Holy Mascara Review: Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara Super Waterproof in Black

Just to be clear – there is nothing holy about my review, and the mascara is holy only in the way that when you put it on, you go ‘HOLY-‘. Which was exactly my reaction.

My beloved HG mascara backups have dried up, unfortunately. I mean, I knew the day would come, but when I tossed my last remaining one, I was very distraught. How am I supposed to start all over again looking for the right mascara for me?!

I knew that I definitely had to look to Japanese brands for my mascara. It’s super fucking hot and humid in Singapore year round, and people in Europe/USA who have the privilege of choosing ‘water resistant’ or ‘non waterproof’ mascara have no fucking idea what it’s like. Give me bulletproof or nothing. Japanese brands are famous for making mascaras that survive the apocalypse.

Why yes, my daisies are indeed inspired by Lana Del Rey and I’ve been wearing them in my hair all the time. Other Japanese make up items to…. complement the Japanese mascara?

Of course, I always have to first credit bimatoprost for my beautiful lashes. Without it, they would never look the same. I actually stopped using it for a few weeks, and my eyelashes did start to get shorter as the mega long ones fell out, but it actually still looked pretty decent and much better than before I used it. So the effects may not be as completely temporary as I once thought. Anyway, I’m back on it now and I don’t intend to stop. It definitely helps the search for a mascara because longer lashes hold a curl for longer.

I remembered reading a post from RocailleWrites about the Heroine Make Volume and Curl. The Long and Curl is the more popoular one, but since bimatoprost makes my lashes really long, I really need volume. I realized the one I bought is the one in Super Waterproof, but considering how apocalypse proof the original is, I don’t think it matters. This new tube looks much sleeker and better designed than the tacky hot pink tube though.

The brush also looks to be a huge improvement. It’s much fluffier and has more bristles for less clumping. But this mascara is REALLY wet. I always wipe off lots of products on the sides. And I do find bits of black dots on my browbone sometimes that I have to wipe away because it’s so wet and it takes a little while to dry, but this may partly be due to my lashes already being very long from bimatoprost.


I do find that some of the critiques of this mascara Monica wrote to be valid – it does clump my lashes together a little, so I don’t get the beautiful fanned out effect like the mascara she compared it to. But maybe I just have a lot less lashes than her even after bimatoprost. I mean, I AM a hairless Asian *envious*

However, this was definitely a ‘HOLY-‘ mascara.

For one, it is so, incredibly, super crazy inky BLACK. I mean, my lashes are goddamn black to begin with but when I put this mascara on I’m like OMG THIS IS REALLY BLACK.

It is also most definitely Apocalypse Proof. Below is a photo, freshly applied and then 5 hours later. It looks EXACTLY THE FUCKING SAME. My curl has wilted NOT AT ALL. And I have worn in this my usual 12 hour days and my lashes look nearly the same as in the morning.

mascara wear test.jpg

As you no doubt can tell from the above photo, it is CRAZY lengthening even though it’s not even advertised as such. Voluminizing – eh, you can see how my lashes do look thicker and darker but they’re not fanned out, so I do look like I possibly have less of them. So it’s really not 100% perfect in this respect.

I mean, we all know photographs kind of play down make up, so you have no idea how crazy long, black and dramatic this is in real life. I keep asking people if I look like I’m wearing false lashes, because I don’t want to be too over the top. Is it too over the top??

This is also a very comfortable mascara to wear – I don’t get the crunchiness (but then I possibly did not load as much mascara onto my lashes.) Removal is not THAT easy – even my usual slathering of baby oil does not remove it immediately (and you can bet I was fucking amazed.) It does take a little bit of massaging to melt away all the mascara, but it can be done (and with just baby oil.)

At about $21.90 or $24.90 at Singapore drugstores, this is cheap by Singapore standards. And the tube is huge, so it will definitely last you quite awhile. If you’re one of those people who toss mascaras every 3 months, you’ll probably still find this reasonably affordable.

Overall, this mascara is not 100% perfect. But when I buy mascaras, I just pray to god (I’m an atheist) that it holds a curl, and this mascara delivered so much more than just that. It gave insane length, black inkiness and (somewhat) volume that is apocalypse proof, and all at a drugstore price/availability. Although I have to be very careful applying it in the mornings, I find the effect to be so great that I don’t mind it. I wholeheartedly recommend this and though it is not perfect and I’ll likely still try halfheartedly to search for my true perfect mascara, it will be my failsafe mascara until it is discontinued, which I hope is never.

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