April 2017 Summary

Things bought:

  1. the white shirt I was lusting over in last month’s summary.
  2. Exercise tights, because my existing 2 tights are near retirement after 5 years…
  3. Some super cute heart earrings. This and the above 2 items were because Aliexpress had a big sale. Total 3 items cost me $29.50
  4. A bunch of Sally Hansen polishes for $8. Yes, I impulse bought polishes again. Argh. Must stop, and use up my existing old polishes.
  5. 2 more polishes for $5.50. One of them was a mint and I. Just. Can’t. Resist. One day, I will document my problem with mint.
  6. A mint green top. See: no. 4 and 5 for my problem with mint. Unfortunately it’s WAY too big for me, because sizing systems are fucked up. I mean, my Italian clothes are 38, so I thought EU 38 was the right size, turns out that’s like 2 sizes too big and I should be something like EU 32 or 34 or something. Whaaaat. I can still wear it, but maybe only to lounge at home. $19.90
  7. A phone cover for my new S7 Edge because my previous phone was 4 years old. $28.90
  8. A new concealer (The Saem Tip concealer, review… one day) because I gave my previous one to my sister. $6.50

Eating out etc: Didn’t keep track this month :S

$98.30 excluding eating out.

Empties: Erm… none? 😦 Maybe like a sheet mask? I did hit pan on a few shadows though, and my NYX Taupe is like maybe half used up… after 4 years.



So this month I bought quite a fair bit of stuff, especially in the polish department, no actual make up (only the replacement concealer) but some clothes and shit. I will try to buy less stuff next month…. I hope.


-Somehow I’m getting very interested in foundations again even though my two perennial faves, Lasting Silk and Koh Gen Do work beautifully (even more so that my skin is almost fantastic now and require the tiniest bit of foundation.) I want to try the foundations from The Ordinary, of course, but also EX1. But seeing as I’m less than 1/4 of the way through my Koh Gen Do after 4 months…. god knows how long I will take to use that much foundation. CONTROL, SELF!

-I need a new mascara. I will probably buy one from Heroine Make which is known for its indelible qualities. But replacing staples is BORING, guys. I want me some Holika Holika glitter shadows!!


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