Review: Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick in Tiger’s Eye

I recently saw Temptalia’s review on Estee Lauder’s Hi Lustre lipsticks, and noticed something very interesting. She reviewed Tiger’s Eye, which I actually do have!

Mine is the old version, obviously, with some kind of limited edition packaging. I found this in Bonjour in Hongkong a few years back, and it was going for something like $4. Since I think my makeup collection was a fair bit smaller back then, I did actually buy it. Let’s see what changes there are between the old and the new one!

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Review: L’oreal Colour Riche Moist Matte Glamour Fuchsia

My lovely friend Jodulu sent me a beautiful gift box from L’oreal consisting of a few goodies from L’oreal… all the way in December before Christmas. So I’m super late to this review.

@jodulu partnered with #lorealxlazada to send me this AWESOME christmas surprise – a box full of #loreal goodies! generous sample sizes of their #hydrafresh range – genius lotion, face wash, cream and full size night mask. My favourite item is of course the lipstick, which is, surprisingly, a shade that I don’t own yet :p it’s the color riche in Glamour Fuchsia, but it’s more like a Pantone Radiant Orchid kinda shade. Quite matte, comfortable and doesn’t smell lipsticky like drugstore lipsticks can. Absolutely stunning. The large bottle of L’Oréal Elseve Extraordinary Oil shampoo smells divinely of roses. can’t wait to have bouncy shiny rose smelling hair!!!! thank you to @jodulu, Lazada and L’Oréal for making my day!

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As the box consisted of a full bottle of Elseve Shampoo, skincare things and a full sized lipstick in Glamour Fuchsia, it was obvious what was going to be my favourite, though I need another lipstick like a fish needs a bicycle.

(The shampoo is pretty damn nice too!)


Don’t you think that L’oreal has really stepped up their packaging game? I mean, they ARE one of the most expensive brands at the drugstore. I believe this costs $21.90, because Singapore’s retail prices suck. I like the little colour window, because it helps if you have several L’Oreal lipsticks. The plastic is kind of light, yes, but for a drugstore brand the packaging is the bomb.


When I saw this, I thought ‘Okay, I have at least 2 other fuchsia lipsticks,’ but this is nothing like that. I would say this is actually more of a Radiant Orchid colour on me.

The formula is pretty nice. This lipstick is natural matte, without being flat. It’s also quite pigmented and very smooth in one swipe. I think it’s a stretch to say it delivers ‘intense moisture’ like the ad copy, but it’s definitely comfortable.

Here’s comparing it to my other fuchsias…

L-R: Maybelling Glamour Fuchsia, Kiko Metallic Lipstick in Fuchsia (DCed), and Life Entropy Lip Theory in Fusion (which is also no longer on the site 😦 )

Well… one doesn’t need 3 fuchsias. They don’t look very different on my arm, frankly, but you can tell that Glamour Fuchsia is the darkest and most muted, while Fusion is the lightest, brightest and warmest (as warm a fuchsia can go, anyway.) Kiko’s is the coolest, also due to the metallic blue shimmer in it. But like all fuchsia lipsticks, Glamour Fuchsia and the other 2 will stain your lips pink for the whole of the next day.

Glamour Fuchsia’s formula actually reminds me of Maybelline’s Creamy Mattes, which makes sense because Maybelline and L’oreal are both owned by L’oreal. They make mattes using silicones, so it feels very velvety on the lips instead of being dry and draggy. No longevity issues, no bleeding, comfortable wear.

On me, it reminds me of Radiant Orchid, a slightly brighter and more saturated version, maybe. Not quite what comes to mind when one says ‘fuchsia’, but that’s what makes it different from the other 2.

This is definitely not as bright and in your face as the other 2 fuchsias I have (which are VERY bright and in your face) but I do like it’s mutedness. I think it fits my complexion well too. The matteness and the mutedness giving it a more mature, glamorous vibe than the glossy shocking fuchsias I have.

I enjoy this lipstick very much, and would love to try the other colours in the line, so
I would call it a great success. Thanks lots to my lovely friend Jodulu, and Lazada and L’oreal for sponsoring the box!

