Project Pan updates!

Whoo! Updates! I’ve finished up a lot of stuff already, so I’ve moved on to the next one. I will probably note the replacement in the next update post.

Bath and Hair:

Conditioner: Kerasys Deep Cleansing Conditioner: Used up!!!!! Time to move to the next one. I’m drowning in conditioner.

Hair serum: Beautain. Been using it regularly, but there isn’t much decrease frankly.

Hairspray*: Giorgi Elixir Fix Complex. Used up by the husband. Now you know who’s the vain one.


Make up Remover*: Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil. I have decided to keep this for travel. This is a disgustingly bad cleansing oil anyway. I am now slowly working through my 500ml bottle of Bioderma Sensibio…


Moisturizer: Salome Face Moisturizer. I USED THIS SHIT UP!!!! All 95g of it!!! Only took me like 2 years, but hey! HOORAY!!!! I’ve moved on to my Paula’s Choice moisturizer which is less heavy. My skin seems a bit drier now and I’m used to the thick texture of the Salome one, so I’m kind of missing it… 😦



Sunscreen: Diorsnow UV Shield. I used to mix in the Salome moisturizer with this because it was unbearably drying, with a powdery finish otherwise, but the Paula’s Choice one is not thick enough. 😦 Still, there’s only a little bit left, I use it on most weekdays. The packaging is just translucent enough to see the level of the product left against light.

Hand cream: Mt Sapola Lemongrass hand cream. Used up this vile tube!!!! Hooray!!! My hands get really dry in the office. I’ve since moved on to another hand cream which is more nourishing.

(PS. I hate those bloody metal tubes. Once squeezed they look fugly and it’s really hard to squeeze the last bits up.)


Perfume: I finished up the last bit of my Elizabeth Arden Fifth Avenue! It lasted a seriously long time despite the teeny amount in there. I don’t have a next perfume to finish up because my collection is pretty small to begin with, but I will focus more on my Versace Yellow Crystal because the cap doesn’t fit very well and I’m worried that it’s evaporating.


Powder: Seventeen Soft Touch BB powder exposed pan. I have actually hit a teeny bit of baby pan on it!!! After only 2 years  It’s annoying, I can’t bring this around to touch up like I want to.

(Ps. The Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B20 is still refusing to end…)


Colour make up:


Blush: The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain 02. Close to running out, the doefoot is getting less and less product now. I think there’s a month of use left before I get too annoyed with getting the product out and toss it.


Lipstick: Lipstick mix pot. Have been using it regularly, but it’s quite drying :/ At least I see progress!!!


Eyebrows: depotted mascara. I’ve like pushed the product around a bit to be more centered. I use this everyday and I added a shitload of saline eyedrops to make it super creamy, and now I’m actually rather enjoying it.


That’s it for now! Let’s see what updates I have in the new year!


Products I’ve used up

I like rotating through my stash, so I rarely fimish make up. I also seem to apply less than most people or something because my face is small, my skin is good and maybe I’m just extra unwasteful.

There are several things that I have used up, however.

1. L’Oréal Shine Caresse Lip Gloss Stain in Lolita

I’ve never got around to reviewing this formula on my blog but I absolutely loved these back then and now still, mainly because they’re nonsticky and are glossy enough to cover any lip imperfections I have (which are numerous.) When they first came out I wasn’t even particularly into make up yet (ie had 1 of each basic make up item.) Lolita was a great MLBB shade that was comfortable and relatively long lasting. I used this nearly everyday for a year or so. I also love the name! (Lolita is one of my favourite pieces of literature.) I ended up scraping the sides of the tube for it.

Repurchased?: No, because I got distracted by other stuff, haha.

2. The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Powder Foundation

Bought this when I didn’t know much about makeup. It took me about 2 years of semi-regular use, AND my cat spilling a significant amount to finish it. It’s very sheer and I did not find that it did anything spectacular for me. I did keep the container for other uses though.

Repurchased?: No

3. Blush

I had a random unbranded blush that I finished up. Mainly it was because it broke and I didn’t have that much product left, haha. Still took me around 1 year of daily usage.

4. Eye brow pencil

Can’t remember the brand I used. I don’t go through eyebrow pencils quickly because my brows are decent and I can’t be bothered about them. I have no idea how people can run through pencils in a couple of months. It took me like a year++++ to finish it.

5. Sana Pore Putty Moist (primer)

Hooray! I finished this up recently. I got this about 2+ years ago but didn’t use it regular until 2014. It took me 1.5 years of consistent use to finish it up. I applied it very sparingly, since my skin is generally good and I don’t need too much in the way of face products.

