FOTD: Smoky Olive

I’m really liking olive tones. I think since I’m quite olive too, olive just fits quite well on me. Plus it always conjures up images of sexy Giorgio Armani femme fatales. I’m all about the Giorgio Armani femme fatales!

This was actually very simple and only required 3 eyeshadows (and mascara to high heavens.)


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FOTD: Aggressively pink

I’m really feeling the pink and reds recently.

I did this look one day, and was SO happy with it I did an even more amped up version on the next day. I almost NEVER wear the same look two days in a row, so you can tell I REALLY like it. I wore this on a Friday with no comments from my colleagues… they’re probably used to me doing crazy shit on Fridays by now.

Left to right: Clio Gelpresso Gel liner in Bloody Devil, a lovely maroon/burgundy, my standard crease/transition shade, which is some Sleek shadow that I depotted (nearly invisible on my skin), the deepest berry shade (2nd from right, top row) of Newtrals vs Neutrals, Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Silk Intense in #7 (my fave!!), #8 and #11.

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FOTD + notice on Lip and Eye make up

I’m not quite sure if you’ve noticed,  but I seem to post a lot of lip related stuff here and so far, barely any eye related stuff, especially eyeshadow, which is usually a perennial blogger favourite.

My reason for this is because I have no proper eyeshadow brushes. Yes, seriously all the while I’ve been using my fingers. While I would still call that impressive, I would say it’s as comparably impressive as say, eating a steak with only a teaspoon.

But I have bit the bullet and bought a nice little set of brushes from Real Techniques, and coupled with a decent eye shader brush (the pack-on-the-colour kinds) that I already have, I think we may be able to get something eye related here very soon. Soon being once I get my package, which I’m starting to get antsy about. I do have a large and growing collection of eyeshadows, so I need to give them some airtime as well. It’s just that colourful looks don’t quite go well in our climate + conservative society so, I don’t wear funky colours out very often. Unfortunately funky colours in my opinion as seen by my society includes basically any colour outside of the spectrum of brown.

In any case, here’s my FOTD, which in recent days I have been thinking as Foto of the Day somehow, which is slightly idiotic of me.




This is my I-am-not-wearing-makeup-except-my-red-lipstick look, the one you’re supposed to run errands in jeans in. It looked ghastly when I first tried it on, and I think the photos still look ghastly – there’s something about a lack of liner that doesn’t translate well onto photos, especially with a bold lip. In person though, I think it’s looking better, and may be something I will try more often. My eyebags are from a late night plus the not-yet-arrival of my full coverage concealer that’s supposed to be a dupe of Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer (which I’m super excited and definitely will be blogging about.)

The red in the picture is obviously, my much talked about red, The Red, Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro 400.

This is the first time I have worn it since the last review, mainly because I have just been picking it up and caressing it instead of applying it. It’s beautiful and super long wearing, but it is SUPER difficult to put it on. I needed a lot of concealer around my lips, 2 Q tips and a tissue. After it’s on your lips it’s easy. Except I took a nap in my make up ( i frequently do that) and I have to be very, very careful about staining the sheets. It’s like a temperamental supermodel wife or something.

I’m also more conscious about eating, not because I’m worried the colour will fade (it completely doesn’t) but I’m concerned about just how much pigment I’m ingesting. if there is enough to stay on my lips for 9 hours ++ and enough to smear all over my bread while I’m eating, will I become a radioactive mutant???

Mini haul


Today is a depressing day… i traded a Dior palette I had and didn’t like (another gift from an ardent male admirer last time…. hahaha) and was supposed to get the Nars duo eyeshadow in Demon Lover and some The Body Shop shimmer cubes (I like collecting them if they’re cheap/free) but I got an empty envelope!!!!! I think the stuff dropped out in transit, which is a huge tragedy. I never had any Nars stuff and thought it was about time I did, but noooo.

Hopefully I can get something else in exchange. 😦

Any how, I do have some new stuff recently.

1. ELF daily brush cleaner
This is the old, ginormous bottle (yay!) I need a spritz to clean my brushes after daily use and ELF is obviously the cheapest. Problem is the ingredient list seems to be nothing much but water and denatured alcohol. I wonder if I can make my own spritz with like, alcohol disinfectant and water??

