Note: Temporary Hiatus

My domestic helper has gone back to her home country for a couple of weeks and I have no help with the offspring, so it has been tough for me lately. I’ve been on a long leave the past few days so it wasn’t too bad, but I’ve got some personal things to sort out and I’m going back to work on Thursday, so horrors, seriously. Things will probably be worse next year, but ah well. Can you tell I’m not quite in a mood to do make up? Especially since my HG mascara is gone…

If you’ve noticed (or not), I have been posting pretty regularly on Tuesday and Friday for the past few months. I do have some stuff written up and nearly finished, so I will try to polish them up a bit and post them. But until June maybe, I may not be posting so much.

Hope the couple of regular readers I have enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy occasionally writing down my thoughts!


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