Repurchased?: Possibly when I finish my current primer, since I don’t like experimenting with boring shit like primers, and this worked well for me.

6. Couleur Inc Automatic Brown eyeliner

No pics because I can’t find any. This is a very very cheap Japanese brand that you can find in John Little in Singapore, that has great quality for the price (think Wet &wild!)  I used this regularly for maybe close to a year. This is as good a liner as regular pencils (ie non gel pencils) get, it smudges after a long day but not like crazy, and is reasonably easy to draw.

Of course, I finished up quite a few mascaras too, since they’re the one item that we need to go through regularly.

Have you finished up any/lots of make up? I find that I lose many items (arghhhh) before I finish them up completely, especially if they’re something that I use very often and carry them around.

Updated Project Pan

I’ve used up lots of samples in my visit to China and the few days after! I will be reviewing the sample skincare bits and bobs in a separate post, but I think I need to update my project pan to reflect the new items I will use up.

I have definitely used up a lot of samples and stuff on my trip. I think it’s wise to have one product of each type to focus on and use up. For the products that I only have one of and are staples (eg BHA liquid, face primer) I did not include them since panning them would only mean having to buy more.

I will allow myself to use other products occasionally (maybe once a week?) Or when the occasion dictates it.

There are certain products where I don’t have any other product that I want to use up specifically, so I will be rotating through the rest after I’m done. They will be marked with a *. If they don’t have, it means I have many other products of this type to use up.

Bath and Hair:


Shampoo: Kerasys Balancing Shampoo. This is a random brand I found in HK. All shampoos are about the same to me unless they’re really bad.

Conditioner: Kerasys Deep Cleansing Conditioner. My hair is soooo short now and doesn’t need much conditioner. I have like 3 different almost empty conditioners to use up.

Body wash: Bad Lab Co Lean Mean Sculpting Machine. Technically meant for dudes, but whatever, right? I love love love this sexy masculine can-of-petrol packaging and I wanted to repurpose it but I can’t take off the cap to refill it. It’s dirt cheap anyway, but I do need to use it up so I can move on. I may buy more in the future. They are available in Malaysia.

Scrub: USANA SENSE Rice Bran Polish. This is quite gentle using rice bran. I use it for my neck and occasionally the face. My mum in law gave me loads of this so I have 3 tubes to go through.

Shaving Cream*: Salome Shaving Cream. Part of a men’s grooming set. My husband doesn’t ever seem to use it so I’ve been using it on my legs and arms.

Hair serum: Beautain. Random purchase by the husband. My hair spikes up and this helps to keep it down to maintain a nice pixie look. I’m not sure it does anything specifically though.

Hairspray*: Giorgi Elixir Fix Complex. Some random spanish drugstore brand. I use hairspray to style my hair slightly when I go out, so it should get used reasonably fast. There’s only a tiny bit left.

Dry Shampoo*: Batiste Original. I know this is the HG of many, but in Singapore we just don’t use dry shampoo much (mostly because I shower 1-2x a day… yes including the hair.) So even though this is really nice for seasonal countries I just don’t see a need for it here.

Reward for using up every single item here: I have hoarded loads of my favourite body wash, so after I use these stuff up I can spam vanilla ALL DAY EVERYDAY. 



Make up Remover*: Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil. Since a teeny bottle of the Etude House Real Art cleansing oil lasted me about 3 weeks with near daily use, I think this will last at least 2 months.

Cleanser: Paula’s Choice Earth Sourced Cleanser. About 1/5 the bottle left!!!! I go through cleansers at a snails pace because I don’t need much and I only wash my face with cleanser once a day.

Mask: Salome Mineral Mud mask. Urgh, My skin is not super oily so I don’t find a need to do these kind of drying masks very often.

Toner*: The Face Shop Su hyang Boosting Toner. This is discontinued and seriously old, and there’s a shitload left. Dammit!

AHA*: Paula’s Choice 10% AHA. I would use this more if not for the fear of over-exfoliating… I think this is nice but not a must have for me hence the inclusion here.

Serum: Paula’s Choice Resist Super antioxidant concentrate serum. I generally only use this around my eye area for extra hydration. I’m nearing the end of the tube but I will probably cut open the tube when I can’t squeeze anymore out.

Moisturizer: Salome Face Moisturizer. This is a HUGEASS 95g bottle. I have been using this nonstop for a year. Despite using shitloads of it day and night in China it’s STILL going strong. I am nearing the end, at last!!!