(I got the items in the box for free, with no obligation to write about it.)

FOTD: Soft and Peachy with Zoeva Rose Golden Blush Palette

I loved my Zoeva Rose Golden Blush palette, which is one of the things that I bought after seeing Temptalia’s review. The highlighter caught my eye, mainly. I mean does it not look absolutely stunning?! Since I destashed my Sleek Lace Blush by 3 (which apparently I never reviewed), I was lacking a peachy pink shimmery blush in the vein of NARS Orgasm, and the blush in the Rose Golden palette was perfect to fill out that gap. It’s a bit more shimmery than I like for everyday, but for days I’m really feeling the shimmer, I’m REALLY feeling the shimmer.

Swatches from the review post.

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Foundation Review: Koh Gen Do Aqua 213

So, I’ve had this awhile now and I’ve worn it lots of times, enough to finally share my thoughts!

Wow, now this is a flatlay I am quite proud of!!!

First off, this is definitely not something you expect to be able to get for cheap on Carousell, as it is a very niche brand. So I had to buy retail, which pains my soul. At $80 for 30ml, it is on par with other high end foundations. For reference, Armani’s Lasting Silk is $87. NARS Sheer Glow is $73, Shu Uemura Light Bulb is $75. So straddling the line between department store brands and outright luxury. Good thing that there’s a counter in Taka, so feel free to use all your Taka vouchers! 🙂

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February 2017 Summary

Things bought:

  1. Lime Crime Squash Velvetine. Limecrime was having an insane 75% off sale, and my curiosity and insane prices got the best of me, and I have nothing like Squash… you get the drift. I joined in a local buyer’s co-purchase which cost me $9.40.
  2. The Ordinary skincare. I was doing a co-share purchase, and after accounting for the small profit, my actual spending on my own products came out to: $15 for 7 items
  3. 3 Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Silk Intense eyeshadows, which are my weaknesses. They’re SO PRETTY. Because I bought these off someone who was destashing, 3 of them came up to (*drumroll*) $25. Which is like half price of 1, retail.
  4. Hot Rollers: I found a heated ceramic set for $20, which I thought was a total steal. I love waves and though my hair is a little short, we’ll see what I can do!
  5. Shoes: I found a nude pair of heels on Zalora that I loved. I’m still breaking them in, but they’re a good height (ie very high) and fairly comfortable thus far. $35

Other spending: $11 (treated a colleague to lunch) + $3.20 (lor mee for myself – yum!!) + $5.50 + $35 (brunch with girlfriends – thank goodness I don’t do this often…)

Total: $159.10

Okay, obviously I went way overboard this month, because I went out with my girlfriends to a relatively fancy place (which I almost never do.) I also bought a fair number of things. I will try to do better next month. At least I definitely wouldn’t need to buy any skincare for the next few months, so long as I stop buying makeup……


(apparently I didn’t take a pic of my trash this month.)

  1. GNC Vitamin C cream: review here. My sister did help a little in using this up. I still like this as a basic, no frills moisturizer, but like I said, it’s not actually cheaper to buy this retail compared to the CosRX ones which I love. So I wouldn’t repurchase.
  2. OST C20 Vitamin C serum: review here. I’m trying out the Vitamin C Suspension from The Ordinary right now, so I wouldn’t repurchase, but it was a solid item that did its job and was cheap. May repurchase in the future if I can’t get Vitamin C at decent prices.