2. Mentholatum Water Colour Lip Moisturizer in Kissy Pink
Another obscure Asian drugstore item, another coral/peach lipstick/balm. I like to live on the edge, because any kind of orange have never traditionally looked good on my lips. I got this because it was packaged with the lip butter, was cheap and had good reviews.

3. Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake
I have no lip butters before this! I know, right? This is a very cool toned barbie kind of pink, which is very dangerous for me as well. I like either dramatic lip colours or nude I-am-wearing-very-little-makeup colours, but not in between, like these pale-but-obviously-madeup lip colours. But like above, it was packaged together and was dirt cheap (I’m a sucker for great deals.) I paid like, SGD5 for 2 decent products, one of which is highly sought after.

4. Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk foundation + master fluid primer sample + face fabric sample
Once again, suckered into a great deal. This foundation is insanely expensive (because Mr Armani) and supposedly incredibly luxurious. It also just happens to be in my shade, and was dirt cheap. So of COURSE I grabbed it (because I LOVE ARMANI BEAUTY.) The seller was also nice enough to provide 2 free samples so I was a happy camper. The only problem is that I like to ‘save’ my expensive brand name things (my Chanel Vitalumiere has been around for 2 years) which is stupid because you buy make up to use it, amirite?

In depth reviews will be done on all my items in the future. I’m still mourning over my lost Nars duo. Perhaps Nars and I were not meant to be.

In Search of the Perfect Red Lips: Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in 400 The Red Review



Woohoo! my secret package, and the apparent solution to my search!!

I was so very excited to test it out. It’s supposed to be super opaque and long wearing, yet comfortable. I hate longwear liquid lipstick type products, which this is, because they tend to dry to a layer on your lips. This normally isn’t a problem for most people, but remember I peel and pluck and smoosh my lips together and god knows what else, ALL the time. any of those longwear lipsticks wouldn’t last an hour on me before starting to flake and peel. HOWEVER, this is supposed to stay moist and is not transfer proof (that’s fine with me!) so it basically is a longwearing lipstick that is without the flaws which make long wearing lipsticks a no no for me! (I suppose Dior Fluid Sticks are probably another similar product except I heard their staying power is awful and they suck in general. I don’t quite believe in Dior products.)


LOOK HOW PIGMENTED IT IS! Fully opaque with one swipe.



I did not dip my applicator back into the tube, AT ALL, to get this full swipe of colour on my lips. as you can see it has a satin finish that’s not quite glossy when first applied.


image image

the colour is a bold, unapologetic blue red. I feel like a movie sex siren 😛 Maybe I should go and do another editorial with this lipstick instead of the Chanel La Fascinante!

Texture: thick but not hard to apply, slightly creamy. There is a veeery slight lipsticky taste that doesn’t really bother me and only if you accidentally eat some, and no scent.

Colour/pigmentation: super awesome as you can see. opaque in less than 1 swipe. beautiful blue red. somehow it makes my horrible lips look better and less messed up as well!

One con though, of its superb pigmentation is that it’s too easy to make a mistake. I had to dab concealer around my lips for the perfect defined line and accidentally smeared a little here and there. Make sure you have q tips and some make up remover handy.

Staying power: superb. Here’s a photo of me after about 5 hours with some light drinking.


0 touch ups required! it does dry down to a slightly more matte look than when freshly applied, becoming a true ‘modern matte’ – not too flat and boring but still matte.

Price: I got mine for SGD23, a complete steal considering they retail for SGD45 or so I believe. This tube has 6.5ml, which is slightly more than the average lip gloss. Online shopping is your best friend!

Red lips rating: 5/5

I would repurchase in a heartbeat but that’s true of all GA product because I am obsessed with them. But I do think it’s great value for money because you don’t need to touch up and its super pigmented in one swipe.

Am I satisfied? Yeees….. but it’s still a leeeeeeetle bit too dark. Maybe? Or am I nitpicking?

Where I discuss the Make Up I am Well and Truly Addicted to

I always claim I’m not a make up addict. Well, not QUITE the make up addict. I don’t have 30 red lipsticks that are mostly the same shade. I don’t have 50 lip glosses.