Sunscreen: Diorsnow UV Shield. Quite old, old formula. Just wanna use it up. The only good thing about it is that it smells like chocolate custard pudding. It’s sticky and silicone based, which I don’t like.

Reward for using up the above skincare products: I will buy CAREPROST! For thicker lush lashes!!!!


Body Sunscreen: Vaseline Healthy White SPF30 PA+++. I hate using body sunscreen since it can be slimy, but i do try to use it whenever i leave the house.

Deodorant/antipespirant: Clinique antipespirant roll on. Somehow my husband manages to accumulate loads of deodorant as well so I will aim to use them up for him. This is really nice, dries fast, mild scent, no staining, great odour control. Too bad it’s expensive as hell.

Hand cream: Mt Sapola Lemongrass hand cream. I don’t see much of a need to use hand creams specifically because I don’t take much care of my hands, and I just use body lotion when I do need to. This one is in a vile lemongrass scent which I hate, but I hate wasting products more. Plus, it keeps me from peeling my lips since the smell is so vile.



Foundation*: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B20. This REFUSES. TO. END. I swear it’s like some fucking fifth dimensional bottle channelling more and more foundation with each squeeze.

Powder: Seventeen Soft Touch BB powder exposed pan. I honestly use very little powder, so this will take awhile.

Contour*: Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow: I feel that this colour is better matching for me now that I’m paler, and plus I really wanna use up creams fast before they go bad.

Reward: If I manage to finish these (which would be AMAZING) I would allow myself the purchase of a new foundation (as yet undecided)


Colour make up:

Blush: The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain 02. Smelling funky. I’m using it everyday.

Lipstick: Lipstick mix pot. There is SO MUCH product in that damned thing. Urgh

Lipgloss: MUFE lab shine lipgloss in S2. Got this as a freebie, and since it’s the old MUFE formula I have no idea how old it is. I don’t like sheer sparkly glosses and i don’t like layering lip products but i will use it up somehow.

Reward: If I finish the blush, lipstick AND lipgloss I will buy a set of Buxom lipglosses and lipsticks that I’ve seen on sale!

Eyebrows*: depotted mascara. It’s not travel friendly, so since I’m not travelling much I will be using this at home and I will aim to finish this little pot up. Thankfully even though it has dried up a bit, a few drops of saline eyedrops revive it, and I don’t need to care about bacterial contamination since I’m using it on my brows.

Liner: Maybelline Lasting Drama gel pen liner. I’ve kinda gone away from very stark and dramatic eyeliner, so this hasn’t seen that much use.
AND: Silky girl funky eyelights pencil in ever green. It is old and has already shrunk. I will be drawing my lower lashlines with it, probably, and possibly working it into a cream shadow into some looks. The current total length with cap is about the same as the gel pen liner.

Reward: If I use up the 2 liners I will allow myself to purchase a new black liner (probably liquid, although I HATE being disappointed.)

Eyeshadow: My current goal is to pan that white frosty eyeshadow. I use it as a browbone highlight (very lightly) and a center of lid highlight. I have loads of frosty whites and I’m not too fond of them anyway, so I want to use it up. It’s good for a centre lid brightener when I’m not wearing any other shadow.20151111_124411

Reward: I have literally NEVER gone anywhere near panning an eyeshadow before. I will treat myself to some nice pressed shadows from Glamour Doll Eyes or Blackbird cosmetics (indie cosmetics) if they have them in stock, when I do. 

I think this is a very comprehensive Project Pan! I will be updating it every few weeks when there has been meaningful progress!

Make up Inventory

In a fit of neurosis I went to unearth my entire make up collection.

I wish that make up companies made smaller sizes. I mean, I do feel sad about minis compared to regular sized stuff, but seriously, we don’t ever finish products. (Which is why I’m doing project pan!) Most people who buy make up are make up lovers, who have a ton of products. Honestly, if I could buy minis for decent prices, I definitely would.

I’m quite good about skincare. Even though I was gifted with a ton of random skincare recently I’m good about using one product until it finished and then moving on to the next, so I won’t have a problem slowly finishing stuff up. Make up though….

So, let’s take a look at my make up hoarding…

Base products: 12 (forgot to include primer in picture.)

I am generally good with not buying base products. Somehow though I ended up with a ton of powders though I don’t need to powder my face very often.


Powders: 5

Concealers: 2

Liquid foundations: 3 (soon to be 2!)

Etc: 2 (primer and illuminator)

Eyeliners: 17 (whoops!) 


