FOTD: Smoky Olive

I’m really liking olive tones. I think since I’m quite olive too, olive just fits quite well on me. Plus it always conjures up images of sexy Giorgio Armani femme fatales. I’m all about the Giorgio Armani femme fatales!

This was actually very simple and only required 3 eyeshadows (and mascara to high heavens.)


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FOTD with Cat eye and Kiko Milano

2014-08-01 22.27.55-1

2014-08-01 22.28.26-1


Today is the first date night I’ve had in awhile, so I broke out the cat eye and a bright lipstick that I love but don’t have much occasion to wear, the Kiko Milano Luminous Chrome lipstick in 713 Fuchsia. It’s a bright, blue toned fuchsia that has a metallic sheen. It’s pinker than in my photos.

I only have the post- dinner photo, but you can see my LIPSTICK STAYED ON THROUGHOUT and I was having like sushi and grill and god knows what. This is some amazing shit.

The cat eye was again, a pain to do. I should really learn to tolerate thicker lines, then I won’t have to keep them thin and stress myself out.

Goodbye Kiko Blush

first off, I’ll like to apologise for there not being a proper post up till now, especially with face and all. I’m still trying to figure out the whole how to take a good picture of myself and the product thing. being an ex-model certainly doesn’t help, because i naturally compare all photos to studio/professional shots and wonder why i don’t look the same. the lighting, even natural light, is not too great in my house, but i don’t know if i really do look so pasty, or it’s just because of my phone camera. tsk. products,  however, are so much easier to photograph. so today i present to you something which ironically, i just said goodbye to: image The other day i dropped my Kiko blush on the floor and it smashed into pieces, and that was a sad, sad, SAD day.

image image 9 grams of product. i think i used maybe 0.5 grams. WHAT A TRAGEDY.

don’t get me wrong. I’m still keeping it, even though the powder will forever be dropping out and I’ll never carry it around again. and i don’t think i ever took a picture of the blush when it was still intact. lesson learnt folks, TAKE PICTURES OF GOOD TIMES.

What i can say about it though, is that its a multi-tone blush as the back says, and LIMITED EDITION to Kiko’s colour explosion collection (something like that) in summer 2013, when i bought it in Italy. Which means I’LL NEVER SEE IT AGAIN. It’s labelled as 03 active mauve, and the reason i bought it – I’ve been wanting to try out a purplish blusher forever.  it was just purple enough to look fabulous,  especially on my yellow asian skin, but not enough to scare newbies. I dont know if you can see the 3 shades from the broken mess, but there’s a dark mauve, light lavender and a pale peach, from left to right. the powder is finely milled and wonderfully soft and blends right into skin. the mauve is super pigmented and i just tap my blush brush into it once and sweep it onto my cheekbones, if not it’ll look overdone. the lavender was absolutely gorgeous to layer on top, or if i wanted a more natural glow. the peachy highlight shade was wonderful to blend out the edges of the blush (and it seems like that part is mostly gone.) i tap my brush into the middle of the lavender and the peach to get a bit of both, and there was an appreciable dent there compared to the rest of the pan.

But now it’s ALL GONE. it was my HG blush (but then i don’t have many blushes, harh harh) and it had 3 lovely shades for different effects. i was already wondering how i was ever going to replace it when it was gone and then THIS HAPPENED. 9 grams is quite a lot of product, especially for things like blush. my Sleek blush by 3 has 20 grams split over 3 pans, so this is about 1.5x the size of 1 sleek pan, which is basically the same size as a normal sleek single blush, i suppose.

I’m depressed plus every time i open the pan more shadow falls out. SOBS. anyone know if i can get a replacement anywhere ?? if i could, I’ll probably depot it all and mix the colours up to get a slightly muted shade of the mauve. it’s still usable, just that it makes me cry every time i use it. 


image apparently the collection is kiko spring 2013, colours of the world. and this is it in its new, beautiful glory.