Total empties for the year: 7


You know what I really, REALLY wish for? I REALLY want to be 50kg or less. I think a very toned me with little excess padding would be at 48kg. I’m currently at 51kg, down from 53kg, and I know if I stop eating all the bloody chocolates and biscuits and nonsense in the office I’ll be healthier and also leaner, but sometimes when I’m stressed I just want to stuff Kitkats into my face, you know??? I have to work on my self-control. I’ve been melting away some excess padding slowly by cutting down on portions and exercise. Also doesn’t help that I’ve done my biological duty and given birth…

You know what else I seriously want? After seeing the hilarious reviews for Juliette Has a Gun and Atelier Cologne perfumes from Badoutfitgreatlipstick and Brutally Honest Beauty, I’m totally obsessed. I want some of that niche perfumery action!!! Atelier Cologne offers huge 200ml sizes at $195 USD and up, with a complimentary 30ml purse size and a leather case with engraving of your choice, which is a gorgeous touch I’m in love with. Thinking about 200ml of perfume makes me shudder though, you have to REALLY commit to it, for like, 5 years at the very least to finish it off. My V&R Flowerbomb, though having been around for 2 years or so and used very frequently and liberally, is only 1/3 gone. I’ll probably grab the sample set some time in the future, which seems a steal (33 for $50 SGD)

5 product face

I saw this blog post the other day about using only 5 products to do make up. Considering i use like, 4 products on my base alone, this is definitely a challenge for me.


I would use, from my collection:


1. FOUNDATION: Can’t stress the importance of this enough. I’ll die before i do make up without foundation. just something not right about it. in this case i choose the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. it has enough coverage to cover my dark eye circles partially, but leaves a gloriously silky and radiant finish without the need for powder, which choosing 5 products do not give me the luxury of. i hate my face feeling sticky when i touch it, so i definitely need a silky finish.

NOTE: I choose to skip concealer because i have little blemishes and all my concealers don’t match my skin tone perfectly. i am a horrible person.


2. MASCARA: you should swap this for concealer if you’re very blemished or have heavy eye circles. but it’s important to have mascara even though i hate it and my lashes are poker straight and can never hold curls. black lashes, even if they’re straight, look better than wimpy normal lashes. I only have one mascara (lousy ain’t I) from TonyMoly which i bought because its dirt cheap and I love cats. but to me all mascaras work the same so it makes no difference. (I am probably highly unenlightened. I will slowly try to see the light.)

Truth to be told sometimes i do my whole face and completely forget the mascara. DO NOT BE LIKE ME.


3. EYEBROW PENCIL + BRUSH: i would also die before i step out of my house without drawing brows. The next most important thing after flawless face is BROWS. I’m still primitive because people have gone on to brow gels and waxes and mascara and god knows what and I’m like wha-?? for people with decent brows which are not too messy or unruly, a pencil seriously is fine, no need to go too high tech about it. in fact, I have no idea where Selphy, my brand came from – i think it’s korean. my mum gave it to me one day and it works good so that’s good enough for me. i use the spoolie at the end to blend out my pencil strokes.



Following Beauty and the Bullshit’s wonderful article, I have actually noticed that some Korean brand name pencils are just about identical to this one. Those include some from Etude House, The Face Shop, or one or another Korean brand (can you tell I don’t care much for Korean brands?) Considering I have no idea how much this costs and I have seen people selling Etude eyebrow pencils like this for $6, I must say that they seem to be a good buy. Anyway I am in no risk of running out of eyebrow pencil any time soon even though I use it every single goddamn day.


4. BLUSH: you could really cheat on this if you wanted with a contour – highlight-blush palette, like the Sleek Face Form. I would go straight for my HG Kiko blush, which unfortunately i had to bid adieu to. would have given me 3 wonderful shades for a 3D cheek effect, so technically I’m still cheating. i replaced it with the Sleek blush by 3 palette in lace, which is still 3 shades for me to layer, so I’m still cheating. but really. Blush is TERRIBLY IMPORTANT please never skip it unless you want to look sick or zombie-like (if zombies had radiant skin.)