However there ARE some things that greatly inspire the hoarder in me. By hoarding, I mean needing to own them even if I don’t use them much/plan to use them much. Here’s an overview of them:



These are my undoing. I don’t know why I fell in love, but I did, hard. I bought 2 from the counter, and I so rarely buy things from counters – my husband raised an eyebrow. ‘You spent almost a hundred bucks on powder??‘ I’ve accumulated 6 so far and they’re bloody expensive. Are they worth it? Yes, even if it’s just to look at. Hoarding has no rhyme or reason.

They’re prettyyyyyyy. Honestly, the L’Oréal infallible shadows are probably dupes, but its something about the packaging, the gorgeous mix of colours in the pot, that draws me in, even if it doesn’t necessarily translate to the eyelids. Not that they perform badly – they’re superb, but I’ve always been skeptical of their value for money (because cheapo.)

I mean please, I’m not one to indulge in super high end make up. I don’t have 20 Chanel quads or whatever. But I still get that voice in my head screaming BUYBUYBUY whenever I see Giorgio Armani stuff. If I collected more of his stuff the next thing will probably be the Lip Maestros. I also love his foundations and I’m looking into that. SEE, there’s no end to my love for Mr GA.

I don’t know!!!!! Maybe because YSL Dior and Chanel make up are too mainstream and if I have to choose high end, I’d choose Giorgio Armani. 😉 But seriously, I think his make up line is greatly curated – there are way less duds than in other expensive luxury lines. The foundations are superb, his eyeshadows and blushes are all superb, his lip products are superb – OMG marry me please.



Now this is better and easier on the wallet than my illicit love for Armani. I loved these stains when they first came out, and I’m still loving them. They’re brainless to apply and stay on a long, long time. I buy mine online usually for about $5-$10 each. One of my more practical obsessions.

They’re easy and quick to use, and their names are so adorable. The Asian versions at least. The first shade I bought, Lolita, was because… you guessed it, I love the book. Not because the colour looked great on me, not because I can particularly pull off deep pinks, not because it matches my skintone. In fact I suspect I convinced myself I loved it AFTER I bought it. I’m such a retard. But I love the glossy stain effect of the range, their easy application, and lovely colours. This is probably the most usable and most logical of my hoarding.



I don’t use eyeshadow THAT often – a swipe on the lid is what I go for most days. I’d rather have a bold lip than bold eyes – just too much hassle to use 5 different colours and to wash brushes. Fancier days get a little bit of crease shadow, and I hardly have a chance to do full blown eye make up. So why do I want to collect Sleek i-Divine eyeshadow palettes obsessively?! Only the Omniscient would know. I bought my first palette, the original, at $5, what I thought was a total bargain but now that I’m purchasing more obsessively, less so… I just put in orders for 4 more, putting my collection at 5 in total. What’s wrong with me??

one reason has got to be the theme of each palette. The romantic sucker in me wanted Oh So Special and Vintage Romance very badly because well – I’m a romantic sucker. I mean, meet in Madrid, Vow in Venice, Forever in Florence, Love in London?!? SIGN ME ON! All of my favourite vacation spots + the idea of love… ahhh. So essentially yes, I fell for marketing ploys. What a sucker. At least these shadows are pretty good quality and don’t disappoint.

I am seriously not a make up addict – EXCEPT FOR THESE ITEMS. So long as this list doesnt expand too wildly, I guess I still can’t be counted as a make up addict. Otherwise, there is no reasoning with me.

What are the items that you’re addicted to?

Secret package unveil!


I got a package in the mail!!


It’s my long awaited Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in 400, The Red!


look how gorgeous this baby is.

I bought this because Temptalia highly, highly recommended this and said it was amazing. So amazing in fact that I nearly bought a few more blind despite the fact that I hadn’t even reviewed and tested this one. Somehow Giorgio Armani Beauty inspires the hoarder in me – I will be mentioning the Eyes to Kill eyeshadows that I hoarded as well. I would buy his entire range if I were not a cheapo at heart.

Review coming soon! I’ve been very hardworking and blogging a lot ;P