Considering Bimatoprost: Latisse and alternatives

Bimatoprost always makes me think of the bifrost bridge in Thor!

I hate Thor!

Anyway, if you didn’t know, Latisse is a drug approved by the FDA for eyelash growth. Apparently, it was originally used to treat glaucoma but patients reported significant lash growth, so they repackaged it as an eyelash growth serum. Here is a nice informative post by Lab Muffin.

My lashes are okay. I could do much worse. They’re quite long, but thin. There are a lot of gaps at the roots. I don’t think i actually need Bimatoprost to have decent lashes, but sexy lashes are nice right? The person with the most enviable lashes is actually my little baby. She has the MOST amazing long lush eyelashes. I hope they will forever maintain their proportion and be amazingly long when she is older and she will forever scorn girls who need falsies.


Holy CRAP look at those lashes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear they’re 100% natural.

Latisse is incredibly expensive, at around $200 a bottle (2 months supply.) An alternative is Careprost, with the same active ingredient but at around $25/bottle. Side effects include stinging and redness in eyes in the first few days, which I think I can deal with.

I think I’m vain enough to use Bimatoprost. I don’t like spending regular $$ on vanity-related stuff though, so a first time trial of Careprost will be my reward for using up a bunch of skincare!


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