Fragrance Review: Alien Essence Absolue

I am not ashamed to say that I bought it 100% blind, based on Renee’s review of it being lots of vanilla, I think in this post? I love vanilla, and on Fragrantica, it has a super high rating of 4.29/5. Thierry Mugler is not easy to find in Singapore, I think, only in DFS stores at the airport, but they don’t stock Essence Absolue. So blind buy it is! I had my dad bring it back from USA.


When I first spray it, there is a sliiiiightly medicinal/herby, bitter smell (slightly reminiscent of marzipan or almond, both of which I hate, but curiously, I love the smell emanating from Alien Essence Absolue.) There is also a very smoldering vanilla. It’s creamy and slightly sweet, yes, but it’s also very dark, intense and moody. There is a very slight powdery floral to it, which Fragrantica tells me is jasmine, which I can believe. I don’t much care for jasmine, but it blends in very well with the vanilla to give it a bit of texture without taking centre stage. It doesn’t change much during the day, I suppose it gets a bit woodier and less medicinal, but it always retains that dark smoldering edge to it. I don’t know if I’m describing anything right. Just know that this is very textured, complex and interesting.

(Just so happens that when I want to sit down and write this review, my nose starts running and gets stuck and I can’t fucking smell anything.)

This perfume doesn’t last FOREVER on my skin, which seems to rather eat fragrance, at least to my nose, but it lasts forever if any remnants get on my clothes. I can still smell it the next day. I usually do 2 spritz, and I wouldn’t say this is an overpowering fragrance, because it lies slightly closer to the skin. And with a smell this dark and moody, it’s hard to be in your face. (I think. I hope I don’t overdo it by accident.)

(Also, when I first trialled it on my wrists, I was typing up stuff on my laptop. A few days later, when I was in an overseas hotel room, I opened up my laptop and was like ‘WHY do I smell Essence Absolue?!’ when I obviously did not bring it with me. It stays THAT LONG. Just not on my skin, maybe. Haha.)

By the way, the perfume is really brown (or amber, if we want to be a bit more poetic.) By which I mean, do not spray it directly onto your white shirts. Do not be me.

I think it’s a perfect autumn/winter fragrance, but I would wear it all day long every day. In fact, since I’ve gotten it, I’ve been using it almost every day because I just can’t tear myself away.

If a fictional character wore this perfume, it would be Elektra from the Netflix Daredevil. I fucking LOVE Elodie Yung, who is hot, sophisticated and so sultry, with that dark twisted streak in her (she does crazy eyes really well.) And also all the steaminess between her and Daredevil. So much dark sexual tension. LOVE IT. Where was I? Right! This perfume exemplifies everything my overactive imagination concocts up with the Netflix Elektra. Sophisticated. Mature. Super sexy. Mysterious.

Interesting thing is, after I smelt this divine concoction, the next time I was at the airport, I went to sniff all the Thierry Mugler stuff, and I hated every single one of them. Angel was a disgusting powdery mess on me, and the OG Alien was… just boring. I was SO let down. Essence Absolue it is then!

It is not a stretch to say this is my favourite perfume in my whole collection. It’s my first ‘non-commercial’ perfume, and I couldn’t be happier. I want to bathe in this scent. I want to do laundry with this scent. If I was a billionaire, I’ll ask Thierry Mugler to ship it by the litre to me. It is a definite repurchase, like Flowerbomb. I think of Flowerbomb as my young and carefree perfume, and this as my grown-up perfume. If I could only own 2 perfumes in the world, those 2 would be the ones. For now 😛

You can find Alien Essence Absolue at fairly good prices on Ebay, around $50-$60USD for 60ml before shipping. The volume of perfume you get is lesser than the 100ml bottles you usually see, but you only need 2 sprays max (compared to when I get very trigger happy with Flowerbomb.) Apparently THEY ARE NOT MAKING IT ANYMORE? THE HORROR, TIME TO STOCK UP.


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