5. LIPGLOSS: lip products are VERY IMPORTANT. There was a period of time I put on nice make up and LEFT MY LIPS BARE and i completely cringe to think of that. i mean, i know my lips are horrible, but still. i realized lips are like skin – if it looks uneven and patchy (which bare lips usually do) it looks UGLY, especially when the rest of the face is flawless. I chose the L’Oréal Shine Caresse gloss stain in 606 Lolita which is my favourite. it’s sheer enough to look barely there with 1 swipe. 2 swipes are just dark enough to make you look polished but wearing not too much make up (right up my alley). people with less pigmented lips might wanna choose 600 Venus instead which is pinker and lighter. I love this shit because its super long wearing, feels pleasantly gummy on my lips, is relatively hydrating and the perfect fuss free in between of a gloss and lipstick, with a stain.

now onto results…


bare, clean, washed face.


start with the foundation! this pea sized bit is enough to cover my entire face, and then I squeezed a little more for areas which needed more coverage, like undereyes and chin. I strongly, strongly, STRONGLY suspect that my good skin highly reduces the amount of foundation I need/use – consequently every single base product I’ve had seems to last goddamn forever.



look at the difference foundation alone makes!!! plus, once again I’m reminded of how awesome Vitalumiere is – smooth, and so quick to dry down to its gorgeous silky finish.


draw eyebrows…


after roughly sketching in the brows, now its time to blend it out! i use the spoolie.





curling lashes: this is a trick i learnt to curl them better and for longer!!! you have to angle it up like that while its still clamping onto your lashes. you look stupid and ridiculous, but it works 🙂


oops, skipped the mascara and gloss bit, but we’re done!! Pardon the red eye, I think I poked myself somewhere.

personally i would not wear so little products – i mean come on, just give me space for powder and liner! and shadow! and contour! you get the idea… that’s why all our make up boxes are overflowing. but really, for a very basic done-in-5-minutes (probably less) face, especially people just starting on make up, this is probably perfect. it makes you look better while making you look like you didn’t wear make up (or at least, put on very little, and certainly didn’t try too hard.)

on the other hand, if you’re super practical,  you can go for ultra multitasking products. it’s entirely possible to draw eyebrows with eyeliner or vice versa (done that) and use lipstick as blush (also done that – can’t believe i walked out without blush!!!) or use the classic cream blush/lip products or tints, or a multitude of other things, really. but that’s cheating to me, at least in the context of the 5 product face :p

while applying my Chanel Vitalumiere I discovered that it’s actually too dark for me!!! and it’s B20 the second lightest shade already. Rather, it’s a tad too dark for my face, which is whiter than the rest of my body, so actually it makes my face match up better.

Review: The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain in 01


I have both colours of the body shop lip and cheek stain, although i heard they released an 03 recently. 01 is a traditional pinky red stain, much like Benetint, while 02 is a very fascinating bronzey gold shimmer with a fuchsia base. they haven’t gotten the best reviews online, but i like them and I’m convinced it’s because they aren’t publicized enough to people who know how to use them. today I’m only reviewing 01, which I got earlier and you can see is a little bit beat up.

A little bit of history about me and TBS make up… I had quite a lot of TBS make up, and still do, like their concealer, loose powder, the tints, a few shimmer cubes, etc. I have no idea why, since nobody really looks to TBS for make up anyway. Along the way I’ve discovered some really great products and some half decent products. And I realise that since they’re not very popular people looking to get rid of them sell them at ridiculously cheap prices, which makes the cheapo in me weep in joy.

i got 01 in the shop a while back, and 02 online for $2 (!!!!!!!!)

i already had this blush on before taking this photo. This was taken after about 7 hours of wear time… my cheek stain had faded off somewhat (from the looks of it, pretty significantly.)



but still, 7 hours is pretty decent, if not impressive. Our weather is so fucking hot every single goddamn day (like 37 celsius hot) and it’s super humid and I’m naturally prone to sweating and now I’m PREGNANT which makes my basal temperature even higher so…. I’m impressed.

a lot of people have said a lot of things about this, that its too sheer mainly. I used to find this a little sheer as well until I had an ephiphany. I bought this because I had some extra points on my body shop card or something and it looked interesting. I was pretty glad I did actually.

In here I’ve used it as a cheek stain, but as a lip stain it works pretty good too and lasts a long time. My lips are in a particularly horrible condition though, so i didn’t show it. Maybe on the few days where my lips look borderline acceptable I will.

so this is me topping up my slightly faded stain with a bit more. Pictures are all a little blurry because it’s essential to work fast.


dab some onto your cheks – i dab about 2-3 times.


