FOTD: Aggressively pink

I’m really feeling the pink and reds recently.

I did this look one day, and was SO happy with it I did an even more amped up version on the next day. I almost NEVER wear the same look two days in a row, so you can tell I REALLY like it. I wore this on a Friday with no comments from my colleagues… they’re probably used to me doing crazy shit on Fridays by now.

Left to right: Clio Gelpresso Gel liner in Bloody Devil, a lovely maroon/burgundy, my standard crease/transition shade, which is some Sleek shadow that I depotted (nearly invisible on my skin), the deepest berry shade (2nd from right, top row) of Newtrals vs Neutrals, Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Silk Intense in #7 (my fave!!), #8 and #11.

I did this in my favourite wing-shaped eyeshadow, coupled with a small eyeliner flick. Eyeshadow was in a tulip placement, which I almost never do, but I felt I had to showcase #11 (a new ETK for me!) which is super blinding bright and intense. I think I also went very trigger happy on the mascara…


Since the eyes are screaming for attention, everything else is very clean and minimal. I had a super hard time matching lipstick to this look, because I don’t really have a super pink berry like the eyes. I used Cherry Red and wore it as a light stain over balm. I think the cool undertones of Cherry Red work here.



Isn’t #11 just BLINDING?

I absolutely love this look. It’s a very statement look for sure. Would you wear something like this?

4 thoughts on “FOTD: Aggressively pink

  1. is it precise?! hahaha. i only use 1 main eyeshadow brush that’s rather flat to lay down colours and i do it in a sharp v and when i blend i also blend it in a horizontal way to preserve the V. i find wing/almond shapes look better on me, but hazes look good on you!


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