What I brought on a 3 day holiday


Went for a short impromptu trip and this is what I brought! I only brought a tiny carry on so I also kept my cosmetics as minimal as possible. Almost no brushes! I usually don’t wear eye make up on holidays, but I know that I was going out a couple of nights so I had to.

Top row: Alcina Bronzer (review), Koh Gen Do foundation (review), 3W Clinic Sunblock (my HG – review, although this rightly belongs as skincare I suppose) Carmex lipbalm, brown pot with Etude House eye primer, Dior lipstick which I don’t know the name of still.

Bottom row: Illamasqua Pigment in Hollow (review), Cyber Colours face primer in the white pot, Clio Gelpresso liners in Bloody Angel and Golden Black (review), Kiko Eyeshadow stick in 09 and 38 (seen in action here and here), my ancient random brow pencil which I use almost exclusively on travels and for the spoolie, my HG mascara (review), Revlon Matte Balm in Audacious, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Honey, Real Techniques Crease Brush, Real Techniques detail brush, random eyelash curler.

So as you can see, I brought all the items which needed as little brushes as possible. I still couldn’t live without my contour though, so I brought the crease brush to also use as a very precise contour brush. I brought enough eye pencils/crayons for a sultry look with a bit of colour, because I don’t usually wear eye make up in the day in holidays. To help with my liner due to my very miniscule lid space, I brought the RT detail brush too.

L-R: Clio Bloody Sweet, Kiko 09, Kiko 38, Clio Golden Black. 09 is a seafoam green that decided to be blue…

Here’s a demonstration of how I did my eyes. Everything messily done in a few minutes with a finger, because. Pink in the inner third, seafoam green on lid as an interesting accent (it can also be used in the inner corner for a very avant garde look) the taupe as a crease and outer V colour, and black to line (if necessary.) It’s messy for sure, but hey, you’re on holiday 🙂

In a pinch, you could also just wear smudgey black liner, or a wash of pink over your lids, or Golden Taupe as a one and done shade. I suppose if you’re brave you could put the seafoam green all over too 😛



Obviously, my inspiration for this colour palette is as always, Chanel Nymphea, which remains the best quad colour selection I have found in my life. The colours here don’t match it exactly, of course, but I have always loved the green + pink +brown combo.


I’m proud of my selection! I think it was very smart to bring along 4 pencils/crayons which maximizes space and brush savings. Would you do the same?


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