Holy crap do I have many eyeliners!!!!!!!! Nothing to say here.

Actually the NYX wonder pencil (the beige pencil) is utilitarian: I use it to blank out my pencils, or sometimes to do a natural brighter line on my eyes. I’m in no hurry to finish it because it’s great when I do need and use it.

Face products: 20 + 1 pan I didn’t include in this picture. The Shu has 2, and the Sleek palettes have 3. I count individual pans.


Wasn’t as large as I thought! Still very large…

Bronzer/contour: 3

Highlighter: 5

Blush: 13

Lip products: 37  (This is after I gave away a few and lost a lot… whoops!)


Glosses: 6

Lip pencil: 1 (I actually have another clear wax lip liner, but since that one is utilitarian I didn’t count it in)

Liquid lipstick: 6 (2 matte ones and 4 normal liquid ones)

Lipsticks: 20 (Soon to be 19!!!!)

Eyeshadows: 225. Urrrrrgh. My decision to count each individual pan as 1 shadow may not have been a good one….


Singles pots: 11

Sticks: 3

Duos: 2

4-pan palettes: 6

5 pan palettes: 1

(NOT PICTURED) 6 pan palettes: 1 (My Naked Basic)

Depotted: 10

12 pan palettes: 12 (including the one I depotted)

Mega Palette: 1

Holy fuck! That’s a shitload of eyeshadows! I don’t even use eyeshadows everyday! Most of my palettes are secondhand though, and cheap. I like the Sleek shadows because they are very colourful and cheap and usually decent, so I don’t need to buy other expensive fancy colourful shadows.

Still, there are some eyeshadows that I don’t plan on trying to pan. I don’t mind keeping them forever. My Chanel Nymphea is a good example *hearts* It has actually seen some usage….


Taking this inventory has been eye opening (and somewhat horrifying.) I will definitely be working on some of my products and hopefully will be slowly panning some stuff (especially the shadows…)

Starting Project Pan

EDIT: Added in some little rewards for finishing certain batches of products to incentivize this project!

Subconsciously, I have been doing Project Pan for awhile (see: project trying to pan.) But I want to make it more official.

General notes about cosmetics: I feel that us, people who love cosmetics and buy more than what is necessary, can waste a lot of product. I’m sure you have seen people with giant collections of lip balms or hand creams or moisturizers or something. There is no way you can finish all those things before it goes bad.

Of course, I have to admit that some things I will keep forever for sentimental value. My Giorgio Armani ETK eyeshadows, for one. The pots are huge anyway so no one’s going to finish it. When it turns 5 or 6+ years old though, I might not want to use them anymore.

I am going on a trip on Wednesday for 2 weeks, so I will definitely be using all these products (since limited choice during trips = MOAR product usage!) Hopefully I will be making some steady progress towards finishing these items, some on the trip and some shortly afterwards:


  1. Lancome Genefique Yeux eye cream sachets x 3 (~1 week supply, knowing me I’ll make it last the whole of 2 weeks)
  2. Lancome Genefique serum sachets x 7 (~1 week supply, I’ll probably also use it for 2)
  3. Vaseline Healthy White SPF30 PA+++ Serum: I use this as body sunscreen. This is a travel tube and there’s not much left. Although it’s autumn and I’m wearing long sleeves most of the time, I’m not sure how much use I can get out of it.
  4. Diorsnow UV cream: Facial sunscreen. Was used by my mum in law, and she contributed it and a whole lot of other sample bits to me. I don’t like this very much, it feels rather drying. Luckily it’s a small tube, only 30ml and around half used. I hope to finish this up after I get back.
  5. Etude House Real Art cleansing oil: sample bits and bobs contributed by my mum in law. This is actually included in the Great Eastern Women’s Run goodie bag. There were lots of women products, beauty and cosmetic products included, it’s quite cool. I will be using it as a cleansing oil/make up remover(obviously.)
  6. Etude House Moistfull peeling face wash: My second cleanse after make up removing.

Reward for using up skincare products: I have a huge surplus of skincare (I seem to go through stuff so slowly it’s crazy) so I won’t be buying more.

Okay, basically I aim to use up all these little samples that I have been hoarding specifically for the purposes of this trip.


Sorry for the blurry photo. Here we have make up products.

7. Cyber Colours Zero Pore Primer: This is my only primer. It’s a decent, nice primer, but I’ve had it awhile and I want to use it up. It will take awhile though, there’s quite a lot. Actually I don’t know why I included it in the photo because if I use up this primer I definitely have to buy more.

8. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua: mentioned this in my previous trying to pan post. IT IS BOTTOMLESS. I am so pissed. I stopped using it the past few weeks so that I wouldn’t run out of foundation halfway during the trip, but once I go on the trip I will be using nothing but this. Hope to finish it by the end of the trip.

9. The Body Shop Lip and Cheek stain in 02: also in the original post. It smells kinda funny, but it still works and doesn’t irritate my cheeks. I wouldn’t use it on my lips though, I do have limits… I have been using this everyday for the past few months and I do see it decreasing. Luckily it’s a blush that goes with almost everything. It also has gold shimmer which means I usually don’t use a highlighter (sadly.)


10. My custom mix of lipstick in a pot: I like it but I’m sick of it since I’ve been using this FOREVER. I hope to come close to finishing it in 2 weeks.


11. Life’s Entropy liquid illuminator sample in… I don’t know which colour it is. I hope to use it up as my only highlighter during the trip.

12. Ellis Faas Hot lips in L406. I feel that the colour isn’t the most flattering it could be for me, and the showerhead-of-doom-in-bullet packaging was really intriguing at the start but quickly descended into a messy nightmare. Recently I thought it was running out as the pigment didn’t seem to dispense much anymore, only some oils with a little pigment, even after quite a few clicks. I closed the cap after that and BOOM the next day tons of pigment oozed out. Fuck me, I’m basically forced to use it up now.


(That itty bitty bit is enough for 4-5 applications. I have to use a lip brush so that I don’t smear far too much product onto my lips.)

Reward: If I use up all these products excluding the face primer (2 lip products! How long will that take to happen….) I will treat myself to a repurchase of NARS Dragon Girl (yippee!!!!)


Eye products!

13: Maybelline Pen Gel liner: I’m not sure how much is left because I’ve had this for a few years and used it a lot but it’s like neverending. I haven’t been drawing black liner for awhile, so I’ll probably do it a few times in China and try to use it up.

14. Random eyebrow pencil: I am down to a tiny nub and I am determined to finish it before the end of the year.

Reward: I need to replace black gel liner when mine finishes, so I will treat myself to an Inglot AMC gel liner in black when I’m done with the gel and brow pencil.

15. Kiko Cream eyeshadow (the bouncy, LE kind) it has shrunk significantly in the past few months, so I want to use it up ASAP but come on, I think it will take me a long while. Still, I plan to start using it regularly. It’s gorgeous and just the right amount of shimmery and glittery so it can be used for a single wash of colour as well as for liner.

16. – 18. My DIY palette, hahaha. The casing is actually an old name card case. I used double sided tape to secure all the pans. The ones on the right (NYX Taupe, weird colours) were from palettes that had their packaging broken anyway, while the left ones are Make up Academy Heaven and Earth palette (full of shimmery neutrals.) I didn’t have to depot it but I felt like depotting it since I wasn’t very attached to it. I don’t plan on panning every single shadow, obviously, but I hope to pan the frosty white and the olive green on the funky colours palette, and I will probably pick one pan of the round pans to work on.

Reward: Holy cow, panning eyeshadow will be crazy tough. I deserve something AMAZING. I will go grab myself some pressed indie shadows (thinking of Blackbird cosmetics or Glamour Doll Eyes, if the pressed shadows come back) only when I finish these!

So that’s 18 items in my first project pan. Some I have been using dutifully already, some I have yet to work on. Check back in a couple of weeks!

Ps. I will probably be taking a makeup inventory too and showing you EVERY SINGLE MAKE UP ITEM I own. If I count each pan of shadow as 1 eyeshadow, how many do I have? *shudder* I think like 100++.

The only make up I have finished 

make up junkies have a lot of make up and we finish very few of them. Here’s my few:

  1. Za pure shine lipstick in apricot nectar, reviewed previously. Nice and hydrating but doesn’t last long, which means frequent reapplications. Would like this more if it was not so damn glitter filled. It’s not technically all gone, because I plan to dig out the stub in the lipstick holder and use it. 
  2. Dear rose bb cream and the hot pink skin 79 bb cream: also reviewed previously, but I had them for like 2 years before I did…
  3. Random blush: it was okay as a blush, nothing particularly special but slightly sparkly. It would have a lot more product but it broke and I had to depot it, hence. I don’t think I will be able to finish another blush in my lifetime… 
  4. Brown eyeliner from couleur inc: this was a pretty nice brown eyeliner. It smudges but because it’s brown you couldn’t really tell. Great for low impact days. I have brown gel liners now instead.
  5. Mascaras, of course