Nail Polish Review: Miniso polishes

I haven’t mentioned any nail polish for a long while, since the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish. I’ve somehow managed to stop myself from acquiring more polishes and using up some of my old ones. (Yay!)

But the other day, I was trying to buy a sharpener that fit my Dragon Girl (still can’t find one… might try a pencil sharpener instead of a cosmetic one) and I stumbled across the beauty section of Miniso. I always thought Miniso was Japanese, since it obviously sounds like it might even be related to Daiso, but… it is apparently Chinese, but cofounded with a Japanese dude. Well, doesn’t quite matter to me. It does share some qualities with Daiso – everything is dirt cheap. They sell most things for around $3, some things up to $11 or so, and their nail polishes are $3 for 2.

Yes, $3. for two.


I normally wouldn’t buy cheap polishes just because they’re cheap, buuuuuut LOOK at the pale mint green on the left. It has my name ALL OVER IT. The pastel purple/blue looked nice too. Evidently I’m in a very Springy sort of mood.

They’re called Green and Sky Blue respectively, so I guess most of the cost of the product didn’t go into marketing. The bottles are quite interestingly designed and rather cute, with a pebbly-shaped sort of cap, which doesn’t snap off, unlike say, the Chanel nail polish caps. I personally find it quite ergonomic, and it is large enough to hold steady while painting my nails.


Look at that colour! Love love. Very feminine and soft. It’s a bit cooler of a mint green than my favourite variety, but it’s all good. And now I have a cream mint to go along with my shimmery mint!

The formula is not perfect, but it’s solid. It is opaque in 2 layers, pools only a little bit and doesn’t dry so fast that you can’t get an even coat, but dries fairly fast. Not much complaints.

Wear time is alright too. I used the Sally Hansen Top coat. It seems to wear slightly shorter than most of my other normal priced polishes, but then again I did do a lot of housework this week which was very hard on my nails, so let’s say, average to slightly below average. It does chip in a fairly unsightly way though, so there’s that, but the fingers that didn’t chip (everything else except my 2 indexes) only have slight wear.

I also haven’t tried the purple, so that will probably be my next manicure.

Overall, I think these are nice polishes overall, made even more fantastic by the price. Although I don’t advocate cheapie things in bulk over quality items, if you see a colour you like and always wanted to get, these won’t disappoint you. But don’t go out and buy every single one of them, alright!

Other than the nail polishes, I probably wouldn’t buy most of my cosmetics at Miniso, because I’m very nitpicky about things like foundation and mascara. I can imagine though, if you’re out of lipstick and you desperately need to get one, it would probably be fine to cough up $3 for one there for emergencies.

I’m interested in their fragrances, though I didn’t get to sniff them that day. The fragrances cost like $5 a bottle or something- if they smell decently complex, I wouldn’t mind having one to keep in the office or in my handbag (since I have no mini sized perfumes to speak of.)

Miniso stores can be found all around Singapore.



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