Review: Lime Crime Velvetine in Squash

So….. Limecrime! The face of internet controversy. I wouldn’t really buy from them, but I do think they have some very nice things, especially the Venus palette (which I have a dupe of) and the Venus 2, which, with its dirtier, grungier colour scheme, really calls my name. So when they were having a giant 75% off sale, I had to grab just one thing.

I’m not happy that this liquid lipstick costs as much as other standard liquid lipsticks and only has 2.6ml. I mean, sure, give me 2.6ml because I sure as hell don’t wear this everyday, but don’t charge me 20USD! Which is why I only bought this when it was 5USD. 2.6ml is less than half of a standard lip gloss/liquid lip, which is 6ml.


It has a buttercream scent that’s a little bit oily, if it makes sense. Like, the kind of cream that I would feel sick if I ate too much of it. Smells tasty but confusing. It dissipates anyway, so I don’t mind. It dries down fully, and there is very, very minimal/no transferrence.


Colourwise, it is absolutely fan-fucking-tabulous. I have literally never seen a colour like this. Say what you will about LimeCrime but that girl knows how to make amazing colours that are different from everything out there. This is like, muted but bright, weird but not, nude but not?! From far it almost passes as a nude, but get close and it looks kind of weird and off-kilter (which I LOVE, btw, so I say it as a great thing.) I’ve had a colleague walk up to me, start talking to me about something for a few minutes, then suddenly stop mid-sentence and say ‘Your lipstick is very….. interesting.’ It’s a very yellow-based orange, which is rare to find in the market because most oranges are very red-based.

Application wise, it’s alright, not fantastic, likely because of the white base. I find that it’s best to apply it in 2 thin layers. I find there is a little bit of streaking, which is to be expected with such a white based colour, but it doesn’t look bad if you’re not up close.

(rainy day, so a bit gloomy)


PS. look at my INSANE totally bare lashes!!! Credits to bimatoprost

It isn’t TOO fantastically drying, so I can wear it for about 6 hours without feeling horrendous. After that, I usually add some balm. If you add balm, it will start to transfer, but it is pigmented enough that there will be lots more colour left on your lip. It’s possible to touch it up without balm, just need to be very careful not to apply too much.


Here is a rare wear pic – this is after about 4 hours of wear, with ice cream, waffle and coffee in between. There is no difference that I can see, except my lips look very dry (as does my nose… haha!) From far it’s ok, and it would definitely look nicer if my lips weren’t so dry, or if I applied balm over.

Overall, I think this was a great buy at 5 USD. I do think it’s a huge rip off at 20 USD due to the miniscule amount of product you get. I’ve worn this a fair number of times considering the weird colour, and I must say I definitely dig it. It’s definitely quite a comfortable liquid lipstick formula that isn’t too drying. If you manage to grab some at a good price, I think it would be a great addition.

What do you think of the colour, is it weirdly good? Would you wear it? Would you buy from LimeCrime?


4 thoughts on “Review: Lime Crime Velvetine in Squash

  1. I LOVE this shade on you! It would probably look like hell on me, but it suits your coloring really well. I’ve never bought from Lime Crime and have no plans to do so, but I can’t fault you for taking advantage of that sale. 😀


    1. I know! Plus it wasn’t my credit card taking a potential beating :p

      I think it gets getting used to. It’s really very white based so it’s tricky but we’re all avid members of the weird lip colour club ❤


  2. Rose

    Thank you for the review! The owner isn’t a saint, but Target USA had a security breach 10x more serious than the Lime Crime one, and people shop there without a second thought, so I’ll shop at Lime Crime for the items I can’t easily find elsewhere… like this orange!
    I’ve been looking for colors that suit warm skin tones, and this was extremely helpful. Thanks again!


    1. Glad you enjoyed it! You make a very valid point there about the Target breach. I think Limecrime is just more obnoxious about it and a lot of other things. As you rightly said, they do make lots of things that you can’t find anywhere else! If you buy this, do share how it looks like on you!


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