I used to think it was sheer too, when i applied it with my fingers. i think it’s because most of the product gets soaked up into my fingers. after awhile i found this rubbish brush lying around and wow, it made a huge difference! definitely use synthetic bristles because natural hair will soak up the product. this brush is really scratchy and total rubbish. The only reason I didn’t throw it away was because my latent hoarder instinct refused to let me, but guess what it works!!!


i kind of stipple/buff it in… you can see the stippling marks


woohoo! in fact this was a little more pigmented than i wanted it to be.


comparison of cheeks!


both sides done!

as you can see it’s pretty and pink and not at all sheer – the trick is really to apply with a brush! and its really important to work fast because it sets in fast and you don’t want weird shapes on your face.

Texture: liquid blush. basically, liquidy. easily absorbed into skin and easy to blend. My favourite thing about it is that it gives a beautiful natural no makeup flush.
Staying power: Look to above for results. But in summary, pretty decent.
Pigmentation: pretty pigmented if you know how to apply!
Price: I believe it is around SGD26.90 in the shop itself. I’ve seen it go for around $10 or lower online (yay!) Comparing to other products you buy from shops I would say it’s a pretty decent item at a competitive price. there is 8ml of product, which is more than most lipglosses (6ml) mine is half gone and I’ve been using it for like, 1.5 years (of course not everyday.)

I would repurchase this, but I’m not madly in love with it. Then again I’m hardly ‘madly’ in love with anything. I’ve traded some stuff for another brand of tint, so if this finishes I’ll still be using the other one :p

Make up blog!

There are a ton of make up blogs out there who are a ton more professional than I am and a ton more addicted and comprehensive… so I’m definitely not trying to compete out there.

I decided to start this make up blog because 

1. I love make up… but as the title suggests, I’m not addicted to it.

Let me elaborate. No matter how much I love make up, I am still a mega cheapo at heart. I would never buy the whole collection of something I’m totally excited by (with very rare exceptions… you will find out more 🙂 Ultimately I will still ask myself – Do I need it? Do I have something very much like it? Is it expensive? Do I already have a burgeoning stash of make up? And invariably I will put it down. So in this aspect, I am very much like the I-love-make-up-but-not-obsessed normal people.

2. I really like to find great cheap deals. And then I want to tell everyone about it.

3. I am narcissistic and want to talk about make up.

This point is self explanatory, lol.

4. I love make up, but not enough to create overtly funky looks. I like to straddle the line between wearable and boring and I hope I can help people do the same.


A little bit more history about me + the blog…

I first started getting really into make up during my pregnancy (still ongoing now… lol) because I always loved fashion but now I can’t fit into any damn thing. It made me quite depressed for a bit because I couldn’t fit into all my beautiful designer clothes anymore. So make up was my solace. 

I always used make up since a couple of years ago. I was doing professional commercial and freelance modelling so of course I needed to know how to do some of my own make up and things. However due to the nature of casting and all, usually when I do my own make up it’s to look as gorgeously un-made up as possible. Even a couple of years back when I was a relative make up n00b, I could do a flawless no-eyeshadow look (with eyeshadow of course) that brought out the best of my browbones and deepset eyes (and appeared fabulous on casting cameras like I wasn’t wearing anything.) 

That meant I was dead bored of my make up because everyday I had to put on my ‘flawlessly natural’ look. EVERY SINGLE DAY. The only eyeshadow palette I ever used was my Naked Basics (that does a beautiful job but is seriously boring.)

So after having more time to read reviews and guides and things on make up during my pregnancy (which I can’t believe STILL hasn’t ended, can my baby come out now?!) I really stepped up my make up game. I traded/sold some stuff which I don’t and won’t use, and got a lot more products that I’m fabulously happy with instead. So I want to share my experience and hopefully help other people along – people who are not ultra professional, people who are cheapo, and people who are just looking for the most efficient way to do something. 

Thanks for reading 🙂