An update (and not quite.)

You can tell I’ve been very silent here recently. I do like talking about makeup and I’ve been experimenting with stuff (as usual), but I really haven’t been in a mood to take pictures and document it properly.

Anyway, here are some quickfire updates:

  1. Lana’s new album just dropped a couple of days ago and it’s awesome. Spotify here but I feel a little like the album is not so new anymore because we’ve heard some of the singles for so long. My favourite singles that dropped earlier were Love, Lust for Life and Coachella – Woodstock in my mind (all of them then.)  The 2 singles that previewed recently Summer Bummer and Groupie Love are not 100% to my taste, but I do enjoy them and hum them to myself a lot. Damn are they catchy. On the first listen I already absolutely adore 13 Beaches and White Mustang.
  2. I suddenly also have quite an interest in fashion and clothing in general again, probably due to some (rather drastic I must admit) weight loss. I do like the size I am now, and I’m much leaner and lighter (and far fitter too now that I’m carrying less extra weight.) Now it’s about maintaining it in the face of the my interest in the next point…20170702_215711.jpg
  3. DESSERT! I have an incredible sweet tooth recently and I’ve been munching non stop on an assortment of cobblers and ice cream and waffles and cookies and whatnot. Below is a croffle, which is a waffle-textured croissant, with all the super thin buttery fluffy croissant layers inside.


4. Art. I’ve been to a few galleries recently and have really enjoyed myself. 20170708_14331920170708_134826


So this is what I’ve roughly been up to recently. Music, art, fashion and dessert.


Ending off with a day where I really liked my makeup – soft pinky tones with a wing that wasn’t overdone. I think I like pink tones on my eyes because it really stands out against my super yellow skin.


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