How much concealer do you apply?

Title of the post says it all.

If you watch beauty videos on Youtube frequently, you’ll know that the very popular youtube gurus apply a shit ton of concealer, all around their eyes. Even people like Jackie Aina, whom I love for her biting wit, are guilty of it. Conversely, the gurus who favour more classic, clean looks, like Karima McKimmie (my fave!) don’t do it (as much.)

But we know that beauty gurus and instagram make up are hardly real life. (I sincerely hope.) So how much concealer do you use on a daily basis?

Day to day, I generally use the below amount on my undereyes:


And that’s it, really.

If you spread out the amount above, it can actually go a pretty long way as it is quite opaque. It probably won’t totally cover your undereyes, but I’m always of the opinion that minor imperfections are better than super heavy make up. As an illustration, a tube of NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, used daily under my eyes in the above manner, and occasionally shared with my sister, lasts me around 2 years.

I don’t even use concealer on my acne scars on a daily basis. They’re not bad enough to warrant covering up fully. I only occasionally put it over any super angry active red spots, but I’ve seen a huge reduction in that now with a great skincare routine.

Some extra tips:

  1. If you find that your concealer fades and exposes your dark eye circles, but setting it makes your undereyes look cakey (my eternal struggle last time), I suggest using rose hip oil or any kind of light facial oil underneath. Although it seems counterintuitive, for me, just the tiniest bit patted into my undereyes helped to prevent the dry, cakey look, while not shortening the wear of the concealer. It does become dewier and tackier towards the end of the day, so you may want to touch up a little bit with powder if you mind it, but I never felt like my dark circles were exposed when I did this method.
  2. Use the tiniest bit of finest powder possible. This reduces the thickness and cake-potential.
  3. If you have very dark circles, instead of using the same concealer that you would use to cover blemishes, use a salmony/peachy one instead. You wouldn’t need to purchase a separate colour corrector, and it would do way more to cover dark circles than a normal skin coloured one. For light-medium skintones, the RCC in Honey is perfect. In general, the NARS RCC range has a lot of peachy shades that are perfect for the undereyes.

So how much concealer do you use on a regular basis? Do you think you would be using more or less?


7 thoughts on “How much concealer do you apply?

    1. I’m doing a post soon regarding ‘highlighting’ under the eyes and concealing! Some people find that if they don’t use a lighter shade and take it so far down in the classic ‘highlighting’ technique, they look healthier. 🙂


  1. I use just a little more than you. Probably not quite twice as much. I would also prefer things to look more natural. I find that if I completely blank out my undereyes, it looks strange to me.


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