FOTD/OOTD – Retro Playsuit with Menow #27

Personally I’ve always thought I was way too ungainly for playsuits – how the hell do you pee in them anyway? I always strip from the top down – that’s how you are supposed to do it, right? Or am I missing something?

Urgh I look so fat. I hope it’s bloating. Because I actually lost 3kg the past few weeks.

This is an absolutely adorable romper from Chinese designer Winny, who has a shop called Le Palais Vintage. This is her Taobao store, but it’s entirely in Chinese. I suppose you can still look through the pictures, although this particular romper is no longer sold. I bought a fair bit of stuff from her especially during her sales, and I intend to do a big post soon because I looooove her stuff. Unfortunately, as you see from the photo above, somehow everything looks very unflattering when I try to take full body shots.

Anyway, this romper is clearly semi-nautical themed. It’s soft cotton on top, and meant to hang half off shoulders, and it’s very short (clearly.) The quality is pretty good, and it’s comfortable. My only complaint is that they shouldn’t have provided pockets – it makes the fabric on the hips stick out. Or maybe it’s just me, because I have exceptionally protruding hip bones.

Of course, with such a warm red romper, one has to wear a warm red lipstick, it’s practically law.

Make up after 5 hours


I originally braided my hair (what short braid I could form) because I was inspired by all the gorgeous Amazon women in Wonder Woman who all have beautiful beachy blonde highlights and gorgeous braids. I also had daisy clips in it for maximum retro/vintage/manic pixie-ness.

I feel like my base make up didn’t sit very well today – I think I didn’t prep my skin well enough so it was a little dry. Other than that, it was just some light shading on the eye socket, a baby wing and loadsssssss of lashes. No blush, just some contour, and of course the searing warm red lipstick. It’s actually….

credit to


The Menow Long Lasting Lipgloss #27, i.e. the $1 liquid lipstick that had a fair bit of hype a couple of years back. Honestly, look at the colour above and tell me it’s not fan-fucking-tastic. I have no desire to buy another warm red until this one runs out or goes bad.

I also find this surprisingly comfortable – it’s a bit drying, which is to be expected, but it lasts and lasts and lasts and I find that it doesn’t really crumble. And this is definitely one of the non-sticky ones in the range. And after a few hours, even if it’s crumbling a little, add some balm on top and it will immediately smooth back. I find that balm on top doesn’t shorten wear time either – it will start to transfer, but it will still be so fucking pigmented you’ll be leaving lipstick marks on a billion cups or forks or whatever. If you ever considered trying out this range, BUY THIS SHADE. It’s the absolute best.


P.S. I was so inspired by Wonder Woman, I want to be as half as lean as Gal Gadot. Lots more running and exercise (and less food) for me!

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