm peachy shade. Very light and fresh, just how the lipstick is meant to be paired!


You can see it does look quite frosty, but not really in a dated way.


It does exacerbate dry lips, and it’s ever so slightly drying.

I would never pay $32 for this lipstick, but I think for $4 it was worth it.


What do you think? Do you like it? Would you wear glittery/frosty lipsticks?

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